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Posted On: Monday - December 5th 2022 6:52PM MST
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I wasn't in the mood for an organic from-scratch post today, but this one was due anyone, to set the record straight.

Cloro-Prepping? Never mind!

The biggest question beside when will The S HTF, that a prepper ought to keep up with is the shelf life of things. Peak Stupidity has failed our readership on this with regard to our advise about the storage of bleach. The post Cloro-Prepping was a demonstration of the high inflation of the last decade more than anything.

However, our example, taken from our actual purchases, was not good prepping advice. I have learned from commenter only recently something I could have looked up on the prepper sites*, that bleach loses its effectiveness fairly quickly - that's over half a year, a year, or a couple of years, depending on what you want out of it. I am not kidding when I say that this explains a lot about our laundry! This had been shameful, but as long as nobody took our advice to "go long Clorox", I see no reason for anyone to get any lawyers involved. [In case though, PS Legal is currently out of the office - please visit our "contact" page... good luck finding that shit ...]

The prepper sites are great about keeping one apprised of shelf lives and the ways to rotate out materiel, but I'll add something of my own. I HATE HATE HATE shopping for clothes so I'd accumulated 12 pairs of sneakers that worked for me (fit, color, price) from Target over a couple of years. By the 8th pair or so, at least 5 years into this, they'd fail from Day 1. It was the glue holding the soles on. Yes, Cheap China-made Crap.

Back to bleach though, all is not lost. What I HAD bought along with bleach long ago is a box of pool shock, this one based on prepper recommendations. Per the Organic Prepper, rather than the sodium hypochlorite that is 6-8% of bleach, Pool Shock (pure stuff, without anti-algae ingredients) has calcium hypochlorite and can be mixed with water to make a type of bleach. One 5 lb. box can make enough "bleach" for to purify over 100,000 gallons of water, but, again, the bleach made with it has a short shelf life. The pool shock doesn't, apparently. News you can use! Or in ZeroHedge parlance, pool shock, bitchez!!

Next, it's also unforgivable for Peak Stupidity to have used a Twisted Sister song to go along with our anti-vax post called We're not gonna take it. when there is another, better rock song with that phrase in the title and lyrics. Well before the Kung Flu and the W.H.O., there was The WHO - that'd have been Pete Townshend, Roger Daltrey, John Entwistle, and Keith Moon. As the concept of the "concept album" took hold, this band went further than that to make a "rock opera"**.

Tommy, about that deaf, dumb, and blind kid that could sure play mean Pinball (OK, it's more than that) had a number of great songs, but only the one hit Pinball Wizard, which Elton John subsequently made an even better version and a bigger hit out of.

However, this one fits our anti-vaccine rant just as well as Twisted Sister's song, and this has a better melody and sound. Oh, and there was a Tommy movie too! This one is not from the movie but has a better sound:

We're not gonna take it,
never did and never will.
Don't want your religion,
and as far as we can tell.

We ain't gonna take you.
Never did and never will.

PS: Back to Clorox for just one minute here. To follow up on our post making fun of a Clorox Kills Covid sign (Continuing Covid-one-niner Coverage on Clorox and China), that actually says "Proven to kill COVID-19 virus*", I saw that sign again, and took a picture of the asterisked line. It said "*Kills SARS CoV-2 on hard, non-porous surfaces. Use as directed." Okaaay, so, I guess one could kill the germs on his car door handles, but what is this "-2"? They've been up to -19? Better not take the risk. Stay inside ... forever ... with plenty of Pool Shock.

* That's why I ought to find a good one to read regularly, as I did over a decade back.

** Actually, they wrote 2 more rock operas Quadrophenia and (one I'd never heard of till just now) A Quick One, While He's Away also.

Tuesday - December 6th 2022 5:40PM MST
PS: Thanks for the reviews, Peter. On the speakers of this tablet, none of what you wrote matters. One day I'm gonna get serious and get some good sound going. I used to blast the music, before the family that is. Yes, John Bonham's drumming, and how it was mixed, as you write, was something else. I wish I could have seen them AND the Who. Both were slightly before my time of going to shows.

Alarmist, see, there I go again! At least there's an excuse, as I have heard a few songs by The Dead Milkmen, but I don't know them well. The title "We're not gonna take it" should have rung a bell right off, but I was distracted by Twisted Sister because I remember the video. This Who song has a great sound.
The Alarmist
Tuesday - December 6th 2022 4:28PM MST

I still think the Dead Milkmen’s “Bleach Boys” is the go to for any Clorox/bleach post.
Tuesday - December 6th 2022 1:18PM MST

The problem with "Tommy" is that while the writing is brilliant, the production is weak. The album sounds very thin to our modern ears. Compare, for instance, to the roaring, room-filling sound of Led Zeppelin. Keith Moon is banging away like a maniac on the drums, but it sounds like he's hitting shoe boxes.

"Quadrophenia" also suffers from poor production, as it's too shrill, and Moon's drumming -- probably his best ever -- is so turned down in the final mix you have to struggle to make it out. Again, compare to Led Zeppelin where Bonham's drums are always in your face. If somebody could re-mix "Quadrophenia" and bump up the drums and bass, it would be a much better album.

All that said, still two majorly great records.
Monday - December 5th 2022 10:09PM MST
PS: Thanks, Adam. The spelling rule that works most of the time - fixed.

I used "Eminence Front" in a another post, Elvis. That indeed covers it pretty well - its a put on!
Elvis The Adversary
Monday - December 5th 2022 9:55PM MST
PS Eminence Front by the Who is just right for these terminal Peak Stupidity times.
Noticing an increase in maskaloids and COV-LARP PSA over the loudspeaker at the Sack-N-Save.
There are more face obedience virtue signal muzzles with stains from wearing too long on the ground as well.
I have some MRE's that are probably nearing the end of shelf life and the local church pantry provides all of that cleaning stuff, even with the line around the building now.
Ignorant means you don't know while stupid means you can't know.
The dumbing down was taken to extremes so that the forces of evil could pounce.
Adam Smith
Monday - December 5th 2022 8:34PM MST
PS: Good evening, Mr. Moderator,

"The WHO - that'd have been Pete Townshend, Roger Daltrey, John Entwistle, and Kieth Moon."

Kieth Moon

I B4 E except after K. 🙂

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