Mexican Telenovellas Reality is Hell

Posted On: Friday - February 24th 2023 2:30PM MST
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The Peak Stupidity reader should keep in mind that we are not a "current events" (1970's terminology) or news site. I do have lots of posts in mind on the current political stupidity, but other stupidity that is right up our alley garners attention at times. Here's one.

The headline of this Hollywood Unlocked* page starts out:

Wife Stabs Husband After Finding Images Of Him With ‘Another Woman',...

OK, OK, another "Dog Bites Man" story or, in this case, "¡Perro** Muerde Hombre!" as the story happened in Ole Mexico. Yes, those Hispanics can get mighty emotional. It works great in Telenovellas***, but in real life... well, I mean, sure, if I found a video on my wife's phone of her with another woman, well, wait, you know what I'm getting at ...

But, you know, there's metadata. Yes, Metadata, the information that comes along with pictures and video, when they were taken, etc. The headline continues:

... Discovers It Was Actually Her When She Was Younger.

Now, that there's funny no matter who ya' are... other than, of course, that poor guy who got stabbed due to his wife's being an impulsive retard.

* No, not our type of thing, but I got this story off an Unz Review commenter and went to the source.

** Roll your "r"s, bitchez!

*** There's more where that came from. See here. (It's been a while. Time for another one.)

The Grappling Caballero
Saturday - February 25th 2023 12:15PM MST
PS I love the Mexican rodeo!
It is ultimate morale boost besides some 116bpm techno-electro with Honk Honkler doing the beach ball dance.
Honk it loud and proud, like wolves among the sheep works for us now in times of terminal Peak Stupidity.
Teevee? Right from the bowels of hell and worse than a hardcore drug habit for brain fry action.
Saturday - February 25th 2023 6:27AM MST
PS: Haha, Alarmist! Now, how's HER Spanish, BTW. Usually the Euros pick up more languages than Americans.

As for me, I suck at any pronunciation that's not American style. People will say it's "your ear", but I don't believe so. I know what I want to sound like, but I freaking don't. Then, my 11 y/o boy, whether he knows the vocab and grammar of the language as well as me or not*, when he says something, his accent is RIGHT on the money. I can hear that. I just can't reproduce it.

I think you are right, M. The rolling "r" is at least something I can get part-way righ.

* I took a 6-week "extension" course in Spanish many years ago, with a great teacher, so I remember quite a bit to this day.
Saturday - February 25th 2023 4:51AM MST
"Why isn’t your French so good?"

I would submit that the Spanish/Italian "rolled r" is much easier to perform than the French "hack a loogie r".

At least I find it so - maybe I'm doing it wrong.
The Alarmist
Saturday - February 25th 2023 4:45AM MST

My wife gets a big laugh when I watch the Telenovellas when we’re in Florida, but she’s annoyed thaI can really roll those r’s when I converse in Spanish with the Cuban and Dominikan babes in the shops or restaurants. She’ll say, “Why isn’t your French so good? Am I not pretty enough.”

She’s probably going to poison my crème brûlée.
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