Irreconcilable Differences as grounds for a National Divorce

Posted On: Thursday - February 23rd 2023 6:16PM MST
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Majorie Taylor Greene - yeah, I see why people are going by initials now - MTG, that is, is a US Congresslady representing the 14th District in Georgia, in the northwest corner of the State. She's a "character" as they say, and we could use more of them. It's not that I agree with every one of her "conspiracy" theories, though I think most are conspiracy facts by now. However what people like MTG do is not necessarily shift the Overton Window left or right, but expand the Overton Window, i.e. get a handyman (she's a woman, after all) to knock out the small window and some wall around it and change it to a big bay window. Here's a tweet from her* that expands the realm of public discussion

It's not like there aren't plenty of pundits and commentators that have brought up secession before, I mean since 1865, that is. MTG, though not long in office, is a well-known Congresswoman. Well known people of the Establishment were obligated to get busy and reply. I don't follow these tweet battles, but they'll bring up the not-so-recent-anymore unpleasantness of the secession attempt by 11 States just over 162 years back Instead of a divorce, that trial separation was squashed by President Lincoln's War, which killed more American men and boys than all others since combined.

There had been attempts to reconcile the differences, mostly economic, but with a moral component, between North and Sound well before 1860, such as the Missouri Compromise. (This is not a history post, so I'll stop there.) Let's just say that in 2023 America, the differences that are causing stress to the union are myriad and between vastly different types of people than was the situation in the Union in 1860. They are the difference between Libertarian and Conservative "just leave us alone" types and power-hungry Totalitarians. They are differences basically between the sane and the insane. Worse yet, each side thinks it is the sane one. I'm no know-it-all, but I'm pretty sure I know which is which.

It was possible to at least discuss the squabbles between sides back up through as late as the mid-1990s (by my estimate). Now, one side wants no discussion whatsoever except via their lawyers... on the courts. The "conversation", as they like to call it, goes only one way. At this point, the differences among Americans irreconcilable. I like the way MTG put it. Irreconcilable Differences is grounds for the big D, Divorce, at least in "no-fault" divorce States.

From the Legal Dictionary**
Definition of Irreconcilable Differences - Noun:

1) Differences of opinion or will that cannot be brought into harmony, or cannot be brought into agreement through compromise.
2) A relationship that has become relentlessly hostile.
Yeah, I mean, on (2) alone, the relationship between the left and right falls under this definition nicely.

Is the United State a "no-fault secession nation" though? It's not, per those who prosecuted and wrote most of the history of the War Between the States anyway. Most Americans just assume "ya' can't just do that" for any reason, even infidelity to the Constitution. What would the Supreme Court think of the matter? I think the big fault, pun intended, lies with the Founders for not making it perfectly clear in the US Constitution: Any time you want out, just say the word. (Or in the Moslem version: I secede thee, I secede thee, I secede the.)

I am blessed to have not had any divorces in my immediate or any part of my family. There's a time for divorce, I guess, but when there are kids involved, it's usually a lot more damaging. Custody battles are one thing for 1 or 2 kids, but how about for a nation of 300 million? What States get to keep the Conservatives and what States get stuck with the ctrl-left children? It's a bit more complicated when we are divided like this:

Thank you, commenter Alarmist, for bringing this country-level map to my attention.

More on the custody of the population later.

As a nation we also have a lot more common property than the average family, more even than the Bezoses. Who gets the nukes? Who gets the 300 million acres of the richest farmland in the fruited plain?

Well, in regular divorces, no matter what the cause, the woman gets the house, especially if she is screwing the divorce lawyer. To extrapolate, I suppose the ctrl-left gets the farmland, but then, as with the woman and the house, they can't take care of it themselves to they require more of our money for that. It sounds very onerous for our side, but then, if we can at least keep our guns, we may not feel obligated to keep handing over money. What about the divorce lawyer in this analogy? Could a separation and permanent divorce between States be done amicably, with no lawyers involved.

From all my observations of divorces of people I know, the lawyer's job becomes increasing the animosity between the sides. There is more money to be made that way. In this analogy, the lawyer would be some foreign power, brokering deals with each side but with its own interests really at heart - yep, like a divorce lawyer. Would it be China, perhaps?

Back to the divide of the American population, being done with this analogy stuff, let me discuss the county-level map above. There may be "blue" and "red" States based on recent voting patterns, but,

1) For many States, it's only a few percentage points of difference, meaning the 2 sides are all mixed together within the States.

2) Though mixed together within States, except for white-lefty New England, the black Mississippi valley, and some big deeply Hispanic areas in the southwest, there is a strong city v suburb/rural pattern that shows a clear divide. You can't even split up territory within the States cleanly.

Even though we see the country is mostly "red", with only the cities standing out in blue, in some of the counties the margin of Right over Left is small. Once has to drill down to voting precincts to find out where the compatible people are. Believe me, I have been doing that for a while. Unfortunately, the NY Times great interactive '00-'10 census demographic page was not repeated for '10-'20 due to wokeness, so I've the been using "Justice Map" site. It's a lot clunkier, one can't look at changes from '10 to '20 directly, but it's helped me figure out who is where, race-wise at least... so I've got to find something like that again, as that Justice Site map just went tits up for me.

How's this divorce going to work, as far as custody goes? Well, we've all heard of over the years, or lived in, sections of States that don't really belong, such as eastern Oregon (east of the Cascades), eastern Washington too for that matter, anything in Illinois outside of Chicago, Florida north of the I-4 being the only Southern part left, and then there's Texas, with a deal they made long ago. These State secessions would not raise the ire of the Potomac Regime as just quitting the Regime would.

In his latest post on VDare, National Divorce—Or State Divorce? Immigration Has Made One Or The Other Inevitable, writer James Fulford discusses these possibilities. That's where I copied the tweet from, but also, it's an interesting article.

This discussion of the carrying out of those dreams of State residents whose territory has the culture of a next-door State brings out 2 big points in my mind:

1) Will people move? Due to the extreme division that's been sown by the hard-core left, I think that's more of a possibility than in the past. Remember that "Free State Project" in which Libertarians were going to flood New Hampshire? Well, it was a nice dream, but I believe it was only 5 thousand or so who moved there for this project, a drop in the bucket even in New Hampshire.

There's a different feeling now after the 2 years of Kung Flu Totalitarianism. The contrasts have been stark - take New York City (please!!!) v Florida. People are moving. California, as nice as the weather and climate is, has become Paradise lost, as business and regulatory "climate", along with not-so-welcoming demographics has caused many people to give up. Exodus II.

There would be a cascading effect. The more of your side known to have moved, the better the new country will look and the worse your old country will be soon enough. Our family would really like to see this divorce, or these divorces, get finalized, so we can pick an appropriate spot.

2) Federalism! Without the kind of Federalist attitude, as in standing up to Feral Gov't pressure and resisting the bribery via their money and programs with strings attached, this won't work. That's why Peak Stupidity is such a fan of future President DeSantis, as he understands this, and he fights, and he wins.

I suppose it'd be OK in future "Blue America", but for those in the potential free zones, nothing changes for the better unless the State government has guts and resists. Otherwise, it's "OK, we have, errr, are allowed, higher speed limits, and you can drink beer and wine at 18 y/o again... blah, blah." Whoop-di-freaking-do!

This is the hard part. The Potomac Regime won't let go easily, and maybe will try a repeat of 1861. Good luck to us all!

* Screenshot, not an actual, physical tweet.

** Disclaimer: Peak Stupidity's legal team cannot verify and guarantee all information therein, as they are too involved at the present time with our class action face Chinese diaper failure litigation.

Sam J.
Monday - February 27th 2023 10:36AM MST

This is outstandingly stupid to break the country up. If so it will end in a civil war. And why do this. Having a big powerful country is of great advantage. How about instead of breaking it up, we take it over and force them to do as we say? We CAN DO THIS. Legally and fully in the vein of our Constitution and our legislative habits.

I must have mentioned this before, a search, and yes I did here,

so I won't ramble too much but the state we are in is directly related to the Supreme court arbitrarily and illegally deciding that ALL the State Senates MUST be elected by population instead of by regions as it was meant to be. After all, what’s the point of having a Senate in a State at all if it's population based, just like the House? You could just have a House and lose the Senate. But we do have them and the reason is obvious and much commented on by the founders that what ever we do, do not let the cities take over all representation...and we have. We just simply change it by telling the courts they made a mistake and can no longer rule in this at all. It's perfectly legal to do so and written right into the Constitution relating to the duties of Federal judges.

We can also have the House and the Senate at the Federal level decide what qualifications and how elections are held. So we ban anyone from voting til they are 25 or in the military. Ban anyone who is on welfare. Ban all immigrants and first generation citizens and then...the Democrat parties support will disappear overnight.

Then we start canceling laws by the truck loads. Get rid of all this cruft built up. Fire about half the government.

Build concentration camps in the desert in the west and have all these criminals (basically blacks) out busting rocks, terraforming the desert and building canals. By hand with picks, chisels and wheelbarrows. Should keep them busy for a couple hundred years. Crime would drop to nothing. Change the gun laws to what NY State used to have. If you commit a crime with a gun you are executed by electric chair. Not years later. Trial, then next week they fry you up. Gun crime, crime in general, would evaporate.

People criticize me when I say this but it's all written directly in the constitution and if you can't get the Republican Party to pass a law to guarantee their jobs for the next fifty years then all is lost anyway. And if you can't stop the country from breaking up then you can't stop it from civil war either, so it’s get some balls and pass laws to crush these people, as they would do us, or the country will be destroyed. I have a miserably long comment on this at

The link in that link, links to a longer explanation and those links have heavy details that explain which laws when and where were changed to get us into this position and how to get out of it. This is not magic. The left purposely changed the structure of our government and the laws to benefit themselves, in some cases illegally, and if we change it back they will be at a disadvantage and will be able to do nothing about it legally. Maybe they could threaten violence but go back to my comment on concentration work camps, we can take care of that. We could overturn the entire character of the country in 6 years or less.

“There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.” – Henry David Thoreau

Strike the root! Strike the root!
Saturday - February 25th 2023 4:54PM MST
PS: "But whatever it is, it almost certainly won’t be one be thing. It will be hundreds or thousands of little things. How it ends up, I know not." Agreed,Mr.Blanc. I'd like to have an inkling of an idea where to be, to end up on the free side of the divide.

BTW, I'd put my money on "within a decade", if not "within THE decade". I sort of am putting my money on it, but it's like looking through a beer pitcher, darkly.
Saturday - February 25th 2023 12:42PM MST
PS I’ve been talking about a national divorce for at least a decade. It started out tongue-in-cheek. It no longer is. But, as you point out, there’s simply no clean way to do it, so there’s no clear program to propose. Something is going to happen in this country, and very likely within a few decades. But whatever it is, it almost certainly won’t be one be thing. It will be hundreds or thousands of little things. How it ends up, I know not. By the way, as far as Illinois goes, although much of downstate is pretty solid Repub, the Dems now control 14 out of 17 House seats.
Friday - February 24th 2023 2:06PM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, I too am glad to see you back, most especially on your own blog too, where you have your report from the anti-war rally in the Federal Shithole. I read the intro., and after a short blog post here, I will have the time to red through it.
Adam Smith
Friday - February 24th 2023 11:08AM MST
PS: Good to see you Mr. Hail!

I've been wondering how you've been as I have not heard from you in a while. (Early January if I recall.)

Hope you're doing great!
Happy Friday!

Friday - February 24th 2023 9:23AM MST

I would be a lot more impressed by. M T. Greene's call if it were done by some means other than via "social media."
Friday - February 24th 2023 6:59AM MST
PS: Mr. Smth and Alarmist. Agreed on the strength of "red" vs "blue" States. Commenters will bring up GDP, but, as I've written, GDP includes lots of unproductive activities that make people money. Yes, I guess the blue areas have much bigger portion of the GDP when it comes to corporate lawyering, accounting time billed for mergers and acquisitions, and Social Work.

It's the red areas that do the REAL work, and I think deep down the other side knows that. Otherwise, why NOT let us go?
Friday - February 24th 2023 6:56AM MST
PS: I like the spoof of the "How to talk..." article. Also, never heard "Philadelphia Lawyer" before by Woodie. Commenters mentioned that "Willie" sang it too, and I am assuming Willie Nelson.

Oops, forgot your bonus track, but I'll check it out.

Yes, I like "Large Marge". I had the name "Taylor" in my head from some Georgia politician lady who was ready to take-down the GA Guidestones, and possibly influenced their destruction. That was one Kandiss Taylor, who won a few percent of the vote in a primary ('22?) somewhere in north Georgia, not MTG.
Friday - February 24th 2023 6:52AM MST
PS: The wiki Congressional District maps kind of suck, but I can see that Mr.Clyde represents you and yours, Mr. Smith. Good deal. I'm jealous of that. BTW, anyone here notice that S.Carolina has just become a Constitutional Carry State? Number 26, I think.

Funnily, I wonder if it was that shooting - well, straight-up murder - in the Kroger parking lot just a few days before that helped this caused, even though, for this case, it wouldn't have helped. The lady walked away, as any responsible gun-carrying person would, and then she was shot in the back of the head.
The Alarmist
Friday - February 24th 2023 5:44AM MST

Stop sending food to the cities. How many truckers come from the cities?

I worry that Large Marge has sucked up too much to Swamp-Creature McCarthy, but I guess that’s better than being totally marginalized. The House “conservatives” need to figure out how The Squad organized themselves to be a real force in the Demonrat party.
Adam Smith
Thursday - February 23rd 2023 9:33PM MST
PS: Good evening, Mr. Moderator,

A few things inspired by your post...

And a bonus track (completely unrelated to the post) for fun...

The Ctrl-Left totalitarians will never agree to a divorce. They need us. We don't need them. They are parasites; useless eaters who bring nothing of value to the relationship. Our differences are truly irreconcilable. We have to cut them loose before they start a hot war.

Speaking of war, Large Marge is right you know...

The forever wars of the last 20 years have cost Americans dearly.

That which cannot go on forever will not go on forever.

Interesting times. ☮
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