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Posted On: Tuesday - December 20th 2022 7:06PM MST
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Well, damn close, anyway, luckily!

Peak Stupidity has railed against the massive attempt to make the Covid-19 gene therapy , errr, vaccines mandatory for Americans. As for the jabs themselves on a personal level, I was not about to take one even before my seeing/hearing of multiple instances of health problems from them in people I know.

However, this site is not into statistics and data reporting. Suffice it to say that I don't mind if people find out the hard way, so long as it's been their own decision. The video clip below if of a Comedienne who seems to have not only made her own choice in this matter but decided to brag about it.

With no further adieu, here's some crank named Heather McDonald at The Improv. This one starts out funny but kind of goes downhill. Physical comedy can be difficult, and it's more difficult when you're jabbed.

"Thank you, thank you! I'll be here - in the ICU - all weak. Don't forget to show your insurance card. Try the saline!"

I know this is almost a year old. My wife just showed it to me last night though.

The Alarmist
Wednesday - December 21st 2022 12:50PM MST

“Sure, the jump ended in the skydiver’s unfortunate death when he struck the ground with an unopened canopy, but on average the jump was a success.”

I’m old enough to remember when a Dolly Parton was a bad thing.
Dieter Kief
Wednesday - December 21st 2022 12:48PM MST
Social psychology has that to offer for cases like hers Mod.: Optimists suffer more - but are on average happier. Life is life (means: No easily solved problem).
Dieter Kief
Wednesday - December 21st 2022 12:10PM MST
Alarmist bc. eugippius: Hard to tell whether he changed much.
Here's wikipedia about the guy:

In 511 Eugippius wrote to Paschasius and asked his venerated and dear friend, who had great literary skill, to write a biography of St. Severinus from the accounts of the saint which he (Eugippius) had put together in crude and inartistic form. Paschasius, however, replied that the acts and miracles of the saint could not be described better than he had done by Eugippius.[1]

While at Naples, Eugippius compiled a 1000-page anthology of the works of St. Augustine and produced other scholarly works of high quality.

Eugippius' Severin-bio did lots of good things with the years, btw. - it propelled not least the adoration of St. Xeverin in Cologne - still goin' strong!
Wednesday - December 21st 2022 10:46AM MST
PS: "It was her skull crashing into the stage that did the damage. No evidence at all that the vaxx was involved."

That's very much in agreement of what the skydivers will tell you. If both chutes fail you, it's not the fall from the remaining 2,000 ft that's gonna kill you. It's the ground that'll do it.

I liked your 2nd one too, Alarmist.

Thank you, thank you. I hope you'll be here all week...

The Alarmist
Wednesday - December 21st 2022 10:23AM MST

I missed the obvious joke:

Q: What was going through her head while picking on anti-vaxxers?
A: The floor.

Is it just me, or has Eugyppius shifted his Overton window a bit over the past couple years?
Dieter Kief
Wednesday - December 21st 2022 10:07AM MST
Just in from science-blogger eugyppius:

Cleveland study conducted to demonstrate the clinical effectiveness of the bivalent vaccines accidentally finds that the risk of Covid-19 infection increases with each prior vaccination (eugyppius.com)

Original -if not really intentional, I'd assume, quote from the study:

"We still have a lot to learn about protection from COVID-19 vaccination (...)"

The Alarmist
Wednesday - December 21st 2022 7:59AM MST

It was her skull crashing into the stage that did the damage. No evidence at all that the vaxx was involved.

Move along ... nothing to see here.
Wednesday - December 21st 2022 5:58AM MST
PS: Yeah, she was pretty tough, Dieter. OTOH, if she had gotten down on the floor while conscious, she may not have cracked her skull like that. She felt it coming, and maybe she HAD it coming. Weird timing, anyway.
Dieter Kief
Wednesday - December 21st 2022 4:27AM MST
True stage horse. She felt it coming, but soldiered on. - Impressive. - - - You don't want somebody like her as your enemy...
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