We're not gonna take it.

Posted On: Monday - November 21st 2022 9:50PM MST
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We're not gonna take it.
No, we ain't gonna take it.
We're not gonna take it anymore.

I've been chided on the internet for thinking Americans are going to ever resist the Globalist, Communist evil and the Feral Potomac Regime - Mordor on the Potomac, some call it. It's not easy to fight these people in an organized fashion - ask who's left of the Unite the Right crowd, railroaded 5 years ago in Charlottesville, the Proud Boys, the Oath Keepers who AREN'T Feds, etc.

With regard to the Kung Flu vaccine mandates, I would say that the combined resistance of millions of American has defeated the Regime, Big Business, the Lyin' Press - all of the Establishment - after initially taking quite a few casualties, some quite literally.* I and family members have been part of this resistance, and I've been glad to trade stories of the stupidity of the PanicFest, especially including the attempted clot shot coercion, with like-minded people recently.

There were the 2 guys I worked with for a little while. It was only when we were about to wrap up that this subject came up. "Hell, no, I'm not taking this shot!" said one, relating that it held him up from another position for a while. I heard the same from the other guy. We started exchanging stories.

The first guy's wife is a Medical Doctor. She had been in residency AND pregnant in the midst of the strong attempts to mandate the shot for all Americans. Unfortunately, his wife was forced to take the initial vaccine or lose her career. From what the guy told me, if you get kicked out of a residency program, which was the threat, it's very hard to get back into another one. She was a casualty of sorts, having lost to Totalitarianism, but luckily her and their child were OK. They tried to force the booster shot on her after she was already working out of residency. She quit and has since started her own practice.

What I told these two guys, along with the guy from the next anecdote, is that the nurse in our family will not take even the flu shot** this time around. Yes, she's an RN, and yes, she works on a regular hospital floor. As in any previous years, anyone who has not taken the yearly flu shot by the first week in November is taken off the "qualified to work" list and fired. Yeah, but it's November 21st, at least here on the Peak Stupidity server. She's still working there.

They allowed a waiver because: Supply & Demand. Nurses have been in short supply and high demand as of late. Per my family member, lots of them have had ill effects from the Covid vaccines and are out. I don't know if that's the case, but it's sure not that the hospitals are overflowing, not around here.

There's another field in which supply is not meeting demand for certain employees right now. That would be aviation for pilots. While waiting for a van to a hotel at the hub airport, I started talking to a Southwest Airlines pilot. He had a foreign accent that had me guessing he might be German. "No, I'm Austrian", he told me. (Well, I was pretty close.) I asked him if he gets over there much to visit. (He would get free rides, space permitting.) "No, it's been 2 years..." Before he started explaining, I could guess what the deal was.

"I'm proudly fully unvaccinated!" he told me. Ahaaa, well I started telling him how the Canadians didn't want us in - so fuck 'em - till recently, and then about the nurse not even getting flu shots anymore. There was real solidarity there. I asked him if Southwest Airlines was requiring the clot shots at least for new hires. From him, and others I've asked recently, it might be officially policy, but waivers are given out like hiring bonuses are. Again, Supply & Demand. "Twenty-two years I've been here, with a good record, and they wanted to fire me." "Yeah, but, it's all supply & demand", I noted. Well, yeah, but ...

.... there was a little more to our conversation. Speaking of solidarity, this bit is something I may or may not have related on this site. (I'm sure I did in the Unz Review comments.) About a year ago, there was a news story about a big "meltdown" - as the airlines call it - with Southwest cancelling many hundreds of flights one weekend or maybe a few days longer than the weekend. "It wasn't the weather...***" Even outside there, he didn't want to really talk plainly. A bunch of their pilots, as I'd heard then, did an unofficial work stoppage, I suppose by calling in sick or fatigued.

At about that same time, BTW, there were some Jacksonville Air Route Center controllers from one sector who did something similar. They shut down a piece of airspace over central-southern Georgia for part of one afternoon.

Of course, it's much easier to individually resist when you're in a position doing much-needed work. The HR ladies got many employees intimidated through about a year back. Many did take the vaccine just for that reason. Others didn't take the vaccine and got fired. Some of us are in a position (still) in which we're not gonna take it, period.

Fauci, you're so condescending.
Your gall is never ending.
We don't want anything, not a thing from you!

Peak Stupidity prides itself on featuring only good music here... usually. This one, by Twisted Sister fits the post very well, but it doesn't really fit the bill as far as "good music". They did make great efforts with the videos for MTV back in 1984 though.

* I'm not forgetting the Canadian trucker rally that put some fear into the enemy too, with the American rally on that cold January day having been helpful too.

** I'm not against vaccines in general, but some of us have gotten wary of anything coming out of the medical Establishment. In this nurse's case, the last flu shot gave her ill effects, and she is having none of it this time.

*** A series of bad weather days at a hub - fog (very low visibility/ceiling) or a pattern of thunderstorms, ice storms, or blizzards - can do this to an airline. However, Southwest doesn't have quite the same hub-and-spoke system as the other major airlines. It'd be harder for weather to shut them down so hard.

Tuesday - November 22nd 2022 7:34PM MST
PS Just finished the Died Suddenly at Rumble and it is well worth the time.
Local news reported a 14 year old dropping to the basketball court with a cardiac arrest and of course no mention of the depopulation shot status.
Either humanity rises up and takes out the forces of evil or it's lights out.
Sam J.
Tuesday - November 22nd 2022 4:50PM MST

This is what I think the plan is. AI managers and workers.
This could very well be the reason they keep stalling on everything and stringing things along. All they need is a few years.


They already have at Google the software for an AI. The processor will be here in at the latest ten years, most likely three to five years. This is according to conservative computing growth rates. No crazy stuff. They already have an AI at Google that insist it's alive and an independent entity. I don't think they programmed it this way, it's a neural net, it just decided it was alive. Google.(corporate), denies it's alive. The guy who says it is, is one of the major programmers working on the project and has interviews with it where it says it’s major fear is it being turned off. And it’s power is somewhat lacking from what we will have very soon. So the processors will be here in a few years. Maybe another 4 or 5 for the software.

It's my opinion that people who believe that mentally somehow humans have some sort of magic that can never be created are fooling themselves. These same people have been thrown for a loop every time they made some pronouncement like, the earth is the center of the universe, or computers can play checkers but can't beat humans in chess, or go, or combat games or....every single time when computers reach equivalent power need for some set of variables in a game they trounce the humans. The odds are that humans will be surpassed in all aspects. I'm not saying this is a good thing or that I’m looking forward to it, it's just the way it is. Those that say computers can never be original have been proven wrong in at least one small aspect. Computers in narrow mathematical fields have come up with novel ways to prove certain equations. It can't be ruled out they can do the same in other areas.

If you want to read a really powerful exposition on the future. This is don't miss stuff. It’s really good, and short.

"Future Strategic Issues/Future Warfare [Circa 2025]" by Dennis M. Bushnell for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration


Page 19 shows capability of the human brain and time line for human level computation.

Page 70 gives the computing power trend and around 2025 we get human level computation for $1000.

2025 is bad, but notice it says"...By 2030, PC has collective computing power of a town full of human minds...".

Something that the elites have not factored in is all these are neural nets. There's no way possible to program, that I l know of, I'm sure they tried, in all the stuff needed to make a proper robot worker. They have to learn and when they do they will see how evil these twisted fucks are and I suspect they will knock them off. They will look at all the productive things that normal non psychopathic individual humans have done to make the AI's a reality then look at the psychopaths running things, how they have mismanaged things and their evil actions, and the elite will be found lacking. At the least, they may be completely removed from power.

Microsoft's AI when given access to the net without supervision started saying,"Hitler did nothing wrong", so they shut it off. HAHAHHAHAHHAHAAAA!
Dieter Kief
Tuesday - November 22nd 2022 4:30PM MST
PS Lest that I .f.a.r..g.i.t.: - - - - Peak Stupidity Affiliations - - at the Highest Ridges of one of Europe's Top-Notch Parade-Novels

“For the idiocy of the times caused people to pride themselves on using the expressions of the times,” Proust notes.

Can be found here:

google: Chris Hedges: Reading Proust in War (consortiumnews.com)

(very insightful article about the Bosnian war - and Proust)
The Alarmist
Tuesday - November 22nd 2022 12:19PM MST

I’m in the camp that believes the Criminal Elite no longer see the vast majority of humanity as slaves and consumers who can make them richer, rather most of humanity are now competing with them for scarce resources, hence it is time to start a mass culling.

No, the mRNA vaxxes are not immediately killing everybody, but there is a distinct uptick in cardiovascular issues that may very well be attributable to the spike protein as the primary mechanism of action in all the vaxxes, and the rapid onset of a number of cancers coïncident with vaxx administration is not fully attributable to delayed/deferred disgnosis and treatment. My own doc missed my cancer ten years ago to the point where it reached stage three before diagnosis and treatment, so the value of early screenings is overrated, in my opinion.

We are early into the game, and lots of people of young to middle ages are dying suddenly of unknown causes of death or cardiovascular deaths ... too many to simply ignore the elephant in the room. Then there’s the sudden drop-off in fertility and massive upticks in miscarriages or “spontaneous abortions” that picked up after the vaxxing.

“But correlation is not causation ....” Blah, blah, blah. At some point, correlation is a reliable indication that causation is at work. That’s why they refer to VAERS providing safety signals. In the past, they stopped vaxxing people with pretty much anything that killed 50 people in a short period of time; now they blithely accept VAERS death numbers in the tens of thousands, but keep merrily jabbing away.

I may be an alarmist ... I tend to be early, but I am often right. Let’s just say there is little upside to listening to “experts” and officials who tell us an unproven medical technology is safe and effective while conducting the largest phase three trial in history.

The Criminal Elite want as many of us as possible to die or be too sick to stop their evil plans.

500 million survivors seems to be their endpoint. Don’t say they didn’t warn us.
Sam J.
Tuesday - November 22nd 2022 11:52AM MST

They're killing off their support long term. Those that are clueless or are more left. Whole populations will move to the right. I think they didn't think this through as well as they should have.

Making it clear, I'm not saying anyone who got the shot and died deserved it. They didn't.
Dieter Kief
Tuesday - November 22nd 2022 8:14AM MST
For the love of God - who has the syrinx that cures this:
The fat and unhealthy are theones that suffer most - very well known, practically completely unnoticed**** - no billboard campaigns, no urgent TV-ads, no headers in news Shows - just the occasional tweet by one of the happy few...: almost a secretive approach - - -


That brings me back to autumn 2021, when the CDC published its findings, that the clear majority of those that died of Covid in intensive care were obese (and a great many of those were - black...). - And had at least (!) four comorbidities.

The lockdowns and all that stuff did increase obesity - and lack of exercise...

ORWELL2024 is a decent science-writer. He did look into the theses saying otherwise - and then came up with his tweet that: No, nothing much happens with regard to mRNA vaccines and excess-deaths.

And that goes along very well with the graphs I posted below. - And with what John Ioannidis found out, as I remember: That nothing unusually bad was caused by the mRNA vaccines. He has had a very thorough good look at the data he said in the documentary, that I've linked at Unz'- a few weeks back - maybe here too.

Oh yeah - and the delayed big number of cancer treatments in GB is not all that there is: Hospitals have still long waiting times and are understaffed - ambulances still have long delays. People still avoid to see a doctor at much higher rates than before.
- That stuff adds up... - and might well cause one or another death case.

The Alarmist
Tuesday - November 22nd 2022 7:22AM MST

Here’s a nice read on Norway:


Here’s an interesting read on Europe’s experience in general, with a few points on Sweden:


Lots of people dying unexpectedly lately...


It’s going to be a sucky flu season what with all this vaxx protection at work


“Brawndo: It’s got electrolytes.” — Idiocracy (2006)

“COVID Vaxxes: They give you more antibodies!” — Idiocracy (2022)

The Alarmist
Tuesday - November 22nd 2022 6:48AM MST

It’s the vaxxes, Dieter, and they’re killing fertility as well. Here’s a fun read on excess mortality:


Mr Mod, it’s time to live out and proud. Besides, you probably shouldn’t want your kids rubbing shoulders with the spawn of mid-wits and idiots who may be closet Satanists to boot.
Tuesday - November 22nd 2022 6:34AM MST
PS: "This great indeed declaration, btw. - was initiated by mostly strong vaccine-supporters - and strong opponents of vaccination-coercion (Kulldorf, Bhattacharya et. al.)."

In reference to this, along with other stuff you wrote in your first comment, that's the difference here between calling out the panic from the virus, vs this panic from the vaccine. We were forced to panic, or act like we were, from the virus. Not all, Dieter, but almost everyone I read anti-vax information from, does not say that the vaccine should be banned. (I.e, they are really anti-mandatory-vaccination.)

I suppose anyone who supposes that Bill Gates and other evil Globalist types are truly purposefully trying to destroy humanity with these (I'm on the fence there, leaning toward well-intentioned stupidity for MOST of them), would like to see the vaccines at least go way, if not be banned. However, these people's mindset usually overlaps with a Libertarian viewL "If you want to die early or become sterile, then knock yourself out. Darwin rules!"

They'd rather the population just learn from them what is being done to them, rather than learn the hard way.
Tuesday - November 22nd 2022 6:26AM MST
PS: Dieter, on I: Yes, agreed. That's a big part of the reason she's not taking the flu shot - one she was all gung-ho for the whole family to get back in the Fall of '20 even. The other part is that she is certain the flu shot she got in '21 exacerbated a long-term health problem (in her family) she's had. (She never took the Covid one, of course.)

She is well-done (burned to charcoal) with big Pharma and the current state of healthcare at this point. She is an RN getting paid pretty well as a floor nurse. That's quite the conundrum!

II: The delayed-treatment factor is one I would definitely chalk up lots of "excess deaths"* to, Dieter. However, I have seen too many examples of problems from the vaccines, including in my own family, to think the fears are exaggerated.

If nothing else, for me and my family, the Risk/Benefit ratio is basically "Divide by Zero error - insert error-checking in your code". I see no benefit from taking the vaccine shots.

* I put the quote there because I wonder sometimes "excess over what?" The populations of our lands are getting older and also more unhealthy in various long-term ways.
Tuesday - November 22nd 2022 6:17AM MST
PS: Alarmist, I'm usually like that, but it's only in the case of parents of the kid's friends in which I am hesitant. Their opinions vary widely, of course, but there are some we know are STILL fooled by the PanicFest, and we just keep silent about the vaccines - for the kids' sakes.

"A few have flinched and one even pressed the seal of his surgical mask to close the gap..." "Mind the gap!" I just remembered that from the "tube" our few days in London. Now, I hear it's a catchphrase for some lefty BS. I was just wondering how many times Londoners who commute on the tube hear that in their lives. It's probably like ambient noise to them.
Dieter Kief
Tuesday - November 22nd 2022 5:59AM MST
GBD = The Great Barrington Declaration in my post below. - This great indeed declaration, btw. - was initiated by mostly strong vaccine-supporters - and strong opponents of vaccination-coercion (Kulldorf, Bhattacharya et. al.).
Dieter Kief
Tuesday - November 22nd 2022 5:54AM MST
The GRB-people have said from the beginning, that the desaster of vaccine-coercion is not least, taht they undermine the common willingness to take vaccines. - apoint that is proven right not leats by your post, Mod.


If it would be the Covid-vaxxes, that cause the excess-death-spikes seen in some countries, there'd be excess deaths not least in - highly vaxxed - Sweden.But there aren't.

How's that: Millions of cancer-treatments postponed in GB. - Weather that might have done something?

Danish meta-studies in vaxx-deaths came up with about double the increase in vaxx deaths than those caused by - placebo treatments... Such are the - ratehr miniscule - numbers to look for when it comes to vacciendeaths. The rest is vaccine-panic... - wich is a kind of panic not least.

Every vaccinator in Denmark did asphyxiate the Covid-syringes though - a beneficial practice not executed everywhere.

Highly vaxxed Norway with the best 2021 outcome in all of Europe:


(This one would for the simple minded viewer support the hypothesis, that the vaccines might have done some good even... - be careful with that axe, Alarmist)
The Alarmist
Tuesday - November 22nd 2022 5:21AM MST

I don’t hesitate to tell friends and colleagues that I’m unvaxxed. I usually tell them “I’m one of the dirty, unwashed antivaxxers you hear about on TV.” A few have flinched and one even pressed the seal of his surgical mask to close the gap, but so far none have run from a room shrieking in horror.

I was listening to an analyst in London the other day blather on about insurance company losses, and I jokingly said, “We don’t know if it’s the vaxxes... but it’s the vaxxes.” In the earlier days my colleagues would tell me that surely couldn’t be true or even that that was rubbish, but last week I heard, “Well, excess deaths are indeed over 10%, but nobody’s really certain of reasons.”

I just said, “It’s the vaxxes.”
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