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Posted On: Friday - February 17th 2023 2:58PM MST
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... actually, Bai Dien is not coming. He's tried to ignore this disaster, along with the Lyin' Press, the latter per the pundit described herein. Bai Dien does "vow accountability" however, something kind of at odds with all the diversity and stuff ... so there's (not) that ...

As weird or even perverse as it may seem to the average American, the staff of Peak Stupidity is proud of our ignorance of the daily stream of Infotainment projectile vomit emitting* from the mainstream media, aka, Lyin' Press. So, we don't know what has officially been the big story recently, other than by gathering the gist of it 2nd-hand off blogs. However, the pundit Andrew Anglin does. He says The Entire Ohio River May be Poisoned for Generations and the Media Is Talking About Balloons** No, probably not, regarding the former, but, regarding the latter, I will take his word for it.

I'm guessing Andrew Anglin is on the internet for more time than the time most people sleep, shower, eat, and rake leaves combined. I've written about this well-known pundit before - see Andrew Anglin and Anti-Social Media - and if I didn't expressly state it, let me here state that he comes across as a juvenile know-it-all. (Yeah, we get juvenile here on occasion, but not full time, and we neither know it all nor claim to.) Mind you, I'm glad a guy like this can still be on the internet - thanks, Ron Unz. His writing is mostly Conservative, and he speaks a lot of truth that most pundits won't touch.

I don't read him for his personality as I described, in addition to my experience that he'll have posts consisting solely of a series of tweets. That's just worthless to me. However, I was drawn to this one post, as Mr. Anglin will have a good point here, a know-it-all piece of erroneous stupidity there, and then come back to another good point.

I think Mr. Anglin's error in his point per the title is in not understanding what Infotainment is all about. No, the Ein groß weißer Luftballon story was not the modern-day Sputnik. It was almost pure entertainment and likely more interesting to the public than the nasty polluted mess from the East Palestine, Ohio tank car derailment story, cause, pretty balloons! That would be the public far away from East Palestine, Ohio.

Yes, the spilling and emitting of actual pollutants into the air, water, and onto the soil SHOULD be a big story. Would it not have been were this 1973, 1983, or 1993? It would most certainly be bigger because real, ACTUAL environmental concerns were one of the big issues from the time of the first Earth Day in 1970 and before. Peak Stupidity has seen the other side of that huge movement, in which entire industries were nearly destroyed, such as logging in the Pacific Northwest, due to the great excesses of the movement. That's not to mention that there were people, as usual, that none dare to call by the proper term, whose basic goal is to destroy industry in America. However, the discussion was about reality, not fantasy, at least.

Back to the story, there were 20 tank cars full of hazardous materials in that long (3 Locomotives, and 150 cars, all but 9 loaded) Norfolk Southern northbound train passing through E. Palestine, OH. 14 of them were filled with Vinyl Chloride, used for making a material we all know, PVC plastic. That harmful pollutant spilled out, and then Phosphene and Hydrogen Chloride gas were emitted, along with Dioxins into the soil and Ohio River. Additionally, and the only thing visible in the picture, there were big plumes of particulates when the material burned, accidentally, then on purpose to avoid a possible explosion***.

I want to point out in a quick post later my thoughts on the overkill regarding coverage from the Right regarding what I don't really believe is any new Chernobyl. Yes, it's a mess though, and isn't it strange that it's those on the Right, Conservatives, who think this is a bigger story than the Left? There is that definition of Conservatism and the term Conservation (of the environment) ought to make Conservatives the biggest of the tree huggers. In some ways, they DO conserve, as per Ducks Unlimited and other wildlife and hunting organizations. The Left likes to mouth off and won't put any of their money down.

The main thing is, back 50 years ago, the Big Biz big polluters that had Lake Erie, Love Canal, etc. nasty enough to be able to be set on fire (not really) were part of the Conservative establishment. Conservatives didn't want to mess with success, economic success that is. The Left was glad to bring Big Biz down whatever the excuse, and some of it was legitimate. Now, it's a whole different story. Big Biz is just one of all the Institutions of the Left Establishment, not to be criticized now by the Left. They'll let this stuff slide ... just dioxins, you know, and just Ohio... do you remember when those chemicals were brought up by environmentalists all the time?

Here's my big point, which is much more important than balloons vs. train explosions. Let's compare this type of ACTUAL environmental disaster to the long-term FAKE environmental disaster known as the Climate Calamity™****, aka, Global Cooling, aka, Global Warming, aka Climate Change, aka, Global Climate Disruption™****, now known outside of Peak Stupidity as The Climate Crisis!

There in eastern Ohio, the W. Virginia panhandle, and western Pennsylvania, people will be dealing with real, known, dangerous chemical pollutants. This is not even the more vague but still actual polluting substances like Sulfur, compounding with Oxygen to make acid rain, general particulate matter out of smoke stacks, and Nitrogen oxides produced from not-so-perfect combustion. We'd have heard all the names of the acute pollutants from this train derailment daily, were this the 1970s.

Instead, for the last 20 years, going on 30, we are barraged with talk about Carbon Freaking Dioxide. It is a part of the atmosphere, and it's simply NOT a pollutant in any way. The term "carbon" (rather than CO2), "pollutant" and "emissions" are used to fool the non-Chemistry-inclined (or those whose chemistry involves the intake of chemicals with very long names) into thinking we're talking soot or that stuff that people inhale to die in their garages, something you should NEVER inhale, and the production of said substance, respectively.

I will write another post about the subject in the last paragraph, as it deserves more explanation, and there's an AC/DC song involved. Let me give the reader some links - in footnotes - to posts Peak Stupidity got on near the beginning of the blog, when we tackled Global Climate Stupidity. We thought we'd done a good job, but it got back up fighting since then and since the conclusion of the Kung Flu PanicFest.

Carbon Dioxide is not a pollutant. I DO understand the theory of Greenhouse Gases, involving radiation heat transfer at different wavelengths. Yes, CO2 is a "Greenhouse Gas". Yes, so is H2O, the other product of clean combustion [YOU! DO! NOT! TALK! ABOUT! FIGHT CLUB! THE! WATER! - Ed.] Yes, increasing CO2 levels have an effect of increased temperatures ... BUT, from that ONE EFFECT! There are lots of processes going on in with the climate of the Earth. You've got ocean currents, cloud cover, land cover, winds aloft, solar radiation fluctuations, heat transfer from one atmospheric component to the other, to the ground, from the ground, out to space, convection heat transfer, with every process depending on the rest of them (except for solar radiation not depending on the rest). It's complicated, and there's no working mathematical model***** of the whole thing, and I wouldn't expect there to be, for a long time.

The Climate hysterics will tell you that Weather is not Climate. They are right on that. Weather is a chaotic process, explaining why, with the exception of the desert or the North Pole, any forecast claiming to be for a week ahead is bullshit. Climate, based on energy balance calculations is not chaotic like that, but it's still very complicated. CO2 as a Greenhouse Gas is but a small part in a big complicated picture.

Why would this small factor that might just possibly effect the climate in some way that could be overpowered by lots of other factors, with no immediate danger and not even any solid evidence of ANY effect be this BIG news story, going on for decades, 10 or 50 times longer than any of the actual pollution stories? It's not just the Infotainment value, as with the white balloon out of China. No, it's that the Climate Calamity™ has been determined to be very useful to the Globalists and the Communists to ruin yet another country, the grand prize, in fact. You can scare some of the really gullible, cough, Greta, cough, cough, into really believing that Carbon Dioxide is dangerous like a cloud of thick black smoke and Hydrogen Chloride and Phosphene. For the rest, even if they aren't really worried, so long as they go along****** with the scam, this allows for control of the huge energy market, thus control of entire industries and control of occupations, livelihoods, and ways of life.

Granted, it's a long trip on a riverboat down from Pittsburgh, but could little Greta Thunberg give just a little thought to the REAL pollution and the REAL folks down in East Palestine, Ohio instead of some fantasy pollutant? I'd like to hear from her after she protests inside that thick black smoke plume. Hopefully it would shut her up... for a while.

* Haha, more on "emitting" shortly or in the next post.

** Then, a day later, he noted East Palestine Train Debacle Finally Hits the Top News.

*** Some sort of stuck relief valve on one of the burning cars.

**** These 2 are Peak Stupidity coined terms. I like my last one best, due to the nice alliteration.

***** The series of short posts, There is no working mathematical model of the world's climate, dammit! ,are here: Part 1 - - Part 2 - - Part 3 - - Part 4 and Part 5

****** Regarding the scientists' and journalists' role in the Global Climate Stupidity, see the old series Global Climate Disruption™ - The Politics: Part 1 - - Part 2 - - Part 3 - - Part 4 and Part 5 .

[UPDATED 02/21:]
Added link to previous PS post about Andrew Anglin, which I'd forgotten.

Peak Stupidity Book Club
Saturday - February 18th 2023 12:09AM MST
PS: Always a pleasure to hear from you, Dieter!

Lila by Robet M. Pirsig:

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance:

Cheers to a great weekend!

Dieter Kief
Friday - February 17th 2023 11:50PM MST
For you Peak Stupidity clubbers out there - a boat trip not on the Ohio river, but on the east coast nonetheless: Lila by Robet M. Pirsig of motorcycle maintenance zen-fame long past writes in instructive detail about a sailboat trip on the Hudson River. The book is also about an old man and a - wicked/ insane/ wild/ unreleased? - soul of a young women - named Lila. - The old man, the forces of nature and - - - some strange mental states, that remind the old man odf - - - - his own past (Pirsig had undergone electroshock therapy a number of times decades back because he too, like Lila - - - thought he would not be able to go on with his life. - I'm so glad and thankful that he did live on nonetheless, because that did enrich my life as a reader (= my life!).
Adam Smith
Friday - February 17th 2023 8:47PM MST
PS: Greetings, Mr. Moderator,

"Oh yeah, I know that the water itself can't burn..."

Well... It can, but you have to crack it into Brown's Gas (HHO) first.

"I didn't recall if it was or not a bit of exaggeration by the media of that day."

I'm pretty sure those river fires were real. Kinda like the time they shut off the American side of Niagara Falls...

Friday - February 17th 2023 8:18PM MST
PS: "You're right though about those "burning bodies of water." The water isn't burning at all. It's the oil and/or other chemicals floating on top of the water that are burning." Oh yeah, I know that the water itself can't burn, but I didn't recall if it was or not a bit of exaggeration by the media of that day.
Adam Smith
Friday - February 17th 2023 7:30PM MST
PS: Found this...

Adam Smith
Friday - February 17th 2023 7:25PM MST
PS: Lol, Mr. Moderator,

I didn't watch the videos. Just read the articles.

You're right though about those "burning bodies of water." The water isn't burning at all. It's the oil and/or other chemicals floating on top of the water that are burning.

Still a nasty thing to do to the environment.

Friday - February 17th 2023 7:16PM MST
PS: Thanks for the correction on the burning bodies of water, Adam. I admit I was going from memories on that.

I'll check out your video.
Adam Smith
Friday - February 17th 2023 5:41PM MST
PS: Me again,

Love canal was nothing compared to some of the real nasty toxic waste dumps in WNY. For example, the Army and a defense contractor (Linde Air Products Company) dumped more than 37 million gallons of radioactive caustic wastes from the World War II atomic bomb project in shallow wells in Tonawanda, N.Y. The Lake Ontario Ordnance Works property is pretty nasty too...

Erie and Niagara counties are littered with superfund sites.

Adam Smith
Friday - February 17th 2023 5:18PM MST
PS: Good evening, Mr. Moderator,

It's kinda weird how the Climate Activists are silent about a real environmental mess like this. Plenty of small animals and fish dying. I'd imagine this will cause some nasty cancers in some of the people who were unfortunate enough to be downwind of that dark black cloud.

Remembering the day the Buffalo River burned...

Happy Friday! ☮
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