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The motivation for Peak Stupidity's post Demographics to DIE for from was a short American Thinker article Competence is dead and diversity killed it. See, now that's exactly what we've been tryin' to tell ya'! If it's on some "magazine" on the internet, well, there ya' go.

It turned out after a quick reading, though I'm glad this writer M.B. Mathews sees the same trend I do, the first bit of the article,
Have affirmative action hiring practices caused overall competence to plummet? The record appears to show exactly that.
... does not actually describe what appears further into it. This guy's anecdotes are more random than Peak Stupidity's, "random" being a word that nowadays means not so awfully organized. This next bit is what I completely agree with:
For no good reasons whatsoever, competence was allowed to die on the vine in order to give the less competent a leg up. Not superiority but "equity" rules the hiring, firing, and education of Americans. Worse, many of those who were affirmatively hired do not do as good a job as those whose excellence was obvious. You can see it in customer service, which for many businesses is abysmally incompetent. There is a resentful casualness in those who are hired to serve others that would not have been acceptable even two decades ago. The competence level one deals with on a daily basis is on life support.
2 decades ago? I'd say 3 years ago, right before the PanicFest, is far enough back from which to note a change for the worse. Hmmm... if this was purposeful as part of the Kung Flu PanicFest to promote Big Biz and squash small business, this writer's praise of Amazon bears this out.

The rest, as I wrote is written, well, without a lot of competence, I must say. I'm just glad to read others noticing the big picture. Mr. Mathew's solutions are pure naivety or purposeful racial ignorance:
Bring back real education so that those we pay to serve us will be competent and will stop pointing fingers at the other guy who was supposed to take care of it.

Bring back competence by bringing back a cultural work ethic of purpose and individual responsibility, which can only happen when people truly care about competence and doing an excellent, not just an adequate, job. Stop giving people degrees in fields where they are not competent, and for God's sake, stop the diversity programs. Diversity doesn’t guarantee competence.
Yes, well, what about these diversity programs? The writer doesn't get to the roots of why diversity doesn't guarantee competence. Don't give people degrees? Hell, many of those degrees give one competency mostly in bitching and complaining, if you graduate Summa cum Laude.

No, "diversity", "inclusion", and "equity" don't work because they replace White men who are naturally more competent with people who are generally incompetent, mainly GENETICALLY. Ya' gotta tell the plain truth, people.

Commenter SafeNow brought up a good point in the comments under that previous posts. Once, the White men get down to a minority or even only small-margin majority, the incompetence rubs off on them too. It's not just that they will get weary of keeping the show going by covering for the rest. The corporate/work culture will just get shoddy in general - laziness and worse ethics are becoming the norm. To the 3rd World - Warp Speed, Mr. Sulu!

Back to the White man's weariness of the DIE workplace, here's an old anecdote of my own:

This was a summer physical labor job I had long, long ago. Bushwhacking and digging was mostly what we were doing, all with hand tools. It was a diverse group of young people working together, the reason being that this was a government job. For most of a week, our group of 8 was digging a pit, with shovels and pick-axes. Once 6" down, it was nothing but hard red clay down there The whole big pit could have been done with a backhoe in an hour, but this was a government job for young people. As the government boss, a decent guy, could have told us, had he watched the right movies, "There are 2 kinds of people in this world, those who have backhoes and those who dig. You dig!"

I think there were 3 or 4 of us White guys. The 2 or 3 black guys worked hard, though one had to put up with some stupidity from them. It was the 2 black girls that were not pulling their weight. They couldn't be fired or even scolded, I knew that much. By the 3rd day, a guy named Chet*, who'd been working hard like the rest of us, got tired of them, threw down his government-required hard hat, said "fuck this shit", and walked off. He wasn't at my High School, so I have never seen him since that day.

We may see a lot of that in the future ...

* I remember his full name to this day, in fact.

Tuesday - March 14th 2023 9:22AM MST

"The soul follows its own laws, and the body likewise follows its own laws; and they agree with each other in virtue of the pre-established harmony between all substances, since they are all representations of one and the same universe."
-- G. Leibniz
Tuesday - March 14th 2023 9:10AM MST

The Leibniz discussion has given me much to think about, and I will revisit it some time before this month is over in fresh form but based on this discussion.

I see that in one recent short biography in a collection of short biographical and intellectual sketches of 50 great "mathematicians," the authors present Leibniz as the great-grandfather of computing, in part for inventing the binary number system (10110111, etc.). In his studies on China he later discovered what he saw to be this same system expressed in certain diagrams of the "I Ching."
Dieter Kief
Saturday - March 11th 2023 12:26AM MST

No no Mr. Hail, öhh - you're right, but not in thinking that I'd contradict you when you speak of the protestant roots of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. Protestant as protestant can be also in contact with pietism (!!) - see his eminent role in the foundtion of scientific psychology (these two things hang together - spring from the same well, and unite, Leibniz, Kant and Hegel (a thought you don't read that often - but it is true - and it matters - - a lot!)!
So: He is German as German can be! Leipzig, Halle, Jena, Nürnberg, Paris, Vienna, Wolfenbüttel, Hannover - if you look at this bow: protestant (almost) throughout.
My one of a kind hint is true too but not as a contradiction to the protestant roots.
One of a kind especially if compared to the rest of the world. What I talked about with regard to the big five - the extraversion part. The will to dig into new stuff. To conquer even. Nowadays' snowflakey-ism has it he was a harsh (read: cold-blooded/cruel) ...diplomat (oh he also served as a diplomat ...) - because he favored whatever seemed appropriate and did not shy away from deception, lies and war. - This is part of the far away and far-out stuff! - Let me remember you that hone of history's (= history and history of mentalities)eminent qualities is - as the Konstanz school of lit-science & the (partly attatched to Konstanz) - once, heheh - famous Poetik & Hermeneutik coop taught: To be different / to differ from our times should be appreciated when dealing with history and not be loathed! - H. M. Enzensberger, book-clubbers got that eminently and perfectly well straight in his Leibniz portrait of 3 and 1/2 pages in Mausoleum - 37 Ballads From the History of Progress: To buy and read this one - not only about Leibniz, but also about Charles Darwin, Frederic Winslow Taylor, Thomas Robert Malthus, Johann Gensfleisch zum Gutenberg, Jospeh Ignace Guillotin, Niccolò Macchiavelli, Alan Turing - and Frédéric Chopin etc. - to name ca. 1/3 of them.
Maybe there are still a few copies left of the English translation of Mausoleum: Do not hesitate to spend the ten or twenty bucks they cost! - I do recommend to sell a spare trouser if necessary to buy this book, heheh (a crypto quote of Georg Christoph Lichtenberg, whom Enzensberger left out - for obvious reasons: Because this one is his own intellectual / literary and phycisist's universe and does not need to be in there, because he is already around - and will be, as a - - - - - writer & thinker & character! One more for the book-club: Lichtenberg: Aphorisms!

Friday - March 10th 2023 4:46PM MST
PS Hail & DK: My only acquaintance with Leibniz to date is the Monadology. I find the world picture in that work intriguing, but I gather that it is not the place to get the Leibnizian Big Pictures. New Essays is on my reading list, but I have to get through Hegel first. The idea of line-by-line commentary is appealing. I’ll check those out. I know of one source on the Why Europe? question. Michael Mitterauer’s book by that title (in English) published by the University of Chicago Press. Mitterauer deals only with the cultural and technological aspects of things; he has nothing to say about human biodiversity. But what he does say is of some interest.
Friday - March 10th 2023 9:37AM MST

Thank you, Messrs Kief and Blanc, for the intriguing discussion on, and glimpses into, Leibniz and Hegel. I will have more to say on the matter at a later date in a form more coherent than I can make in the Peak Stupidity comment-box.

For now, let me offer this:


-- Leibniz "and" China; Leibniz "versus" China; Leibniz as European; Leibniz as German; Leibniz as Protestant --

I notice that a lot of people in recent years are publishing on the Leibniz interest in China of 350 years (+/-) ago. This started in the 1990s, accelerating in the 2010s. Maybe that is not a surprise given the "rise of China."

I see the new publishing on this matter includes a few books on Leibniz' vast correspondence with Jesuit missionaries, who had by then spread into China in their usual way and as usual gained insider info along with many local enemies and enmity.

One is not at all surprised to learn that Leibniz himself was a Protestant and that he grew into, was fostered by, and worked in an entirely German-Protestant world. Still he took pains to initiate and maintain this vast correspondence with the only semi-reliable Europeans who might have quasi-reliable first-hand info on China: the Jesuits. Despite the ideological-national divide, this went on for decades (it would seem).

Knowing only the outlines of his work, time, and place, it's an easy guess that Leibniz was from the Protestant seven-tenths of the German Sprachraum, a guess that could be placed at higher confidence level than just 70% (the population-level). Far more such figures of Europe who were "tending the fires" of the emerging Western European spirit and outlook, back in in these centuries, were Protestants than other religions.

I'm not sure if the major Lutheran or Calvinist branches produced more such figures relative to their population-shares, but wouldn't be surprised if the Calvinists were slightly higher in relative terms; if I were rooting for my home-team, I'd prefer it to be the Lutheran team, but I cannot but respect the energy and vigor of the Calvinists in this era, including of course the role of Calvinists in the 'heroic epic' of the settlement of North America, an adventure ongoing throughout Leibniz' lifetime but which I presume he took less interest in than his China interest.

The point of the discussion as raised by Mr. Kief is that Leibniz was a one-of-a-kind thinker, which means he was NOT somehow reducible to being a product of his ethnoreligious heritage. But I would add that he was what he was (was able to do what he did, contributed what he contributed) probably only "thanks to" that heritage and environment.

With the talk we now hear of a coming Chinese world-domination, with the remnants of the White-Christian-West caged into D.E.I. concentration camps and native reservations, we should at least ask how Europe could produce men like Leibniz four centuries ago and why China despite its vast wealth, prestige, power, intellectual tradition, and other advantages, could not (did not).
Dieter Kief
Friday - March 10th 2023 3:01AM MST

here is more Hegel-stuff - especially Three Cranes No. 35 and my No. 76 has a few substantial hints. Pirmin Stekeler Weithofer's lifelong Hegel work is flatout amazing; he wrote interlinear comments for Science of Logic, Phenomenology and Philosophie des Rechts/ Juridical Philosophy - thousands of pages! Unfortunately not - yet? - translated. - I know Pirmin, we studied together. He stems from - - Meßkirch, the same little southern Badenian town in the Fleckviehgau (Spotted Cow Region) as - - Martin Heidegger -- of all places...

PS more Leibniz tidbits
Leibniz was an eminently practical man too: He installed credit-systems; organized mining; invented mining-devices, pumps; made plans for observatories; did fodder-bead cultivation; approached pretty much what later became known as Bool's Algebra...
His basic praticalinsght: Everything beneficial flows (his verb!9 from the mathematical practises and the natural sciences...
Thursday - March 9th 2023 12:39PM MST
PS Hail: I’m still fighting my way through the larger Logic, after having fought my way through the Phenomenology, with, maybe, on a good day, 20% comprehension*. I’d revise your take on Hegel to: Everything is the way that it had to be. Just as the mighty oak is what the acorn had to be. Or, regarding Leibniz, at least according to Voltaire, Everything is for the best in this best of all possible worlds. As you point out, this all seems rigid and fixed, with no room for development. And, like Gwendolyn Fairfax is Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest, many of us should like to develop in many ways. Leibniz had to rule out individual agency entirely—everything was a pre-established harmony—but Hegel was a great expounder of Freedom. But the general tenor of his system was retrospective. “The owl of Minerva takes wing at dusk”. But perhaps that’s the way that thinking about things, as opposed to doing things, has to be.

* It’s possible that only 20% is comprehensible, but other folks, who are much cleverer than I, think otherwise, so I’ll figure that the lack is mine.
Dieter Kief
Thursday - March 9th 2023 1:55AM MST

Mr. Hail - thanks for thinking along. As I say here and there, I like that a lot - even though, as friends of mine usually are teasing me - this for sure does not happen  a lot (or maybe just because, hehe).

You are a bit harsh on intellectual super-trooper Gottfried (=god's peace!) Wilhelm (wilhelms are Kings and Knights - see - -?!) Leibniz. And if I may hint at that: Leibniz modified the OM-harmony idea thusly: He did both: He was of enormous intellectual productivity / and he dined with Kings and Queens (Lowell George) - - - and he was a philosopher too. As such he - in all humbleness, I want to insist: The real professor did bridge the gap between east and west by - - - acknowledging the east's intelectual attempts (nobody before him did that***** with that rigor and - - - perseverance - - - and factual knowledge - - in the whole wide universe, as much as we know that. Now: Why bridge the gap really? Or how?
This is now philosophy at its Hegelian Heideggerian/Wittgensteinian/and even a bit linguistical(George lakoff: Metaphors We Live By) core's core: By making a change in the metaphor of the OM-discourse: We can see that,Leibniz wrote: That worldly OM part of spherical (Peter Sloterdijk! Spheres - 3 vol., 1000+ p. ...) harmony and all. But then he came up with his modification: Said harmony is deep down in the things (Ernst Bloch pointed this deep down part out on end in his utopian works). And the deep down part means: there is work to be done, to reveal that - intellectual, mathematical, philosophical, poetical, theological aesthetical.... (that's now literally Bloch...) - - - and that is  - - - - Protestantism, in the purest sense the Geneva/Calvin (and Zürich: Zwingli: militarily, hehe)) form of it.

What the novel is concerned -  it is already written, but, major omission on the US-part: Not translated into English: Eckhard Henscheid's - Trilogie des laufenden Schwachsinns - The Trilogy of the Current  - - - - Stupidity - - - -if that rings a bell, here on this blog?!?! Part 1: The complete Idiots; Pt. 2: Geht In Ordnung - sowieso - - genau // Everything will be fine - of course - exactly
Pt III - : The Bishop's Paramour (=Mistress) -   Die Mätresse des Bischofs (published from 1970 on 'til 1976).
One more: A unsurpassable short and dense portrait of Gottfried Wilhelm is in Mausoleum - 37 Ballads from the history of Progress by German genius Hans Magnus Enzensberger - who passed away last December, with 93 after a very productive life full of cigarettes etc., ideas & wit. THIS ONE IS TRANSLATED!
The last one: As mentioned before, Charles Murray - beware book-clubbers! - : Human Accomplishment!! - - ranked Leibniz quite high - into the top twenty of worldwide super-achievers of all time, even ahead of Darwin - - heheh. But then Charles Murray made a made a remarkthat tops all that: That he - while listing Gottfried wilhelm as all time worldwide No. 14, did not take into account Leibniz' accomplishments as a philosopher! - Ha!

It gets ridiculous up there with rankings anyway. Let me conclude thusly - and europeanly: He - like so many important humans, .w.a.s. over the top of anybody; and in being so, he definitely was not alone! - And for more - read this ballad by Enzensberger, book-clubbers - it will take but five minutes out of your life-time and beware: might, as happened with me - - - make you think for the rest of your lives maybe about this man . . . . - - - - - and  - - not only that . . . . 

****especially not in - - - the east. Such attempts were in their overwhelming majority - - - Western. - This kind of - physical & intellectual - - - adventuresness (=boundaries/frontiers transgressing curiosity) is a formative part of our culture. - In the big five, we are the rather extraverted/open ones.  
Wednesday - March 8th 2023 9:13PM MST

RE: The esteemed and honorable Professor Kief says that the 17th-centuy genius Leibniz "came up with a synthesis of a) the OM idea b) Christian thoughts and c) his scientific insights. - GWF Hegel liked the guy, of course, and moduified his - ah what was Leibniz' Far Eastern-European synthesis: His thesis is short and clear: Our world - by the love of God - is - - -deep down - - structured in such a way, that everything is just fine!"

It doesn't seem that Westerners (or Europeans, wherever we may be found an whatever number of generations out of Mother Europe) believe in this "Everything Is Just Fine"-ism. The Western Man rather always strives for greatness, excellence, mastery, achievement, innovation, in ways other cultures or civilizations have often not. In that struggle is also the seed may also be hubris and tragedy. That would be an "oversimple, morality-tale" version of the current unraveling of our civilization, anyway.
Wednesday - March 8th 2023 9:02PM MST

RE: "I know one guy, who tried to overturn with the help of revolutionary forces first Mannheim, than Heidelberg, then Germany and the rest of the world"

These would be the great opening lines of a novel. I can see it being a Kurt Vonnegut novel.
Wednesday - March 8th 2023 8:51PM MST

Related to same topic,

Allow me to point you to the newest article by H. MacDonald, on Safetyism as the enemy of Excellence:

(note--- "Safetyism" is a word only coined in 2018 to describe a trend visible in flashing red lights by that time; the word was really popularized in 2020, as a description of what the Panic regimes' rules and restrictions and ideology...; the word has stuck because of the Panic, which was kind of a coup d'etat by Safetyist ideologues and fanatics...)



March 5, 2023 / CITY JOURNAL

"...Colleges have been the conveyor belt into the outside world of safetyism, of the belief that minorities in the U.S. are endemically victimized, and of the ideas that words wound, that certain beliefs equal hate, and that such “hate” should be banned. Linda Mills may not fully subscribe to all those concepts. But she is part of a monumental shift in university life that has put such propositions into widespread circulation and that affects the principles by which we govern ourselves. The feminized university would be unlikely to choose the motto NYU adopted at its founding in 1831, reflecting its working-class, non-entitled self-image: Perstare et Praestare (Persevere and Excel). Excellence is now understood to underwrite white male privilege. Perseverance, absent a helping bureaucrat, is too much to ask of students who are, as irony-proof Princeton protesters put it several years ago, sick and tired of being sick and tired. A better motto for today (not in exclusionary Latin, of course) would be: Fight hate and recover from trauma!"


(This is well-covered territory for her since 2020, if not earlier. I'm not sure it has any brand-new insights, more like a running-update on Safetyism and its pink-hatted inclusive prance thru the institutions.)
Wednesday - March 8th 2023 8:37PM MST

This question of a "decline in competence" was raised in the comment-section at Peak Stupidity No. 2541.

I suggested, much like what American Thinker writer Matthews is arguing, that the problem is really reducible to a race-ideology problem.

Adam Smith pointed out some examples of similar problems in all-White environments. I suggested that may be spillover from the general-decline driven by bad race-ideology, but that "begs" the good-old Chicken or Egg Question.
Wednesday - March 8th 2023 8:31PM MST

Intelligent Dasein (who I believe has suggested he is born in the 1970s), on the decline of competence and excellence:

"While I can endorse a statement like 'We're getting dumber,' that should not necessarily be construed to mean that I think each generation is getting dumber than the one preceding it, which is something I definitely do not believe... I think it’s the civilization itself which is getting dumber.

All the realms of high cultural achievement are in rapid decomposition. Not too long ago, even a mediocre talent could do respectable work because the great tradition brought him into contact with his task and the task with him. But nowadays, even a genius can hardly find an outlet for himself. The demand for symbolic greatness in intellectual endeavors is no longer there." (/end quote from Intelligent Dasein.)
Wednesday - March 8th 2023 8:19PM MST
PS: Mr. Kief, O/T, but, since you asked under another post, I did watch that Sabine Hossenfelder video again, so I hope to write about it tomorrow.

Thanks for more reading material PSBK!

Mr. Blanc, just a few of those White men are making some plans that can create havoc. No, I don't think this replacement plan has been thought ALL the way through.

Frank, thanks for the joke ... errr, not a joke... illustrating how the Communists thing.
Fred the Gator
Wednesday - March 8th 2023 3:55PM MST
PS There's a story I ran across about when the Soviet Union started liberalizing the economy. One day a bunch of workers on a collective farm came to the local Communist official to complain. Apparently someone had gone out and bought a cow and was making money selling milk.

"Do you want me to get you all cows too?" asked the official.

"No," the workers replied. "Cows are too much work."

"Then what do you want me to do?" asked the official.

"We want you to kill his cow," they replied.
Wednesday - March 8th 2023 12:10PM MST
PS Not only are white men being replaced by Third Worlders of various sorts, they being actively and purposefully driven from the economy and society. So, many of them retreat into fantasyland or drugs. Apparently, the elites believe that they can control the outcome of this process. They’d better hope that they are correct.
Peak Stupidity Book Club
Wednesday - March 8th 2023 10:07AM MST
PS: Cognitive Capitalism: Human Capital and the Wellbeing of Nations, By Heiner Rindermann...

Dieter Kief
Wednesday - March 8th 2023 12:27AM MST

Yeah Mod. these are dire straits times!- But - - the longer the night, the closer to sunrise - help is coming from near and afar - see here: A McKinsey / organizational type of man from - - Zimbabwe. Well respecttd there, talking with - - - Heiner Rindermann. Oh: P-S-Book-club members:Cognitive Capitalism, Cambdge University press - easily a top-choice for this club esp.!

Memory Nguwi Heiner Rindermann (a research sidekick of James Thompson) about competence, IQ and - - - capitalsim:

The OM-part about hope is, that we don't know (we .c.a.n.'t know exactly), where it comes from. The surprise supply/support is as dark and far away from the ratio - as is the decay - deep down in the trenches of existential reasonning.

Mr. Hail and Alarmist: If we look at the OM phenomenon this way, we make use of it in a dynamic way. We = the Evening's Empire are at this junction all the time, so to speak - and we have been there before - now I think of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, one of the founders of the real world European progress, - he is high up there in Charles Murray's top-accomplisher list of all times with Newton et. al. - - -and Gotfried Wilhelm Leibniz - learned Chinese in the seventeenth century and took about 5 k p. (you read that right) of notes in the libraries of Munich, Vienna, Hannover, Wolfenbüttel, Heidelberg, Eichstätt... about China, India and the far east. He then came up with a synthesis of a) the OM idea b) Christian thoughts and c) his scientific insights. - GWF Hegel liked the guy, of course, and moduified his - ah what was Leibniz' Far Eastern-European synthesis: His thesis is short and clear: Our world - by the love of God - is - - -deep down - - structured in such a way, that everything is just fine! He callled the phenomenon/ detection of his: Prestabilized harmony!
Heheh! - Oh - his scriptures - like those of his predecessor Paracelsus (Theophrastus Bombastus of Hohenheim, part of his real name...) are not fully edited yet. - But we're getting there!
I know one guy, who tried to overturn with the help of revolutionary forces first Mannheim, than Heidelberg, then Germany and the rest of the world 1970 ff. - when I started to roam the city (a bit later also: The University there - - Hartmut R. - and what do you say: He learned to read and write Greeek & Latin with thirty and - joined the team of Paracelsus editors. - In this case we both are very pleased with God's wisdom - as would have been Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. Matter of fact, I'd say: Leibniz saw that coming, heheh - with the help of the wisdom of his world - and with the help of God...
Gwen Stefani's legs
Wednesday - March 8th 2023 12:03AM MST
PS: Just sayin'...

Tuesday - March 7th 2023 10:11PM MST
It is probably significant that your brain cells “decided” to remember the Chet incident…and his full name. What we unconsciously “decide” to remember or to forget has always interested me. The Bernstein scene in Citizen Kane deals with this. Anyone not familiar with this scene can Google those words and it pops right up. It is only one minute long. Roger Ebert called it the best piece of dialogue in the entire history of the movies.
Joe Dirt
Tuesday - March 7th 2023 8:07PM MST
PS: Life's a garden, dig it! ☮
Al Corrupt
Tuesday - March 7th 2023 7:59PM MST

“ Communists have always been happier with everyone being equally poor an miserable than with any discrepancies in wealth”

Yes, kind of the opposite of “a rising tide lifts all boats”, an ebb tide causes all boats to be brought down to the same level… socialism in a sentence. The USA is being brought down to the global average.
Tuesday - March 7th 2023 7:02PM MST
PS: The GLZ, that's true. Communists have always been happier with everyone being equally poor an miserable than with any discrepancies in wealth.... that is, unless you're in the Politburo or something, of course... that's different!

Alarmist, some of my Customer Care stories from the corporate world are ones you'd think would hurt the bottom line. Often, they muckety-mucks just roll with it anyway. I'm glad you had a good experience with good help. Did the lady say "brilliant" a lot?

Great BB post too! That may be my favorite. Did you view the video below it too?
The Alarmist
Tuesday - March 7th 2023 3:50PM MST

Apropos DIE, your moment of Zen from the Bee:
The Alarmist
Tuesday - March 7th 2023 3:13PM MST

I spent a few minutes on the phone today with tech support at our custodian, a business line of one of the bigger investment banks, and the friendly, competent, English-speaking and probably caucasian English lady (Norwich accent, though I thought their call centre was in Bristol) solved my issue promptly and cheerily and was in no hurry to dump the call.

Service improves dramatically when you have more than a few quid in the mix.
The Great Leap Zimbabwe
Tuesday - March 7th 2023 2:25PM MST
PS You have to burn down constructs of the white male patriarchy by any means necessary in order to enjoy the free of joblock and equal socialist dumpster dive lifestyle.
At least everyone is equal.
Forward, Yes we can!
No shirking, facecrime or wrongthink as it all gets destroyed.
You didn't vote for that?
Too bad so sad, enjoy some Jonestown Democracy with your fweedom fwies comrade.
Get in the pod and eat the bugs at the Bidenville Shanty you whitey cracker.
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