Rage Against the War Machine Rally

Posted On: Saturday - February 18th 2023 3:52PM MST
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This is tommorrow.

I am not able to go to this one due to obligations. I'm sure if you are, you didn't need to see this from Peak Stupidity the night before. Hopefully we'll see a big crowd on video.

Ron Paul will be there. Per his latest column:
The “Rage Against The War Machine” rally promises to be the first large-scale rally against Washington’s aggressive war lobby in many years. I am looking forward to sharing the stage with my good friends and former House colleagues Dennis Kucinich and Tulsi Gabbard, as well as my good friend and fellow libertarian Judge Andrew Napolitano, and so many more speakers from a broad political spectrum.
I am glad to see this happening. Good luck to all in attendance!

Adam Smith
Tuesday - February 21st 2023 8:58PM MST
PS: Many thanks, Mr. Alarmist...

I think this is a great song. (Truly!)


Riding on the City of New Orleans
Illinois Central, Monday morning rail
Fifteen cars and fifteen restless riders
Three conductors and twenty-five sacks of mail
All along the southbound odyssey
The train pulls out at Kankakee
Rolls along past houses, farms and fields
Passin' trains that have no name
Freight yards full of old black men
And the graveyards of the rusted automobiles

Good morning America, how are you?
Say, don't you know me? I'm your native son
I'm the train they call the City of New Orleans
I'll be gone five hundred miles when the day is done

Dealin' card games with the old men in the club car
Penny a point ain't no one keepin' score
Pass the paper bag that holds the bottle
Feel the wheels rumblin' 'neath the floor
And the sons of pullman porters
And the sons of engineers
Ride their father's magic carpets made of steel
Mothers with their babes asleep
Are rockin' to the gentle beat
And the rhythm of the rails is all they feel

Good morning America, how are you?
Say, don't you know me? I'm your native son
I'm the train they call the City of New Orleans
I'll be gone five hundred miles when the day is done

Nighttime on the City of New Orleans
Changing cars in Memphis, Tennessee
Half way home, we'll be there by morning
Through the Mississippi darkness
Rolling down to the sea
But all the towns and people seem
To fade into a bad dream
And the steel rail still ain't heard the news
The conductor sings his songs again
The passengers will please refrain
This train got the disappearing railroad blues

Good night, America, how are you?
Say, don't you know me? I'm your native son
I'm the train they call the City of New Orleans
I'll be gone five hundred miles when the day is done


The Alarmist
Tuesday - February 21st 2023 6:51AM MST

Have you ever really listened to “City of New Orleans?”
Adam Smith
Tuesday - February 21st 2023 5:30AM MST
PS: Good morning, Mr. Moderator,

When I guessed that "you might not know 1 or 2 of them" my guesses would have been (1st) The General by Dispatch and (2nd) Draft Morning by The Byrds.

I would imagine that most people have heard One by Metallica, but might not have realized that it is an anti-war song. To me it's (primarily) a guitar tune but it's also an anti-war song. (Pretty obvious if you listen to the lyrics.)

🎶Landmine has taken my sight
Taken my speech
Taken my hearing
Taken my arms
Taken my legs
Taken my soul🎶

This here is a pretty cool version, but without words it's pretty difficult to know it's an anti-war song...


Honestly, I'd be a bit surprised to learn that you've never heard Dylan's Masters of War (or someone else's cover of it)...


I do like the sound on the version I posted by The Roj Light. (whoever they might be?)

I must confess, I feel a little silly posting the Trains meme list here. I meant to put this comment under post 2528. (Would make much more sense there.) Lol, and oh well. Color me silly.

I hope you have a great day, Mr. Moderator!
Cheers to a great Tuesday!

(I'm off to work...)

Tuesday - February 21st 2023 4:51AM MST
PS: Adam, it turns out I didn't know 4 of them:

The band Dispatch: I'd never heard to song nor heard of the band.
"One" by Metallica: They are not my type of music, though it's n ot bad, but that song had some powerful lyrics. From the 1990s, right?
The Bob Dylan song (by another band): Wow. He didn't hold back on that one - also powerful lyrics with a good folk sound. (I'll have to listen to his own version.
The Byrds: As fans about 35 years ago, far past their time, my brother even bought a McGuin, Clark, and Hillman album - those were the 3 main guys from They Byrds, AIR. I'd never heard it before, but his song had a great sound to me from first listen! I couldn't make out the lyrics, just due to that recording, I guess... will have to look for them.

That Byrds song makes me think that it was the great melodies and sounds from that '60s (and '70s later) rock that got people eventually to heed the words within. For me, even I don't agree with the lyrics, say with a few of the Bruce Hornsby and the Range songs, the music has me listening anyway.
Tuesday - February 21st 2023 4:43AM MST
PS: AiO: "This just in from "historic" transportation czar Petey Butt, the amount of white people working in construction is too dayamn high and all your roads are belong to systemic racism. (Honk, Honk!)" He really said that? Is there anyone that still. believes the Potomac Regime is even trying to work for the American people in any way anymore? First you fix the roads and get to the bottom of that train derailment. Then you can spout off about racism. Your findings from the NTSB may not support your thesis though, just saying...
Adam Smith
Monday - February 20th 2023 6:28PM MST
PS: A few train memes...


Asbestos In Obstetrics
Monday - February 20th 2023 1:20PM MST
PS The triumphant return of the anti-war left and right?
We'll see and it would be a whole lot better than the triumph of the peace means the absence of opposition to "democractic socialism" swill.
Glowy Fed gear provided by Abercrombie & Fitch, Apocalypse objects in mirror are closer than they appear, Peace Sells But Who's Buying? (H/T-Dave Mustaine)
This just in from "historic" transportation czar Petey Butt, the amount of white people working in construction is too dayamn high and all your roads are belong to systemic racism. (Honk, Honk!)
Things to do in Ohio at the chemical spill fallout, move.
Sunday - February 19th 2023 1:34PM MST
PS: )

(I keep forgetting to end parentheses, so there.)
Sunday - February 19th 2023 1:33PM MST
PS: I am pretty sure this is Mr. Smith's contribution:

"The 100th FS was one of the Tuskegee Airmen squadrons during World War II, one of the famous all-Black! squadrons of the 332d Fighter Group, activated on 19 February 1942 at Tuskegee Army Air Field, Alabama. It was returned to duty in 2007 as a replacement of the Alabama ANG 160th Fighter Squadron so the state could honor the legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen."

all-Black! in bold, you had me LOL. Yeah, those F-16 are in Montgomery, but the place is working on the arresting cables (first one end, then the other) causing the runway to be only 2/3 as long for quite a while. Then the terminal has this whole mess of Red-Tail this and Red-Tail that, as if they defeated the Luftwaffe by themselves.

I guess the probably all-White! F-16 pilots of those squadrons put up with that to keep their good gigs. (I believe the cable work might be due to their getting newer model fighters.
Adam Smith
Sunday - February 19th 2023 12:07PM MST
PS: Totally off topic...


Adam Smith
Sunday - February 19th 2023 11:12AM MST
PS: Greetings, Mr. Blanc,

I agree. Unfortunately anti-war rallies have about the same effect on policy as does public opinion. Pretty much zero.

Off topic...

Looks like I finally made a change to wikipedia that the censors approve of...


Sunday - February 19th 2023 10:55AM MST
PS I don’t imagine one will see much about this in the corporate media. (I’m not going to bother looking at the corporate media to check.) If anyone is putting money into this, it might draw a few thousand. As The Alarmist says, it will be largely a sausage fest. The Right is largely an XY movement. If these folks just want to go on record as being against war, they’re accomplishing their goal. As far as affecting US policy, it’s effect will be….I’m not going to say zero, because in the material world probabilities of zero and one are vanishingly rare, so I’m going to say one to the -10. Mass rallies might be a Right-wing thing some day, but that day is not now.
Adam Smith
Sunday - February 19th 2023 10:23AM MST
PS: Good afternoon, everyone,

And good evening to you Dieter and Alarmist,

"My guess is I'll know and like at least 7 or 8 of them."

Yeah, the list is pretty predictable. You probably know all of them, but I did try to change it up a little. It's possible that you might not know 1 or 2 of them.

Happy Sunday, y'all!

Sunday - February 19th 2023 8:16AM MST
PS: As much as I hate the face masks, Alarmist, I'd think about wearing one for that reason, or just let them mark me down as one of the enemy of the Regime.

I'll check out your music later today, Mr. Smith. My guess is I'll know and like at least 7 or 8 of them.

Good morning, well, afternoon for you now, Dieter!
Dieter Kief
Sunday - February 19th 2023 12:42AM MST
I just had my share of the awkward post-bed facial recognition in front of the bathroom mirror Alarmist & Adam (thx. for the Pirsig-links!) - I tells ya. I decided not to put my glasses on though, so that went by fairly well.
Then, with the glasses on, I read Ron Paul's statement this way: "I will sharpen the stage with..." -
To that I say: Yes you will, Mr. Paul! - Good riddens to ya all today - in D. C. (cockney pronounciation required to secure the rhyme: Deee-Say!).
Adam Smith
Saturday - February 18th 2023 11:11PM MST
PS: Good evening, gentlemen,

War is so stupid and wasteful. I hate it. So unnecessary. So destructive. So evil.

A little anti-war music for this party...


No doubt you're right about the facial recognition at the sausage fest, Mr. Alarmist. Also, thanks for the reply a couple posts back. I appreciate your insight. Interesting times. Thank you.

🥂 Hope you guys have a great rest of the weekend!

The Alarmist
Saturday - February 18th 2023 4:38PM MST

Will probably be a sausage fest, with plenty of facial recognition thrown in on the side.
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