Is Ann Coulter stealing our material now?

Posted On: Thursday - March 2nd 2023 11:33AM MST
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There's nothing I could do about it due to the Peak Stupidity legal team having forgotten to renew our ©'s while out on a Vegas junket this winter (they're still there!), but I'd be happy were that the case.

Really, though, this isn't even the same as an independent similar observation, as we noticed a few times before: here - - here and here. We just both have had the same experience with our family, friends, and acquaintances during the madness we call the Kung Flu PanicFest.

In a sort of 3 year retrospective I! TOLD! YOU! SO!, 15 Days To Flatten the Truth—Covid Truth Slowly Leaks Out Three Years Late Ann Coulter reported:
Contrary to hysterical warnings in 2020 that “people you know” will die from COVID and “it’s definitely not just the flu,” I still don’t know anyone who knows anyone who died from COVID. For most people, it was “just the flu.”
While discussing the Chinese Covid~Zero stupidity last summer, Peak Stupidity reported the following in our post Inside info on the latest Oriental Kung Flu Stupidity:
However, who the heck hatches a big plot to damage the world with a virus for which I don't even know anyone who knows anyone who died from it!? [Bolded then, bolded now.]
OK, well first of all, if I count Peak Stupidity commenters as "anyone", and they are more than "anyone to me, MBlanc46 wrote under that post:
I know someone who died from covid.
Fair enough. I can trust the Peakers, and there likely have been other bloggers/commenters who had personal knowledge of deaths due to the Kung Flu. Therefore that last phrase, which basically mathematically squares our denominator (assuming people average the same number of friends/acquaintances) is no longer strictly correct. I'm not sure if Ann Coulter took into account on-line friends or acquaintances.

Additionally, Peak Stupidity does NOT maintain there was no such virus or disease (the virus being the "SARS-##&&%" or whatever, and the disease being that "Covid-19"). I am no virologist. Did/does this virus resemble the flu? In its effect on humanity, I would say it did and does. The PanicFest is another story. Just before the excerpt above, Miss Coulter also came very close to copyright infringement (ya' got lucky, kid!) with this bit:
Millions upon millions of wrecked lives later (including 170,000 excess non-COVID deaths), the people who lied to us for their own selfish motives—getting on TV, high ratings for their panic porn, the joys of bossing other people around—are quietly admitting the truth.
"Panic porn" instead of "PanicFest". OK, we'll [what still remains of the PS legal team] let you off with a slap on the ass errr, wrist.

You all know the copyright stuff is just in fun here, but note how Miss Coulter's opinion of this whole thing is very close to ours. Read the whole column of hers - you won't be disappointed in her common sense assessment.

Next, with new reporting on it, we've got to re-iterate our points about the "lab leak" theory of the origin of the Kung Flu soon, keeping in mind that, the origin was not the BIG STORY. The PanicFest was!

Sam J.
Monday - March 6th 2023 11:18PM MST

Dieter Kief,"I tend to think that your Corona-virus-effects analysis is not quite complete - - - . The fact that this cleavage protein is now in this virus and hasn't been before is disturbing, as many highly accomplished scholars - such as Mr. Wasburne (substack) Washburne /(twitter)and the German nano-researcher Prof. Roland Wiesendanger etc. mult. al. say.

Panicwise this fact can't be let out of consideration. If the virus was made to harm people and then leaked - what could well be true, that should raise hairs, methinks - and that did and does scare people more than a regular flu virus, be it Corona or whatever else..."

That's the point, isn't it? Five different government sponsored viral labs in the beginning of the outbreak said they had sequenced the virus and found it engineered from several viruses from animals that were widely distributed. So that they could not have mingled to create that which they saw. All said they were going to write papers on this...none did.

It disturbs me to no end to know these sorts of things. Fully known if you were paying attention and then have people constantly saying,"it's just the flu", yeah well maybe it is, with the addition of many engineered sections added.
Mr. Anon
Sunday - March 5th 2023 8:34PM MST

I'm not a regular reader of Ann Coulter's columns, though I agree with her on so much (immigration, her sour view of Trump, etc.). I do occasionally read them however, and I remember reading what she was writing in 2020 about the Summer of George. I don't recall her having much of anything to say about COVID. My impression is that she is late to this party - the COVID panic-fest skeptic party, that is. Even as governments here in the U.S., and even more so around the World, embarked on a shocking attack on basic human liberties, she didn't seem to have much to say. Maybe she lived in fear of the dreaded coof and thought it was justified, or at least understandable.

Did she ever make the connection that the Summer of George was itself enabled by the COVID lockdowns? All those young footloose people with no place to be in the morning made for the perfect army to turn out in the streets in support of "the latest thing". Idle hands, etc.
Adam Smith
Sunday - March 5th 2023 11:13AM MST
PS: Happy Sunday to you too, Dieter! ☮
Dieter Kief
Sunday - March 5th 2023 12:09AM MST
Ok Mod., but - it was out there from the very beginning: There is something strange happening here. And from April or so on it was de-rigeur (all other voices were censored on the almighty internet) : Natural origin! - You .h.a.d. to say this, all of a sudden!
Now think about that - how do people's guts react as soon as they are told that it was literally verboten to even think about a lab-origin of this virus? - I mean: Honestly: This is creepy, isn't it? - See?

And it turned out that yes: True: Lab origin. Gain of function science...This is no thought that'd be easily digested.

One more little thing: That this was a rather bad virus up until Omicron is clear if you think about it: Sweden did quite a bit to keep the Covid-damage in the range of a severe flu season. Significantly more than during a severe flu season.- There's a remarkable difference here, see?

'appy sundays everybody reading this stuff that far off & down, heheh!
Saturday - March 4th 2023 5:17PM MST
PS: I appreciate the discussion, Mr. Hail and Mr. Kief. As for "How well would the Panic have worked, all else held equal, if it were actually of the boring-old influenza family?" well, strangely enough, by my recollection, the origin of the virus was not made into a big deal (other than by Ron Unz and co.) in ginning up this madness. You all will recall that it was all about bat-to-human, bat-to-pangolin-to-human*, at the wet-market, and with bats from the caves way west in Yunnan taken to Wuhan, etc.

I'm not discounting those stories for sure, but I think the evidence that this virus was deliberately man-made (a "gain-of-function" viral research lab being no different from a bio-weapons lab really) has been out in the open.

My point here is that back when the PanicFest started, the man-made aspect of the virus was not even brought up much to scare people. It was enough, apparently, to just say this was a novel deadly virus. Then again, any bad flu epidemic is from a mutated virus that is novel in some way - or else, we'd all be much more immune o bad effects (all other things being equal - co-morbidities, age, etc.)

If they used the term "flu" or "influenza", no, I agree the PanicFest wouldn't have gotten so big.

* The South Park episode on this that will be forever in my head was just a little too much!
Dieter Kief
Saturday - March 4th 2023 12:08AM MST

Dr. Hail and Mod., I tend to think that your Corona-virus-effects analysis is not quite complete - - - . The fact that this cleavage protein is now in this virus and hasn't been before is disturbing, as many highly accomplished scholars - such as Mr. Wasburne  (substack) Washburne /(twitter)and the German nano-researcher Prof. Roland Wiesendanger  etc. mult. al. say.
Panicwise this fact can't be let out of consideration. If the virus was made to harm people and then leaked - what could well be true, that should raise hairs, methinks - and that did and does scare people more than a regular flu virus, be it Corona or whatever else.

The Nordics story isn't a German/Prussian nordic story for a very long time. This part of the story is a vacuum - since decades. So - yep: You are onto something here, that is not quite understood. A fact that would need the voice of careful historians. Some of those do write in the weekly Preussische Allgemeine Zeitung, btw. - and in the Junge Freiheit. and they do differ in their approach to the Russia/Ukraine war. Dr. Mearsheimer might be counted in here. at least these papers do refer to him - whereas nobody else in Germany does (hehe - with some exceptions - but  very small ones! - Thanks for the twitter-like, btw.of my old willow foto!).   
Friday - March 3rd 2023 8:20PM MST

- Why does Sweden support the Ukraine War? -

Dieter Kief wrote: "Sweden and Finland and Norway...fell collectively for the 2022 type of panic and followed war-enthusiast Boris Johnson in fighting Russia as hard as possible."

Do you think these countries traditionally have a more anti-Russia view than most Germans? That is my impression.

In the case of Finland it is obvious. The Finnish anti-Russianism or traditional Russophobia (not without reason or basis) could also have influenced Sweden profoundly because Sweden ruled Finland. Sweden also had extensive contact and geopolitical-economic interests in the eastern Baltic areas, traditionally the frontier between Germanic-West and Russia, now represented by the "Baltic republics."

In other words, the Swedish political-class still views itself as spiritually tied to the pro-Western, pro-Germanic, Protestant peoples on Russia's northwestern flank. These are not necessarily views that they fell for because of Boris Johnson or CNN, but they go back many centuries, even to the Middle Ages! They apply just as much to a now-vanished class, the "Baltic-German," and perhaps to that now-vanished state, Prussia; but considerably less to most Germans.

Norway would have the least justification to be instinctively pro-war fat least according to such reasons as I have sketched there.
Friday - March 3rd 2023 8:13PM MST

Moderator wrote:

" much the SARS-what-have-you we've been Panicking about* resembles influenza"

For me, "flu" is a term of convenience and not bound by its etymology-connection to "influenza."

In that way it is much like the "phone" to describe the all-purpose computer device that occupy so many pockets and soak up so much time today. There are people among us who almost never use this so-called "phone" for what people in the 2000s and earlier understood "phones" to be, a device to talk into and hear other people's voices from at a distance.

The somewhat ridiculous technical term "Influenza-Like Illness" (ILI) covers a wide variety of virus-families, including coronas. Specialists knew this, but the word "coronavirus" was definitely NOT in general use before 2020, which is one key to the Panic's success.

Thought-experiment: How well would the Panic have worked, all else held equal, if it were actually of the boring-old influenza family? How much impact did its coming from a virus-family no one had heard of before (except specialists) matter? I ask.
Friday - March 3rd 2023 12:14PM MST
PS: Yes, Mr. Hail, I remember your "just the flu" writing, bro. ;-} As I wrote above, being no virologist and not really caring so awful much about these things, I don't know how much the SARS-what-have-you we've been Panicking about* resembles influenza. What I do know and agree with you on, is that the effect of this one is not much different from the effect of a strain of influenza that we get in a bad year.

Anyway, thanks for the interesting comments, you and Mr. Kief both!

* That's a general "we", as in the dupes of the world.
Dieter Kief
Friday - March 3rd 2023 12:39AM MST
Dr. Hail writes about the moment he had good reasons to think he knew what's up in ca. May 2020, that was what he then said it was: "...a severe flu wave year,...". - I read him saying that - and I listened to The Fat emperor, Michael Levitt,anders Tegnell and lots of Swiss experts like virologist Prof. Beda Stadler in Bern and epidemiologist/virologist Prof Vernazza in Sankt Gallen: A severe flu wave. Caused by an hitherto unbeknownst virus.
Dr. Tegnell thusly told his fellow-Swedes: We are in an above average dangerous situation for our old and fragile. so: Lets - not least with regard to them, be cautious.Lets by and large go on without lifes, but let's take some useful/reasonable things to protect our old and frail: Let's all social distance! Let's not form groups of more than a hundred people, wherever possible. Let's turn some higher ed institutions into online venues. Let's stop singing in churches for a while, and we'll be alright. When looking back at Covid, Tegnell said that Sweden could have saved more lives of the old and frail than it did, but that they nonetheless won the worldwide Covid-contest. Oh. Sweden had no vaccination mandate, but a very high vaccination rate - before omicron. which, according to Tefnell and his sidekick in the background Johan Giesecke, was appropriate and worked fine.

Under the category of objective, material irony falls sth following: Sweden (and Finland and Norway, who all acted ca. as the Swedes did in the covid-crisis: Rational and effective - fell collectively for the 2022 type of panic and followed war-enthusiast Boris Johnson in fighting Russia as hard as possible.

It did not help much that Sweden had - for the first time after WWII - a mildly right wing, and immigration-critical government: All of a sudden they drew the wrong conclusions from their hundreds of years of coexistence with Russia and now declared it an enemy of the Swedish people - in solidarity with Selensky's Ukraine.
Thursday - March 2nd 2023 8:48PM MST

--- Reflections on the phrase "Just the Flu" at the three-year mark ---

It was February 2020 that a group of proto-Anti-Panickers began to say "It's just the flu." Not long afterwards, someone added the trivializing (half-)word "Bro" to the phrase, as in: "It's just the flu, bro!" That 'bro' version, which can so easily be inserted into the speech-bubble of a frivolous idiot, became a slogan of the time. It is this caricatured version of "Just the flu" that Ann Coulter calls back.

What hell hath been wrought by the new world of info-saturation, info-bombardment, info-terror --- fast-Internet, always-on smart-devices, normalized or structurally incentivized screen-addiction, etc. etc. To paraphrase Ilhan Omar, "some people did something" to the culture with this Big Tech info- and discourse-hegemony, by which ideas have been replaced by 'memes,' buzzwords, 'trending' frenzies or mini-panics at a rate of more or less several per week.

"It's Just the Flu, Bro" became a meme. I believe early March 2020 is the critical period in which a rising tide of Panickers and Panic-supporters began a concerted campaign to demonize the "Just the Flu 'Bros'," basically painting them as treasonous, the inner enemy when a war is on. The groundwork for this had been laid when the whole "Bros" thing was added on earlier. Nothing to which the word "Bros" gets attached ends up being a positive now (see Hedge-Fund Bros; Tech Bros; Bernie Bros -- in each case, adding the word "Bros" makes the idea seem cheap, unrespectable, gaudy, vaguely illegitimate or nefarious).

The Panickers, out of an abundance of caution, began suggesting the "Just the Flu Bros" were reckless, maybe criminal, probably idiotically mush-headed, potentially dangerous nihilists, as they refused to join the righteous anti-Corona jihad then being called by Science, CNN, and a few Expert Panickers. They began blasting every hour of every day that up to 3% or maybe 5% of people 'infected' would die, that so many would get sick that it would "swamp" hospitals and more would die. "Just the flu" soon metamorphed into Corona-Heresy and its supposed advocates (the people who wave of the Wuhan Apocalypse Virus as "just the flu, bro!") as something less than fully human. When Biden and co. called unvaccinated persons subhuman beginning in about mid-2021, that was just a continuation of what they'd been up to since early on in the Panic.

By April and (especially) by May 2020, we had good observation-based evidence that pointed exactly towards "just the flu" -- a severe flu wave year, within historic range of past few decades. But the phrase (and thus the idea!) of "just the flu" had been **so poisoned** by the Panickers and their priming about this class of crass "Just the Flu Bros" out there (a 'meme'), that the point could no longer even be made. I remember I had a post in about late May or June 2020 based on the best Swedish data available (the natural experiment in the West), which included the word "Just the Flu Vindicated.' I suspected that no one who had bought the "Just the Flu Bros" smear back in March 2020 would listen. And they didn't. The Sailer commenter AnotherDad is a typical case, and I believe he himself for months and months mocked "Just the Flu Bros" in exactly the manner I've here outlined. So did the Panic-pusher Ron Unz.

"Just the Flu" belongs to the history of the Panic, and it belongs as a propaganda-phrase seized from the proto-Anti-Panic side by the other side (the pro-Panic side). It was used to greater effect by the people who seized and repurposed it, similar to how Ol' Blumpf hijacked the phrase "fake news" circa 2016.
Thursday - March 2nd 2023 5:07PM MST
PS: 1000 Years, I've got a long way to go to 73, man! I don't know if she's (the body's) gonna take it, Captain.

Nice rant there. Tell me if you are talking about a real war movie with "Platoon Leader".
Thursday - March 2nd 2023 5:05PM MST
PS: Alarmist, is it possible your Aunt's neighbor's acquaintance was not so much harmed by the Covid-one-niner so much as by her unfortunate run-in with some guy named Aqualung who had been eying little girls with bad intent?*

I know you're not Paul Harvey, but I'd like to know the rest of the story regarding your Mom's funeral.

* No matter what you think about the lyrics, that one had a killer guitar solo and great bass guitar!
1000 Years to Counter Revolution
Thursday - March 2nd 2023 12:40PM MST
PS The COV-LARP!? 1000 years to flatten the freedom curve by any means necessary.
The Pharmakeia overthrow would never be easy but the stupid would be off of the charts.
My face panty doesn't stop sawdust but it will stop the Fauci Flu. (honk!)
Get these boosters, comrade, immunity kicks around shot 73 (honk!)
O/T-Nom, nom, nom! Fresh FLA strawberry dipped in strawberry yogurt. So Good!
Metal defiance needs features Infidel Reich, Manngard, Cultic, Sungrazer (stoner?) and of course movies.
Movies now in WAR mode with WWII up but Platoon Leader is on tap for later.
The Alarmist
Thursday - March 2nd 2023 11:58AM MST

Well, my Aunt said her neighbor knew of someone who told her a friend contracted the bug while sitting on a park bench outdoors and died almost immediately.

That was the basis for her to demand I receive the Holy Sacrament of the Vaxx into my heart before she would let me attend my Mother’s funeral.

pps. It didn’t play out like she planned.
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