Ann Barnhardt: A kinder, gentler Fanatic

Posted On: Saturday - December 31st 2022 5:22PM MST
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Peak Stupidity featured a serious but occasionally humorous video of former cattle-futures trader Ann Barnhardt* almost 6 years ago**, in which she railed on Islam and Lindsey Graham and others who acquiesce to its rise in formerly Christian America. That post is here. Then, by 5 years later, Peak Stupidity had clean forgotten and featured the video again in this post (which is about another story too).

Commenter Robert reminded me about Miss Barnhardt's site recently, and then I saw she had the same cartoon I put below that I'd seen linked to by Instapundit. Though I would call her a Fanatic too, as opposed to pundit Andrew Anglin, I like Miss Barnhardt's style and principles.

She's extremely religious, and her view is that Catholicism is THE ONLY Christianity. That doesn't mean that she thinks any more of the Commie So-called Pope Francis than Peak Stupidity does. She believed that the recently deceased Pope Benedict was still the real Pope (till now, I guess). She writes about biblical matters and religious history that I can barely follow. She rants about some of the Genderbender and Feminist stupidity that we do here too.

What I like about Ann Barnhardt is that she stands on principle. As much as she doesn't want Islam in this country, she'd stand up for the right of those here to practice their religion, with the knowing they will end up in hell. The subject of the video by her that I liked so much was the Moslems telling us that we can not make jokes about their religion, IN AMERICA. I still get a chuckle out of her using those strips of bacon as bookmarks to mark the pages she wanted to read from and burn... to show them and us that she had every right to.

Making that video was a brave thing, and Ann dared any outraged Jihadists to come get here, showing them her AR-15 on video!

That all said, Miss Barnhardt has a sense of humor too, as she embedded the "Daily Stupid"-style front page shown below. What a different character than Andrew Anglin she is. It's good that Mr. Anglin is able to write what he does, and some of it must enlighten people. It's not bad to have fanatics like him, but I'm still not impressed by his ways. Ann Barnhardt is one of the good fanatics. She's kinder, if not gentler too - not so sure on the latter were one a Jihadist on her front lawn.

I'll have to keep up with her site more.

* I think that's why she's got the .biz as her top-level domain, from her previous use of her URL for her business.

** The video was from 5 years before our post.

[Updated 01/02:]
Added one sentence about the late Pope Benedict.

with love from Van Helsing
Monday - January 2nd 2023 11:24PM MST
PS Liberalism is really piecemeal socialism, and socialism always attacks three basic social institutions: religion, the family, and private property. Religion, because it offers a rival authority to the state; the family, because it means a rival loyalty to the state; and property, because it means material independence of the state.

Joseph Sobran
Sunday - January 1st 2023 4:39PM MST
PS: I used to read "The Other McCain", Mr. Blanc. I'm pretty glad he's "The Only McCain" now. I'll keep that in mind.

MRC, I'll have to visit her site regularly. Without comments, I won't spend as much time as in some other places.
Meme Redistribution Collective
Sunday - January 1st 2023 12:36PM MST
PS I stop by there just to steal her memes and the hello Kitty AR is still hot after all these years.
Sunday - January 1st 2023 11:56AM MST
PS It might be prudent to keep in mind Stacy McCain’s constant warning: Crazy people are dangerous.
The Alarmist
Saturday - December 31st 2022 7:33PM MST

Literally doing God’s work ;)

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