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Posted On: Monday - March 6th 2023 9:06AM MST
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THE Godfather of bloggers, U-Tennessee Law Professor Glenn Harlan Reynolds:

With the start of the American version of the Kung Flu PanicFest now 3 years ago, besides us Libertarians and those analytical types who wonder "just what the hell happened", there have been recriminations and requests for forgiveness from some of the Kung Flu dupes of the literary world. 3 months ago, Peak Stupidity featured 2 posts from those who wanted this all behind us: Kung Flu PanicFest - Forgive and Forget? and More Kung Flu PanicFest Recriminations.

Neither of the 2 "journalists" heard from and discussed in those posts ever understood what they'd done wrong though. It's hard to forgive or forget when the Totalitarian in question does not even yet see her stupidity. (Both of them were women, so any wait for an actual statement of wrongdoing would be an exercise in futility.)

Now, we're talking THE Instapundit himself! A the self-proclaimed Godfather of bloggers, Glenn Reynolds' site was the first political blog I remember reading. It was at least 20 years ago when I'd peruse the Instapundit site daily. At some point, 10 years back, I'd say, this tailed off, as I came upon other interesting sites. Though Instapundit is 1 of only 4 sites on our measly blogroll (that I need to expand), from then until only a year or two back, I very rarely looked at the site. This means that I missed Professor Reynolds' and his co-bloggers' takes on the PanicFest.

It turns out, I'd not have been happy with that coverage, at least from man in charge. As I became at odds and well upset with Steve Sailer, Ron Unz, and a few others for being duped by the PanicFest Infotainment, I never noticed this from the good mostly Libertarian, but, alas, still Neocon, Instapundit. Two days back Glenn Reynolds set us (me) straight with a flat out apology on his substack site*: How I Was Wrong About Covid, subtitled When even libertarians trust the government too much.. It's a REAL, honest-to-goodness apology. This substack post is a quick and entertaining read, so I advise the reader to spend the 2 or 3 minutes. I will just present the 2 Instapoligetic bits here (plus just a tad more):
And yet Covid was, it turned out, not as bad as I anticipated. In the early days, I was a Covid hawk, but I was wrong to be. It seemed right at the time.
In retrospect, I should have been more skeptical. It’s hard to believe that I, of all people, trusted the government too much, but there you are. Well, lesson learned.
Faster, please!

Thank you for being a man about this, Glenn Reynolds. I can't say "it feels good" or "I told you so", simply because, as I wrote, I didn't keep up with your posts** during the darkest depths of Mordor the PanicFest. Also, you have too many comments for me to have bothered trying to set you straight. From the end of the good Professor's apology post:
So that’s where we are now. And the lesson is that the “expert” class failed us again. How much was failure, and how much was deliberate malfeasance, remains to be seen, though the evidence keeps piling up in favor of the latter.

And in fact, that’s the biggest lesson of the past few years. Again and again, claims to expertise turn out to have been cloaks for politicized misbehavior. “Professionalism” has turned out to be no protection against partisanship. And America’s cold class war between the Gentry Class and the normal-American community has escalated.

Covid is basically over, but there will be something else. You can, alas, bet on that.
Yep, this IS the 21st century, after all.

Regarding the Totalitarian PanicFest or anything else, there's no use apologizing or asking for forgiveness, if you don't even understand what you did wrong. Glenn Reynolds does, so, yeah, thank you and you got it!

* I didn't know he had one. It'd be a better place to put a word in that the Professor might well read, as comment count seems to be at least an order of magnitude less than those seen on Instapundit. (When I read the latter site a lot, more than a decade back, there weren't comments yet.)

** From what Professor Reynolds says, it was not all of his "staff" that were with him on the PanicFest, and he let them blog against his opinions on the PanicFest, an admirable thing. (BTW, Ron Unz did and does this too, in the extreme! He'll put up with people ragging on him on his own blog in the comments, and he'll keep on the writers that think his opinions are crap. They often are.)

Friday - March 10th 2023 12:17PM MST

RE: Mr. Anon's praise for Jeffrey Tucker


Jeffrey Tucker also created the Brownstone Institute specifically in response to the Panic. He had a role in the Great Barrington Declaration. He has supervised publication of a number of books on the Thinking Anti-Panic side of the "Covid" controversy, all of which are much better than the info-gruel out of the Pro-Panic side.

I saw the other day that Deborah Birx has a Corona-biography out. Birx, recall, is the notorious scarf-wearing women who always flanked Trump, Pence, and Fauci and enforced loyalty to the Panic. In short, Birx was a key figure in the Corona Coup d'Etat of spring 2020.

I saw the Birx book in a bookstore. I briefly leafed through it. I was not surprised to see the tone was acidly anti-Trump, and also anti-Scott Atlas. In fairness, Scott Atlas makes her into a caricatured bad guy in his own book on his experience as the only Anti-Panic member of the White House Task Force in 2020. I tend to think Scott Atlas' view of Birx is closer to the truth than Birx's attacks on Atlas.

You will not be surprised to know that on the back cover of the Birx book is a picture of her looking heroic with Trump glaring evilly behind her.
Friday - March 10th 2023 8:46AM MST
PS: I'd have to guess to some degree, Mr. Anon, but weren't the Lew Rockwell types against the PanicFest? (Of course Ron Paul was, but he's a step above just about anybody, Libertarian or not!)

Anyway, I haven't followed Reason magazine since 15 years ago, when I realized they didn't give a damn about the immigration invasion and, in fact, welcomed it. Occasionally, I'll still read or view something by them on any subject but that. Do you have any recollection of how those writers treated the PanicFest?

Thanks for the info on Jeff Tucker. Yes, it's amazing that this was a KEY Libertarian issue, or nightmare, really, and the Panic/Anti-Panic divide did not have a large staunch group of Libertarians on the anti- side.
Mr. Anon
Friday - March 10th 2023 8:36AM MST

Correction - I should have written:

Early on during the roll-out of the "New Normal", I looked at some libertarian blogs and podcasts to see what libertarians were saying about it.
Mr. Anon
Thursday - March 9th 2023 10:15PM MST

Early on during the roll-out of the "New Normal", I looked at some libertarian blogs and podcasts to see what libertarians. Not just people with libertarian leanings or plain-old believers in individual liberty, but people who self-identified as supporters of the libertarian party.

Where were they? We lived through the single greatest episode of government overreach and abuse of power in our lifetime (and for many years even before that) and the libertarians seemed to be mostly AWOL.

A notable exception was Jeffrey Tucker, who throughtout COVID was solid in his defense of liberty and his skepticism of the whole sinister pandemic narrative. I must admit that I considered Tucker to be a rather silly character during the 2016 election (he was quite anti-Trump as I recall) - the very caricature of the bow-tied libertarian - but if I met him in person, I would apologize. He has been a force for good over the last three years.
Tuesday - March 7th 2023 6:56PM MST
PS: Sam, oops, that typo changed the meaning. On Ron Unz, "... NOT completely down with ..." Also, E.H. Hail has a take on the actions of the Chinese Government/CCP that relates to the huge protests in Hong Kong in '19:

SafeNow, I think I glossed over the yoga instructor bit. Heh! (as the man says) He's been married a long time to Helen, and I think the Instadaughter must be well into her 20's by now. So, I guess he's OK on that score.

Fred, I don't know what the whole PJ Media's problem is with their Neocon "Rah, rah, Ukraine" is about. The Insta. himself is normally a pretty solid Libertarian. I'm sure I've read him bemoan the US military being all over the world before. I agree regarding the US Constitution and like your take on the 535 bellies in the US Congress. Thanks.

You've got no argument from me on that rant, Surrounded by Traitors. Thanks for writing in.
Tuesday - March 7th 2023 6:47PM MST
PS: Adam, I like the meme - somewhat of an Austin Powers/Mike Myers fan here. (I take it that was the one from the Powerline blog article.)

Sam J., that is much more personal than any experience with the Kung Flu that I have, by far. I'm glad your friend got better. However, I'm not budging. We can give anecdotes that at least confirm this was nothing like any Black Death 2.0 and much more like a bad flu/whatever season such as the H1N1, Swine flu etc.

The people with the big death numbers are so sure of themselves based on "excess deaths". Yes, I do get the idea. I have written some, and done some calculations on, the discrepancy between the "normal death rate" of '20 (hence '21 and '22 also) due to the less-than-accurate accounting of the aging of the populations. That would be the US. That'd be China (where we don't have, nor could trust if we did, any good numbers). That'd be Italy. I don't know about Iran.

Then, there are the factors due to the LOCKDOWNs, not all major, but that can add up to a significant amount. The age of the victims (maybe you have an idea of the ambulance patient's age?) was pretty high on average. That didn't make it NOTHING to worry about, but for most of us, yeah, it did.

Regarding China and haze from burning bodies. No, I don't believe you'd get anything near the usual cloud - as you say, absent due to LOCKDOWNs - of particulates from burning 1/100 of the Chinamen in Wuhan. That'd be an interesting calculation though. The only stuff I believe out of there is what I have seen with my own eyes, but not for over 5 years now, and what I hear from people I know and can trust over there.

The Chinese were working as contractors or co-researchers with Fauci's underlings at the Univ. of N. Carolina labs in developing this virus. Much of that is wide out in the open. So it got out. Can the Chinese freak out? Sure they can. You say they already had control if they can do all they did in Wuhan, and much more recently in Shanghai during Covid~Zero. You don't have control if you don't show it. In fact, they lost control when people had had enough of the CZ bullshit by November of '22. Mr. Hail had a good point about their seeing the rest of the world living normally in the World Cup TV feeds.

The CCP lost control. Then we found out about millions of cases of Covid, but something like a single-digit number of deaths in some big city - maybe it was even Peking, but I can't recall just now. The funny thing about that is, I would really believe the authorities were doing the opposite of what has been the norm, trying to minimize the deaths from Covid. However, I doubt it was so large as to be alarming. Note that they never tried to re-implement CZ.

That's a funny thought: Now it's, "Yeah, the guy has a deep cough, low O2 levels in the blood, he tested positive, but he did eat that big bowl of white rice last night with its high Glycemic Index. Cause of death: Diabetes Type II. Case close."

Sorry we don't agree on this Sam.

PS: About Mr. Unz - he seems now down completely with your theory, but much closer than I am on it. He's really wedded to his "America did it!" story, because he's got so much time and effort put in already, and don't forget those 1 million Rumble views.
Surrounded by Traitors
Tuesday - March 7th 2023 2:58PM MST
PS The Long March to merge the former USA into the unelected apparatchik rule of global soviet by any means necessary.
They would be stupid not to take advantage of a terminally stupid soft weak society that trembles in fear of anything that can't be controlled or bought off.
Busybody control freaks full of that faculty lounge utopia building Ubermensch zeal aren't going to let go of this biomedical police state, not without a fight.
Fred the Gator
Tuesday - March 7th 2023 10:06AM MST
PS I cannot for the life of me understand the neo-connery of Instapundit and its crew. Do they not know that "war is the health of the state"?

Sure, a "Red Dawn" like war against invaders attempting to "take a drink from the Ohio River" is in accord with libertarian principles (as far as I can tell), though these days it would be easier and maybe just as effective to LET them take a drink from that river.

But that any libertarian (large or small "l") would support the foreign policy of the likes of Hillary "We came, we saw, he died" Clinton or Victoria "Have a cookie" Neuland or Barak "Peace prize" Obama is totally beyond my capacity.

The Constitution was supposed to prevent that kind of thing. The Congress was supposed to jealously guard its war-making power. The President is Commander-in-chief but any C-in-C who makes war on his own authority is slapped down.

This is just one example that illustrates the shortcomings of Constitutionalism. Because Congress is just a large committee: "The only known form of life with [535] bellies and no brain." Or to put it another way, Congress has evolved like any human institution and its primary function is now to preserve the power and benefits that accrue to its members individually. No doubt the $100+ billion, that cannot be audited, has suffered much attrition on its way to Kiev and has probably wound up something like Napoleon's army when it returned from its Moscow campaign. Even if not, how can we know?
Tuesday - March 7th 2023 1:19AM MST

I clicked on his apology and read it. On the plus side, the various components of the apology each get a separate sentence. Each aspect of an apology deserves a separate sentence. Attorneys for convicted criminals and apologizing CEOs do not seem to understand this. On the
negative side, he proudly works-In that he has a yoga teacher, as if this will somehow help his essay. Glenn, if perchance you are ever divorced and looking for a new companion, do not boast in your bio that you have a yoga teacher.
Sam J.
Monday - March 6th 2023 7:02PM MST

You're wrong, and he's wrong, and all the people saying that covid was "never" any danger, are wrong. I have a personal friend who is a paramedic. He picked up a guy with covid who he says he thought he later died. He himself got it and almost died. If he had not had good medical care and was in good shape for an old guy, he might have.

We have all sorts of video from China of people falling out exactly the same way they do now from the vax(same spike protein effect). We have videos of a completely closed down Wuhan with a thick haze over the whole city. People say it was from burning bodies, there were so many dead. We know it wasn't normal pollution because everything was shut down. People give all sorts of silly assed reasons China shut down their whole economy that make not one lick of sense but totally ignore the basic sensible idea that they had lots of people dying and wanted to kill the virus off before it killed all of them off and locking down was the only sure way to do this. Some even said the Chinese locked down their people to control them, but a fool like me would ask,"if they didn't already control them, then how did they lock them down????"

Now we are told that "because" now it's not so dangerous now that for some reason it could not have been more dangerous earlier. Why this has to be so, they, nor anyone, can tell us. But people who did weaponizations of viruses for a living tell us that the engineered viruses break down in lethality very fast. Well...duhhh... isn't that what we saw?

Now I’m fully on board that the virus became less dangerous over time but the mass of deaths in Iran, China, Italy and in the US were real They weren't fake. Italy had a very large amount that can be confirmed through government statistics.

Vox Day is saying this too. I've seen very few people that see this as I do, but there's some. The Jews engineered a virus to attack the Chinese, it escaped and the Chinese outwitted them by locking everything down. I think the original intent was to kill off large proportions of the Chinese population. In the west the virus was used as a scare tactic to vax people with some unknown engineered product. The end result of which we do not know yet, but so far the effects do not look favorable.

As for Unz. Unz says a lot of good things, but he is deliberately cooking the facts on this covid thing. Just like he cooks the books on mass immigration from South America. I looked them up, and he has distorted the facts or given you facts out of context to gas-light people. He is spreading disinformation to try and keep people from noticing that the only people anywhere that had a motive, the technical skills and the ingrained psychopathic murdering instinct to try and wipe out whole populations is the Jews. Unz may tell the truth sometimes, but this is too hot for him, and he is spinning and gas lighting as fast as he can so that people don't see that the Jews engineered all of this viral attack sequence. The original virus, the overblown panic when it died down in lethality, and the subsequent engineered vax attack on the world.

"They are, all of them, born with raging fanaticism in their hearts, just as the Bretons and the Germans are born with blond hair. I would not be in the least bit surprised if these people would not some day become deadly to the human race."


And they have.
The Alarmist
Monday - March 6th 2023 1:02PM MST

Knowing what a knob Hancock is, I’m surprised he didn’t literally text, “Release the Kraken.”
Adam Smith
Monday - March 6th 2023 11:07AM MST
PS: Good afternoon,

“𝘏𝘰𝘸 𝘮𝘶𝘤𝘩 𝘸𝘢𝘴 𝘧𝘢𝘪𝘭𝘶𝘳𝘦, 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘩𝘰𝘸 𝘮𝘶𝘤𝘩 𝘸𝘢𝘴 𝘥𝘦𝘭𝘪𝘣𝘦𝘳𝘢𝘵𝘦 𝘮𝘢𝘭𝘧𝘦𝘢𝘴𝘢𝘯𝘤𝘦?”

When do we deploy the new variant?

Monday - March 6th 2023 10:22AM MST
PS: Yeah, I know Instapundit is old school, Alarmist. I've been to a couple of the sites you listed. MoonOfAlabama is one in which I disagree with the guy enough (only one, issue, but whatever the latin phrase is...) that I'm done with him. I'll check out some of the rest.

I do like reading bigger sites just due to the knowledge that the info there is getting through to more people. (I really don't know about The Unz Review's page view/unique visitor numbers. I doubt that Mr. Unz has as good a handle on it as one would think a software guru might - he is too full of himself to believe things like: the number of page views goes up much more than linearly with more commenters who get in Corvinus-style discussions. It's a lot of the same people.)

James Corbett is pretty good, but his voice turns me off. Much less time-consuming transcripts would be nice...
The Alarmist
Monday - March 6th 2023 9:38AM MST

Come on, Mr. Mod ... come to the dark side of the force.

So many rabbit holes, so little time... in no particular order:

and so many more.

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