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Posted On: Monday - April 3rd 2017 7:10PM MST
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If you're younger than 45, you may not even know the concept of the "concept album". Back in the days of great rock music, some of the most creative artists would put a story together and make (at least most of) the songs fit the story. I would say the most famous is Pink Floyd's "The Wall", which was 2 records long (for those not familiar with the vinyl "record album" or LP - Long Play, that could be up to 2 1/2 hours of music, but "The Wall" was an hour and 20 minutes only).

The title of the 2nd-to-last post, Is this the way life's meant to be? is a line (and the title) from a song on an obscure, but fantastic album by the band Electric Light Orchestra, or ELO that made great music in the 1970's and early '80's. The creative genius behind this English band was Mr. Jeff Lynne. From what I heard, early on in the band's career, they had more band members than people in the audience.

This album is called "Time" and tells the story of a man accidentally transported into the future, or possibly it was a dream. He wishes on the the song "The Way Life's Meant to Be" that he was "back in 1981" which was the year in which the album was released!

Interestingly, the only hit song from the album "Time" was "Hold on Tight to your Dreams", which was the only song on the album that WASN'T a part of the story!

The only way to listen to this is to hook up to some decent speakers or a headset and play it as you lay down to sleep. You need 45 minutes. Does anyone write music like this now? That was a rhetorical question.

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