4 years later, Communist Kickball LIVES!

Posted On: Monday - November 28th 2022 8:51PM MST
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Peak Stupidity would like thank commenter and Hail to You blogger E.H. Hail for the suggestion of the Simpsons video shown here*. That was in the comments under his recent post [World Cup 2022] Wales National Team: 91% White, majority with firm Wales ties — thoughts on the World Cup and Welsh nationalism. Now, Mr. Hail, and probably many Peak Stupidity readers too, are infinitely more excited than this blogger about the game.

We explained the reasons for our dissatisfaction with the game they pronounce "futeboll" (in the on-and-off-again Commie Latin American countries) 4 years back - previous World Cup time - in On Communist Kickball. For what it's worth, Ann Coulter agrees, but I happen to agree with her on only 1 or 2 of her points against the game.

Basically, my biggest beef is that the Globalists seem to have wanted to push this game on Americans for homogeneity. (That's NOT some kind of gay slur there.) Actually, I think it's a better game than American football, but don't push this stuff on me, Globalists.

This Simpsons clip is pretty funny:

* Also, a day or so after I saw it on Mr. Hail's site, the BlogFather himself, Glenn Reynolds, aka, the Instapundit, showed this video on his site.

Adam Smith
Thursday - December 1st 2022 8:26AM MST
PS: Good morning, Mr. Moderator,

It's too bad that bait bike link didn't work for you. The footage at 5 and a half minutes is great!

Here's a shorter version...
(No login necessary...)


Thursday - December 1st 2022 2:29AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, the video on bike baiting wanted me to sign in as an adult on youtube. I have no idea why. I have seen some of this before though - it's very entertaining and satisfying, as I've had my share of bicycles stolen, only cheapo ones, but still...

Bill, I didn't need that as a reminder to not watch the cup, but thank you for that take on the matter.
Adam Smith
Wednesday - November 30th 2022 8:08PM MST
PS: Good evening, Dieter,

"Our Ordering of Time has developed a new acceleration-phenomenon." (Interesting)

Thanks for the link. I just started watching episode 1...

Will you sign the petition to make Tony Blair a Saint?

A few more episodes...

Off topic...

Have you ever watched a Bait Bike Video?

Found this tonight too...

Hope you have a great evening, Dieter! ☮
Dieter Kief
Wednesday - November 30th 2022 9:27AM MST
PS - Adam - -
"The revolution will be televised."


What's new: The insurrection/the recvolt is televised while it is being made. Live!-Our Ordering of Time has developed a new acceleration-phenomenon.

Bill H
Wednesday - November 30th 2022 8:38AM MST
PS I won't say I watched USA v Iran yesterday, but I had it on while I'm doing other things. A couple of observations.

Why do you not know when it's going to end? Approaching 90:00 and I'm thinking Iran only has a few seconds left to score, then the clock keeps going. When it's at 92:15 a note appears that there will be an extra 9 minutes of play. Then as it approaches 99:00 and I think it's about over, it runs on and the game ends at 99:23. Why use a clock?

What's wrong with counting down to zero?

Ninety nine minutes, 99+ minutes, with ONE goal scored?
Adam Smith
Tuesday - November 29th 2022 10:12AM MST
PS: Good afternoon, everyone,


Tuesday - November 29th 2022 8:57AM MST

World Cup demographics

England team
- 63% White in 2018
- 79% White in 2022

[World Cup 2022] England national team, racial-national ancestry demographics — 79% White, 21% Black, no Muslims

The Alarmist
Tuesday - November 29th 2022 6:37AM MST

Futebol and American Football are for pansies. Real men and women play Rugby.
Tuesday - November 29th 2022 1:32AM MST
PS: Mr. Stinkburger, thanks for the comment. There are multiple fields near me that usually have Hispanics only playing, speaking not a word of English. Regularly, there are some little tykes games - they are almost all White.

I agree with your Grandpa. That's the way it's looking now anyway...
Tuesday - November 29th 2022 1:30AM MST
PS: The readers should know by now that I am not 100% serious in all my posts. Mr. Hail, I hope you get plenty of views of your site this World Cup season, especially visitors who check out other types of posts.

Haha "2nd best brand" - that's more honest than American advertising!

"The England national team machine and coaching staff will never admit it, but I speculate that their new criteria for selection in 2022 included an implicit "national feeling" factor.."

That's amazing. They must REALLY love to win at soccer (or for their team to) to override the wokeness on this score.

I'll look for your post tomorrow.
Meanwich Stinkburger
Monday - November 28th 2022 11:01PM MST
PS Communist Kickball! Added to the lexicon.
There just isn't enough action for the average grill and chill muh buffet boob but then again American football doesn't have very much either.
The replacements are all about soccer and the local church lets the future lifetime CPUSA voters use their land for it.
Maybe one day it will be mandatory to be a fan or go to the gulag, after all we're in this Jonestown Democracy together, comrade.
USMC grandpa said decades ago that everyone will be busy playing with balls while the country swirls down the drain.
Monday - November 28th 2022 9:46PM MST

World Cup observation you might post on if you watched, but as you are not watching I'll deliver it to you here:

There are Chinese ads all over the stadiums in Qatar.

By "Chinese" ads I mean ads using Chinese characters either in part or in whole. They are visible to TV audiences along the walls that separate the stands from the field (or "pitch" if you must). They are on digital screens that will sometimes roll-over onto an English equivalent of the Chinese ad. One is for a Chinese-made TV brand which pitches itself as "the world's No.2 TV brand" -- which one could read to mean "second best," which I found funny.
Monday - November 28th 2022 9:42PM MST

The USA plays Iran tomorrow...about +14 hours from this writing.
Monday - November 28th 2022 9:41PM MST


The main post of the U.S. National Team racial-national ancestry demographics has gotten a lot of attention, as have all the old posts from 2018 as big games continue to be played every day and people around the world thread the needle to find "Hail To You" and my 2018 efforts.

I ran out of time this year, opting instead for a seriously "deep dive" into Team-USA, but I think it was worth it.

Am about to publish a post on the England team within the hour. Interestingly the England team got considerably Whiter than some of its previous rosters in international play when it performed poorly, the proverbial group of skilled players with no team-spirit. The England national team machine and coaching staff will never admit it, but I speculate that their new criteria for selection in 2022 included an implicit "national feeling" factor...
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