Who was that unmasked man?!

Posted On: Wednesday - November 16th 2022 11:08AM MST
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"I don't know. I've heard him called the Lone Peak Stupidity outpatient."

Return with us now to those thrilling hours of yesterday. I had to go in for a yearly routine visit to a medical office right behind the big hospital. I mean, this office was a big operation too, with something like 15 doctors of the same specialty, and a couple of hundred employees. With a cry of "Hi-Yo, Silver", I backed into the parking space between 2 big-ass pickup trucks and walked to the building. There was a guy sitting outside the building this fine day sitting on a dapple grey horse on a stool at a podium near a sign requiring the face masks. He took one out for me from his satchel or maybe it was some compartment built into his podium.

Should I wear this ridiculous mask? It's been the better part of a year since I was required to wear one of the Fauci Face Diapers for just a little bit each day by the local lawmen as part of my job. (Even that, I resisted to the utmost.) I consulted my trusty sidekick Tonto via text digital smoke signaling, but he was away scalping some pale faced healthcare experts Hootie and the Blowfish tickets.

I didn't put it on. Upstairs there must have been 50 people in the waiting area, every single one with a face mask of some sort on. I didn't put it on. Into the office I went, and during the visit, I still didn't put the face mask on. The technician who took my pulse and blood pressure asked "how are we feeling today?" "Who is this 'we', Kemo sabe?" ... is what I WANTED to say, but instead it was "I don't know about you, but I'm pretty good." He didn't care that I was maskless.

I even asked the doctor, to be considerate, if I needed to put a face mask on. She, as was the case with every doctor, nurse, and clerk in the place, was wearing one of these. "Nah, I don't care."

It was really nice being the Lone Maskless Blogger. No one knew who I was I was due to the HIPAA laws, but it was all I could do to refrain from leaving a "Let's go Brandon" silver dollar with the appointment scheduler as a mark of the last of the Kung Flu anti-Panic Rangers. Nowhere in the pages of Peak Stupidity history can one find a greater champion of healthcare justice! Let's go! Hi-Yo, Silver! A-way!

The Alarmist
Friday - November 18th 2022 4:32AM MST

The masks are useless against aerosolised particles in general and are only useful against larger particles or droplets. Wearing masks for extended periods can be harmful, and not only for the strain on the lungs, but also for the risks of hypoxia and hypercapnia.

My doc was alarmed that my serum Vit D was near the upper range of “safe”, but then I spend a lot of time in the sun and ingest 5k to 10k IEUs a day with a few hundred mcgs of Vit K, and she’s had COVID a couple times in the past year or so. She offered me Paxlovid if I got sick, so I asked her how that worked for her and suggested she look into a real antiviral like Ivermectin. You would have thought I showed a crucifix to a vampire by the look on her face... then again, the vaxxes are a product of servants of Satan, so maybe I did.
Dieter Kief
Friday - November 18th 2022 12:19AM MST

Mr. Campbell talks about this weather issue - and that he lives in .n.o.r.t.h.e.r.n. England.
We don't store Vit D. - so: Nice weather in spingtime/summer does not matter here.
I was - for decades sceptical about Vit D supplements and did not take them. But this huge & decently made new study might change my mind. I'll see what the discussion will bring.
Btw. - wearing FFP-2 masks does hurt the lung. That's why hospital stuff in Europe shall not wear them uninterrupted for longer thana few hours (in Austria a break is necessary after two hours).
Thursday - November 17th 2022 8:49PM MST
PS: Mr. Kief, I don't know if it was -3 type, but we got lots of vitamin D from the sunshine in April-June of '20. The schools were closed, and we had a long streak of great weather.
Thursday - November 17th 2022 8:48PM MST
PS: Adam, this situation was different from your city bus, grocery store, restaurant, etc. It was kind of a special case, as it was a medical facility only. The people there besides me were almost all over 70 years old too. Of the "5 to 10%", I meant those in American society in general.

Now, I don't think that should matter a whole lot, as this wasn't an operating room, and we didn't do this thing before 2020. I wonder if this practice is one of those small precedents, and it will stick forever. (OTOH, I'd been to another place earlier in the year that had gone from requiring the masks one week to "we don't give a rat's ass" the next.)

I guess this was a crowd that would normally want to be on the cautious side. Then again, they didn't care that I didn't have a mask on - maybe that's because they thought their own would keep them safe, the Kung Flu being the least of their problems though, unfortunately. Also (is this the bad news or the good news? I've been flipping back-and-forth), these masks likely cause other problems by impeding proper breathing for long periods.

Society has lots of guinea pig graduates of the Milgram school of hard shocks. The sign said "masks required". Still, if it had said that in '19...?
Dieter Kief
Thursday - November 17th 2022 3:07PM MST
Dr. Campbell has good news: Vitamin D 3 is safe and effective against Covid (and other viral infections!) - prevents quite a few deaths even, as a huge stdy with a half million+ people shows.

Dieter Kief
Thursday - November 17th 2022 2:44PM MST
Adam - many people think its impolite to scare those who do think masks are necessary to fight off a dangerous disease.
This society is not only trying to get rid of risks, it does - "blowing" such "futile horn(s)" (hehe) - also become more and more - risk & - death illiterate.

Since we know about our fate, such existential analphabetism is a huge driver of all kinds of incommodities.
I have done this before: Molière knew whis stuff, and he even knew, how - - - fasten your seatbelts, gentlemen: How - deep down - funny this stuff is not least. Seen from this angle: We have seats in the front row in the biggest health-comedy ever. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I bow my head to Moliére's work of genius The Imaginary Invalid. (Ioath the unhealthly overfunded German theater-bsuiness of - also: never before - - -seen proportions, btw., which proved unable to simply stage that play /(with a few exeptions - one in nearby Singen, that we did see - and - - - halfways enjoy open air at a super-beautiful June evening below the Hohentwiel castle (sitting at the top of a expired volcano - never been conquered - still just great). If Moliére scores a ten, they did a - 5,6).
Ariane Mnouchkine's monumental Molière film has been re-edited this year - I might re-watch it - after - what: Fourty or so years. Maybe not.
Adam Smith
Thursday - November 17th 2022 12:22PM MST
PS: Good afternoon, everyone,

Thanks for the links, Dieter. What's Her Face is pretty funny...

Mr. Moderator...

"It's nice to see that of 50 or more patient/customers and probably 10 or more doctors/nurses/techs, nobody was really worried."

"Maybe it's 5 or 10% of the people wearing these still that are doing it because they really still think it physically matters."

So, out of 60(ish) people, like 5(ish) were wearing their face diaper because they believe it is the right thing to do or it saves lives or slows the spread (or whatever).

But the other 55(ish) are doing it, Why? Solomon Asch social conformity? Milgram style obedience training? Because a sign told them to?

Does no one else find it concerning that a bunch of (presumably) adults will play silly games like this?

I do understand that social pressure is going to be different in different places.
(Big blue cities worse than small red towns, etc.)

But seriously, what's the deal? ☮
Thursday - November 17th 2022 11:47AM MST
PS: Mr. Blanc, it's really just a matter of my not caring too much what people think. If any of the heath "providers" had told me to put it on, I'd have complied right away. It's nice to see that of 50 or more patient/customers and probably 10 or more doctors/nurses/techs, nobody was really worried.

Maybe it's 5 or 10% of the people wearing these still that are doing it because they really still think it physically matters. Those are the ones wearing them in airport terminals and on plances.

Alarmist, I remembered that French phrase, but I had to go look it up. It's only been... a LOT of years since HS French (2 years of it). Who's got the je ne sais quoi though? (I looked at both pictures.) The marching band people look happier is all.
The Alarmist
Thursday - November 17th 2022 11:19AM MST

The only difference between peak stupidity in the USA and Europe is a certain je ne sais quoi.


Thursday - November 17th 2022 9:51AM MST
PS Gotta hand it to you, MOD. You’ve got larger stones than I‘ve got. Went to the ophthalmologist about 10 days ago. Wore the d*mned thing. Only wear them to medical appointments days.
Dieter Kief
Thursday - November 17th 2022 4:49AM MST
Apropos masks, Europe and US differences and - top-notch Spanish research, presented by the fabulous Robert Pezer in one naughty Tweet!


(PS - The trick is, to understand that research adds to one's me-time as a responsible citizen.)
Dieter Kief
Thursday - November 17th 2022 4:28AM MST

Here is one more about unmasking: A verywell made short & - - - funny satirical vid:


Teaser-quote: "I prefer to call everybody that speaks up, fight's back or stands his grounds a lunatic or conspiracy theorist so I don't feel any obligation to do my own research - research takes away from Me-Time!"
Wednesday - November 16th 2022 5:35PM MST
PS: I sure hope, for your sake and others, that Germany has calmed down, Dieter. Omicron as the vaccine, huh? Is that not just a form of natural herd immunity? I'll try do remember the good Doctor John Campbell, but I didn't have time to finish the video just now.

Flynn: I like the idea about the racing suits. China over the last 2 decades, since I've been there anyway, was nothing but a big shopping mall. I could see the idea of the "Big Whites", the guys spraying people, dogs, cats, and trucks, forcibly vaccinating people, locking up apartment complexes and all that making extra money for the CCP with lots of oval stickers on their big white hazmat suits. Capital idea, Sir!
Dieter Kief
Wednesday - November 16th 2022 1:59PM MST
The Dr. Campbell quote below ends with the word needed.
Dieter Kief
Wednesday - November 16th 2022 1:57PM MST
PSAs the great Dr. John Campbell said looking back at Covid this week: "An African doctor told me almost one year ago that Omicron is the vaccine we all so badly needed. No more emergency.Just regular respiratory virus b'idness from then on. - Hi-ho silver away!/ Is all that's left to say!


This is the good Doc at Dec. 5th 2021 - I too didi post that Omicron might bring an end to the covid emergency and had been getting wild reactions on German blogs. Dez. 5th was the date, a few people thought that Omicron might be the game changer. I remember Charles Murray being one of them on Twitter. A great day!

Latest data, looking good - Bing video
Wednesday - November 16th 2022 1:18PM MST
PS Extra big azz heaps of muzzle obedience to you comrade and may the hiveborg vacant thought cloud be with you!
McHealthcarez commissars will now take a woke oath that is extra most bestest.
How about NASCAR style suits for the heroic Tik-Tok video makers with all the pharmakeia logos!
The COV-LARP coup gave us Brandon and soon WWIII with a hollowed out Wiemarbabwe abomination of rainbow clown troops.
Yes we can!
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