Hysterical Weather Girls

Posted On: Monday - February 6th 2023 8:43PM MST
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Peak Stupidity's post Battle of the International Weather Girls from last summer showed our favorite bikini-clad weather girl down there in Chile. We enjoy watching, even though the high temperature in Conception on some random day in the year 2013 is not of great interest. Wait, are you back, or not? OK, I'll wait.

Steve Sailer has a post up, as taken from this comment* by regular commenter "Twinkie" on a previous thread, titled The Latest Crisis: Not Enough Black Women Meteorologists. It's the usual thing, pointing out the stupidity of it all, but it was again about why Affirmative Action can't fix everything, as if it were just OK for governments to discriminate against White Men to begin with.

Anyway, the discussion on TV "meteorologists" - some are, and some aren't - was good timing for me, as I'd gotten to the video here on youtube earlier.

If you're gonna watch the weather on TV, sure it's great to have the pretty girls doing this portion of the broadcast, from the studio. However, when it's in the middle of a hurricane, in this case (Galway, Ireland) just a bad storm, I think it's man's work. Hysteria is not a good look. We've put up with a couple of years of it recently, but I'd be hard-pressed to ever purposely watch it on the TV ...

If it makes you feel better, but possibly also a little let down, youtube commenters wrote that this was edited and the stop sign didn't actually hit this hysterical weather girl.

PS: I was going to post about the Chinese balloon(s) today, but I ended up spending too much time ... you know where. That'll have to come tomorrow.

* Usually he gives attribution, but he didn't. I believe the idea was, since Twinkie's comment derailed a significant portion of the thread, it would make for a good post.

Wednesday - February 8th 2023 12:27PM MST
PS It was very different time, MOD, very different.
Tuesday - February 7th 2023 2:57PM MST
PS: "Is 1964 forever going to go on eternally? '64?! You've got to go back to Emmitt Till, and arguably "Roots", to see the world the ctrl-left has the black people living in.

"It is all part of by any means necessary to burn down America in a communist revolution." I believe so, DSQ. Thanks for the comment.
Don't Stop Questioning
Tuesday - February 7th 2023 2:51PM MST
PS When they prattle on about systemic racism does that mean that we have to pretend the civil rights era and affirmative action never happened?
What about athletes, entertainers, teevee hosts, record company moguls, movie stars, of African ancestry, are they oppressed?
Is 1964 forever going to go on eternally?
Isn't reparations egalitarian meaning that all races will have to chip in for the good of the collective under the old price we have to pay to live in a civilized society lie?
It is all part of by any means necessary to burn down America in a communist revolution.
Tuesday - February 7th 2023 2:39PM MST
PS: It says he was one of the first TV weathermen, Mr. Blanc! The Chicago Tribune page says he was on for 11 years, there on WNBQ TV. It was a different time, you understand ..
Tuesday - February 7th 2023 1:38PM MST
PS It’s not that I don’t like scantily clad young ladies, but when it comes to TV weatherpersons, I’ve always been a Clint Youle guy.
Tuesday - February 7th 2023 10:46AM MST
PS: Ancient Chinese secret, huh?!

- Laundry customer in the old days before wokeness, and when entertainment was entertainment.

I don't remember B&B Asbestos in Obstetrics, unfortunately. Seam with the weather girl in "Natural Born Killers" You'd think I'd remember, but that's 20 years ago - or more - for each.

Yes, Alarmist, that "STOP" sign put the kibosh on the inanity.
The Alarmist
Tuesday - February 7th 2023 3:12AM MST

A weather-ditz outside in a hurricane-force storm being hit by a stop-sign sounds like karmic justice to me.

Stop the inanity!
A More Exciting Hope
Monday - February 6th 2023 10:04PM MST
PS Love the weather girl in Natural Born Killers.
Other countries have half naked hot chicks to keep your attention.
A child asked his father for watermelon the other day at the Sack-N-Save in a disturbing instance of waycism. (sarc)
Remember Beavis & Butthead Asbestos In Obstetrics, we need something similar for this divided and conquered Psyop society unable to distinguish entertainment from reality.

Ancient Chinese Secret-Gweilo Qiqiu aka the White Ghost balloon


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