Billions Of Lives Saved By Man Wearing Mask While Alone In Car

Posted On: Thursday - March 9th 2023 6:18PM MST
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Having the wherewithal and energy to write smart-ass comments here or on The Unz Review is one thing. Getting my stuff together to write a serious post, say on the Climate Calamity™ claims of a German Astrophysicist, is another. It's not like I'm modeling the whole of radiation heat transfer to and from the Earth and crunching the numbers to refute the video (recommended by commenter Dieter Kief) either, but I do have plenty of questions and concerns about the way even this German Professor thinks about the problem.

So, in the meantime, since commenter Alarmist reminded me to check The Babylon Bee for this hilarious post, I did that and saw one of their great videos. The regular reader, at least for the last 3 years, should know that the Kung Flu stupidity is our forte. Enjoy!

Adam Smith
Friday - March 10th 2023 11:57PM MST
PS: (Turning in early is a good thing...)

Good evening to you too, Mr. Moderator!

Friday - March 10th 2023 9:36PM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, I was taken aback by your Sweden graphs until I noticed "age-adjusted" (which you told us, but which I missed at first). What I noticed from the "excess deaths" that Panickers have been going on about for 2 years, is that the baseline curve looked flat, yet populations of the Western world are getting older. (Without immigration, the "normal death" numbers should be even higher - not that that's any reason to be FOR massive immigration whatsoever!)

No, I won't forget all of that, Mr. Mashup. How can I forget that stupidity? (I spent too much time writing posts pointing it all out.)

Alarmist, no, I promise not to "be that guy".

Have a good evening, Adam. Got to turn in early.
Adam Smith
Friday - March 10th 2023 1:36PM MST
PS: Me again,

Confederate Heritage Month: April (Only in Mississippi)


Adam Smith
Friday - March 10th 2023 12:42PM MST
PS: Good afternoon, everyone,

Mr. Hail, I don't have much time right now to look into this, but...

Transgender Empowerment Month: October 2021

LGBT History Month: October
Immigrant Heritage Month: June
Asia and Pacific Islander Heritage Month: May
White Heritage Month?: Celebrated concurrently with White History Month...

I guess it's Heritage not Hate™ when Immigrants and Pacific Islanders do it.(?)

Charo versus Telly Savalas Mashup
Friday - March 10th 2023 12:32PM MST
PS Don't forget the Tik Tok (hecho en China) videos and standing six feet apart.
Local stores that used to be 24-7 now close at 10-11PM and there were parking lot speaker trailers blaring peace and safety agitprop during the height of the COV-LARP.
It was like something out of a movie (?)
Friday - March 10th 2023 11:48AM MST

The graph I added in the previous comment is Females only. This is the Pezer graph for "Males and Females, All Ages":

The bullet-list of the general points still holds, maybe even better.

(The Males Only graph shows a higher spike in 2020.)
Friday - March 10th 2023 11:40AM MST

-- The Sweden Mortality Data, Revisited --

Robert Pezer, the meticulous Covid-stat tracker and stalwart Anti-Panicker (data-based, in his case), has updated his latest age-adjusted Sweden mortality graph. It cover years 2005 to 2022.

The newest Pezer graph now includes laggard data for 2022. This latest batch may or may not be final, but must very nearly be final.

Here is the latest Robert Pezer graph:

We see the familiar story:

- A mild downward trend in mortality between the 2000s, 2010s, and 2020s.

- 2019 was unusually mild.

- 2020 was a spike above 2019, but not much higher than much of the 2010s. (note, a leap year year with 366 days, 100.3% the size of a normal year, with therefore slightly higher expected mortality).

- Then, 2021 is again very low. 2021 is similar to the 2019 mild year.

- From the latest Pezer data, 2022's final mortality is also very mild, but right there along the slight downward trendline (mid-2010s to mid-2020s).

- In sum ---- the five-period, 2018-2019-2020-2021-2022, shows a clear "trendline," with no real unexpected net mortality. The little spike in 2020 is entirely offset by low-years on both sides of it.
The Alarmist
Friday - March 10th 2023 11:28AM MST

As admirable as that guy might be, Don’t be that guy!
Friday - March 10th 2023 11:27AM MST

Adam Smith: " honor of Women's History Month..."

When did Women's History Month start? I don't remember it being mentioned ten years ago.

- Black History Month: February
- Women's History Month: March
- Asia and Pacific Islander History Month: ?
- Hispanic History Month: September
- LGBTQI+ History Month: ?
- Transgender Empowerment Month: ?
- Second Black History Month: June ("Juneteenth Month")
- American Indian History and Heritage Month: ?
- Immigrant Supremacy Month: ?
- Invite The World Month: ?
- Invade The World Month: ?
Friday - March 10th 2023 11:13AM MST

"Kung Flu stupidity is our forte"

(...newsflash...) Canadian pop-singer Justin Bieber has canceled his 2023 world tour (100% cancellation). A strange video in which his face has gone back to looking like
that one Batman villain (Two-Face) and is twitching uncontrollably, has again surfaced in connection with this cancellation.

Doctors Fauci, Birx, and British Virus Expert Neil "Millions of Deaths" Ferguson have issued a joint statement, which reads:

"we have been asked to comment on the mysterious body-twitching illness which has rendered Justin Bieber inert and flopping around his bed like a live fish. We, and fellow Covid Experts, have looked into it. We conclude that this mystery-illness is NOT related to the Corona-Vaccines and Boosters which Justin Bieber took. We further assert that anyone who suggests there is a connection to the Vaccines is an inhuman monster! Case closed. End transmission."
Friday - March 10th 2023 6:19AM MST
PS: Thank you, Adam. This holiday month is only observed in San Francisco... so far. I was wondering "why August", and the site dutifully explains:

"Why August?
In August of 1966, Black and brown trans women and drag queens started and led a riot against police harassment at Compton’s Cafeteria in the Tenderloin district in San Francisco."

Dang, just pick November or something. August is a month in which I wouldn't mind visiting the place, with nice dryer weather.

I'll check out your SwissAir video, SafeNow. Thanks.
Thursday - March 9th 2023 10:58PM MST
Female pilot, NON-satire. At 0:47, she practically jumps out of her skin
when the TCAS (= collision-avoidance voice + instructions) comes on.
But aside from that brief moment, she is actually quite competent. (And winsome.) Swissair on approach into Miami.
Adam Smith
Thursday - March 9th 2023 8:56PM MST
PS: Me again,

Black!-Led, Black!-Owned is hilarious inspiration for some satire...

My laughing at their blog posts would probably just make them angrier. So Sad.

Adam Smith
Thursday - March 9th 2023 8:49PM MST
PS: Every month should be Transgender History Month!

Thursday - March 9th 2023 8:25PM MST
PS: Even the trannies were a more genteel crowd back in history, Adam. I'm thinking it's high time for a transgender history month. There's got to be a month or two not take, right?
Adam Smith
Thursday - March 9th 2023 7:20PM MST
PS: Thanks, Achmed!

“The only way to beat this pandemic that ended years ago!”

I have a few fun links too...

How do we prevent discrimination against the vaccinated as the world heals from the worst pandemic since the Black Death?

And, in honor of Women's History Month...

(Please remember that this is not an exhaustive list. There are plenty of wonderful Transgender Women who we should celebrate during Women's History Month!)"Transgender+Women"+"Women's+History+Month"


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