Name-calling and Primary Debates

Posted On: Friday - February 10th 2023 9:45AM MST
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Site note first: A new topic key has been added, President DeSantis. What, too soon??* Anyway, this one was easy to back-fill, so that's done already.

We're not voting ourselves out of the whole mess, but that doesn't stop me here... Peak Stupidity had a 4-part series called on Trump v DeSantis in early Fall '22: Round 1: Personalities - - Round 2: Immunity to Kung Flu Panic - - Round 3: Immigration Invasion - - Round 4: Tag Team?, with an Addendum. The personalities come into play in this post, as does the immigration invasion.

Yesterday's post Trump "Distraction Bug" patch a success in DeSantis Beta Testing focused on a video of a Ron DeSantis interview. Though that post was about the words about lawyers and distractions, I think the video was for most people all about Ron DeSantis' reaction to being called a "groomer" by Donald Trump. First of all, I do know how that term originated and enjoy it being used on the right people. I don't know the reason Donald Trump called Ron DeSantis that, and I don't really need to know. Gov. DeSantis' response was nice, though said in the manner of a politician. Fine. It's all pretty silly though, as is following whatever feud Donald Trump has started as if it's a soap opera.

My argument against this silliness is not Ronald Reagan's "11th Commandment" that decreed "Thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican.” It's not that. My argument is, if you're gonna have a public debate for support by the GOP voters, why not debate the real issues?!

I'd love to see tweets flying back and forth and headlines on the internet that kept an argument going between these two on, well, let's see, maybe the most existential problem for this country, the Immigration Invasion. Name calling would just add to the fun AND add to the value.
"Well, DeSanctimonious, you've been letting illegal Cubans use the dry feet policy for years*, you hypocrite!"

"Yeah, well, Drumpf, you had 4 years. Where's the freaking wall, you blathering bullshitter? And, you never even talk about illegal immigration, while I am for a moratorium."

"Moratorium, hell, I'll send back anyone whose parents BOTH didn't come here on the Mayflower!"
[Grammar and circular speechifying corrected in advance - Ed]
There are 2 reasons a public debate, as mean-spirited as they wanna' make it, would be highly beneficial:

1) Big promises about policy will get made. Some of them (Trump) might never happen and some (DeSantis) would.

2) All the arguments and the terms associated with them would be put out into the public view. Not everyone has read VDare regularly for 2 decades. Get the whole thing out there!

Do the same on US warmongering and the Deep State.

Is this all wishful thinking? Yeah, probably.

* We do have one overly hopeful topic key that was added too soon. That'd be People's Revolt of 22.

** This is just an example here, mind you. I'm not vouching for any facts on this.

Peak Stupidity Book Club
Saturday - February 11th 2023 12:41PM MST
PS: Greetings, Dieter,
Thanks for the recommendations...

The Bhagavad Gita (.pdf):

Dao De Jing (.pdf):

The Philosophy of Modern Song (.epub):

Happy Saturday! ☮
Like Wolves Among Sheep
Saturday - February 11th 2023 12:39PM MST
PS The feds are gonna getcha watch what you say!
Their MENSA brain trust has a glow worm just for you.
Infiltration is imminent!
Only the one "true" church that facilitates the invasion can save us.
Some of my favorite mind rots of Peak Clown.
Clown is serious business.
Saturday - February 11th 2023 11:32AM MST
PS The Alarmist: I’m definitely in the “We can’t vote our way out of this” camp. That view has been true for a long time. 2020 was simply the cherry on top. I tend to not throw terms like “genocide” around. That’s a Leftist word. Even “replacement” is probably too strong. But they do at least plan to reduce whites to a permanently persecuted minority in the lands that our ancestors settled and made productive. More productive than anywhere else in the world. If we started to fight back now, we could probably salvage something. However, most of our soi-disant leaders are traitors.
Dieter Kief
Saturday - February 11th 2023 1:04AM MST

"kamala-gently-walks-back-claim-that-biden-a-racist-sexual-predator/" She was right the first time. This too of course - part of the Dylan-man's discourse in the below mentioned - - - - - - book of his - - - thx Adam: When archetypes are at work, the thin veil of civility - turns into a lookin' through thing (something erotic 'n' ephemeral ... strong man don't have to submit to the veil, that's only for the - - - weaklings out there...(see also this Hunter Biden business, that would have killed any prominent father in a weaker position than Biden is...Kamala's accusations - seen in this light - just don't work anymore. The basic logic of a rough surrounding.
Dieter Kief
Saturday - February 11th 2023 12:54AM MST
Sex and - öh violence/power are archety(pic)al (C. G. Jung/ Jordan B. Peterson// The holy Bible, the Bhagavad Gita, - as an early antidote: Lao Tzu, Dao De Jing) twins.
Seen from this angle, Trump acknowledged that the DeSanitzing (u-hu) man does try to - hehe: "Grab" - öh - - - power.

On a minor scale:
She's been a bad girl
She's like a chemical
Though you try to stop it
She's like a narcotic
You wanna torture her
You wanna talk to her
All the things you bought for her
Putting up your temperature
Pump it up
Until you can feel it
Pump it up
When you don't really need it
Out in the fashion show
Down in the bargain bin
You put your passion out
ehh - this is Elvis Costello and he is in here because this is Peak Stupidity- a blog run by an ex-DJ/Moderator - pawn in the game of the once big, hehe, record business...dwarf in the system of the cultural overlo - ehhh
Elvis Costello & The Attractions

- Pump It Up - Bing video

Uhooo - since this is also a book-club blog - for details
about sex, power nd violence, see: The Philosophy of Modern Song, simon & schuster 2022, p. 19 - and 20 esp. - - -and what abpout the little goat? You want to touch 'n'n - grab her! - and then rip her up and cut her into murky bloody little pieces... (a bit rough. - - - B. Dylan wrote that/About Elvis Costello's Pump it Up!/ I only quote that!).
Shell Answer Man Pamphlets
Friday - February 10th 2023 8:33PM MST
PS The Ronny D as groomer with the four hotties photo from the archive blew over like a weather balloon.
It was a Bannon rump ranger that disrupted Project Veritas.
Trump got played by the "unfireable" unelected unaccountable apparatchik nomenklatura state which is running the former USA into the ground on purpose as part of the Fundamental Transformation into West South Africa.
El Rushbo warned about all the poison pills Barry was leaving behind years ago and comrade lefty heard all the chatter about at least we have the military and when the Grand Old Politburo gets in things will get better.
Those who view the state as god just love them some rule by council or the global soviet.
Friday - February 10th 2023 2:35PM MST
PS; "kamala-gently-walks-back-claim-that-biden-a-racist-sexual-predator/" She was right the first time. Remember that from tests at school? Your first answer is usually correct.
The Alarmist
Friday - February 10th 2023 2:32PM MST

Mr B, you forgot the part where we aren’t getting out of this with elections.

This is only going to end in genocide, and it’s getting clearer every day who is going to be the Whom.
Friday - February 10th 2023 12:22PM MST
PS They can’t debate the issues, because there’s really only one issue, and that’s the preservation of the real America. And the real America is white America. And no Republican, anywhere, is ever going to say that. (Or, probably, even think it.) And that’s why, even when Republicans win (which becomes increasingly infrequent), nothing really changes. No Republican president, from Dwight Eisenhower on, has seriously slowed down the Left-Wing Express.
Adam Smith
Friday - February 10th 2023 11:06AM MST
PS: Name calling, eh?

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