Ron DeSantis on the Warpath!

Posted On: Thursday - February 2nd 2023 12:45PM MST
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Having never lived in the State of Florida, though not having any problem with the idea, especially today, I'd never heard of the Governor there, Ron DeSantis, until well into the Kung Flu PanicFest. He was one of the first big American political figures to push back against the PanicFest Totalitarianism. I never have gotten it straight whether the story of Gov. DeSantis' telling Zhou Bai Dien "Go fuck yourself" was true or not - the story is here on Peak Stupidity (but, of course) in the post Federalism Rumble of Feb 22nd '21.

Whether voting matters or not, we are all aware that Ron DeSantis capabilities and principles have made him a contender for the GOP Presidential nomination for '24. Peak Stupidity posted a 5-part series with a comparison of Ron DeSantis to Donald Trump last Fall - Round 1 - Personalities - - Immunity to Kung Flu Panic - - Round 3 - Immigration Invasion - - Round 4 - Tag Team? and Addendum - David Cole article.

Who knows? I may get fooled again, as I recall how encouraged about things I was this time of year 7 years back - beginning of '16 - with a long way to go for Donald Trump. (It's not that I think Donald purposely fooled us, but I was fooled into believing he knew WTF he was doing.) Ron DeSantis had Neocon tendencies, no doubt. The warmongering has got to stop.

However, it's the full-out immigration invasion that is THE existential threat, and DeSantis would have to be a hell of a conman to be fooling all of us on that score. He has done things, such as the Martha's Vineyard Trafficking scheme, that I just can't see any go-along-to-get-along politician doing. DeSantis compares favorably to Donald Trump on this issue. See the 3rd of the links above, and that was from months back. He's only gotten better.

Additionally, Governor DeSantis has been fighting hard against the PC/woke stupidity of Big Biz (aka "The Mouse") and education in his State. In his Kruiser Morning Briefing today, PJ Media's (part of Instapundit's group) Steven Kruiser posted DeSantis Keeps Staring Down His Haters and Winning. He quoted fellow PJ Media writer Rick Moran:
After scathing criticism of the Advanced Placement curricula for African American Studies by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, the College Board has significantly altered the curriculum by stripping many of the issues to which DeSantis objected.

It’s a big win for DeSantis and Florida students, who now have a less ideological black studies program to study — if they so choose.

Gone will be most references to black authors and writers associated with critical race theory (CRT). Also gone are many writers and scholars associated with the queer experience and black feminism. Also not a part of the formal curriculum anymore is Black Lives Matter.

Added to research topics: black conservatism.
DeSantis has got some guts for even bringing this up. No, this is not the pressing immigration issue, but this win shows that Ron DeSantis fights... and not just with his mouth. Kruiser writes:
We are coming up on the third anniversary of all hell breaking loose thanks to the coronavirus, which means we will also soon be coming up on the third anniversary of the beginning of everyone trying to cancel Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Spoiler alert: none of them have been successful.
The writer mentions that DeSantis is making all the right people angry. Yes, that is a good sign, though one must be careful about that Overton Briar Patch too. Mr. Kruiser links us to one piece of work named Joy Reid, but I came upon the same anger from Whether it's after logging out from email or using the search engine to "find" this site to keep it on top, I sometimes spend as much as 5 seconds per day on yahoo.

Right on top of the main page (formerly "home page"), yahoo asked the burning question "What in the hell is wrong with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis?"
Florida’s governor, a potential 2024 presidential candidate, has been on a proverbial warpath against everything—from banning mask and vaccine mandates and the teaching of critical race theory to suppressing voting rights.
"Banning mandates", he did. Now, that's kind of an odd way to put the first part. I would write that the Governor protected the freedom of Floridians to neither be forced to wear appendages that cause breathing problems nor take experimental gene therapy. But see, that's why I'm not a journalist, like Sophia Nelson is. And hell yeah, on the voting rights. It WAS up to the various States, when things still worked right in this land.
I know I am asking a rather loaded question. But it is one for which I have been desperately searching for answers. Florida is off the chain: neo-Nazi rallies, anti-CRT sentiments, debates on banning books, bans on vaccines and mask mandates and attacks on voting rights and fair elections. But worse than the state itself is its young Yale and Harvard Law-educated governor, Ron DeSantis.
I'm not so sure that the writer hasn't made up the neo-Nazi rally thing out of whole cloth, and this accusation of the banning of books reminds me that there is nothing new under the sun - even 70 years later, after this. As Senator Joe McCarthy simply wanted to get the pro-Communist books taken out of the single-purpose foreign anti-Communist libraries, Governor DeSantis simply wanted to take out the sick BLT-G tranny books out of the grade school libraries. Unless you are a 4th grader away from the guidance of your parents, if you like your books, you can keep your books.
Florida’s governor has been on the proverbial warpath against, well, everything. Yet, this man is the most likely 2024 Republican nominee, in my opinion. He is the new darling of the conservative right. Bold. Brash. A braggart. He’s has called teaching about the impact of race in American history “crap.” And he carps on and on about protecting freedoms and rights by attacking science, mask-wearing and vaccines as Florida has surged with COVID cases, hospitalizations and tragically, deaths.
On the warpath. YES! That's the guy I want - a guy on the warpath. Thank you so much for the encouragement, yahoo and Sophia Nelson!

PS: VDare's Federale has another post, up yesterday, about the Governor he calls America's Victor Orban, but we'll discuss this in a subsequent post with another comparison to Donald Trump on immigration, along with an evisceration of the folks at Reason magazine.

Saturday - February 4th 2023 7:56AM MST
PS: SSbQR, Without any help from the ctrl-left, Trump's moronic ego has him trashing DeSantis now. Is that just normal political primary politics? Either way, I don't like it. "Ron Sanctimonious"? "You've got 3 fingers pointing back at you, yeah ..."

Thanks for the Queensryche, Adam. I had no idea of the name of that song and the band till now.

Ice Cream Balloon, I couldn't agree more!
Ice Cream Balloon
Friday - February 3rd 2023 9:21PM MST
PS He added the Biomedical Security State to the lexicon and called FLA the West Berlin Freedom Zone as well.
Trump bought us some time and is now almost 80.
It is OK to retire and enjoy whatever.
We need those who are not afraid to fight and not over 55-60.
You can tell that RD gets a kick out of being a thorn in comrade lefty's side and is from a military background.
Adam Smith
Thursday - February 2nd 2023 9:38PM MST
PS: - Millions of chickens have been euthanized for having "bird flu."

I know a gentleman in the chicken industry. He told me that egg prices are so high because they have been euthanizing millions of laying hens in Pennsylvania. He's a little surprised the "bird-flu" hasn't "burned itself out" yet.(?)

Adam Smith
Thursday - February 2nd 2023 9:32PM MST
PS: Good evening,

I used to buy Claxton chickens at the store for about three and a half dollar bucks. (In the before times.) Now the only whole chicken I buy is rotisserie chicken ($7). The oversized $12 free range whole chickens don't taste right and the tyson chickens are tough and probably full of hormones, antibiotics, steroids, and GMO feed with fungicide and such. I miss my Claxton chicken.

Chicken that tastes like chicken might be like cherokee tomatos and burgundy okra. Gotta grow it yourself.(?)

Silent Stupidity by Queen's Reich
Thursday - February 2nd 2023 8:41PM MST
PS Anyone who stands up to Bite Me and the CPUSA wing of the Uniparty is fighting the good fight.
They will try to stir up some animosity between him and PT Trump.
Family in the West Berlin Freedom Zone of FLA love him.
Thursday - February 2nd 2023 8:35PM MST
PS: I didn't know the other half of this chicken story, with municipalities getting stricter about keeping them. It has been more the yuppies of the nice neighborhoods, but there is a lot fishy about this. If they planned that all out, they are smarter than I had envisioned.

UsNThem, Mr.Blanc, and Sam, no I don't guaranteed anything here. He could very well turn out to be worthless.
Thursday - February 2nd 2023 8:31PM MST
PS: Alarmist, I assume you are referring to Nikki Haley (Traitor-SC) there. I'm not at all enamored by her. Why in hell did Trump make her the US UN Ambassador? (I could see it, if he planned to pull us out of it and leave her hanging - that's have been cute!) That was another example of his stupid picks for personnel.
Sam J.
Thursday - February 2nd 2023 6:17PM MST

I’m with The Alarmist on this. Yeah....he’s done a lot of good stuff...I just don't trust him.
Thursday - February 2nd 2023 5:52PM MST
PS Hero, Ordinary Schlemiel, Villain. It doesn’t matter. They aren’t going to let him win. By “They”, I mean the Left, who will sufficiently fortify the election, regardless of whom the Repubs nominate, and the Repubs, who will engage in whatever shenanigans that they have to in order to see that Nimrata Randhawa, Tim Scott, or, perhaps, Liz Cheney is their nominee. They don’t want any more outsiders upsetting the apple cart.
Thursday - February 2nd 2023 5:47PM MST

DeSantis says and does a lot of good things, particularly since he upped his visibility during the plandemic. However, Sundance over at Conservative Treehouse is somewhat skeptical opining that he's the favorite of Conservative Inc., and being groomed for a run in '24 or '28 at the latest. Although with the obviously rigged elections these days, it's hard to imagine a republican ever winning again...
The Alarmist
Thursday - February 2nd 2023 2:35PM MST

O/T, time for PS to opine on the war on chickens


- Millions of chickens have been euthanized for having "bird flu."

- Multiple counties and small rural city councils are trying to ban backyard chickens

- Chicken factories have been catching fire

- Tractor supply feed is suddenly causing chickens not to lay eggs

And what do you know? Egg yolk protein stops the spike protein in Covid.



That means it might neutralize the vaxxes too. Hmmm.
The Alarmist
Thursday - February 2nd 2023 2:30PM MST

Ron makes all the right noises on state matters. I’d hate to lose him as a governor.

But I’ve seen him with the usual suspects surrounded by Israeli flags, so I tend to worry he’ll be just another Israel-firster if thrust upon the world stage. Even Mr. America First was led astray by that crowd.

It would be nice to once again have an actual American for President, but with one Jamaican-Indian Democrat of dubious US citizenship first in line, and another Indian Republican Indian of dubious US citizenship stepping up to run, I’m afraid we’ll never see another American President who gives a rat’s ass about America and the American people.
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