Why am I getting this letter?

Posted On: Friday - December 16th 2022 5:41PM MST
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This tidbit based on a comment of mine is mostly just curmudgeonry. We at Peak Stupidity haven't pampered ourselves with a rant under this topic key in a couple of weeks, so we deserve it. The IRS, in the meantime, deserves to be terminated with extreme prejudice. What's discussed here is not even close to the main reason though.

That's the top of a letter from the IRS, sent to our household a week or so. back. The envelope did not tell me that inside was nothing but an advertisement by one branch of the Feral Gov't about another. I took that out of the mail thinking, "Oh shit. How much money is this going to be or time that I've got to spend on the phone on hold or punching in keys even if it's not $20,000?!" I had an idea this might be a reply to my letter to them this past February instructing the nice IRS cube dwellers to look again for my last 2 tax returns.. Nope, they must have found them, left in a bathroom stall or something.

It was a big relief seeing that this IRS letter was nothing but an ad for Øb☭macare. However, this still pissed me off, as it used to do when the bank did this. I use to figure that something from the bank is important. If not my monthly statement, it might have been I screwed up or someone's screwing me up. As with the junk mail, I resent being suckered into opening it. The junk mailers have gotten pretty smart over the years, and this is their latest trickery, making you think you've got something really important to open.

Yeah, straight to the fireplace it goes*, but, OK, you got me, IRS! Feel better?

What's #SAD is that the US Gov't has gotten to sending junk mail to push people into other US Gov't programs using this trickery. OTOH, I can only hope that this is what those 87,000 additional agents were hired for.

This is the reverse side:

¿Why AM I getting this letter, Senor? I get free health care in los Roomo Emergencia y this eeess not my made-up SS numero.

* This one went to the scanner first.

Monday - December 19th 2022 8:14PM MST

Mr Mod- by now you’ve probably figured out that it’s a Dylan song. Garcia used to do it with his band in the late 80’s and early’90s.
Al Corrupt
Monday - December 19th 2022 7:30PM MST

It did sound like I was in a third world country last time I was in an ER.
Dieter Kief
Monday - December 19th 2022 1:15PM MST
Oh "Senor" Ganderson -

Well, the last thing I remember before I stripped and kneeled//
Was that trainload of fools bogged down in a magnetic field//
A gypsy with a broken flag and a flashing ring//
She said, "Son, this ain't a dream no more, it's the real thing"

An insurrection - German government declared - had been planned in German - öed by Prinz Reuß 13th - - -
and - still the government: the insurrectionists had a shadow government and in it a gypsy with supernatural powers (this is the self description of the gypsy) - which the insurrectionists wanted to become their Secret Service Chief.

I mean: If had would have had a wish free from Santa, and in some sort of vision, would have been able to forsee, what kind of pas-de-deux those pension-age insurrectionists & the government would - - - lay on the dancehall-floor, as a German saying goes - had I known all that in advance nd would I have been asked, whether i was willing to accept all that as a real Santa-Claus gift from the government - - - and would I have been told, that all that could only come true if I right now would accept it as my personal Santa Claus gift - - - - yours truly would not have been able to develop the inner strength necessary to reject this gift.

(Not least because it IS Dylanesque -if not Rimbaud-esk and or Baudelaire-esk altogether). - - - - (Holy Cows in// Saus & Braus!))
Monday - December 19th 2022 7:32AM MST
PS: Thanks, Adam.
Adam Smith
Sunday - December 18th 2022 3:07PM MST
PS: Here ya go, Achmed...


Sunday - December 18th 2022 11:54AM MST
PS: Who's the song by, Mr. Ganderson? (It it's the Dead, I'll feel terrible for not knowing it.)
Sunday - December 18th 2022 9:41AM MST
“Señor (Señor)
Señor (Señor)
Can you tell me where you’re heading
Lincoln County Road or Armageddon
Seems like I been down this way before
Is there any truth in that, señor?”
Saturday - December 17th 2022 12:40PM MST
PS: I saw that story on the Berlin Aquarium, TDCBSS. That's a new one! On the bright side, I know there've been some really good deals lately in the Chinese buffet restaurants in that same area of Berlin.
Saturday - December 17th 2022 12:35PM MST
PS: Yes, M, all in support of each other. It's not their money to spend.

CTW, I appreciate the comment. Some seniors can indeed be tricked into going with Juan to the ATM.

"Just had to place some misplaced mail belonging to the neighbor in their box.
Is that a crime? Care factor is zero."

I've seen everything off by one house, but only when it's not the regular guy but an AA hire. They're usually OK, but the one guy took it badly when I told him that nobody lived at the house (I just happened to see) that he had dropped off a package of medicine for. It would have sat there for a long time, and I wonder what the guy one block away where the package belonged was going to do.

No thank you came out of this mailman. "Yeah, we make mistakes", the guy said gruffly. "Quit doing that", I said.
The Devil Can Be So Stupid
Saturday - December 17th 2022 12:28PM MST
PS O/T-An 82 foot high cylindrical aquarium in a Berlin hotel lobby burst releasing 264,000 gallons of water and over 1000 tropical fish.
It contained salt water and was around 20 years old. (honk)
Two people hurt, 100 fire and EMT personnel responded.
I wonder if any WOKE comrades decided to set the fish free from their oppressive white male patriarchy construct? Honk!
Get ready for the year of the Clown.
Rachel Levine Sam Brinton 2024
Saturday - December 17th 2022 11:44AM MST
PS Just had to place some misplaced mail belonging to the neighbor in their box.
Is that a crime? Care factor is zero.
Red State will lock you up for mailbox baseball and throw away the key.

O/T-How about a Devo-Girl You Want update with Levine and Brinton with the bearded ladies cheerleaders.
Honk, honk!
Saturday - December 17th 2022 10:42AM MST
PS I see that I’m not the only one to see this as also a subsidy for the Postal Service.
Chongo's Taco Wagon
Saturday - December 17th 2022 9:30AM MST
PS Make work for the USPS unity comrades who are exempt from the experimental gene therapy.
Will there be enough room in the apparatchik nomenclatura doomsday bunker for everyone? (s/)
The callers are even worse and once caught an elder who is in decline due to booster mania brought on by living in the teevee delusion saying...you want me to ride with Juan to the ATM?
Saturday - December 17th 2022 8:40AM MST
Guess they have to have something for the Postal Service to deliver.
Saturday - December 17th 2022 5:52AM MST
PS: Ah, check that, Dieter, he IS in Bozeman.
Saturday - December 17th 2022 5:40AM MST
PS: "... at your own risk." Yeah, I think so, haha!
Saturday - December 17th 2022 5:38AM MST
PS: I've got the Alex Washburne* article "tabbed up" ready to read, Mr. Kief. it looks very readable from the beginning. Thank you very much.

-9C, that's what, 16 F or so? Yeah, we may see close to that, but I doubt we'll get that pretty snow here. It won't be long enough for any ponds to freeze up, and nobody knows how to ice skate anyway.

Yeah, being away from the hype in Montana (minus Bozeman, I guess) would give one a more Amish perspective.

* Funny how he couldn't get his URL (web address) in synch with the spelling of his last name... or an idea to keep a little confusion to help a bit on anonymity. (That's something I mentioned in the comments under a recent post - use slightly different spellings - if nothing else, one can see the trail of the salesmen, spammers, and scammers.
The Alarmist
Saturday - December 17th 2022 5:02AM MST

One of the top places for Brits to die is in the corridors of NHS hospitals, though they at least have the dececy to clear those of the ill and dying before video-recording the Dancing Nurses.

If the letter from the IRS doesn’t have “Important Tax Return Information Enclosed,” you can safely ignore it... at your own risk.
Dieter Kief
Saturday - December 17th 2022 3:31AM MST
UnsafeNow - it does not sound really safe, what you write about your "Roomo Emergencia" experiences. Huh?  PS

We had minus 9 Celsius at night at the Lake of Konstanz. Now it is sunny with lots of snow and sparkling ice on our apple and cherry etc. trees.
Woods are looking great - I'll be there in a second!

Access only for crazies (this is the foreword-warning to Steppenwolf by Hermann Hesse): Alex Washburne, substack about covid - incredible article, which shows in minute detail, where Ron Unz, Steve Sailer, Greg Cochran et. al. took the wrong turn (case fatality rates being a big obstacle for their ideas to be true).

But lots more in it! - Alex Wahburne says: 84 minute read- I took lots of notes, so I can't really tell, but 84 min. might well be the lower limit - just to warn the intellectually - snowflaky, hehehe (Rayuela-writer Julio Cortazar (great novel, btw. RAYUELA - it takes a full day to read though, hehe).
- Julio Cortazar once - - - those were the days in Paris 1965 ff.  called those shying away from bookish books like his the "little women readers" (Leserweibchen in German) -- - - .

Ahhh: For those crazy enough: Read Alex Washburne's article - join a Nobel-prize winner in doing so, gentleman! - Michael Levitt just tweeted me a cheerful thanks! for giving him a link to this very article!


(Alex Washburne wrote back to me asking me to spread the word about his article to friends & colleagues - soooo!)

Interesting: Washburne made a fortune in the Covid-process, because he early on identified it as a black swan event and invested with great ingenuity in the stock market following this insight. Hmhm.

- That is the sad part for those who think it never pays off to check how the hare is springing... sometimes it does (he tells this great story too - even a bit ashamed...).
He also writes about mountaineering and fishing in Montana and - rolling the dice in Vegas...Nice guy!

Btw. he says it helped him quite a bit to make sense of covid that he lived in rural Montana.  
Adam Smith
Friday - December 16th 2022 8:39PM MST
PS: Good evening, Mr. Moderator,

Yeah, they put the flame retardant in everything.
Wouldn't be surprised if it's in the cardboard.

Not too cold tonight (low of 34°) but the outside potted plants will have to come in for a couple nights starting tomorrow and then they can go back out for a few nights. (They really do prefer the fresh air and sunshine, even if it's a little cold.) It's the cold spell that starts on the evening of the 22nd (especially the 23rd through the 26th) that has me a little concerned.


9° on the night of the 23rd is unusually cold for us. (It hasn't been that cold here in years! Pretty much never happens. Even those teens are cold for us.) I already busted out the extra space heaters. (Might have to put an extra heater in the cat's house, though she never seems cold.) I will definitely have to drip the water on those cold nights. (The light bulb under the house helps, but not when it's that cold.)

Looks like it will be a cold Christmas unless the forecast is wrong. (Could be. Hope it is.)

Hope you and the Newman family are having a great evening!

Friday - December 16th 2022 7:50PM MST
PS: Yes, we have the fire going right now, Mr. Smith, but, alas, we won't get new mail till the morning. I think there's flame retardant in corrugate (aka, cardboard) nowadays, as it doesn't start fires like it used to.

I hope you have a nice fire going. The cold air is coming!
Adam Smith
Friday - December 16th 2022 7:37PM MST
PS: Good evening, Mr. Moderator,

In a few years, when you are old enough for Medicare, you will get one of these in the mail each year...


One hundred twenty eight(ish) pages make good fire starter.

Friday - December 16th 2022 6:23PM MST
PS: OK, now you have Monty Python in my head, SafeNow.

"We had to live in a corridor ...."

"We use to DREAM of living in a corridor!"
Friday - December 16th 2022 5:58PM MST
“I get free health care in los Roomo Emergencia”

It must be nice to get an actual Roomo.
As a traditional, legal American, I got El Corridorio.
First two hours in the packed waiting area, and then three hours on an armless chair in El Corridorio of the emergency facility, before finally being seen.
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