Instapundit: Still Neocon after all these years?

Posted On: Wednesday - February 1st 2023 4:58PM MST
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(From the morning of Jan 31st - these people post all night.)

I had to shrink the screenshot to include Professor Reynold's name, so, in case it's hard to read, that was:
I’m in favor of bleeding Putin into helplessness, but not in favor of outright war.
[Facepalm] Will this guy ever shed his Neocon ways? He's generally a Libertarian and Conservative, but he just can't get it through his head. If it doesn't affect the US directly, what the President of Russia does is NOT OUR BUSINESS!

We've been through this stuff before. We have a good example from 20 years ago with the Iraq war (Gulf War II). Yes, I was fooled for a while thinking that there just MUST be something these State Dept. or high Administration officials know about Iraq and weapons aimed at us that I don't. (That they had anything to do with 9-11 was never a thought of mine.) Well, America had been the sole superpower for a decade and a half almost, so Neocons like Glenn Reynolds were use to it. "Get rid of Saddam", we heard from everyone, "He treats his people badly." "Spread democracy there." We could do anything, apparently.

Law Professor and Godfather of bloggers Glenn Reynolds is a bright guy. How could he not learn anything from the Neocon foreign policy stupidity of America's over the last 20 years? Sure, he's worried about WWIII now. He's rightly against the stupidity of Zhou Bai Dien here. However, that one line about Putin tells me that he just doesn't get it. It's not America's job to "bleed Putin into helplessness". NOT! OUR! BUSINESS! GET IT?

The Don Surber Substack article that Glenn Reynolds linked to is pretty good. In general, the bloggers at Instapundit are on the same page. I don't think Mr. Surber is one of the site's regular bloggers, but he is linked to quite a bit. (There are a few handfuls of sites that Professor Reynolds links to very regularly. This site is not one of them, unfortunately*)

I would hope Glenn Reynolds would agree with at least most of what Don Surber wrote. The good Professor has been a real Neocon regarding the Ukraine/Russia war though, right from the get-go. We noted that in our early-on post Peak Stupidity on the Ukraine. C'mon, Instapundit!

Since the title of this post may have gotten a song lodged into many of our readers's heads, and we've not posted music in a while, well, it's not really apropos the post, but whatever. Paul Simon was a great songwriter.

Now I sit by my window, and I watch the cars.
I fear I'll do some damage one fine day,
but I would not be convicted by a jury of my peers.
Still crazy after all these years.

Still Crazy After All These Years was the title song of his 1975 album. That was 5 years already after the duet of he and Art Garfunkel split up.

* "Instalanche" is what the bloggers of yesteryear would call it when their sites were linked-to by the widely read Instapundit. I'm not sure our servers or database could handle one.

Wednesday - February 8th 2023 1:49PM MST
PS: Mr. Corrupt, sorry for the late reply. I thought it'd had been bled enough - looted enough, really - by the end of the 1990s. There was no call for using NATO to box them into a corner. Relations could have been very good, had Ronald Reagan, or anyone with old-school common sense been dealing with them. I wouldn't even call it Realpolitik, since I wouldn't see them as any kind of adversary.
Tuesday - February 7th 2023 7:42PM MST

Having been a cold warrior I initially thought bleeding Russia enough to prevent future incursions into neighboring territory was a good idea. I have since reconsidered, and believe an immediate peace needs to be negotiated.
Thursday - February 2nd 2023 6:43AM MST
PS: I sure hope push doesn't come to shove, Alarmist. Bai Dien and his crowd are sure pushing though.

NATO should have been disbanded by 1991.
The Alarmist
Thursday - February 2nd 2023 3:02AM MST

Lousy sentiment to start with, but the worst part is that the parties being bled are Ukraine, literally, and the rest of NATO, figuratively. Russia still has a robust industrial capability than can scale up, while the US has a relatively boutique MIC and less spare industrial capacity that can be "drafted" into a war effort if push comes to shove.
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