Harvesting the fruits of a half-century of Affirmative Action - Part 5

Posted On: Tuesday - November 15th 2022 6:16PM MST
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Continued from Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3, and Part 4.

I was not too keen on writing this final post in this series, as there is always more interesting stupidity cropping up, and I'd put it off for too long to remember all of what I was going to write. No, it's not that the SCROTUS decision (see Part 4), which doesn't seem to have been decided yet, will do away with this over-half-a-century-long scourge. First of all, that one case is specifically about admissions to Harvard and other Ivy League schools. Who cares? Anyone with an integrity is probably not so enamored with joining the elites with connections within the Establishment.

Will the case become a precedent for all types of AA decisions? I wish anyone who brings a lawsuit for discrimination in the workplace very good luck. However, this is not the rule-of-law America of 50 years ago. Just as with the Ivy League colleges themselves, if the case were decided favorably to White men, there will be workarounds. Will Big-Biz HR ladies change their ways? How about the woke corporate honchos? How about the bureaucrats in governments of all levels? Nah, they've got their power, and they will not give it up for some rule-of-law or fairness bullcrap.

As an aside, commenter Dieter Kief brought up in the comments under the Part 2 post some conversation in an interview by Brit Freddie Sayers of a Swedish "right-winger" on the issue of too many foreigners. Sayers says it's not that many of the foreigners imported to work for cheap can't do decent work.. He brings up the case in London, England ("... for decades and decades and it appears to be working reasonably well.") Dieter notes the attitude of the interviewer in the video:
London is highly multicultural, and does work just fine. So: Why not have London everywhere? - And a nice Indian rooted PM replacing the nightmarishly incompetent blonde clumsy oaf Liz Truss? - - As the perfect icing on the globalist cake?!
(Commenter Alarmist, writing in from the area in question - most of the time - disagrees with Mr. Sayer's assessment also.)

Early on, these were the brightest from their countries. Though they somehow qualify for Affirmative Action, sure, many did not need it. Will everything run hunky-dory with this diversity in the workplace? If it were just smart Chinese and other Oriental guys there doing engineering with the White guys and some of the brightest •Indian guys there doing IT, maybe, but the Globalists (as I think Mr. Kief was driving at) want everyone doing everything, except for the White man not being required. They want a Tower of Babel. I don't know if they really think it will work or are just being purposefully destructive, but no, it won't work.

No, AA is not the ONLY thing hampering White men's ability to get good jobs and therefore afford family formation*. Automation (affecting everybody) is a steadily increasing part of it, for both white- and blue-collar jobs. Those foreigner employees, especially the black contingent (in government) and the •Indian contingent in IT, often hire tribally. At the low end, often highly Hispanic areas will unofficially require Spanish for the job, ruling out most White people. As odious as the whole idea is, if there were to be anything fair about it, there should be AA for White Men nowadays. It's an anti-White-Men program though, so that would be against AA's core values.

Not only is the half-century-entrenched Affirmative Action business not going away, but the Woke business is ramping up the AA. United Airlines wants 50% of its future pilot hires to be "diverse". That's not your Daddy's or Granddaddy's Affirmative Action, in which they had quotas in some industries, but then they used some common sense too. Airline pilots are in high demand now, and the pay is high enough at this point to bring in people based on merit (with the thumbs on the scales for the diverse ones, as usual). This United Airlines plan, though, is a step beyond the norm and is designed to get people killed!

How can we deal with the fruits of AA at work?

At the workplace, it sucks having to walk on our tiptoes and watch what we say, as the HR people are OK with lapel buttons of all sorts, while they send out Diverse-People Month emails reminding us to avoid politics in the workplace. We can work with people hired on merit, but then there are so many people hired via AA that have to be humored and their work covered for. The Big Biz world has for the most part become no fun and the real challenges and the work flow cannot be enjoyed around all the incompetence. You may find a niche of competency, but it my not last.

For really sharp young White men, the best bet may be starting up a software or "TECH" business of some kind. If you can work with your hands, by all means, self-employment doing mechanic work, handy-man work, plumbing, electrical, etc. is probably the way to avoid the weight of AA .** Get good at what you do, don't have any employees unless they are on our side, and any customer who goes woke on you can be dropped like a hot oil plug.

What can we do about the fruits of AA in America in general?

Are we going to get used to terrible service at retail establishments as a rule? Should we just accept that America cannot be a CAN-DO nation again? Should we hope for and welcome our Chinese overlords who will not put up with too much incompetence and place Chinese workers in critical positions that require integrity and high qual... wait a minute.

It's time for the White men who don't care to work half-assed and live in a dysfunctional society to get themselves and their people off the grid and as far away from the reach of the Potomac Regime as possible. That's all I got for solutions.

Will the Globalist elites of society realize that they kind of fucked up, because even the most automated society they can imagine will need lots of competent people to keep it all running? Could they even do anything about it at this point?

OK, look, I got nothing. I didn't even feel like writing this post, but you gotta finish what you started ... if you're not an AA hire, that is ...

* Steve Sailer parlance there.

** BTW, as Peak Stupidity noted in this post, it seems like being proud to work with one's hands is a American/Western thing. There are snobs here too who look down on it, but not like in China and India. I'm pretty sure sometime during this blogging, I've related the story of the one Chinese Mech-Engr. PhD who was trying to use a crescent wrench to loosen a round rod.

[UPDATED 11/16:]
Fixed information from commenter Dieter Kief - not writing but that from a youtube interview he was pointing out.

Wednesday - November 16th 2022 7:50PM MST
PS: "Apparently it was published yesterday." Ahh, that explains it. I could probably request it be purchased by the 'brary. It's not political or anything.
Adam Smith
Wednesday - November 16th 2022 7:24PM MST
PS: "Thank you for the book suggestion, Dieter. The local library didn't have this "Catastrophe"..."

I looked for a copy of Catastrophe by Chris Ferguson too, Mr. Moderator. Apparently it was published yesterday.

Perhaps Dieter received an advanced reader copy or something?

Wednesday - November 16th 2022 5:29PM MST
PS: Thank you for the book suggestion, Dieter. The local library didn't have this "Catastrophe", but they did suggest a Dick Morris book (yeah, that Dick Morris, not thank you!), and a book about air disasters which is on the way. Serendipity for the win.
Wednesday - November 16th 2022 5:25PM MST
PS: OK, I got that, Alarmist. As for the contest winners you show,

"What do you know about baking, son, you're from g-damn New Delhi!"

"It's really hairy inside those ovens, Colonel, I dunno ... Apu is all over the place ..." "Apu don't bake!"

I hope someone here gets the references, as bad as I may have screwed up the 2nd one!
The Alarmist
Wednesday - November 16th 2022 9:42AM MST

I split my time in several EU countries and the UK, so I get a front row seat to population replacement and decline pretty much all over the place.

BTW, here are the finalists in this year’s Great British Bakeoff, which may as well now simply be called the Great Bakeoff...

Wednesday - November 16th 2022 7:57AM MST
PS: Yeah, I did read your comment under Part 2, Alarmist, and then I'd left that argument out in this post. Both you guys are in Europe (most of the time, for you?), and I was not sure if you are in England or France for the most part.

You both would know more than I about London - yeah, my family was there for 3 days recently riding "Big Red" buses and tour boats, haha, so not exactly a real assessment.

My points are, anyway:

a) Well, even if thing ARE running "reasonably well", that means actual Americans or Brits will have to figure "well, no engineering jobs for me - those are for the Chinese people, and no IT jobs for me - those are for the .Indians".

b) Once it gets all mixed up in there (in Big Biz cubicles) the language problems, cultural problems, and tribalist competition really screw up the works. I've seen it.
The Alarmist
Wednesday - November 16th 2022 6:36AM MST

My original comment was, “I spend enough time in London to tell you it does not work just fine, and the main reason it works anywhere near ok are the minority heritage Brits and some of the South Asians who did a reasonable job of assimilating. Nevertheless, the problem with empire is that you ultimately become the colonised.”

But that comment went on to imply you need competent lower IQ people who can fix the plumbing, and you are better off recruiting locals rather than importing people from cheaper shitholes just because they are cheaper lower IQ labour.

Wednesday - November 16th 2022 5:48AM MST
PS: I see my mistake, Dieter, in my not watching some of the interview (where you started the timer) in addition to reading your comment. I'll keep this one (the interview) up in a tab.
Wednesday - November 16th 2022 5:33AM MST
PS: "I did not really say what you quote above, I rather reported Londoner Freddy Sayers saying it in the in No. 2 AA post linked interview he conducted with Swedish right wing activist and blogger Ivar Arpi.
The Alarmist was so kind as to chime in and state that well: London does not work that well actually."

I see. I will change it in the post now, Dieter.
Dieter Kief
Wednesday - November 16th 2022 4:17AM MST
I did not really say what you quote above, I rather reported Londoner Freddy Sayers saying it in the in No. 2 AA post linked interview he conducted with Swedish right wing activist and blogger Ivar Arpi.
The Alarmist was so kind as to chime in and state that well: London does not work that well actually.
Otoh - if this is so, then why on earth would half the world just love to live there - and at least half of the Londoners welcome them with open arms?
(I'm not saying this to perfectly well contradict The Alarmist, but rather to hint at my original comment in your AA-post No. 2 in which - for good reasons - heaven might strengthen my good resons - if nobody else! - in which I linked to the interview mentioned above - and added a few more reasons why this topic is complex indeed.

Two bottom lines:
1) You have to come to grips with women's take on this subject if you want to approach a sound policy.
2) The rock solid line I - in the back of my head, not least hm, hm - refer to oftentimes in this context is: Societies are no machines. Societal processes are not only rooted in the chemico-physical realm, as far as their functioning goes. Ivar Arpi makes some quite reasonable points in this regard - but - as Freddy Sayers' - they hang in the air in this - very insightful nevertheless! - talk between the two. ("Subjects for further investigations", as Bob Christgau used to say in such situations in his fabulous Record Buyer's Guide.)

Here's more stuff that hangs together with this immigration subject: 

Want to understand why people seem to make such horrible decisions all the time? - consider a look into : Catastrophe by Chris Ferguson - How Psychology Explains How Good People Make Decisions That Make Bad Situations Worse


(The next - logical - step would be to look into the fact that bad people are sometimes of the kind that oppose anything and everybody and nevertheless - are part of the forces that make good things happen (Goethe, I admit, Faust I + II).

(Here you have the realm that is at stake for every serious debater: That between the well-meaning messing things up and the bad mouthed helping out. (Add to that that well-meaning ppl. do not necessarily ruin everything (hard to make the decision: Is Chris Ferguson - a well meaning or a destructive force? - - - - -( More subjects for further considerations!!! - Hey Mod.: This is good news!).
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