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Thanks to commenter Adam Smith for steering us all to an on-line copy of this book - HERE.

Peak Stupidity's review of this important history book by M. Stanton Evans is long overdue. I finished the book months ago, the library might want it back*, and I'm gonna forget half of it if I don't get this going. However, we've had 4 posts already based on certain stories within it, namely Young Commies in LUV - - Did American Commies cause the attack on Pearl Harbor? - - Truman v McCarthy, McCarran, and Ike and Same Stuff, Different Decade....

Published in '07, Blacklisted by History is subtitled The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy. However, there's only a very short biography of the man, less than one short chapter out of 44, called The Caveman in the Sewer**. This book is about the political struggle of this famous/infamous (depending on whether you fell for the 70 year-long lies or not) Senator against Communists that had infiltrated the US State Department and, to a lesser extent, other parts of the US Feral Gov't, in the 1930's through 1954. 1954 was the year he was censured by Congress, and Joe McCarthy died only 30 months later.

In those few biography-oriented pages, we learn that Joe McCarthy was a lawyer, as are many legislators, which soon enough came in handy in his anti-Communist work in the Senate. We also learn about that appellation "Tail-gunner Joe" that the Senator was disparagingly referred to by his domestic enemies. Joe McCarthy was not drafted into WWII, but joined the Marines and did intelligence work with the flyers in the Pacific. He had gone on a dozen or so Photo/Recon missions, occupying the tail-gunner's spot. No, he didn't shoot down any Commies - they were still the good guys, or so we were led to understand, by those American Commies who didn't like that later sniping by Tail-gunner Joe.

Another thing I just now thought of is about the clever idea of the title, as it was the Communists who bitched for half a century later about being blacklisted. Interestingly, there is nothing in this book about blacklisting. That is due to the fact that there was no such thing done by Senator McCarthy. The counterpart to his investigations was the House Un-American Activities Committee which was accused of causing blacklisting in the movie business . This book is directed at the McCarthy story, so only passing mention is made of the HUAC.

I can't cover all the many stories of infiltration, sympathizing, influence, and downright espionage by Communists in the US Gov't of this era that are told in this book. (Those past 4 posts should give the reader a small idea.) I'll just give a brief summary of how this book is laid out and the good (mostly) and a little bad.

This is a LONG book, with 605 pages in my copy. It has 6 sections which I will summarize. Though in the Prologue Mr. Evans describes how difficult it was to find some information, much of it purposefully hidden, removed, or redacted, he includes LOTS and LOTS of details, with 24 pages of notes and sources at the end. (There are only a handful of photos in the book, but the back has photocopies of McCarthy's marked-up list of Communists - historically pretty cool.) Here is that summary:

1) Third Rail: This beginning section of the book describes Joe Mccarthy's relationship with other politicians and the Washington FS social scene, and with the press. It also gives a general summary of all the myriad Communist schemes in the "Red infiltration", with an introduction to some of those traitorous characters.

2) Back Story: Section 2 (example chapters Chungking, 1944 and Reds, Lies, and Audiotape) gives the background going back to the mid-1930's about the Communists in the US State department that ran lots of American foreign policy in Asia at a most critical time. I guess there were lots of critical times over there, but this involved the ongoing battle - partially interrupted by the Japanese invasion - between Mao's Red Communists and the Nationalists led by Chiang Kai Shek.

This history was unknown to me until the reading of this book. "Who lost China?" was asked by foreign policy historians for years to come. "Lost" may not be the best word for what happened. These chapters describe infiltrators in the affairs of what was by far the biggest power in the world already to help the Communists gain rule of the biggest population of the world. I don't have room for all the details and the names here, but I note that, after their work was over, some of these people fled to China. It was a travesty that they had been let to operate within the US Government.

3) Blowup: Wheeling, 1950 marked the start of Senator McCarthy's entry to the world of the rooting out of Communists from their holes. Wheeling, W. Virginia is where McCarthy made his first speech on this issue. That the press was against him from the get-go is shown by that their argument against his accusations was about a difference in numbers of Communists on the Senator's list, 205 vs 57. The 2 numbers were of 2 different lists, and McCarthy maintained that he used the correct (lower) one in his speech. This can't be proven, as the one and only recording by a Wheeling radio station was conveniently lost. (There's nothing new under the sun.) Apparently (to the press) this discrepancy somehow discredited Joe McCarthy right then and there. Ha, "I'm just getting warmed up!"

The rest of this section is a description of the "Tydings Hearings", named after D-party Maryland Senator Millard Tydings. Senator Tydings was supposed to be working on behalf of Joe McCarthy's accusations, but he did nothing but minimize the seriousness of it, treat the accused with kid gloves, and obfuscate. In the meantime, Democrat (yes, it was a different era) Senator Pat McCarran of Nevada had attached an amendment to some bill to specify greater scrutiny of employees at the State Dept., but this was hardly ever adhered to. Some bureaucrats did not want to know, and others knew but wanted it to continue.

The whole long Tydings thing was frustrating for Senator McCarthy, but I'd say also for the reader of Blacklisted by History, as this section dragged on too much for, well, THIS reader. It may be just me, as I could not hold in my head all the different people, committees, and proceedings that were described therein.

4) Mole Hunts: While keeping on the timeline of Joe McCarthy's short career in the US Senate, the chapters of the 4th section tell a number of stories of the various investigations of State Department spies personnel by the Senator and his associates. These stories cover the era of the loss of China to the Communists. From page 375 in the chapter Little Red Schoolhouse:
But a substantial part of the operation could have been exposed in 1945 had steps been taken to follow the tangled threads of Amerasia back in their mysterious sources. In the five-year span between the fix and the McCarthy blowup of 1950, the fall of China was accomplished.
As important as China was, the Soviet Union was the Mothership to these people, and the influence these Communists exerted was most blatant at times. From page 407 in the chapter Dr Jesup and Mr. Field, we read this bit that can be learned of elsewhere, without a study of Joe McCarthy's work: Regarding the Institute of Pacific Relations and the American Peace Mobilization:
As seen, this was one of the most blatant front groups ever, created during the Hitler-Stalin pact to agitate against American aid to Britain in its death struggle with the Nazis, then allied with Moscow. Among its projects, in which [Frederick] Field would play a leading role, were calling President Roosevelt a warmonger for his efforts to help the British and picketing the White House with posters saying, "The Yanks Are Not Coming," All this ceased instantly on June 22, 1941, after Hitler invaded Russia, at which point Field and the APM ditched their peace signs and came out for U.S. Involvement in the war against the Nazis. It couldn't get more obvious than that.

5) Hard Ball: Much of the stonewalling and sabotaging of Senator McCarthy's investigation was from the Harry Truman administration. Things looked up for the program of rooting out the Commies once President Eisenhower and a greater number of Republicans in Congress took office in January of '53. This next section has many more stories, but they are less frustrating, as McCarthy had more power and help from fellow Republicans at this point.

The focus shifts from Asia to America for this section. One thing that is mentioned and really stands out about these stories is that Joe McCarthy did not intend to set out on dozens of different investigations of many agencies of the US Government. It's just that one thing kept leading to another.

6) End Game: The final 3 chapters of the book cover the official Senate censure of Senator Joe McCarthy in 1954. The ctrl-left finally had their day. The Senator had 46 charges against him as some kind of pariah and uncivil member of the Senate. 46 charges - that sounds baaad, don't it? It was almost all hoohey, and all but 2 were too stupid to be followed up on, and the Senate ended up with 1. Mr. Evans describes how the remaining one was such hypocrisy, as McCarthy was being charged for behavior the left had been consistent at. It didn't matter about the nasty accusations of his accuser Senator Ralph Flanders (R-Vermont), as he was not on trial there, per their many reminders to the accused McCarthy.

In the end, Ike cucked and supported the censure. Still, less than 1/2 of the Republicans voted against Joe McCarthy. That and the partisan Democrats was enough though. As we learned from Walking through the Fire by and about Congressman Steve King, being censured means one loses lots of power from committee assignments. Personally, I'd stick and hope for the support from my State, but then that was the problem with Amendment XVII - what had been State power became more national.

I urge the reader with the time on his hands to read this excellent history book. One may think it not worth his time to fixate on the travails of one man and one issue from long ago. This story, though, is more broad than just a story of hearings after hearings, minute details of the traitors in the State Department, and all that. This is book is a history of a time when the Long March of Communism through the American institutions was just getting underway. It could have been stopped. With the help of their Lyin' Press arm of the time, the Commies got through mostly unscathed. What we were left with in addition to their successful march is a 70-year duration lie about a good man doing his best to stop the destruction.

PS: Oh, yeah, I'll add some (very minor) cons of the book. The section on the Tydings Hearings is just too much, IMO. Also, about 2/3 of the way through, I noticed more incomplete sentences, as if the publisher changed editors, perhaps outsourcing that work to India. Oh yeah, there's some weird deal in which the author pluralizes "advices" or something like that. (It's been a while - shoulda' taken notes.) These are all mere quibbles.

* What'd old Ronnie say about the economics here? Peak Stupidity's specific example is "if you want more overdue books, get rid of the fines." (One of the lesser-known parts of the de-policing policies in memory of George Floyd, perhaps? Mr. Floyd can rest in peace knowing his next of kin will be able to breath easier knowing there won't be library fines hanging on their necks... I mean the ones that read books... OK, forget it.)

** His chapter titles are very good.

Friday - January 20th 2023 9:09PM MST
PS: BR, 2.0: I think it's not just that the CivNat normie won't catch on. It's a matter of courage. We won't get to statues of Joe McCarthy or even keeping what's left of the statues of important White Men that are standing now, without at least a few people showing a lot of courage.

Thanks for writing in!
Friday - January 20th 2023 9:06PM MST
PS: Thanks for the very interesting comment that attempts to tie a lot of the history of the Western World together, Dieter.

I really wonder about the Germany/Russia explanation though. Is it not the case that Hitler hated the Slavic people? Of course, he doesn't represent the Germans any more than Brandon represents Americans, but there must have been something there. I know that Mike Whitney and others see things along those lines.

I see the Neocons wanting this Ukraine war for a couple of reasons - they HATE non-Communist Russia and they are still drunk with military power after 33 years of it, post Cold War. I don't know about back in 1965, but the Neocons are the successors of those lefties who were PRO-USSR in the '70s and '80s, IMO. They were the left then and had to be "for peace", as they would have liked for the US to have unilaterally disarmed - whatever's good for the Mother Ship. They were jealous that the right got to be pro-miliitary, so they took over this militant stance now that it's not against the USSR, only more-Christian, mostly-White Russia.

I think Ron Unz does a good job with his American Pravda articles that are about this history, especially the Bolsheviks and the impetus for WWI and WWII.
Bolshevik Revolution 2.0
Friday - January 20th 2023 2:44PM MST
PS A statue for McCarthy will be a sign of reformation.
It will have to get even worse first but that is a feature under OBrandon.
Watch what happens when the Saint Floyd of Fentanyl myth unravels.
Everything is gaslight Psywars due to the Smith-Mundt "modernization" act that was passed under Barry Soetoro.
The state department was infiltrated about the same time as the catholic church and nothing has changed.
The average Civnat Normie (H/T-JZ) will never catch on as they are not meant to.
They love the servitude and wear the obedience muzzle as a medal while fearing the loss of worldling materialism.
Dieter Kief
Friday - January 20th 2023 2:13AM MST
With the commies against GB as long as it was possible, then with their help and GB against Monseigneur 'itler.

McCarthy in the middle. - Did he get that change in the attitude of his commie enemies against GB?

Just two days ago in the UR - (Mike Withney?  - could be) about the war in Ukraine: It has long been GB's (and France's) policy to get the US going against Germany & Russia. Because the German/Russian mixture of engineering (and - hehehe- philosophical/ literary/scoial...) ingenuity scared them to death.

So: This is WW I .a.n.d. WW II and  - - - now the war in Ukraine again. - This is Europe/US central.

Just a little sidenote: Our quiet chancellor Olaf Scholz gets part of this dynamic at least - as do former chancellor Schröder and former Social Democrat's big man Oskar Lafontaine and (also) bright guy Otto Schily (former minister of the interior and-  before that: Lawyer of the RAF (!)-terrorists... (leaning a tad at least more to the terrorist's side then than to the German state, which he too looked upon as - still - cryprto-fascist (that was 1972 ff. a possible, but already clearly paranoid position).
Ok end of side-note.

On to Mr. Unz and his American Pravda articles about the connections of the Red Army and - considerable US economic powers (one NYC banker named Jacob Schiff**** for example who financed the making of the USSR and the abolishing of the Czarist regime) - : - "Killed the Czar & his ministers - Anastacia Screamed in Vain" (Rolling Stones/ Sympathy for the Devil & - All Your Love's in Vain - too).

Then go directly into Sen. McCarthy territory  like the "human skin lampshades" (a Billy (born: Shamuel..) Wilder creation (its true!)! - The inventive genius storyteller at work - the man couldn't help it either, so to speak: That was just what he was made for: A genius - as his sparring-partner in filming Audrey Hepburn for example: William Wyler (Ben Hur...): Hollywood was taking over the command of the production of the US collective consciousness/ and thus modeling: The collective unconscious and taking command in the making of the post-war version of all things popular abut the war and about the booming 50ies/60ies and about the - - - - Holocaust as the dark contrast foliage, that made the success shine even brighter than life...Dramaturgically very useful not least.

So - the Hollywood left against Sen. McCarthy was a story that could not go well, because at the heart of the angloshepere's Great Tale (or: it's great narrative = it's most precious/ dominating narrative) was this ages old blood-brothers-thing US, hehe:The USA & GB - against them: The continental forces with the powerful German center and it's: God beware!! - German-Russian future, so to speak. And the jews blended in there with great ease - and in the end, this all added up to a stack of arguemnts that wassimplytoo big fr poor (and more or less: solitary!) Joe McCarthy to sucessfully fight against - not even to mention: Defeat. No chance at all for Joe.

One more bump in the straight road here to solve all historic mysteries of the Western 20th century with less than 1000 words: The US neocons .s.t.e.m. from the Soviet-leaning US left (from the Hollywood, but also from the Marxist/ Trotskyite academia left ).- And those people are now strictly playing along with/ or: Forming the US against Germany/Russia narrative. and that's why Senator McCarthy stood in the way with all his alcohol-tinged and personaly depressed/unhappy shenanigans about Hollywood being somehow red & stuff.-A grim man of the past, who never really fit into the optimisitc boomin' colorful & crative future, that was waiting for us all as the great postwar super-success of - - - -The Beach Boys & GM & GE (Lockheed Martin, Boing....) - - -Everybody's Surfin' - Surfin' USA. - And fun it was!
- - - - - Great fun! And what a relieve after the dark days of war 'n' the depression before that 'n'all . . . .

- Ok - back to the Blinken, Blankfein, Nuland/ Kagan group actually running US foreign policy. Why are they so furious? So clearly "all in! - No second thoughts necessary!" - with regard to Ukraine (and China, btw.)?

Simple. These Straussians (that all goes back to Chicago mastermind/philosopher/ politologist Leo Strauss (born in Kirchheim/ Hesse...) - Now think of - - - - John Mearsheimer's critique of the US proxy war/ engagement in Ukraine which is based on his rejection of some (not all!) things Straussian, but let me just hint at this stuff here, that should do for the moment). To put this a bit differently one more time: The Neocons were so strictly against the Soviet Union 1965 ca. ff., and are now so strictly against Russia, because they are fighting their own leftist / Marxist / Soviet bloody past (their own demons).
This too is old hat: Former whores, the old German (sigh) saying goes, are the strictest in the monastery, later on in life.

Or a bit more abstract: Coincidentia Oppositorum: The extremes meet - : - Nikolaus von Kues' - rightfully! - famous principle. Nikolaus was one of the foremost catholic theologians & philosophers in the early post-medieval times. Nikolaus was born at a Castle near Kues at the West-German River Mosel. The once Roman city of Trier is sitting a bit upstream in this wine region*****, where a famous dynasty of Rabbis lived for ages, - which dynasty was terminated by the father of - - - Karl Marx, a lawyer, who was making his son Karl, who thought rather lowly of him, a protestant.
- Lots of most important thíngs are indeed closely knit together. You could almost think of a plan behind that all - because: Precision. Incredibly precise fits... But that would be a mistake - - - Ooooh: For details see - Thomas Pynchon's (The Crying of Lot 49, Mason & Dixon (!)) or Don DeLillo's (White Noise) work: The antidote to all kinds of paranoid reasoning... 

PS Two explanatory notes:The Holocaust-War-Boom-Hollywood meaning: The story-telling (=the leftist part) of the US jews (as opposed to  the more right leaning bankers/ real estate developers, insurance people, with the doctors and the lawyers and the scientists building the middle ground which was flipping to opposite directions politically every now and then).
Remember, that Hannah Arendt was furiously against the creation of the 6 million lives lost through Hitler's atrocities cruelties meme by historian Raoul Hilberg as a speaking detail: They were both jews.

WHAT SAY YOU? : (PLEASE NOTE: You must type capital PS as the 1st TWO characters in your comment body - for spam avoidance - or the comment will be lost!)