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Posted On: Friday - February 3rd 2023 9:22AM MST
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Round 3 on the Peak Stupidity battle between Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis last Fall consisted of comparison of the two politicians regarding the MOST IMPORTANT problem in America (30 years running), the immigration invasion. This is a follow up, 4 months later, using VDare as our source. There is no better source of information on this issue.

VDare writer Federale just wrote Governor Ron DeSantis Strikes At The Slave Power With Mandatory E-Verify—REASON Magazine Is NOT Happy!
. Due to worries about Peak Stupidity's chronic biting-off-more-than-I-can-chew syndrome, we will address the latter point in another post. This is the beginning of the article:
America’s Viktor Orban, Governor Ron DeSantis, is moving from victory to victory on social and cultural issues, besides having a 2.5% unemployment rate. After beating the tranny lobby and Disney, Governor DeSantis has moved against illegal aliens, doing his best to end the job magnet and participating in the legal actions against various Biden Regime Administrative Amnesties.

The Scourge Of Illegal Aliens

This time Governor DeSantis has backed up his threats against the Slave Power to enforce the use of E-Verify by employers in Florida. Some claim DeSantis is just talk, but the truth is he acts and the Slave Power is being hurt. Many of the Slave Power thought they were above the law and ignored legal processes demanding compliance with the law. The Slave Power thought they could outwait Governor DeSantis, but that was not happening.
The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity said that Prestige Cruise Services, LLC, was the only of six organizations that received a notice in December of their requirement to prove compliance with E-Verify.

Dec. 16, a letter requiring proof of compliance was sent to six organizations: M.D.L. property Maintenance, American National Red Cross, Intelycare, Inc., Prestige Cruise Services, LLC., Upperline Health, Inc., ScribeAmerica, LLC., and Prestige Cruise Services, LLC.

The Department said Prestige Cruises is now “fully in compliance with Florida law,” but sternly warned the other five.

“For any organization that does not respond by its deadline, the next step is for DEO to notify the agencies that hold their licenses of their noncompliance. Per the law, agencies would then suspend all applicable licenses held by the employer until the private employer provides the department with the required affidavit,” they continued.

[Florida Warns Companies Who Disobey E-Verify of License Suspension, by Eric Daugherty, Florida’s Voice News, January 13, 2023]
Some got religion and complied, others thought they could intimidate Governor DeSantis. But that was the wrong move.
(As is the usual case with VDare articles, there are LOADS of links. I didn't transfer them.)

Now, as for Donald Trump as of late, James Fulford just wrote In New Hampshire Speech, Trump Talked Border Crisis, But Made NO Mention Of Legal Immigration. Mr. Trump spoke in New Hampshire and South Carolina recently, and Mr. Fulford went through the New Hampshire video (and maybe a transcript*) He doesn't mention the S. Carolina speech here.
I applied the CTRL-F "Immigra" technique to the YouTube to find out if Trump talked about legal immigration, and while he mentions the Border several times, the only mention of immigration is when a New Hampshire GOP operative comes on after Trump, at 3:18:58, and mentions, along with NRA and pro-life outreach, ”immigrant outreach.”

The problem is that if Trump isn’t saying anything about legal immigration, he’s not projecting the level of immigration patriotism he did in 2015, when he definitely won. See my 2015 post Trump Posts Immigration Plan, Neocons Go A Little Crazy.
This seems to put Trump and DeSantis even-Steven in this comparison... so far. However, Mr. Fulford adds (from a VDare tweet in the article):
DeSantis's speech criticized LEGAL mass immigration: "Mass immigration through the legal process, like the Diversity Lottery or chain migration, that is not conducive to assimilating people into American society".
Donald Trump used to understand this and maybe still does. However, to the point here of this comparison, it's not just what these 2 politicians say. It's what they DO.

Trump had 4 years, and he spent more time bullshitting and tweeting than he did DOING THINGS. The things he did do mostly showed his incompetence, vindictiveness, and poor judgement. Down there in Florida Ron DeSantis IS getting things DONE, as we write here. This post is about the invasion, but as I read more on the ACTIONS Governor DeSantis is taking on other issues, I see that he is EFFECTIVE. Donald Trump is effective in mostly one area - getting people to care. Yes, we did care, but he didn't make use of all of us, and not much got done.

Like most of the VDare writers, I stay hopeful, maybe too hopeful. DeSantis could turn out to be incapable (probably not), neo-conned into worthlessness (maybe) or just another example of our Cocktail Party Theory of Political Stupidity once he goes from State to Feral. Until I know this, I like this guy! He fights, and he wins!

BTW, VDare is not always hopeful, as things are getting overwhelming. That's what the feeling I get from reading James Kirkpatrick's article on the site today, Why Now? All The West’s Ruling Classes Are Suddenly Enabling Invasion.

PS: Spellcheck still hasn't learned the word "DeSantis". It's underlined in red right there, as I write. I guess, generously, it's because I don't do updates, EVAH! Or, is this some petty way of lashing out by BIG "TECH" wokesters?

* Possible a big mistake. Transcripts of Donald Trump speeches are not just a little bit tedious! He goes round and round, but it at least comes out better from him aurally in person. I pity the fool who transcribes Donald Trump speeches!

Saturday - February 4th 2023 7:50AM MST
PS: That was "chicken*s*" plural, haha, not just some Popeye's. (Too damned dangerous in there!)

Thanks for the comments, WSA and Alarmist. No, Florida in a lot of ways doesn't seem like the place to make a stand. Per what's alluded to by WSA, it's hella diverse.

I still have hope though. And, I like warm weather!
The Alarmist
Saturday - February 4th 2023 4:53AM MST

Welcome to Post-Electoral “Democracy,” @WSA.

Red States are an illusion to make the folks with most of the guns think that what they think still matters.
West South Africa
Friday - February 3rd 2023 7:30PM MST
PS Local enrichment features cock fighting rings in basements, grow houses that can give you a contact high, 100 rounds sprayed into a mistaken identity suburban mcmansion home with the homeowners away and surly front yard soul claps (racking a slide on a firearm) in the spirit of egalitarian equity.
It is a deep Red State high on the list for Fundamental Transformation.
Internal quisling traitors who serve the globalists want to make sure America never rises again.
The Grand Old Politburo/CPUSA Uniparty are selling us out and we get to be the Indians now. (H/T-Animal Mother)
Speaking of illegal invasions, Trump ended the Open Skies Treat so is the PRC/CCP/PLA "weather balloon" the trial run for an EMP attack?

"We're going to kill ourselves because of stupidity."

Allan Savory, Ecologist
Friday - February 3rd 2023 5:58PM MST
PS: Thanks for more on the chicken story, Alarmist. That probably ought to be in a post or two. We are thinking of getting chicken pretty soon ourselves, BTW.
Friday - February 3rd 2023 5:54PM MST
PS: Yeah, Mr. Blanc, without White people voting in a massive block and the invasion stopped cold, it doesn't seem like the electoral votes will be there, even without a lot of cheating. But they will cheat, and, more importantly, it's many of the White people - unmarried women especially - who most assuredly don't vote in a block for their interests.

I don't do any gambling, so that's not my interest either.

"Veep throat"! Haven't heard that one before.
The Alarmist
Friday - February 3rd 2023 4:49PM MST

O/T ... I guess we should be glad we’re not chickens, because tney’d jump straight to putting us down rather than all the COVID Kabuki...


“The main thing to realize is that the chicken numbers HPAI has allegedly killed are not actually HPAI mortalities. Most are non-symptomatic apparently healthy birds in the same area, only killed as a precaution. Think about that for a moment. I talked with a guy who had 250 surviving birds in a flock of 3,000. The USDA (duh) required the 250 healthy survivors to be exterminated. Now what in the name of common sense would make you want to kill the strong ones, the ones you could save as breeders to transfer immunity to subsequent generations?”

“Is that our new science? Kill the strong? Kill the survivors? These policies are exactly opposite anything you’d want if you really wanted genetic adaptation and natural immunity to develop. It’s craziness. I guess in a nation that demands equality, this is the ultimate—kill the survivors so they will be equally dead with the weak.”


The Alarmist
Friday - February 3rd 2023 1:36PM MST

All I have to do is think of JarVanka, the Jar Jar Binks of the Trump administration, and we have a knockout blow. But just to kick the man while he’s down, think of Rex Tiller and a bevy of Generals (man, the dude really was star-struck) as you land each kick.

I like Trump as a celrb, but I wish he would just go away, as he’s shown he cannot hold his own with politicians, much less beat them.

He’s fired!
Friday - February 3rd 2023 1:28PM MST
PS If what you’re concerned about is whether Mr DeSantis is “one of us”, then fair enough. He’s a major party pol, so his being “one of us” would always be severely qualified, but some are more and some are less. But our situation transcends Mr DeSantis’s personal qualities, or those of anyone else. Our situation is one where the Left have now taken control of presidential elections, just as they’ve taken over most of the important institutions of the nation. The upcoming elections might be of handicapping interest, and perhaps even getting a few bets down, but that will be the extent of their interest. In the general election, the Dem nominee will poll about 300+ Electoral College votes, and the Repub nominee will poll about 230+ EC votes. You can look at the map of the 2020 presidential election. The outcome will be about the same, because there are now no states that aren’t one way or the other, or that the Dems can’t fortify in big city precincts. Unless they’ve been flooded with enough Third Worlders to flip them from Repub to Dem. The primaries will be much more entertaining than the general election. The Dems will be seeing whether they can shed Totally Legit Joe and Veep Throat and replace them with a more presentable pair, without too much bloodletting. With the Repubs, it will be a matter of whether the Chamber of Commerce/NAM/MIC can reclaim the party with a Nimrata Randhawa or a Tim Scott, or whether Repub voters can force an insurgent such as Mr DeSantis on them. It’s all good sport, if that’s your thing, but the outcome is going to be the same.
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