Tucker Carlson tries to fend off the stupid

Posted On: Tuesday - April 4th 2017 7:54AM MST
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As written here before, this writer is not a viewer of TV. I will, however, see some good clips here and there, whether displayed on blogs within posts or as comments. Fox News may have the official "conservative" take on things, but I have just as much disdain for it as the rest of the TV sector of the Lyin' Press.

That said, this Tucker Carlson character does seem to have his head screwed on straight, and it's a good thing too, as I've seen now 3 clips of his interviewing of some complete freakin' nutcases. It is fun to watch, as I think he has just as much a hard time taking the massively stupid (or possibly just evil feigning stupidity) interviewees seriously as the viewers do. This guy here, George Maher, is a professor at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. He has sent out some nasty tweet messages that may have enraged thinking people, but nobody has called for shutting the guy up. He comes on here defending the harassment and physical threatening of the erudite Charles Murray. The logic in this guy's head is so twisted that I don't know how he can see straight. Charles Murray is no radical; I've read one of his books and he seems a hard-working researcher (well, it's sociology, so you know) and a fair guy, and decent writer. I didn't agree with him 100% on his book "Coming Apart", but it wasn't the complete twisted-english, nonsensical garbage that comes from Professor Maher.

"I am trying to take you seriously", Tucker says, about midway through this interview. Funny, funny stuff, or it'd be if these people were just harmless - unfortunately sometimes they influence those in power or get in power, and then you have Venezuela, of which Professor Maher is mucho enamored.

The other 2 interviews from Carlson we've blogged about are Mission Creep by the Sierra Club and Are we there yet (Peak Stupidity)?. Complete hard-core stupidity on display - it's that or rent old John Hughes movies for humor.

[Update 03/06/18:] Video got jerked off again by youtube. This one starts at a diffent place, so may not match this post well anymore. I guess the professor didn't feel comfortable having the public undergo such stupidity.

[Update 04/21/17:] Video got jerked off by youtube. New one should include the same stuff by this moron Professor Maher.

Buck Turgidson
Thursday - April 6th 2017 8:19AM MST
It's anti-male sexism and discrimination in that an overwhelming % of the dangerous and dirty jobs this country -- wastewater treatement/sewage, running power lines, mining, foresty -- are done by men. It also is anti-male sexism in that women have longer life expectancies than men.

We can either accept differences among sexes and go on with more productive pursuits--or we go postmodern and deconstructionist and complain and moan and be touchy and oversensitive and set up industries around these things, such as that incredibly stupid and obtuse moron 'college professor' who bloviated there w Tucker. Those people like that dope are perpetually aggrieved, stupid, and contribute nothing constructive to society and are a scourge in that they are allowed contact with impressionable college students.
Tuesday - April 4th 2017 5:52PM MST
Put your song on youtube once you've got the Kinks worked out. We love youtube here at PeakStupidity. Those are some wacky dudes that Tucker interviews, huh?
Tuesday - April 4th 2017 3:13PM MST
Damn, I want to write a song now:

"California, Land of Transmen and Womyn of F#$%ing Genius"

(Will be a blue song, so it is an idie thing. And yeah, the lady on the right... rightmost position was from NY? Same difference.)
Tuesday - April 4th 2017 3:08PM MST
I wish he had brought up the point that a corporation is an abstract notion. It doesn't care whether women wear leggings or social norms, except as how customers conforming or not conforming to social norms of dress affect the bottom line.

If it could be shown that requiring nudity on flights filled every flight to max capacity, Air Natural would come into being in a heartbeat.

This is utter BS. Refusing service for wearing leggings is sexism. Not hiring a woman because she doesn't wear heels and a dress to an interview is sexism.

Sexism means whatever someone wants it to mean at the time.
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