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Posted On: Saturday - March 4th 2023 9:30AM MST
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Back last Fall,Peak Stupidity posted a 5 part series titled Harvesting the fruits of a half-century of Affirmative Action: Part 1 - - Part 2 - - Part 3 - - Part 4 and Part 5. This post was to be made in reference to an article, actually more like an editorial in The American Thinker maintaining that "Competence is dead and diversity killed it". That'll have to be a post for early next week, as I'd first like to expand on the points in our series of 5 posts on AA.

This is somewhat of a correction too, as AA has been pretty much superseded by the new program dubbed D.I.E. DIE is not just more intense Affirmative Action, but there's a fundamental difference.

Going back to that series, the biggest point made out of all of it is that AA, though clearly unfair to White men, was not a real threat to the workings of our society in the early years. The reason was in the numbers. In an 85-90% White country and early on with a big majority of men in the workplace, the black and female deadweight could be dealt with. The competent White men could cover for them, or if their positions were too critical for them to put up with that, the deadweight could be thrown into special areas (HR, anyone?) where they couldn't do any harm... uhh, well, directly, against the workplace's main goals, no, they couldn't yet.

Demographics is destiny, they rightly proclaim, and the change in the demographics of America over the last half century portend a dubious destiny. With much larger numbers of people falling under the AA umbrella, the placing of incompetent people into work positions, the universities, and more, cannot be covered by the White man anymore.

That was the recap. Expanding on this, the "D" in DIE stands for Diversity. That, apparently, means anyone who is not a normal White man. Well, the numbers are a lot higher now, with the workplaces full of women and their being huge numbers of Hispanics and then Oriental*, •Indian, and black African immigrants.

The "I" in DIE stands for Inclusion. That's a real boost from the old AA programs, as inclusion means we gin up terms for any kind of freak, of any race, color, or creed. People who in the past were just crazy stories and perhaps 0.001% of the population, such as trans-genders, are included now. If you're gonna bring the numbers up for the DIE program, you've got to gin up way more of them than that tiny percentage though, so you hire more school guidance counselors and the like to "help". Presto, chango, they are a significant part of the DIE population, coming to a work site near you. What were once freaks are now associates.

The "E" in DIE stands for Equity. That is the most important one when it comes to a fundamental change from AA to DIE. The old Affirmative Action proponents assured us that, though the idea was to increase the amount of black people and women, there would be no quotas. That was very obviously a crock of shit from the get-go. I mean, if there wouldn't be quotas, then employers would hire people based on qualifications and ability. Almost all employers with any sense would have already been doing that for a black or woman before AA. No, there were quotas, publicized or not, BUT, and this is the point, the requests were lower and more open to interpretation and variation.

That Part 3 of our AA series was, as we like to include, an anecdotal interlude. The fact that a country music radio station felt enough pressure (from the FCC) to hire a black DJ is humorous at this point, but it wasn't to a White guy I know well, for which this was his dream job**, and who needed that money for college. It was just the one black guy though, and when he left, I don't think there was any more obligation felt by this small-time employer.

Equity is different. It means that a workplace or other organization must include numbers of all the various diverse peoples in proportion to their proportion of the US population.*** (Note that I have nicely included "include" and "diverse" in that sentence. GoDaddy server monitors can be proud.)

Going back to AA, there was this term used in tens or hundreds of millions of job advertisements over the half-century, "Equal Opportunity Employer". If the reality of it had really been equal opportunities, then that'd have just meant "hey, we're not blatantly racist or sexist in hiring". Nah, there WERE quotas against us, but at least the people pushing to hurt the White man had the decency (?) - well or lack of outright visible hatred - to pretend otherwise. That's not the case with Equity, as blogger Steve Sailer has noticed and commented about numerous times. Equity means, we want proportional employment, no matter about quailifications, etc. DIE is not just about employment. As Mr. Sailer has wryly noted in regard to black demands for DIE within the realm of housing, they take the "equity" literally too. You built up that equity in your house over the years, and they want it.

Look, the people behind this and the people who take advantage of it are like the Commies of old. They are Los Resentidos. They want to take your shit and destroy your society.

In summary, between the demographics of today, with White men and other competent people in the workplace being a shrinking minority and the hiring based purely on DIE, the level of competency in America is declining quickly. I have been seeing this with my own eyes over the last few years. I have no idea how we can avoid this death of the old competent White male run society.

* Often, but not always excluded from AA, cause, competence ...

** I absolutely do not shit you on this. Being a Disc Jockey was the coolest job imaginable.

*** Well, OK, I know, basketball teams must have gotten some kind of waiver for black people, as also the interior decorating businesses have for gay men. There must just be some paperwork involved...

Monday - March 6th 2023 7:09AM MST

Thank you, Mr. Smith, for the thoughtful reply.

Let me offer up this from Intelligent Dasein:

"When I endorse a statement like “We are getting dumber,” that should not necessarily be construed to mean that I think each generation is getting dumber than the one preceding it, which is something I definitely do not believe. ...

I think it’s the civilization itself which is getting dumber.

All the realms of high cultural achievement are in rapid decomposition. Not too long ago, even a mediocre talent could do respectable work because the great tradition brought him into contact with his task and the task with him. But nowadays, even a genius can hardly find an outlet for himself. The demand for symbolic greatness in intellectual endeavors is no longer there."

(end quote from Intelligent Dasein.)
Adam Smith
Monday - March 6th 2023 12:58AM MST
PS: Greetings!, Mr. Hail,

(or should I say Dr. Hail, following Dieter's lead?)
(Doctor Hail does have a nice ring to it, don't cha know...)

Cheers to your health! I hope this comment finds you well on this fine eve...
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I agree. 15 years ago does not (necessarily) precede the so called DIE era, per se, (or, more importantly, the other cultural distortions that come from the immigration and race conundrum); but in our neck of the woods, here in our part of fly over country, we are pretty well insulated from the immediate problems caused by so called dieversity and DIE ideology.

We are still ~97+% white 'round here. I can and do imagine that DIE and/or dieversity beliefs do indeed undermine white-white solidarity and civic institutional strength, especially in dieverse areas. We, however (& thankfully!), are not very "dieverse" 'round here... (Yet‽)

Thanks for the heads up regarding Robert Putnam's "bowling alone".
Never (or probably haven't) heard of it until now. Thank you!

I do agree that everything is degraded by this ideology.
(Even when the pets.)(Perhaps especially when the pets‽) 🙃

Public-spiritedness is in fact a casualty.

While I have read quite a few of Linh Dinh's essays, and generally enjoy & appreciate his perspective, I had not noticed (in Mr. Dinh's writing or elsewhere) that "perceived white-dispossession" creates "white-dysfunction"; though this does not really surprise me. I would imagine that any group of people that endure "perceived dispossession" (political, imaginary or otherwise) would also likely suffer from some sort of social dysfunction.

Anyway, It's almost 3am here and I'm getting sleepy headed. I would like to end this comment with something more profound to say, but alas, I have nothing more profound to say. I thank you for your insight and internet friendship. I hope you have a great evening or morning, and or day, or whatever the case may be!

Thank you, Mr. Hail!
Many thanks, and good night!

Sunday - March 5th 2023 9:51PM MST

correction: "Mr. Smith's relation of bad experiences at a retail store" --> "the work environment at a retail store"

I would also add that 15 years ago is not necessarily pre-Diversity Ideology, even if it is before the D.E.I. (or D.I.E.) acronym.
Sunday - March 5th 2023 9:49PM MST

RE: Mr. Smith's relation of bad experiences at a retail store

"The following story has nothing to do with AA as all parties involved are white. It also has nothing to do with DIE as these events precede the DIE era."

Although all the parties involved in this shabby tale were White, allow me to suggest that it does NOT (necessarily) follow that the conditions had "nothing to do" with Diversity ideology, and cultural distortions from immigration and race.

Remember that Robert Putnam, Harvard sociologist, reported the surprising finding that Diversity undermines even white-white solidarity and civic institutional strength, definitely so in Diverse areas (an obvious finding), but even among whites interacting with whites in general areas hit by Diversity, creating a hunker-down mindset, and creating basically cultural-pessimism among native whites. (I refer to the "Bowling Alone" study).

In other words, everything is degraded by this ideology, even when the pets. Public-spiritedness is a casualty. Count on it.

I don't know if you ever read any of Linh Dinh's essays. I have mentioned him before here. He is of Vietnamese origin. He would do a form of journalistic amateur sociologizing of his own by visiting places and seeking out dive bars and chatting with people (among other strategies). Some of Linh Dinh's word-sketches he did were in all-White environments, in the early and mid 2010s. At his most perceptive, Linh Dinh identifies a process by which perceived white-dispossession, even when not immediately nearby, creates white-dysfunction. He does not usually talk about that directly, and is at times close to anti-white himself, but he is a perceptive writer and not afraid.
Sunday - March 5th 2023 6:06PM MST
PS: Adam, there are 5 in a line at the campus that are well established and seem OK after a real cold snap. Our in both the pots and the ground did fine. When they get full-sized they are easy to climb on to get the fruit.
Adam Smith
Sunday - March 5th 2023 1:54PM MST
PS: Greetings, Achmed,

Vicious cycle indeed. Everyone loses.

Loquat trees, eh? Never heard of 'em. They sound delicious...

I read that they are cold tolerant to about 10°. How'd they do in the cold this winter? I think they might not have made it through our deep freeze this winter but most years they'd do fine.


Sunday - March 5th 2023 1:20PM MST
PS: That anecdote says it all, Mr. Smith. Thanks for that one. It may be a vicious cycle too. The Big Biz outfit is sick of slack employees, starts treating them like crap, and the employees feel that and act accordingly, even the few good ones.

We've got 10 loquat trees in the ground. They started out from the pits we spit out in front of the porch. Lots of people don't know you can eat that fruit.
Adam Smith
Sunday - March 5th 2023 12:32PM MST
PS: Good afternoon, everyone...

"Why should I bust my tail doing my best?" "Fuck this shit!"

The following story has nothing to do with AA as all parties involved are white.
It also has nothing to do with DIE as these events precede the DIE era.

About 15 years ago Mrs. Smith accepted a part time job in a retail clothing store at the outlet mall for the holidays. (She had not worked such a job for many years and didn't understand just how shitty a job like that was going to be. She’s an optimist.) She's a hard worker and she wondered why all the other (mostly younger) workers moved so slow and seemed so incompetent. She thought that if she worked hard that management would notice.

Well, management did notice. Instead of scheduling say four or five people to work the floor, help the customers and fold clothing they would schedule her alone or maybe with one other person. She was effectively doing the work that four other employees would usually do while the store saved on labor. She thought working hard would lead to a promotion and a raise, instead management just took advantage of her.

She also noticed after just a short time that there was a whole lot of clothing "going out the back door". Some of the employees were running some sort of theft ring. When she mentioned it to the manager she realized the store manager was the person running it. She quit that shitty job after a short time. (Then they tried to steal her last paycheck.)

While AA and DIE policies and the changing demographics are definitely leading to an overall decline in the quality of just about everything there’s some other aspects of the culture that have decayed and contributed to this decline. Part of it is that people (even white people) are getting noticeably dumber and less competent. Part of it is that people are less honest and less conscientious than they used to be. Part of it is that corporations don’t treat their workers as well as they should, often treating them like dirt just because they can. I don’t know why these changes have happened but it’s all so caustic and demoralizing for any unfortunate soul who has to work in such an environment. I’m so glad that I don’t have to deal with any of that in my line of work.

Anyway... Happy Sunday, everyone! Time to go plant some seeds! ☮
Saturday - March 4th 2023 5:07PM MST
PS: Thanks, SafeNow. What you wrote is something I meant to mention in that upcoming post about the decrease in competence, or maybe it was to be this one. This stuff does rub off when you're talking an underwhelming percentage of competent White men. "Fuck this shit" is the phrase I had in mind, based on a long-ago incident.

Mr. Hail, I could clean it up that way, but I'd have to take a long shower afterwards and shut down the blog in shame. (I think I'll change the "Political Correctness" topic key to "Political Correctness/Wokeness" It's also not just a changed definition but another discrete step up in stupidity, as with AA to DIE.
Saturday - March 4th 2023 5:01PM MST
PS: That's tellin' em, Alarmist! Do they want to think short/medium term and get their bonuses, or long-term, as in maybe not keeping their high-up positions if they don't back up their BS about the ESG with action? (They don't really believe that crap, do they?)
Saturday - March 4th 2023 4:25PM MST

I think what you did, with that series of walk-through definitions, was to define Wokeness.

To be complete, it would need to be edited for tone, to clean up the anti-Woke biases. It would need also to make explicit the villainous nature of White Male Heterosexuals and the set of evil institutions associated with it, using feminine emotionalistic appeals and a perma-grievance posture.

Wokeness, like the face of God, is hard to face directly and we mainly only see it indirectly, or, to paraphrase and adapt somewhere in the Bible, "be its fruits ye shall know Wokeness."
Saturday - March 4th 2023 3:10PM MST

Superb essay, but I will add a footnote. The essay discusses white men’s “covering” for AA/DIE workers, and laments that nowadays there is a heck of a lot of covering to be done. Maybe this is obvious, but I think that many white men have looked around them, and decided why should I bust my tail doing my best at covering, and even doing my best at my own job. They have surrendered to reduced proficiency. Perhaps unconsciously. I think shrinks call this “mirroring.”
The Alarmist
Saturday - March 4th 2023 1:29PM MST

One of the funnier jobs I have it to sit on the investment committee of our DC fund in one of our locations, where I get to hear management-to-investor performance presentations, which is “shoe on the other foot” for me since I usually give these presentations. Last quarter there was one fund heavily underperforming, so I suggested we pull the plug, but my colleagues said it was a hard year for everyone (not so bad for me though), so they deferred action. This week, that manager presented again after yet another bad quarter, and this year time around they included a page showing the new diversity makeup of the team, which for me was a screaming “Sell” signal, though I dare not say that aloud.

I had my annual bonus discussion a few weeks back, which went well for me, but the funny part was were my boss said, “We’re under a lot of pressure to evaluate you and the others on your commitment to ESG, and I have no idea where you stand on ESG!”

I jokingly replied, “Then you haven’t been paying attention, but just between you and me, ESG stands for Evil Satanist Globalists. 40% of my bonus is already keyed to Company performance, so as far as ESG is concerned, I’m already on board with the rest of you and your commitment to ESG, but if you actually want to have a bonus pool next year, you won’t hold my P&L back with ESG and DIE requirements this year.”
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