The Extraordinary Select Group of Globalists.

Posted On: Friday - January 20th 2023 8:50PM MST
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The yearly conference of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland ended today. The Globalist Devo set are all returning to where they are based, all around the world, in their (hopefully Carbon-neutral or just slightly positive) Gulfstreams, Challengers, Falcons, and Hawker jets.

One in particular, not even an entrepreneur, Captain of Industry, Big money-man, but a failed politician*, gushed about how simply extraordinary it was that people like him and other Globalists could be together in one place to solve the problems of the world and save us.

John Freaking Kerry? Whoever, it could have been any one of these arrogant Globalists demonstrating that really do believe that the world would be screwed without them. They really believe their shit. They have the answers to the problems... that they're causing, and we must comply, because we are stupid peons and they have so much wisdom and power. (The former is highly suspect, and the latter is there only if we let them exercise it. I plan not to.)

Here will be an often repeated Peak Stupidity point: It's not likely that these evil Globalists have a written out plan to change society with Gant Charts and budget estimates. They do have their conference meetings in Davos and I suppose they discuss their worries about the Climate Calamity™ and such, that is, the worries on our behalf - they know they'll be fine, personally.

What we're really up against is that these Globalist elites all think the same way. They probably don't have any "Population Replacement" white paper to go by, but what's happening sits well with them. They simply cannot stand any White Middle Class, such as what American and Western Europe have had. The White Middle class has disposable income and time. They form their own associations, at odds with the plans of the Globalists. They compete with their leaner, meaner businesses with Globalist Big Biz corps. You can't have that if you are going to stay the Select Group of elites of the world.

It goes the other way too. As these Globalists see the replacement for the White Middle class, those Latin American peons, low wage workers from Africa and who knows where, the feeling gets reinforced in them: The rest of the world's population is nothing but dumb peons that DO need all the help in the world from the Globalists and their New World Order plans.

The stupidest part of this is that these people all mean well. I really believe they do. They aren't inherently evil, well, most of them. However, this combination of stupidity and power results in evil nevertheless. They are on the highway to hell.

* Actually, I don't think any less of a failed politician than a successful politician. Our odds of survival are better with more of the former.

The Alarmist
Tuesday - January 24th 2023 4:18AM MST

The SS would be the better alternative.
Monday - January 23rd 2023 7:46PM MST
PS: Mr. Alarmist ---

As bad as this might sound in today's climate, I think I would side with the brown shirts over whatever colour the Commies were wearing at that time.
The Alarmist
Monday - January 23rd 2023 2:59PM MST

Just for the record, the Brown Shirts were the dumb ones.

Thwart Evil Plans of SPECTRE
Monday - January 23rd 2023 2:40PM MST
PS Look up his father from Austria Gunther Schwab.
NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers Party) or Nazi.
Originally joined the Sturm Abteilung or SA brownshirt street fighters.
Eugenicist, served on the advisory panel of the Society for Biological Anthropology, Eugenics, and Behavior Research.
Dieter Kief
Monday - January 23rd 2023 1:09PM MST
John Kerry did - in Davos standards - an extraordinarly lousy job. You could hear the toenails rising of those who listend. I did for two or or so minutes - the vid was no sample, just what he whined out right there: Wrongheadedness beyond dispute - like his claim 50 % of the species had died out already because of - Climate... Some biologists say, that maybe some single digit number of species might have been extict. And - in my lifetime, the numbers of different kinds of birds you see just going oút in your backyard did noticeably decline. True. But still: John Kerry was so clearly off the rails it hurt. And that was not just me. The applause he received in Grischuns was - ho-hum, ho-hum fot a fee seconds and then it - went extict.
Sunday - January 22nd 2023 1:58PM MST
PS: Make that Vlad Lenin. Sorry.
Sunday - January 22nd 2023 1:58PM MST
PS: CCE, I don't know. Though they thrive on absolute power, I think these people convince themselves that they are doing if for a good cause. As I wrote to SafeNow, they may not believe all the details, such as that the exhaust coming out of their Gulfstreams (nothing but your standard clean products of combustion of hydrocarbons, H2O and CO2) really matter. (Plus, they are SO important that they can be forgiven, as they will make up for these sins by controlling the much greater emissions of the rest of us.)

You take your Nick Lenin ... please .. Did he really believe in everything Marx and Engels wrote? Well, he may have convinced himself, as he needed some excuse for acting out on his resentfulness of the traditional Russian power structure. Once he was in charge though,.. he may have still believed it all, but not quite to the extent that he was going to be one of the guys on the Commune. After all, someone had to lead, right?
Sunday - January 22nd 2023 1:51PM MST
PS: Alarmist, I've seen that one. The Twilight Zone was a very creative show. I'm not sure I've seen them all, so I should find a "channel" or something.

UsAndThen, yes, that's the problem. That's the problem with these Globalist's plans, it's been the problem with the Communists of old and now our modern ctrl-left. If they just had their own lands to do their experiments in stupidity in, leaving us out of it.
Sunday - January 22nd 2023 1:47PM MST
PS: SafeNow, I'm not so sure that they all believe the details, such as Mr. Gore being worried about his mansion on the California coast getting. submerged beneath the Pacific. However, they believe that, no matter what, they really are the saviors of the poor clueless peons. They WANT to believe it's the CO2 or whatever, even more so when it's something that is an excuse for more control of something, such as a big part of the economy.

I don't know about a guy like Bezos, who I really think has a lot on the ball. Does he really believe the Climate Calamity™ business? If not, he still goes along and believes that it's important he be in charge of a lot.

Kerry, yeah, he has not science background or anything to give him even a nagging doubt that he is saving the world spouting this stuff.
Carbon Credit Exchange
Saturday - January 21st 2023 8:53PM MST
PS The FEW think that the dumbing down is so complete no one knows about Hegelian tactics?
Muh "polycrisis" was made for their building CCCP back better with PRC/CCP the model for the world.
This just in from Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Russia, regarding rump vassals of the West status...LMFAO!
Odo Heinz Kerry was the comic relief and he should have toted the Pee Wee Herman bike on his unicorn fart powered private jet.
The Magic Mountain global soviet true believers don't give a rip about the environment or humanity.
The issue is always the rule by unelected "expert" apparatchiks technocratic dystopia revolution.
Like frogs in the heating up water they will be the last to see the shift to Eurasia.
Saturday - January 21st 2023 4:20PM MST

Yeah, John "jenghis khan" Kerry - F him. He and his Davos buddies may be on the highway to hell, but the bad thing is they're taking the rest of us along with them.
The Alarmist
Saturday - January 21st 2023 7:27AM MST

What do you expect from lizard aliens?

To Serve Man... “It’s a cookbook!”
Saturday - January 21st 2023 7:05AM MST

“They really believe their shit.” — Mr. Moderator

It never really occurred to me that such might be the case, but now that I think about it…OMG…that is probably true! After all, these guys don’t seem to be acting; not many professional actors on the planet could act that well. I remember when the film “Monster” was reviewed, and Ebert and other critics gave Theron enormous praise, because she managed to become “an embodiment.”
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