Ctrl-left - Communist Correlation at the University of Wisconsin

Posted On: Tuesday - February 14th 2023 10:33AM MST
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Three days back, Steve Sailer had a data-laden post from a poll of over 10,000 students in the University of Wisconsin system. There are 13 campuses, with the well-known Univ. of Wisconsin in Madison being the biggest. polls can be stupid, so I don't trust all this kind of data. If the questions asked there were as written though, the results are downright sickening.

Mr. Sailer's post* is titled Little Sister Is Watching You because he put his focus mostly on the male v female results to the questions.

Strikingly, almost 38% of these college women think that offensive language is violence, while "only" 18% of the college men do. The latter number is just as striking too. It'd have been 0 when I went to college, as you couldn't get into college if you were that stupid! Now, apparently, you can. (Or is it only college that can make one this stupid? I think the latter.)

Another question is whether people saying "offensive speech" are "causing harm", which has even higher numbers: 47% of women and 21% of men.

Anyway, I want to concentrate on the right side of the bar graphs, which is this set, from "Very Liberal" (in the modern sense - the ctrl-left) to "Very Conservative". The numbers for agreement with "offensive speech = violence" go like this:

What kind of crazy people would equate free speech that they don't agree with to violence? Wait ... are they crazy, or maybe, is this some kind of purposeful way to enable traditional liberty-loving and even just liberty-understanding people to get in trouble for speaking against the narra.. ...ohhhhhhh. I've read of people like this in, where was it... lemme rattle my brain... China in the 1960s, oh, and Russia like a century ago... hell, over there even when I was alive. I'm blanking out here on the term, though...

To get these violent people, you know, violent due to their speaking against the Establishment, in trouble, you've first got to report them to someone. How do they feel about that?

There you go. Almost three quarters of the hard crtl-left would try to get their Professor in trouble for saying something that they "feel causes harm". Remember hurt feelings are harm now, which is violence, BTW. Gotta report those violent people to the authoritah. That's how they did in in the USSR. That's how they did in under Chairman Mao. That's how they did it under Pol Pot. That's how they did it under Castro.

Ahhaaa, that senior moment I had above is over! These ctrl-left people we have now are Communists. The universities are infested with them, and, in fact, the universities are breeding these people. The universities need to be terminated with extreme prejudice.

* I used to write posts almost directly off of Steve Sailer posts back 5 years ago, as he does all the hard and nasty work of reading the New York Times, Washington Post, Atlantic etc. I'm reverting to sponging off him for this post, as this information is something else!

Wednesday - February 15th 2023 1:54PM MST
PS: Very good way to put it, Bill. Your parents were wise. I could use that same advise from time to time, but at least the old axiom "sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me" was taught by most parents, including mine.

I doubt anyone under 30 has heard that from his parents, maybe 40.
Bill H
Wednesday - February 15th 2023 10:50AM MST
PS There’s a basic concept about “the reality of feelings” that goes back quite a few generations that affects the “words are violence” issue and many other of today’s issues, including censorship. It is not really complicated, but it cannot be explained in a soundbite.

When I was a kid, circa 1950, and I would come home and tell my parents that someone has upset me and I was unhappy, their response was always the same. Part one was, "You cannot control what other people do."

The larger lesson was you cannot control the outside world. Trying to do so is, in the “teaching a pig to sing” analogy, merely going to frustrate you and annoy the outside world. Actually, it’s going to do more than frustrate you; thinking that you can and should control anything outside of yourself is going to cause you to become utterly insane.

The second part was, “What you can control is the degree to which the way you feel when they do it controls the way you live.”

The message there is not that you can control your feelings, although to a major degree you can do that of course, but that you can manage your feelings such that those feelings do not control your ability to live life successfully and happily.

The reason that you can manage, and to a considerable extent control, your feelings is that the only place they exist is inside your head. They are real enough in your head, but outside of your head they are not only not real, they do not exist. Expecting anyone else to be see and respond to them, expecting anyone else to be responsible for them, is absurd.

Thinking that anyone or anything else, anything outside your head, caused them is also absurd. You called me a bad name. I got upset. You did not make me upset.

These lessons did not come from some PhD psychiatrist. They came from a military officer and a housewife. These were not deep psychological studies, they were simply life lessons; things that were learned from living life which adults passed on to their children as a matter of course.

Doctor Benjamin Spock convinced parents not to teach their children those lessons. He convinced parents that their kids’ feelings were real and had to be protected from harm. Every generation since then has been raised without the advantage of what my parents taught me.

That’s what leads to “words are violence.” You say something that makes me upset. I am not responsible for managing my feelings, so my being upset and trashing my life because of it is your fault. That’s what leads to the need for censorship. I cannot allow you to say the things that will upset me.
Tuesday - February 14th 2023 5:32PM MST
PS: Mr. Blanc, we are so used to having had it good in the past and knowing the history of this country, that it's hard to fathom it's been a small aberration in the timeline of mankind.

OCP, what you wrote is discussed in the comments in that Steve Sailer post too. I agree.

I did figure on evil, Alarmist.

SafeNow, you have some experience from that era. The radicals were pretty violent back then, though I guess they were a small minority. These people at Wisconsin don't SOUND as violent themselves yet, but, as Mr. Blanc wrote, they won't be a minority for long. I didn't want the post to be too long, but I did think of my point again that those radicals of the ctrl-left back in the 1960s only cared about Rule of Law and their Constitutional Rights because all that could protect them. They sure don't care now.
Tuesday - February 14th 2023 3:00PM MST

“liberty-understanding people to get in trouble for speaking against the narra.. ...ohhhhhhh. I've read of people like this in, where was it... lemme rattle my brain... China in the 1960s,”

True, good point. Butt it was also the case in very “elite” New England universities during the late 60s. That is, if you count “getting your dorm room firebombed” as “getting in trouble.” Want more?
The Alarmist
Tuesday - February 14th 2023 12:16PM MST

Not crazy ... try evil.
Omni Consumer Products
Tuesday - February 14th 2023 11:37AM MST
PS The great George Orwell quote about the it was always the wymyns who were the Puritan true believers comes to mind and it was up with edited and unedited versions at Unz.
There is always a bitter queefy Karen with a sailfawn (cellphone) on surveillance around ready to report all Kulaks to minions of the state or go onto the locals only neighborhood page and stir up some excrement.
The state and STASI wannabee Karens of both sexes are why we can't have nice things.
Tuesday - February 14th 2023 10:56AM MST
PS This has probably been the dominant attitude of humans since the beginning. The free speech business has been only a temporary deviation from the norm for a couple of centuries. And only amongst a minority, I’d guess. There’s always been “what we believe”, with little tolerance for dissenters. Folks can investigate and debate why and under what circumstances free speech evolved in the West. And folks might be able to suss out why and under what circumstances “what we believe” is making a major comeback. It won’t be long before it’s not a minority who want dissenters punished.
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