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Posted On: Saturday - January 14th 2023 5:05PM MST
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... respectively... she was never part of the band... and from his lyrics, I'm not sure Michael Stipe has a sense of humor.

From their album called Green, here is REM's Pop Song '89. I don't exactly know what part about it sounds a lot like Exhuming McCarthy from a year earlier and our previous post, but it does. Again, the sound is good. If you know what Michael Stipe was trying to say, good on ya'. I don't care - turn it up!

Then, from Ann Barnhardt, whose site we discussed a few weeks back here, comes this humorous meme. (I doubt she made it, but she'll put up dozens of good ones.) We all know what's the new drug the meme is referring to.

Thank you all for reading and writing in this week. Besides finally a review of the Stanton Evans book on Joe McCarthy, about events that happened over twice as long ago as the time Pop Song '89" and Exhuming McCarthy were new, I can't tell you what's coming next week. There will be stupidity in spades though. I wish a happy Sunday to all.

Dieter Kief
Tuesday - January 17th 2023 12:59AM MST
Yep. Mod. the exact quote is the correct quote. Mine was no quote though, just a paraphrase - making way for the Robert E. Lee in the song: "Proud & brave". Joan Baez was clearly part of the good ol' times when she chose this song and - sang it the way she did.

I agree Alarmist (and you Mod.) - it is a thing to stop fighting in a Civil war. - The Swiss did that  repeatedly over the centuries and their inner Swiss battles turned more and more into deliberations with occasional gun-fires and just a few dead in months... An aspect of the Swis History that is so - moving, but not even the Swiss fully get it mehtinks to this day. 

Oho - - - one of the literary giants of Switzerland - Gottfried Keller - wrote a novella about the nineteenth centuries' reflexes of this dynamic. In it he portrays some armed patriots, who go to the big national gathering to celebrate the civil-war past of Switzerland - -  -with their weapons by taking part in the "Aargauer Freischießen" - "The Free Shooting" of the young Swiss nation in Aargau in 1849 - a historical event!

It is a big festival, and the Swiss patriots of all Cantons still shoot it out,  but as a peaceful competition now, crowned by speeches! That gives the Zürich Seven humble craftsmen & landlords/publicans headaches: What to say to a crowd of thousand men?!!  They feel humbled by this task....... It is very important for the group portrayed by Keller, that they carry their own firearms to this event - but as it turns out: The speech is the harder thing to do. The youngest of th Zürich Banner finds a - witty & humorous solution and - spoiler - gets cheers from the crowd, which makes them all very happy in the end.... : The Banner ofthe Upright Seven

The title of this very insightful and moving novella: Das Fähnlein der sieben Aufrechten - The (small) Banner of the Upright Seven - - - in Keller's Novella collection Zürcher Novellen - and in English - - available.
It is important to have history at heart & hand - as opposed to just have it. So: Bob Dylan and The Band - - and The Band - and Joan Baez and... Gotfried Keller! ... did something great with this song /this novella.

I remember how the song stuck with me when it came out and I first heard it. The wiki-article says Robbie Robertson (who looked a lot like Mick Jagger before he doubled his waist-length) had it as an aural thing first and worked then for months to get the words right. This fits your Rock'n'Roll theory at least a bit Mod., I assume.
Facecrime is Wrongthink
Sunday - January 15th 2023 7:30PM MST
PS O/T-Reading about CCP company that will reap Inflation Reduction act shekels with a solar panel factory in the former USA and the Caller is Daily. (honk, honk)

@ Safe,

She is hoping in time that her memories will fade.

(Cake-The Distance)
Sunday - January 15th 2023 6:44PM MST

I came of age during the 60s, and my brain seems to have wired itself to
the music of that era. I listened to the REM. I diligently listen to everything Mr. moderator posts, and commenters recommend, but popular music newer than my wiring-era just fails for me. And, it seems to work both ways.

Thanks for the H.S.-Sweetheart memory, Moscow. I love H.S. Sweetheart stories (even when they are poignant).
Dieter Kief
Sunday - January 15th 2023 5:30AM MST

Ok Alarmist, Cahors is north of Toulouse & not really northern - at the southern ouskirts of the Massive Central.
But all in all too northern, too windy, too far away from the sea, too high 'n' rough for wine. So: The (smallish) valleys do the heating trick.
The Alarmist
Sunday - January 15th 2023 1:44AM MST

Oh, I thought it was “Exhuming McCartney.”,resize:640x,quality:90x75/images/63a4209586e6140cc7f7238c24c02001804943ed2685ef9d003d8dcf5f9bb996_1.jpg

Did you know that most lab mice have longer telomeres than wild mice, which biases research conducted on them, because it makes them more prone to tumors of just about any kind, which is why research finds everything causes cancer in lab mice, but it also makes them rather resilient to anything that doesn’t outright kill them, which is why way too many pharmaceutic products test as safe in lab mice, but go on to injure and kill humans?

Isn’t Cahors north of Toulouse? Not very northern.
Dieter Kief
Sunday - January 15th 2023 12:28AM MST
Cahors is a rather northern and a bit higher up small (!) but very interesting central French red-wine vine region. Chalk rock soil in small & winding river valleys. Once been there with a 50 hp Ford Fiesta in a shadowy blue, long ago, drank that, loved it - since then my favorite.
Julio Cortazar portays this region in his miraculous novel Rayuela about post-war France, existentialist US Jazz + art fans, all night debates in Paris and political exilants from Argentina (his home country) - and from anywhere else too.- A political refugee who loved the country he fled to with all his heart - the French loved him back - not least his novels and essays.
Saturday - January 14th 2023 11:15PM MST
PS: I should know your references, but which city are you talking about in which you saw their great show, Mr. Starbucks? Was this in Athens?
Moscow Green Zone Starbucks
Saturday - January 14th 2023 10:11PM MST
PS Murmur is the greatness and I went to this show back in the day before the 3Com Alpha Bits Tidy Bowl Sport und Spiel stadium was demolished to be replaced by some gigantor airplane hanger looking monstrosity.
Throwing Muses opened which was a huge treat for HS sweetheart.
We moved up during their show as many seats were still open closer to the stage.
I was raised on metal and rock n' roll but it was a great show.
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