Tucker shouts out "Who killed the Kennedies?"

Posted On: Monday - December 19th 2022 7:13PM MST
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... when after all, it was you and me the C - I - A, planes, trees, and almost an Olds '88..." That Kennedy family is one accident- and incident- prone crowd, the men, at least. The ex-President himself's PT (Patrol Torpedo*) boat was rammed and sunk by a Japanese destroyer in the Solomon Islands in the summer of 1943. (wiki story) His older brother, Joe, Jr. was killed in a premature explosion on a converted B-24 "Operation Aphrodite"** mission near the North Sea coast of England the next summer. That's war for you, a terrible business.

Later on, one of the guys skied into a tree somewhere, and then there was the famous "John John", the late President's son (the toddler in the famous pictures from that day in 1963) who lost control of his Piper Saratoga in night VFR over water on the way into Martha's Vineyard. That one has been speculated to have been no accident. Though I don't discount the political scene (he was planning on running for that NY Senate seat that the Hildabeast got herself into, and you know how the Clintons can be), I also don't discount this type of accident as having happened as reported. It's one of the most common type General Aviation accidents.

I'd rather not discuss Teddy the U-Boat commander at all, but there is a pretty good movie about the Chappaquiddick incident that Peak Stupidity reviewed in our post Chappaquiddick, the movie, the man, and the manslaughter(?). Yes, there's been lots of drama and lots of trauma out of, and for, the Kennedy family over the years.

Now, the news from last week is that Tucker Carlson delivered the news - his opinion that's widely held - that John F. Kennedy's murder in Dallas, Texas November 22nd of 1963 did not happen per the official narrative anyone might have read over the last 59 years. Yeah, well, no kidding! The official narrative that it was the 2nd lone gunman who killed the 1st lone gunman who killed JFK with a couple of rifle shots and then died before he could say much about it is kind of far-fetched, far-far-fetched. We knew that, but Tucker at least reaches 3 million people (per Ron Unz here), as he says this out loud, and likely lots more via youtube. Speaking of youtube, here's the clip:

(I'm sure he's had lots more to say before this 7 minute clip, but I'm not sure what the deal is with the timing here.)

I can't even remember if I've seen the 3 decade old Oliver Stone movie, I did read one book about the assassination over 1 decade ago, so I am not the guy to have the details to say what really what and who was behind the murder of President Kennedy. However, what I can say is that it would be pretty coincidental if there HADN'T been Deep State, Communist, Israeli, or other big power behind it. There are so many people and entities that would have wanted Kennedy dead.

Back in the day when I figured his being a Democrat automatically made him a bad guy (pretty much the case now, but not then), I had nothing good to say about JFK. I've learned a lot since then. He was a staunch anti-Communist. He proposed tax cuts of 40%! (Not that this alone should piss anybody off, except for the Communists themselves ... wait...) President Kennedy wanted to keep the United States on sound money, per the US Constitution. (He may as well have been a John Bircher.) The Federal Reserve Board and all those "customers" of that "bank" probably weren't all too keen on the FED being terminated with prejudice though. Kennedy also didn't want to play ball with the Israelis regarding their nuclear arms program. There was also no love lost between Kennedy and the bastard Lyndon Johnson either.

One particular group of Communists who would have hated Kennedy were the Communist Cubans. They probably figured the Bay of Pigs fiasco (lack of promised air support was the problem) was not the last such attempt at getting rid of Castro.

Though it seems like they are an American Institution (that's where most of them truly belong anyway), the CIA spooks and screw-ups had only been around under that name for 14 years when John Kennedy became President. (That agency had been formed out of the remains of the wartime OSS then SSU/OSO, Wild Bill Donovan presiding.) Perhaps after the Bay of Pigs and other screw ups, Kennedy thought enough was enough with this agency and had plans to shut it down. It'd have been a different country now, had President Kennedy killed the CIA. However, the CIA was having none of that.

The CIA is where most of the fingers point to when analyzing the JFK assassination, one of them being Tucker Carlson's. I don't know.

About the Kennedy family in general and all their travails, I was not around during that Camelot era. I was really glad to see that these Kennedy worshipper holdovers into even the late 1990s at the time of JFK Jr's accident had given up on crowning these people a Dynasty. However, some say the murdered President was the last one to not be controlled by the Deep State. (Perhaps Reagan was taught a lesson, Ross Perot was scared by them and came back at 'em, and Trump was too stubborn - in a good way - to get the full lesson.) Tucker Carlson's "news" is not news to most Americans, but maybe his shouting it out is.

So now we know for certain who's NOT been running the country for the last 6 decades. Is that news you can use?

* The Mark 8 torpedos they had (in four tubes) were pretty worthless, per the wiki article, in regards to firing up and leaving their tubes, heading to the right spot, and exploding when there were supposed to.

** I'd never read about Operation Aphrodite before. It was a combination of manned flight first and remote-controlled flight next, using converted bombers - B-17s and B-24s - see here.

Sam J.
Saturday - December 24th 2022 12:18AM MST

I'm fairly positive I read Unz view on this. Unz has a lot of good stuff but he will lead you astray when it comes to the Jews. He goes to a certain level, then refuses to go any farther and starts using typical Jew tricks like selective information and flaky statistics. I'll give you a perfect example where he sidesteps, what I say, is a huge amount of circumstantial evidence that the Jews did covid to kill off the Chinese. He says, and another financial Jew says,(surprise), that the US released covid. Weak. I responded to this and to his credit he didn't censor it.

Unz said,

“…The problem the pro-China side faces is that if they avoid the biowarfare theory, they’re left with almost nothing plausible…”

My reply to Unz (some of what I commented here)


I forgot to mention the "Evidence of Revision" link is 6 parts...I know. I don't like videos usually because they drag on and I can read maybe 10 or more times faster but...it has some astounding stuff in it that would be tough to see. If you ever get enough curiosity up it’s well worth watching.
Thursday - December 22nd 2022 2:36AM MST
PS: Thank you for the Michael Collins Piper on-line, Sam, and for your take on the matter. This and the LBJ book are two that I'd like to get started on. I gotta say again that Ron Unz's take on this matter is very cautious and reasonable. (I don't know if you've read his "American Pravda" article on this.
Sam J.
Wednesday - December 21st 2022 1:31PM MST

I've looked at a lot of this and the very best of it is,

Michael Collins Piper has the best book on JFK. Probably why they killed him.


To find out who killed Kennedy just look at who benefited. Kennedy was going to destroy the CIA. The CIA was involved with the mob(Jews) to kill Castro. Kennedy was stopping Israel from building nukes and tracking down where they had stolen nuclear material from us. Kennedy released "silver certificates" making the dollar backed by USA silver instead of the Jew backed Federal Reserve. A Jew(mobster) killed the suspect said to have shot Kennedy, Oswald. Johnson, most probably a hidden Jew, moves into the Presidential spot where he allows Navy sailors to be murdered by the Jews in the Liberty massacre. What more do you need?

The Jews and the CIA killed Kennedy.

The best video on the Death of Kennedy is "Evidence of Revision". Watch it. You'll be amazed. It's a film made up only of first person news reports and interviews. There's no commentary at all. You can see for yourself what people said at the time and shorty after. A Man who collected Kennedy assassination information and video made it. He kept delaying but he was getting old, so he just put this together. It's where I first saw the Ruby video where Ruby says why he killed him, sorta. Lots of rare stuff you've probably never seen. It covers Kennedy, his brother and MLK at the end. It’s great stuff but the editing and weird music are a bit off. But to cut the guy some slack he had to put it together because he had so much video and health was failing. So he did the best he could.

I mean who killed Oswald the patsy, Jack Ruby (Rubenstein). Let's see for ourselves why Jack Ruby shot Oswald. It's on the EOR video Ruby himself telling you.


It's a 100% fact that there was more than one shooter. A House committee researched it and using police officers open mikes recorded at the scene found that the shots could NOT have come from one place because the timing of the shots was recorded and synced to where the different mikes were. It's 100% there was more than one shooter was a fact found and in the House committee official report.
Wednesday - December 21st 2022 6:19AM MST
PS: BTW, Mr. Hail, Ron Unz doesn't seem fixated on the LBJ conspiracy - he qualified that in one of his comments. He read that book that Mr. Smith so kindly stored on-line for us, and I think he's got a good memory for whatever details are in it.

Mr. Unz seems a lot more reasonable in his latest "American Pravda" articles and in his comments thereunder. I think it's his pet theory on the Kung Flu origin that has him rigidly trashing any detractors of it.
Wednesday - December 21st 2022 6:14AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, I agree on Johnson and GW Bush, that these years-later statements show them to not have been principled leaders. It's one thing to regret signing an amnesty bill as Reagan did later - he realized he'd been bamboozled on the deal he thought he'd had with the D's.

Johnson and GW Bush must have let years of press telling them otherwise get to them, not the mark of a good leader.

Trump though? He's not a good leader for other reasons... lots of them. Following Javanka is one. OTOH, he does stick to his guns as far as his goals - immigration control, draining the swamp etc, but that's not gonna happen when you hire Swamp creatures for listen to Javanka - just stupidity. I'll say this: He doesn't let the Lyin' Press tell him he was wrong, as were the cases you brought up with LBJ and Bush.
Wednesday - December 21st 2022 6:05AM MST
PS: "I wonder what definition of "nobody else" you had in mind when writing that: Cable-tv news-politics talkers? " I should have qualified that by "..on TV",which still somehow gives legitimacy for lots of Americans. There are 100's of thousand (guessing) of youtube channels too of course, some with quite big viewerships.
Tuesday - December 20th 2022 9:10PM MST

Re: Ron Unz's latest theory that Lyndon Johnson arranged the Kennedy assassination

I recently came across a shocking statement from Lyndon Johnson from 1971. He was out of office more than two years by the time, of course, succeeded by Nixon who was not yet being Watergated. I think the Johnson quote is from 1971 specifically. He was on a little apology tour. One of the things he stressed was that he deeply regretted making fun of the slogan "Black Power" in 1966. This caught press attention at the time.

In 1966 he had dismissed the then-new Black Power sloganeers and their slogan and told audiences that he didn't want Black Power and he didn't want White Power but wanted only "democratic power, with a small 'd'." Five years later (1971) he said this dismissal of Black Power caused him deep regret.

In other words, by implication Johnson was saying he now sided with the Black Power chanters in 1966, 1967.

I am reminded of George W Bush forty years later who in his post-presidency said his deepest regret was failing to save the lives of more Blacks during Hurricane Katrine and the most painful moments of his eight-year presidency were when Kanye West and others went on national TV saying "George Bush doesn't care about Black people!" This was the most hurtful moment of G W Bush's political career? That's what he said.

For White politicians to come up with things like this, I don't know...None of these people seem like real leaders. I don't think Nixon ever grovelled like that. I doubt very much if Eisenhower did. If Kennedy had lived, would he have? I think signs point to "yes." Dernald Blompf is also made of similar stuff, except he's rather more of a loudmouth about it. Both Blompf and Biden are totally kushnered into a quiet little corner where they wear a thick and bright dunce cap.
Tuesday - December 20th 2022 8:55PM MST

"I don't know completely what to make of Tucker Carlson, but he does bring out some big issues that nobody else wants to."

I wonder what definition of "nobody else" you had in mind when writing that: Cable-tv news-politics talkers?
Adam Smith
Tuesday - December 20th 2022 7:58PM MST
PS: You're most welcome, Achmed. ☮
Tuesday - December 20th 2022 6:23PM MST
PS: Thank you so much, Adam!
Adam Smith
Tuesday - December 20th 2022 5:20PM MST
PS: Good evening, everyone,

Mr. Moderator, I found two of these LBJ books by Phillip Nelson...

LBJ: The Mastermind of the JFK Assassination (2011)

LBJ: From Mastermind to “The Colossus” (2014)

I uploaded a copy of each to mediafire because the links above are from a source that I've never used before.



Cheers! ☮
Tuesday - December 20th 2022 12:09PM MST
PS: Right, M. Per the Stanton Evans book "Blacklisted from History", lots f the Communists he was trying to root out of the State Dept. came out of 3 WWII-time agencies. The OSS was one, and the 2 others I'd have to look up.

There were plenty of supposed patriots in these orgs too I'm sure, though not your Constitutionalists - just guys who liked the lifestyle of (some) danger and raising hell around the world for anti-Communism, I suppose... After the end of the Cold War there wasn't even much danger in it, with the sole superpower backing them up and the taxpayers' money to keep the party going.

Alarmist, Ron Unz in his latest "American Pravda" installment takes the view that LBJ was probably a big culprit. He mentioned a book "LBJ" by Phillip Nelson that I can't find at the local 'brary. (Hint, hint, Adam Smith!). There is just so much to not like about that guy!

(Unfortunately, in that article, Mr. Unz just had to link up this conspiracy to his Covid-19 origin theory - linked based on the idea of the people covering it up not necessarily being the culprits. That part is kind of interesting.)
The Alarmist
Tuesday - December 20th 2022 11:47AM MST

Richard Nixon to Roger Stone, who asked who killed JFK:

“Let me put it this way. Lyndon and I both wanted to be president. The difference was I wasn't willing to kill for it."
Tuesday - December 20th 2022 11:38AM MST
"It'd have been a different country now, had President Kennedy killed the CIA."

The big shots in the CIA came over from OSS and the other war agencies. McCarthy had just been shut up over the fact that it took a long time and much proof to fire them and then they just ended up moving sideways instead of out.

I don't think he would have been able to do it without executing them, which has its own problems.
Tuesday - December 20th 2022 11:14AM MST
PS: "There are always multiple messages coming through and some is intra-elite talk and others is akin to an Overton Window fittings service." Nice description, Mr. Hail. I do remember and re-read your previous comments on the strict scripting that does on with these talking heads.

I don't know completely what to make of Tucker Carlson, but he does bring out some big issues that nobody else wants to. In this case, it was just "tell me something I DON'T know", not necessarily about the CIA, just that, yeah, things are not as they seem per our High School history books.

SafeNow, I wonder if it was the fact that the original Kennedies, at least, JFK and is siblings were a large family - 9 of them! The parents will feel a lot more lenient and relaxed about their doings, as opposed to 1 or 2. Being filthy rich helps to allow one some interesting and maybe more dangerous hobbies too, but that'd be the same for all of these Dynastic families.
Tuesday - December 20th 2022 9:55AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, firstly, thanks for the additional links. I also had thought this as about another document dump with the usual important stuff redacted, but I couldn't remember that when I wrote.

Yes, this site is a bitch to search. That is mostly my fault. The posts are in a database, along with the comments, and though the web crawlers CAN find stuff in the comments (per Adam Smith's testing), it doesn't work very well at all. I could revamp the site, but my last thoughts about that were 5 years back. I'd need a couple of weeks - not so much to bring the site down but just because I wouldn't feel like doing both the software and the writing.

But, here you go:

"Is it time for more Armageddon movies?"



"CDC recommends Kung Flu vaccine be added to kids' "schedule""

Tuesday - December 20th 2022 7:09AM MST

Regarding “accident-prone family” it might stem from an upbringing, a family culture, of “what me worry?” There are of course many rich dynasty families, but these don’t seem to carry the Kennedy assumption of invulnerability. As Nimitz said, concluding his report on the Halsey Hurricane: It is foolish to be grudging about safety precautions for fear they might turn out to have been unnecessary.

Tuesday - December 20th 2022 6:55AM MST

"I'm sure (Tucker Carlson) had lots more to say before this 7 minute clip" ... "I'm not sure what the deal is with the timing here."

There was a release of documents on the either the morning of the day of broadcast or the previous day but a lot had portions redacted.
Tuesday - December 20th 2022 6:54AM MST

- Comments on Tucker Carlson's role -

Lately I have become more skeptical or wary of Tucker Carlson and his role than I've been ever since he re-invented himself in 2016. And I was never necessarily an uncritical fan.

What is the reason? If you want it in a word, it's probably Framing.

The one-word version inevitably sounds petty. I could write careful analyses based on his scripts. (It may be a "pro wrestling is fake" moment when one realizes every word he says is tightly scripted, worked through by a writing team, and read off the teleprompter.) I have already made such comments in Peak Stupidity comments. Sadly it's hard to find them again especially so long as Google is so bad and indexing Peak Stupidity.

The basic problem has to do with Framing and gate-keeping. He is not the radical critic as he is seen to be by many-a friend and foe alike. A large portion of his output is directed at fellow elites and a lot of his language is coded to appeal to them.

The art and guile of the TC writing team is to make this work whole also making it palatable and consumable by the large audience to sell MyPillows and health-supplements at the desired ad rate. There are always multiple messages coming through and some is intra-elite talk and others is akin to an Overton Window fittings service.
Tuesday - December 20th 2022 6:52AM MST

Tucker Carlson full-show no-commercial archive:



The Dec 15th 2022 edition with the opening monologue about the Kennedy assassination and CIA:


Other segments for the Dec 15 edition include: interview with New York Post right-wing columnist Miranda Devine on CIA involvement in Kennedy shooting, Russia-Ukraine war updates, report on how the alleged Russian shortages in stores were found to be untrue, the endless Migrant-dumping policy, Twitter censorship of Corona-critics, criticism of Republican National Committee spending, and some more.
Tuesday - December 20th 2022 4:53AM MST
PS: Those are the really powerful men, Adam, those who make money off of money.

Mr. Blanc, how could I forget the Cubans? I'll put that in. Oswald did have a lot of ties to Communists all over. Again, I don't pretend to know the answer, but lots of people/entities could have had a motive.
Monday - December 19th 2022 11:50PM MST
PS The Cubans wanted Kennedy dead, because the US government had been trying to kill Fidel Castro. The US failed to kill Castro, but the Cubans found sympathetic American to kill Kennedy for them.
Adam Smith
Monday - December 19th 2022 10:41PM MST
PS: Good evening, Mr. Moderator,

“President Kennedy wanted to keep the United States on sound money, per the US Constitution.”

I think this, ultimately, is what sealed his demise.

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