The Extreme Weather Events will continue until morale improves

Posted On: Friday - December 30th 2022 2:17PM MST
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Anthony Watts has been publishing his Watts Up with That? blog for over 16 years now. Back when I cared to argue about this stuff, I'd occasionally read some of his many posts, which argue with calm science and reason against the hyperbolic and wrong predictions of the Climate Alarmists.

At this point, I'm pretty sure that Greta and the Alarmists (great name for a band, BTW) only care about the Climate Calamity™ for its political control aspects. They don't want to discuss Science.

Therefore, the only way to deal with them is to ridicule them and just say no. "No, I'm not going the sell my El Camino!" "No, I won't quit burning the old pecan tree in my fireplace!" "No, we will not sit here and freeze in the dark!"

In the meantime, as we enter this warming period, it is finally OK for me to stop running the taps at night to keep the pipes from freezing*. It could have been a real calamity.

* Granted, it's pretty precautionary, as I insulated most of them long ago. OTOH, they won't let us have the light bulbs we need. Adam Smith, if you can't get the ones you want, let me know.

Saturday - December 31st 2022 11:20AM MST
PS: I sure hope your talking Celcius, Mr. Blanc.
Saturday - December 31st 2022 10:47AM MST
PS I’ve lived most of my life in places with that sort of winter. We’re planning on spending our remaining winters in a warmer clime. However, it appears that today it might actually be as warm back in our Chicago suburb as it is here in our southern California hideout*. And, although we can escape the winter, our house can’t. So, we have to have someone check the house every week or to see that the pipes haven’t frozen. And start the cars so that they don’t permanently seize up.

It’s still a net plus. Over Christmas, when it was below zero there, it was eight here.
Adam Smith
Friday - December 30th 2022 8:27PM MST
PS: Good evening, everyone!

Thank you for the light bulb offer, Mr. Moderator...

So... I found some light bulbs at the local walmart...
72 watt halogen. (100 watt equivalent.)
2 bucks for a 4 pack... I bought 4 packs, (already had one)...
20 new light bulbs to warm the pipes under the house... (Should last a little while. Few years even.)


Eggs were expensive yesterday...
$7.32 = 18 eggs.

Not fancy eggs. Not free range eggs. Not organic eggs.
$7.32 for 18 eggs = "That's just what eggs cost now.*"

*I know because I asked the nice cashier girl for a price check. And, I returned to the egg section and checked the prices after I loaded the groceries in the car...

$7.32 for 18 eggs‽ (Wow...)(That's 65 cents per egg after tax‽)

I guess my egg budget just doubled. (Because prices. Because Strong Dollar™. Because Helicopter Money. Because reasons. or something‽)

I am the walrus! Goo goo g'joob!

The Alarmist
Friday - December 30th 2022 8:25PM MST

Resting Bitch Face.

“Goo goo ga joob.”
— Humpty Dumpty, just before his great fall.
Friday - December 30th 2022 5:35PM MST
PS: Al Gore independently predicted the same thing here. Must be a programming error in the model they've been using. Probably an intern ...

Eggwoman or Walrus, one ... coo, coo, catchoo! What is RPF though, Alarmist?
The Alarmist
Friday - December 30th 2022 3:08PM MST

Yes, I remember the BBC tellng us back in The Aughts that London had seen its last snow storm.

I’d be the bassist in that band if I could stand her RBF, because she’d draw a crowd, but I can only take so much. She’s the Walrus, dammit!

Planetary wobble and other cyclical orbital eccentricities could have us in the next ice age by the 2030s, unless those retards releasing chemtrails tip us into it earlier.
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