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Posted On: Wednesday - March 29th 2017 7:51AM MST
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First off, this post is about what one pundit has to say about a subject, what I think about it, and how other pundits think and write about this, so basically 99% of Americans have never heard of the one guy (Paul Craig Roberts), and maybe 90% have not heard of ANY OF THEM. I will excuse you if you think this is a waste of effort. (How many Americans have heard of Peak Stupidity? The process? Maybe 25%. The website? Well, I'm gonna need a bigger set of zeros after the decimal point than I can do before the onset of carpal tunnel syndrome ;-}

OK, this guy, Mr. Roberts is some type of ex-government guy who is strongly against about everything the out-of-control Feral Government is up to, and therefore PeakStupidity usually strongly agrees with this gentleman. He seems to be a libertarian on the same page as the Lew Rockwells and such. I have read the man's columns before and will say now, though I agree with him, he is not a particularly great writer that keeps one's interest, and how depressing is it to keep reading about all the violations of the US Constitution and nefarious foreign involvements "our" government is up to? Sure, I can read about a new thing, but what will I learn, really, that I wouldn't already figure, unless it was somehow involved in my business or very local to me. Therefore, I don't make a point to read Paul Craig Roberts regularly, such as on the Unz site where I mentioned he appears (in the PeakStupidty review of the site.

Anyway, the guy knows US government politics. However, a couple of days back he came out with this article entitled Global Warming Wrapup. It's complete bunk, I will tell you first! Why does a pundit who normally writes about a field he knows think he somehow understands physics and especially mathematical modelling? PeakStupidity has been all over this, and the impetus for my writing of this post this morning is that someone at the unz site deleted my comment pointing out our expertise here about the whole Global Climate DisruptionTM scam. Yeah, "scam" is about the right word or best I could come up with.

Sometimes someone you think is smart goes off on some topic in a way that makes you think he's stupid. I know people will tell me we can't agree on everything, but I just don't get how this can happen. If it's a friend we usually do end up agreeing on much of the topic after discussion, but this guy is spouting off a column on it, and I call this and EOI, an "Episode Of Idiocy".

Here's the difference, though, between this Roberts guy and say, John Derbyshire (of VDare, and mentioned here a lot). He has stated he agrees the Earth is warming up (I don't particularly - depends greatly on the time-frame) - he's a math guy, not an engineer, keep in mind - but he doesn't agree with the theory that this change is man-caused and with the politics involved. The difference from Robert's viewpoint is that since John Derbyshire's main interest is in seeing us stop the massive influx of foreigners to the country, he doesn't see a few degrees difference in the climate as high on the totem pole of problems we've got. If you change the entire population of the nation to a point you and your offspring will not be comfortable in, what's the big deal about it getting warmer - who cares, you're gonna be thinking about leaving anyway.

Pat Buchanan writes about history with a very different viewpoint sometimes. I don't know as much as the guy about history, so even though I might not have agreed with him before, I figure I've got something to learn from the guy's writings. I've not read him spout off on something that is not his purview.

Well, per the 1st paragraph, most of this is probably of no direct concern to 99% of Americans, but I hate to see these Episodes of Idiocy. We'll try to keep them to a minimum on this blog.

You're welcome!

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