CCP steps off, Pekingese hardest hit

Posted On: Saturday - December 24th 2022 6:25AM MST
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The CCP stepped off, if I may, from their asinine Covid~Zero program. This was due to worry about 10's or 100's of million Chinamen all raising hell in solidarity, not due to any new scientific findings out about the effects of the remains of the Kung Flu.

That the protests have quelled due to the people getting the CCP to actually back down doesn't mean that the brave Chinese people who were out front and captured in the Chinese panopticon* won't be severely punished. I wish the best for these Political Prisoners, as I do for our 900 in the dungeons of Washington, FS.

The "news" out of China is that, instead of brave Chinamen, it's the Kung Flu that is running rampant right now. Peking is said to have lots of Kung Flu hospitalizations and deaths. I do not believe much so very much of this. Just as we learned from the 1st go-around, at the very beginning of '20, when Chinamen were supposedly dropping dead in the streets of Wuhan, Chinese MSM news is even less trustworthy than that in America. Yes, that is saying a lot!

As bad as our Lyin' Press is, we still (for now) have other sources we can go to. In China, there is no pulling up the Chinese version of the Corbett Report. One cannot pull up youtube in China, Mr. Ker Biet would be languishing in prison, and the videos would be blocked on every social media program around.

Back to this story, yes, I have heard from my source that there is lots of illness in Peking. I don’t know how bad it is, but I do wonder if the story's in Peking because that’s where the CCP can best control the narrative.

Is Fox News any better than the official Chinese news sources? In my opinion, still yes. One Peter Aitken reported just this morning (Christmas Eve in China) that China estimates 250 million people caught COVID-19 since end of 'zero-COVID' policy. He reports:
Sun Yang, a deputy director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, presented the figures during a closed-door meeting of high-level officials, according to the Financial Times. The figure, which accounts for 18% of the population, includes 37 million people who were infected on Tuesday alone.

Sun reported that the rate of infection continues to rise and that more than half the population of Beijing and Sichuan have already been infected, two people familiar with the matter said.
One could speculate that because the Chinese people have been forced under duress to avoid these virus variants for most of a year, they have lost immunity to the latest ones. Does that mean millions and millions will die .. YES, of course, but FROM the latest Kung Flu? Pshawww.. Well, but:
"There’s been so many people dying," said Zhao Yongsheng, a funeral worker, who estimated that his shop burned between 20 and 30 bodies a day. "They work day and night, but they can’t burn them all."

A Reuters witness saw a line of about 40 hearses waiting to enter a parking lot outside a crematorium to carry away 20 coffins. Staff wore hazmat suits and smoke rose from multiple furnaces, but it remains unconfirmed – though likely – that the deaths resulted from COVID-19.
Yeah, but:
China also moved to narrow the definition of what qualifies as a COVID-related death, which will reduce the public death tally. Officials reported only eight such deaths since Dec. 1.
8, OK, that's not that many in a country of 1,400,000,000. Also who is this "China" of which he speaks? I assume that's the Central Government, aka CCP. This is surprising, because I figured this whole new crisis is an "I told you so!" effort to steer the narrative back on course. Could they have more integrity than our "expert" officials?

BTW, Fox pushes the vax, Chinese version (maybe it IS more effective? Is it safe? That's not a Chinaman's question to decide.):
The deaths prompted nationwide protests and a demand for the government to end the policy, which Beijing agreed to do – but the sudden change and lack of preparation, including inadequate vaccination levels, led to a surge in the infection rate.
250 million, per the article, is up toward 20% of the population. Are they all going to die soon? Nah, but let's keep that PanicFest going - there's viewers to hook, money to be made, and a population to control.

Oh, finally, here you go:
Washington and the World Health Organization have pushed Beijing for greater transparency regarding case numbers, disease severity and other health numbers.
"When you point your finger cause your plans fell through, you've got three more fingers pointing back at you, yeah!"**

* If you don't believe it IS something like that, I urge you to find Kai Strittmatter's book We Have Been Harmonized - our 4 part review: Part 1 - - Part 2 - - Part 3 - - and Part 4.

** I won't keep posting the song, but this line is from one of my favorite, but obscure, Dire Straits songs, called Solid Rock. No, Mark Knofler didn't make up the expression, but it's backed by SOLID ROCK!

Monday - December 26th 2022 8:58AM MST
PS: Thanks for the advice on the Lingonberries, Mr. Smith. That sounds like something our family could use. It might even help my Bette Davis knees.
Sunday - December 25th 2022 6:48PM MST

Thanks! I had no idea that lingon had such properties. You’re correct as to their taste.

God Jul! (Merry Christmas)
Adam Smith
Sunday - December 25th 2022 8:16AM MST
PS: Julaftonfest sounds delicious, Mr. Ganderson!

Glad you're feeling better. Hope your son feels better soon.

I don't know how accurate a home covid test is, but I hear that the anthocyanins found in lingonberries are a SARS‐CoV‐2 inhibitor...

Lingonberry is also used for urinary tract infections, kidney stones, gout, heart disease and as an antiseptic, among other things. I've never tasted lingonberries, but it sounds like they are a little smaller and a bit tastier than cranberries. They sound great!

Merry Christmas, Mr. Ganderson!

Sunday - December 25th 2022 7:55AM MST
Goodness me, could it be Industrial Disease? Let me check to see if I have Bette Davis knees...

Feeling much better today, although #2 son has succumbed- he had to come all the way from China to get it!
Sunday - December 25th 2022 7:55AM MST
Goodness me, could it be Industrial Disease? Let me check to see if I have Bette Davis knees...

Feeling much better today, although #2 son has succumbed- he had to come all the way from Chia to get it!
Saturday - December 24th 2022 8:16PM MST
PS: That would be perfect, Al. It's one of my favorites. Perhaps someone or I could write up a parody one for the Kung Flu, a couple of years too late, but ...
Al Corrupt
Saturday - December 24th 2022 7:14PM MST

If you’re going to use a Dire Straits song, I believe Industrial Disease is more appropriate to the situation.
Saturday - December 24th 2022 1:47PM MST

Julafton = Christmas Eve
Fest= party

Meatballs, creamed cod roe, lingonberries, potato and anchovy casserole (Jönssons Frestelse) Swedish potatis sausage, Akvavit, herring…..

I wasn’t really trying to beat the test - I am actually sick. These days though, any flu or cold symptoms means you have the Vid; or at least that’s what people think.
Saturday - December 24th 2022 1:21PM MST
PS: I didn't know one could HAVE a Julaftonfest, much less cancel one, Mr. Ganderson. (I.e., I'd never heard of that.)

I know how to cheat these tests easily to get a negative, not that this is your goal, but otherwise I don't know enough about them to help you out with my Big Bad Brain. Could you go to the drugstore for a cheap or free one for a 2nd opinion?

Merry Christmas to you, sir!
Saturday - December 24th 2022 10:48AM MST

MY niece….
Saturday - December 24th 2022 10:47AM MST
Somewhat OT for you all: I’m currently down with some kind of virus- stuffy nose, coughing, headache, low grade fever. Sadly we had to cancel our annual Julaftonsfest, and Mu niece, who’s staying with us is freaking out. To be fair to her she has some immune system problems so….

Anyway I took a home Covid test that came back positive - any of you big brains here have a sense of how accurate these tests are? The paranoid conspiracy theory guy in me thinks they might be rigged to come up Covid pos, but I dunno. Mr. Mod? Mr. Hail? Herr Dieter? Anyone else?

Oh, and Merry Christmas everybody!
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