The Chinese people fight Covid~Zero and the Totalitarianism of Xi

Posted On: Monday - November 28th 2022 11:00AM MST
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Peak Stupidity has meant to put up a post on the latest Covid~Zero stupidity in China, one more particular incident, back just after we heard about it, on Thursday or so.* However - this happening has turned into a lot more than an incident.

Chairman Xi JinPing visiting PanicFest Ground Zero (Hubei, Wuhan):

"Thank you for saving us from Covid Non~Zero! We love you, Pooh Bear!"

If I do state so here myself, Peak Stupidity has covered the '22 Chinese re-start of the Kung Flu PanicFest, which started in March or so under the catchy but still asinine moniker Covid~Zero, pretty well. Before the post on the "domino theory" of health score apps and continual covid testing, we've had posts on this ongoing stupidity in China. (There are too many to list here, so just look under the Kung Flu Stupidity topic key.)

It's one thing to be ruled by the CCP as led by Totalitarian Xi Jinping, 4 decades after the dropping of economic Communism. The Middle Kingdom is an order of magnitude more prosperous as it's ever been before, and more powerful in the World in all kinds of ways than every before. The Chinese people can put up with a little, no, actually, a LOT of Totalitarianism, when "their" government provides not only the Iron Rice Bowl that Chairman Mao reneged on, but a Golden Rice Bowl**.

Over the last decade, besides increasing Totalitarianism from Xi JinPing's CCP, the Chinese people have experienced the greatly increasing Orwellianism*** that could only have been done with modern electronics, something that the Chinese are very very good at. Well, how convenient!

Chairman JinPing could have had it very good. I'd thought of him as a smarter version of Chairman Mao. He's rich, of course - that should go without saying. He's got at least as much power, especially with the help of the electronic Surveillance State but without the sheer stupidity of a guy like Mao who thought the melting down of farm implements for steel production would be a Great Leap Forward... or so I'd thought. Alas, or better, NMPBGTS****, it turns out modern CCP Chairmen can be just as damnably stupid as ancient CCP Chairmen.

Our posts about the simply retarded Chinese Covid~Zero - same great case fatality rate, less filling - have been noting just that: Trying to eliminate the now-benign Kung Flu virus mutants doesn't make any sense. This is as if the world tried a Common-Cold-Zero program. I've read speculation right here in the comments on what the reasons for screwing with the Chinese economy and lives of the people might be. I'm sorry (Sam J.), but I don't believe the CCP heads are preparing the people for a worse, seriously (this time) deadly viral attack.

It's easy to imagine shrewd evil human beings doing terrible things to whole nations when oftentimes they are just stupid evil people doing it. I'm sure Xi JinPing thinks he's doing right by the Chinese people by getting COMPLETELY rid of the many forms of a now-benign airborne virus. That's just as Chairman Mao thought he was doing right by the Chinese people by implementing his new plans for farming and making steel. NO! Both of these men were/are just high-powered, high functioning retards, that's all.

The indignities and the interruptions to daily life that the Chinese people have been subject to, in a willy-nilly fashion, for the last 8 months are something that no population should stand for. They have, though. Apartment complexes get subject to LOCKDOWN ("oh, only a week or two this time"*****), people get en masse subject to continual daily testing, health scores can change based on one's standing next to someone or not, and one can get taken away to a quarantine camp based on said testing or scoring.

Some of this information has been obtained by Peak Stupidity directly from persons in China. One story that was not from this source, but was almost the spark that set things off, was the death of a couple of dozen people due the wreck of a bus on the way to a quarantine camp - see Thrown under the bus on the road to Covid~Zero.

Well, the latest horrible result, probably just the latest KNOWN horrible result, of the Covid-Zero program happened in the northwest of China, in Urumiqi. It's the capital of Xinjiang - Uigher territory - but I think it was Han Chinese people of whom 10 or so perished in a fire due to their inability to escape a burning apartment building due to its being locked shut ... for their own safety, of course. Well, guess what, Xi, this one WAS the spark. Since Saturday, Chinese people have been protesting and doing more than protesting, in cities across that country.

One lone Chinaman with a stick fights a horde of Big Whites:

These are brave people, even the ones who've come out peacefully with blank or other white signs. There are lots of young people, who, even being patient, non-violent, high-IQ Chinapeople, have had enough. For some, the time has come to BECOME violent. Peak Stupidity has documented some of the Totalitarian and ridiculously stupid at the same time Covid~Zero measures for 8 months now with incredulity. That's because this stuff HAS BEEN incredible. At some point, the people involved get tired of the incredibility. I think I would have snapped long ago. It takes longer to snap when you don't have guns though and are up against the mass of Big Whites and Yellow-Vested Goons.

Serious business: They can drag you off, and you'll never be seen again.

I am very happy to see this. I will have to write another post on this tomorrow, but let me just say that I am greatly encouraged by the brave Chinese people. I am hopeful for the Chinese people. With that, I'll write here that, unless these protests get big enough to rival some from Chinese history a lot bigger than Tiananmen 33 years back, the Chinese people don't stand a great chance.

They have let - perhaps I should write, not individual Chinamen, but the mass of the Chinese people, have let - the Orwellianism get so powerful over the last few years that the control that the CCP can exert is almost omnipotent.

Better wear your mask to one of these protests. It's pretty weird how this mask policy has worked out.

(Mr. Strittmatter's book*** notes Chinese officials claims that the facial recognition software can work with masked-up people too. I don't know if I believe that - I'd be on the safe side too and go ahead and wear one. Plus, you won't get sick, when they drag you away!)

By tomorrow morning in America we'll see how much further this Chinese unrest will get. Peak Stupidity will also have a post then or later comparing the Chinese protest against "their" government with whatever efforts haven't been going on against the Potomac Regime in "our" country.

* BTW, the very last part of Saturday's post was left off somehow - the "coming features" and a greeting for a happy Sunday, right after a dash - too late now, but that text was in my back-up file, so I re-inserted it for "closure".

** Gold and red would be the colors, as those seem to be THE colors of China.

*** See the 4-part Peak Stupidity review of German author Kai Strittmatter's recent book We Have Been Harmonized: Life in China's Surveillance State: Part 1 - - Part 2 - - Part 3 - - Part 4. If you thought Revelation was bad enough, this will really scare the Bejesus out of you.

**** Not My Problem, But Get This Shit! - not as well known an exclamation, but this fits better.

***** Note that somewhere on this blog - I'll find it when I can - we've written that this is the future since these precedents have been set.

Tuesday - November 29th 2022 9:55AM MST

RE: Alarmist,

I don't know if Maddow used the term "reproductive rights," exactly, but she may well have. What is for sure is that her opening segment was about that same-old-same-old issue that could have been recorded almost any day in her, what, fifteen-year TV run. No lead-off with the China protests, which qualifies as 'news' in that it is 'new'!
The Alarmist
Tuesday - November 29th 2022 6:44AM MST

@Mr Hail, “reproductive rights” is the new buzz-phrase to attempt to put some distance between the old “my body, my choice” gang and the Anti-vaxxers who coopted it in the end.

It is no longer your body, nor your choice.

How about, “Snuff it, if you can’t tough-it.” Because. Parenting. Hard.
Tuesday - November 29th 2022 6:17AM MST
PS: SafeNow, I think I barely remember seeing "Twilight's Last Gleaming". That's an interesting theory. He is definitely making himself out to look obsessive and crazy, but to the Chinese people too.

I would not compare the motives for the US war in VietNam exactly to the Covid~Zero business. I see no motive other than sheer stupidity for the latter. I could well be missing something ...
Dieter Kief
Tuesday - November 29th 2022 4:28AM MST
Mr. Hail wrote: The anti-lockdown protests in China:An interesting 'coda' to the Corona-Panic phenomenon, which is a distant nightmare now in most of the West.
For those with extra neverves to wreck about counterfactual western risks: The mildly right wing website Tichy's Einblick wrote yesterday, that Angela Merkel was on her way to Australian or New Zealandishly rigorous lockdown measures at Easter-time 2021. And as was now leaked, some backdoor auto-industry interventions managed to hold her back at the last minute.
Main driver in Angela Merkel's ear was - one of those mentally super-virology-focused=restricted but very verbose and telegenic women virologists (there are quite a lot of those). In this case: Melanie Brinkmann - who at times looks like a sister of Jacinda Ahern of New Zealand lockdown fame... - the two women's mindsets are almost clones of one another.
Dieter Kief
Tuesday - November 29th 2022 2:03AM MST
This Covid-chart below, shown by the bayesian master statistician and mathematical entrepreneur Professor Norman Fenton of London, speaks more than thousand words - lots of Chinese might prefer to love it over risking to be loved to death by their government!

Monday - November 28th 2022 9:10PM MST

Tucker Carlson, Monday Nov 28, went on the attack against China:

The first twenty minutes are on the China question.

As I have written here before, these opening segments amount to a newspaper editorial, or series of related editorials, delivered in the inefficient form of reading-in-front-of-camera... This is postmodernity and so it has to be. At least Tucker's producers haven't forced him to do Tiktok bits instead of what he does now. (note: the phrase THE MEDIUM IS THE MESSAGE was coined a very long time ago now, but the dear-departed professor who coined it would be not surprised to see our world, I think.)

Checking in on the early-hour CNN and MSNBC feeds of about the same prime-time slots, I see the one was talking about like this: "Experts agree: Trump should NOT have met two anti-Semites last week," and then MSNBC Rachel Maddow (who now is semi-retired) going on about reproductive rights and the need for a law to Protect Women etc etc., -- but no China.
Monday - November 28th 2022 8:33PM MST

Follow-up from mentioned in earlier comment:

"Died Suddenly" documentary, released Nov 2022, making some big waves so far; view here:

(Don't bother "googling it," as you won't find it. )

I post this without having viewed it. What I hear is, they hit all the good points of those against the mass-injection campaign pushed by the Panic pod-people in 2021, but then controversially wander into territory of an outright endorsement of a theory that the injection-pushers at their core are a cabal who want to fulfill the Guidestone prophecy of killing off a large portion of humanity.

(DuckDuckGo top result is: "New 'Died Suddenly' Film Pushes Unfounded Depopulation Claims..." which at least mentions the documentary, vs Google which simply blanks it out entirely.)
Monday - November 28th 2022 8:24PM MST
PS: Mr. Hail. regarding your 1st comment, I would agree with "double standard", but not with "implicit apology". I really think that some of the people you have in mind have an UNconcious double standard. They look at China and think "look at that Totalitarianism - yeah, you rise up, Chinese people, for democracy - we are the shining beacon on the hill" (still??)

At the same time, they think of '20 in the US and go:

"Well, yeah, I mean we had to close businesses here - that was all just common sense and perfectly legal - not Totalitarian in the least, oh no! Yeah, and the beaches too, and the schools, but I think it was about a month longer than it should have ... We're Americans though, just living in freedom - notice that we did not go beating up those idiots that refused to wear face masks or wouldn't take the shots because they are afraid of needles... We are so, so tolerant here."
Monday - November 28th 2022 8:19PM MST
PS: M, my source had told me months ago that the Shanghai lockdowns were done as a way to get at former-President/former CCP Head Jiang, whose finance world is based in Shanghai. Though 95 years old, the guy is very powerful due to his being very rich, so is a rival of Mr. Xi. So, this was done to fight a "political disease", in the way you nicely put it.
Monday - November 28th 2022 6:51PM MST

Here is a theory. Background: In the Burt Lancaster movie “Twilight’s Last Gleaming,” Lancaster seeks to expose the real motive for the otherwise-inexplicable crazy Vietnam War: Show the Soviets that the US was so vicious, so insane, they’d better not try anything big. Fast-forward: Xi, seeing the US fight the proxy war, and make noises in the Western Pacific, desires to show he is a vicious, crazy guy. Either to deter US aggression vs China, or, to deter US fighting against a Xi invasion of Taiwan. Maybe the above is Xi’s motive, and maybe not; but it sure is the result.
Monday - November 28th 2022 5:48PM MST
PS There must be something else going on here, right? Old Xi can’t be this clueless, can he?
Monday - November 28th 2022 5:41PM MST

"The Chinese people can put up with a little, no, actually, a LOT of Totalitarianism, when 'their' government provides not only the Iron Rice Bowl that Chairman Mao reneged on, but a Golden Rice Bowl"

The essence of the East Asian and his wily ways is hard to pin down. Why do they do what they do?

I've mentioned or alluded to this in a number of comments here: something that I think I've come to understand profoundly but that (I think) the huge majority of White-Westerners do NOT understand or are even completely unaware of: "we" very consistently misinterpret what's going on with "them," what they're up to, what they're after, what they're thinking, why they do the things they do.

In other words, "we" often treat them like exotic-looking White-Westerners. We then at the same time give them a pass when they do immoral or etc things (the commonness of lying, cheating, deception, rule-bending, their seemingly inborn trait or colluding to create monopolies in economic-sectors where-ever they go). Why give them a 'pass'? Because they're foreigners or non-Western, and have this-n-that recent tradition of blah-blah-blah... (This adds up to an Asian Privilege existing, very seldom identified in the form I mean and never commented upon).

I don't know if I've explained that adequately, but this is just the Comments section, where thoughts fly loose and free.

We get a lot of contradictory ideas about China. Mr. Derbyshire like to say his belief is Chinese are, by long-held instinct, terrified of anarchy more than anything (owing to periodic large-scale death events during anarchic periods), which I guess is his explanation for the apparent passivity you observe during "non-anarchic" periods?

The explanation of observed passivity in China suggested here is per-capita GDP gains. This is not a bad idea at all, but somehow it doesn't quite satisfy me. (When South Korea was having major GDP gains in the latter 20th century, it also had its highest protest levels.)

Mass protests in Wuhan in early 2020 during the first round of cruel lockdowns could have spared the Panic-and-lockdown-NOW idea-contagion from spreading to our own decadent elite and the empowered abundance-of-caution-ist matriarchical-feminist types and their male counterparts such as the effeminate prime minister of Canada.

That's about all I've got now.

Thanks in advance, Mr Moderator, for keeping us informed if you learn anything from your sources there.
Monday - November 28th 2022 5:22PM MST

The anti-lockdown protests in China:

An interesting 'coda' to the Corona-Panic phenomenon, which is a distant nightmare now in most of the West.

There are considerable lingering second- and third-order effects of the Panic, of course, the guilty were never punished for pushing Lockdownism and all the rest, and there remains debate about exactly how many "died suddenly" because of the quasi-coerced injections (by the way, has anyone seen the "Died Suddenly" documentary, recently released?), and more still (certain social and cultural damage). But it is not the visceral, front-and-center matter that it was during those terrible two-or-so years that will forever darken the name of "the early 2020s."

I notice many in the West who are indirectly cheering-on the protests happen to be the SAME PEOPLE who were lockdown-pushers, lockdown-lovers, and other Panic standard-bearers from spring 2020 to early 2022. The same type of agenda-setting, prestige media and 'regime'-adjacent media outlets. From pretty consistent and eerily uncritical Panic-support for two years (as if caught in a religious trance), to now suddenly cheering-on of a foreign Anti-Panic movement (though of course that's not likely all it is, just the trigger).

I refer to the sanctimonious sort of people Adam Smith mocked in "The Daily Stupid" by using actual verbatim statements demanding severe punishments and ostracization for delusional non-Panickers, evil Anti-Panickers, all dissidents, refusers, opt-outers, and non-vaxxers, but altering the targeted group to LGBTQs or Blacks or something that would cause outraged frenzy among the same set.

Remember: those people in the West were still "at it" even into the early weeks of 2022! There is no trace of this once-fanatical belief of theirs in the China Protest coverage; the Corona-Cult has not quite fully collapsed, but the important people no longer are actively with the cult and the momentum (or magic) is gone.

(1) When WE protested the illegal-and-immoral destructive Lockdowns and all the rest in 2020 and 021, we were selfish, reckless, racist, sexist, deluded or monstrous people etc etc etc.

(2) When THEY (Chinese) protest lockdowns in late 2022, it's reported either neutrally or mildly celebrated and encouraged. (Report from Twitter-land: whoever has his paws on the 'algorithm' magic dust is showing pro-protest tweets unsolicited.)

I guess these are easy observations, the (1) vs (2) double-standard. Maybe too easy.

Do we take solace in that this is the closest we get to an implicit apology from our decadent agenda-setting elite who turned into cowardly Lockdown-pushers in 2020 and have refused to settle accounts for their criem against the people?
Monday - November 28th 2022 3:18PM MST
PS: Was the "4 Pests" campaign the one that had them killing all the swallows? The "Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom", followed by the unofficial "and then mow them down with a Red bush hog" one. Yeah, I know someone who's maternal grandfather starved to death - just a statistic out of that 45 million...

I'll check out and compare/contrast your linked articles. I have one saved in a tab, I think it was NPR that seems to think the Chinese people are getting uppity or too restless or something ...
Monday - November 28th 2022 3:18PM MST
It's anyone's guess as to what portion of these measures are against what we would call disease and what portion are against political "diseases", such as Xi's would-be rivals.
The Alarmist
Monday - November 28th 2022 2:37PM MST

Two interesting viewpoints of US media reaction:
The Alarmist
Monday - November 28th 2022 2:09PM MST

“Zero COVID” is the new “Four Pests” campaign. It to the deaths of 45m before the CCP backed off on that, so theoretically Xi has a few more lives to go.
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