The Pearl Harbor attack of 81 years back

Posted On: Wednesday - December 7th 2022 6:51PM MST
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It's not a round number, and the date is inching toward the century-ago mark. I guess that's why google and bing have no remembrance images. Though it's long ago, it's never to long ago to learn something new about, in the Unzian sense. (I guess this wouldn't come under American Pravda, but pretty much just Pravda, with the Commies involved.

From the M. Stanton Evans book Blacklisted by History on Senator Joseph McCarthy - a review is pending - Peak Stupidity learned something interesting about the instigation of the American war with Japan (Pacific theater of WWII). Out of a chapter of this book, the question arose, "Did American Commies cause the attack on Pearl Harbor?".

Al Corrupt
Sunday - December 11th 2022 6:40PM MST

Alarmist, I believe the correct quote is “Are bears catholic, and does the pope shit in the woods”
Friday - December 9th 2022 7:19AM MST
PS: I checked out your link to this book, which I'd like to read after I get through 2 smaller ones. Those are great reviews on amazon. I don't mean just the 5 stars on most of them - they are VERY WELL WRITTEN reviews, even the one by the guy who gave the book 1 star. They are much better than amazon's review taken from Publisher's Weekly.

Thanks for the recommendation, Peter.
Thursday - December 8th 2022 4:55PM MST

This is essential reading on this topic, albeit not an easy read
Thursday - December 8th 2022 3:55PM MST
PS Perhaps it’s my tablet. I didn’t try to access it with a desktop machine.
Thursday - December 8th 2022 1:14PM MST
PS: No, Mr. Blanc, I'm not aware of any problems besides things moving a little slower back-and-forth from/to the database sometimes. I have pulled the site up from a number of devices.

Is there anyone else on here who's had some problem like that of Mr. Blanc?

One final possibility I just thought of in case you clicked on "Website" - the link to my blog - that's in the Unz Review comment sections to get here. One time in 50 (just guessing) I type it in wrong in the textarea*. I've experienced this myself while making this shortcut. If you still have something of a history of your urls or even just the back button (if you haven't closed the tab/window) maybe you could look at the url closely for a typo.

"Hey, my site's down!", I'll exclaim in my head, but it's just a typo. I hope that was the problem.

* Yes, I know that required having typed it in 22,000 times over the last 6 years, but I'm used to it, and I have my reasons not to do "save my info" and stuff like that.
Thursday - December 8th 2022 12:45PM MST
PS From the dates of your posts, it doesn’t seem that the blog has be absent. But for almost a week, I was unable to access it. It timed out every time I tried. And the icon was blank. Any idea what was going on?
Wednesday - December 7th 2022 8:27PM MST
PS: How could these fools still revere the USSR by the late 1930's?! That was 2 decades of the idiocy already.
The Alarmist
Wednesday - December 7th 2022 7:08PM MST

Does the proverbial bear defecate in the wild?

FDR and his administration were entirely coöpted by the commies.
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