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Posted On: Thursday - January 12th 2023 8:32AM MST
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It's been almost 5 years since Peak Stupidity mulled over our Thoughts from the coffee shop .... In that post, and one 3 weeks later, Starbucks vs. the Viennese Kaffeehaus, we disparaged the young Millennials who spend lots of time at these place, some like young budding Communists, slamming their first on the table as they rail on the bourgeoisie. (Honestly, they don't know how to spell "the bourgeoisie" any more than I do, so it's "the White patriarchy!" now.)

That's about the time I started meeting some friends at, yeah, the coffee shop, about twice a week. I sure didn't want to support Starbucks, but then the other one near this location is run by a lefty Kung Flu Panicker (the only time it came close to blows). This is actually not much support of Starbucks on my part, as I am not a coffee drinker and the occasional hot chocolate I get is not good for me. My wife has the healthy concoctions that I bring now. (My friends purchase a few things.)

Businessman Howard Schultz didn't start the Starbucks coffee shop chain*, but he made it into the biggest vente latte cappuccino-sipping empire. Apparently, a lot of people in a lot of places have lots of money to throw away on fancy concoctions based on coffee.**

In this Crony Capitalist system of ours, Big Biz Big Shots have got to get along with Big Government. It goes both ways: Make sure tax laws are favorable to your Big Biz and that the regulations hurt your small competitors more than your outfit. Government wants different things from Big Biz. Lately, it's been the globohomo agenda and the workness that Big Biz has been complying with in order to please Big Gov.

When it really came down to it, on the black worshipping requirements, Howard Shultz not only offered no pushback, but he double down on the stupid. It was only a couple of months (in '18) after our coffee shop posts that Starbucks came under the racial worship limelight. A couple of black guys pulled a Rosa Parks - just as with her seat on a city buy, this was a set up too. Set up or no set-up, if you don't buy anything, and you are being nothing but a pain in the ass, the store has every right to kick you out.

That strange concept may have been adhered to somewhat back then, but with the usual coddling of the average precious black troublemaker. However, the culprits were NOT OK with a gift card and an apology though. A big, but short-term anti-White movement was ginned up. Peak Stupidity does not have a post directly about the big brew-haha that resulted after the 2 guys were kicked out of that one Starbucks. We do have a post Starbucks - fake coupons and raising hell about the aftermath, with links to Steve Sailer posts on the story.

The cowardly Howard Schultz did not back up his employees. He went the other way, lambasting the practice of trying to run a thug-free, vagrant-free operation. He pushed it even further. Was that to get in REAL GOOD with the US Gov't, or because he really is a worthless cuck?. In the manner of Mao's Red China during their Cultural Revolution 55 years ago, Mr. Schultz implemented an afternoon long struggle sessions for all employees, closing the stores for it. Peak Stupidity reported Nationwide 10,000-Store Barista-Based Synchronized Struggle Session a Success!

Because he didn't back up his own employees, this is what Howard Shultz caused poor baristas to have to deal with:

Therefore, the manager of our local Starbucks is really careful about kicking out any black troublemakers in the store. He usually calls some local cop. Some of his younger blue-haired, nose-ringed Millennial baristas wouldn't even know how to think about this.

However, it's not been enough. There WAS a Starbucks in a primo spot right downtown. It had quite a big of indoor seating and some outdoor seating. There were vagrants hanging out to the point of too many customers getting bothered and worried, business fell off, and the place closed down within the last year. But that's better than getting the black kids angry™. People can go somewhere else... like the one we go to...

Except they have removed the outdoor seating where we usually hung out, due to some fight in there - I'm just guessing who was involved. There is not much indoor seating, and the one big table that can seat 8 or very-tightly 10 is half-dominated by a black guy who buys nothing and plays a board game all morning. He's not a troublemaker by any means, but that's still a loss of sit-down business. If it were a White guy, I'm betting he'd have been told to take it elsewhere or buy something long ago.

I'm not sure if this one will stay open if they have to operate without the outside tables. Then again, maybe the pick-up business is their business model now - I don't think that's been the idea in the past though. Heckuva job, Schultzie!

Or, coffee drinkers can make this stuff at home. Sorry, this one is TOO FUNNY to not repeat. (Learn about The Verismo home-brewing system by Starbucks.)

PS: Howard Schultz has not gotten a clue from all this. Here's a recent article: Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz: We will hire 10,000 refugees". First went the manufacturing jobs, then the white collar jobs, now the barista jobs ... They DO NOT LIKE US.

* He'd worked at a Starbucks in Seattle as early as 1982, but he started his own coffee shop, Il Giornale, which merged with Starbucks in the mid-'80s. At least one Starbucks had been around since 1971.

** That doesn't explain the purple and green drinks though...

Friday - January 13th 2023 12:02PM MST
PS “Should know better”. Sure, a lot of things should be, but aren’t. Fortunately, my experience of corporate America is slight, but I saw it. Hiring AAs to do what was in fact real intellectual analysis. None of them could do it, even the one with the Harvard degree. One screw-up cost them millions. I was a line supervisor, so I was close to it. I’m not sure other line supervisors saw it. Maybe I saw it because I’ve always been something of a realist. What the upper management saw or didn’t see, I don’t know, but they kept on doing the same thing.
Friday - January 13th 2023 6:09AM MST
PS: Yes, I was pretty sure of this, Adam. Alarmist, can you tell us what race or ethnicity you used?
Friday - January 13th 2023 6:08AM MST
PS: SafeNow, I was buying one of their big hot chocolates every other time for while. I decided to go more healthy, so I don't do that much. Nah, I don't buy a small coffee to put a cup in front of me, as this is a small place, and they know that my friends often purchase something. Most of the time, well we WERE, outside hardly ever taking up the last table. The inside doesn't have much seating, so in there, I should buy something more often.

Yes, was amazed that "Saturday Night Live" skit was on only just over a decade ago. It is indeed hilarious.
Friday - January 13th 2023 6:01AM MST
PS: "Go woke, go broke" is the way some people put, Alarmist. However, for some "industries", like Education, governments will prop them up no matter what.

That's a colorful and true picture of the situation "All your Documents".

Mr. Blanc, I can't be sure. In my business, I really think they should know better. They do see what goes on, and they see which employees cause problems - they do want thing to go smoothly, if nothing else, for their bonuses.
The Alarmist
Thursday - January 12th 2023 5:23PM MST

The only reason I identified as AA in B-School was because doing a Dolezale was easier than doing a Schultz in NYC. It’s a small club, and we ain’t in it.

Adam Smith
Thursday - January 12th 2023 3:15PM MST
PS: Lol...

Verquonica. A larger, non-functioning machine...

Thanks! ☮
Adam Smith
Thursday - January 12th 2023 3:08PM MST
PS: Howard Schultz?

Every. Single. Time.

Thursday - January 12th 2023 2:58PM MST

Mr. Moderator, when you bring your healthy concoction, do you also buy
a Starbucks item to place in front of you, just sitting there? Sort of a rental fee for hanging-out. I understand the dilemma because I would not want to support Starbucks either. This resonates for me because I did a similar thing once, Mrs. SafeNow busted me for it, and I realized she was correct. The place was not Starbucks, it was an OK place, and I should have bought something. Anyway a hearty thanks to you for posting that Verismo, it is fantastic, I had never seen it.
Thursday - January 12th 2023 1:36PM MST
PS I’m pretty sure that much of the corporate management adherence to Wokeness is due to True Belief rather than sucking up to the Feds.
All Your Documents Are Belong To Us
Thursday - January 12th 2023 1:30PM MST
PS I can pick up some of that swill with a coupon or if it is in the manager's close out section as the coffee prices keep climbing just like everything else.
Let the young comrades gather to be meme fodder as they post against the machine from Starbucks on a $2000 MacBook.
Unique just like everyone else and if they had an original thought outside of the hive they would recoil in terror.
No extra charge on spit when the replacements are the workforce.
Some of them know they are here to replace and are growing surly even with the yellow $1000 ribbons littering the parking lot.
O/T-Classified documents are a construct of the white male patriarchy? Honk, honk!
The Alarmist
Thursday - January 12th 2023 9:55AM MST

Meh, a couple closed branches here and there are mere collateral damage in the war for social justice.

BTW, in the days of Peak Starbucks, I saw branches within a block or two of one another.
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