Exhuming McCarthyism - Part 2: Kevin McCarfthy

Posted On: Saturday - January 14th 2023 3:57PM MST
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I will insert something here that was meant to be in Part 1. That picture on top came from an '18 Politico article by one Michael Kruse titled Trump’s Strange Tweet About Joseph McCarthy. It has the subtitle "People who have actually studied the disgraced Wisconsin senator describe a man who bears similarities to some of the president’s most notable attributes.".

Haha! Politico writer Kruse brings up the showman personality angle, but even that doesn't really fit what I've been reading about Joe McCarthy. From what I've read he worked hard at his task and buckled down like Donald never could. Donald Trump could never have focused enough to read Blacklisted by History either for that matter, if he reads ANY books at all!

Peak Stupidity has exhumed the term McCarthyism - well it hasn't been buried, so the analogy doesn't quite fit - we've examined it, and the term is a 70-year-duration LIE. Since it's out there, you know, on wikipedia* and all, could we reuse it for someone else? He may as well be named McCarthy. How about this guy?

Instead of asking "Have you no decency, Sir?", we Conservatives demand "Have some damned decency toward Americans, Sir, or we'll be voting you down till the cows come home!"

There was the story recently of the 15 voting attempts it took to get this Kevin McCarthy back into his Speaker of the Houseship. I did some reading on this guy. Man, talk about wikipedia again, even though I'm no fan of Kevin McCarthy, I still had to wade through the very obvious bias.** This California GOP US Congressman (Bakersfield area) is a politician at heart and an unprincipled squish. I wouldn't trust him, but then lots of the Conservative political world knows not to either. VDare's Peter Brimelow, on this most existential issue, wrote Kevin McCarthy, Former Chamber Of Commerce Amnesty Booster, Forced Into Immigration Patriotism, Sort Of .

I don't keep up with these people, but I did read a few items about those 15 vote attempts, as Congressman McCarthy was forced to promise policy stances in order to finally get his gavel. Matt Gaetz*** and others were part of this. Can they get Kevin McCarthy to keep his promises? I don't know, if someone else has a better offer ... donor, Blue-squad or Deep State blackmailers, who knows?

Rather than depend on forcing decency on a guy who doesn't have so much, couldn't they have gotten someone actually decent up there?

Imagine if Peak Stupidity and its followers (and, oh yeah, about 1 million times as many other people) would all start using a new, Kevin-based definition of McCarthyism, such as:

Legislating based on threats of removal by the honest, decent and non-squishy members of one's political party.
Let McCarthyism be defined with respect to Congressman Kevin, not Senator Joe, and let's quit supporting that 70 y/o lie about the latter.

Well, we're big REM fans here at Peak Stupidity, but it helps in that we don't take lyrics too seriously. That 1970s-'90 rock band from Athens, Georgia had some great music. In general the trend from this band was that the better sound was in the songs in which Michael Stipe's lyrics were least intelligible, the entire aptly-named Murmur album being Exhibit A. It's not that his voice isn't a PART of that great sound, it's just that nobody needs to know what he's on about to appreciate the sound.

Exhuming McCarthy is from REM's 5th album Document from 1987.**** It does have a very good hook in the chorus about "You're sharpening stones, walking on coals, to improve your business acumen." That complete bit about "Have you no decency?" can be heard faintly at ~ 02:05 into the song. Was the the real recording? Stipes "Exhuming McCarthy" repeated line at the end is backed with "Meet me at the book burning", yet yet another lie, spread here by dupe Michael Stipe. I'm pretty sure Peter Buck (guitars), Mike Mills (Bass), and Bill Berry (drums) couldn't have given a damn about Mr. Stipe's point. It's the sound. (In the many dozens of times I listened to this song during that era, I never once caught either the "no decency" harangue or the "Meet me at the book burning" bit.)

Speaking of that sound, this song sounds just a little bit too much like Pop Song '89 from the band's Green album. I should say it the other way around, as Pop Song '89 was released a year later than Exhuming McCarthy, in 1988. I'll embed it soon.

PS: Wikipedia does not give the reader a good impression of Kevin McCarthy, which tends to provide a big point in his favor. For example they don't like that:
On September 17, 2020, McCarthy voted against House Resolution 908 to condemn racism against Asian-Americans related to the COVID-19 pandemic. He said the resolution was "a waste of time", and "At the heart of this resolution is the absurd notion that referring to the virus as a Wuhan virus or the China virus is the same as contributing to violence against Asian Americans."
It IS absurd. That's exactly what I'd say! (Though, personally, I like "Kung Flu" and "Flu Manchu", but that's quibbling....) McCarthy comes across pretty well on a lot of issues, but I can see his wimping out on some of them in various places. He's not trustworthy.

* Thank you for your efforts there, Adam Smith!

** Example "McCarthy supported Trump's false denial of Biden's victory and participated in efforts to overturn the results,[7][8]..." Yes, like that's a fact, huh? I'll just find the facts I need for the post, and step over your BS, wiki.

*** US Congressman from the Florida panhandle.

**** My favorite off of that album by far was It's the end of the world (as we know it)

Sunday - January 15th 2023 1:01PM MST
PS Even if the Repubs prevent the Dems from passing any new legislation during the next two years (and that’s by no means certain), the Dems will keep enforcing existing legislation (when it suits them), and they’ll enact whatever is really important to them by means of executive orders and bureaucratic pronouncements. The Dems will be back in total power as of JAN 20, 2025, and we’ll be off to the races again.
Saturday - January 14th 2023 11:18PM MST
PS: Thanks, Adam. I'll read up (your 2nd link.)

I'll put that URL to the .pdf of the book in the review post too
Adam Smith
Saturday - January 14th 2023 7:10PM MST
PS: Greetings, Mr. Moderator,

Don't know why I didn't do this under the first post...

Blacklisted By History (.pdf)

(Ya know, in case anyone else would like to read it.)

Never heard Exhuming McCarthy before...

Happy Saturday! ☮
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