French Parliament Ministers doing Big Brother a solid

Posted On: Friday - November 11th 2022 1:02PM MST
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I came upon this minute-long video last weekend embedded by "fnn"* in the comment thread under a rare Paul Kersey post about immigration - Invasion USA: More Than 100+ Foreign Black People Show Up Unannounced in Small Town Massachusetts, Speaking No English - one of his more concise titles, seriously.

This is from the French Parliament. Because the shouting is in French, I'm not absolutely sure if everyone is on one side of this 2-minute, OK 1-minute, hate here. If any readers can give me a gist of the translation, I'd greatly appreciate it. I'll comment after you see what you think about it:

You can see from the initial sub-titles that this African member of the French Parliament, one Carlos Martens Bilongo, is speaking about some problem with getting a couple of hundred more African illegal immigrants into "his" country by boat across the Mediterranean Sea.

Per the youtube description:
"They should go back to Africa!" interrupted Gregoire de Fournas, a newly elected member of Ms Le Pen’s nationalist, anti-immigration National Rally, or RN.
Well, yeah-uhhh. That's a no-brainer. However (and, BTW, I'm not picking on the French here - it's the same in all Western Europe, America, and the rest of the formerly White countries), saying something very obvious in defense of your own people is a big no-no.

Just look at that fat tub of Totalitarian lard in the green shirt! Does she not remind you of the elementary school principal yelling at a kid who just said he's not learning anything at the school and that recess should be longer? There was then mayhem for half a minute, well as much as you can have in a place with 2/3 of the Ministers absent (as it looks to me), when that simple statement that some Frenchmen actually DON'T want to continue the invasion of black foreigners, stirred the crowd of French cowards into that HateFest. (See the guy with the sweater and glasses finally stand up, thinking "I better DO something.) Who said that?!!

No, you don't want to be the guy that stops clapping for Premier Stalin's speech first, much less the guy that yells out "You Lie**, you miserable stinking Commie piece of shit!" in the middle of it. These PMs, US Senators, and all of them, don't have the power of a Stalin or Mao though... yet...

The blonde lady, one Yael Braun-Pivet, suspended the Parliament for 5 minutes, as those minute hates are simply exhausting. Later, Far Out!, oh, wait, it's "Far Right" Minister Grégoire de Fournas had his lunch money allowance withheld for 2 months. (Really, are we living in Kinderworld?) That'll teach the bastard to stand up for the French people! Also, from the youtube description:
Ms Le Pen has for years insisted the once racist and xenophobic party of her father Jean-Marie Le Pen - formerly the Front National - is now “de-toxified” and ready to govern.
There's nothing toxic about being a patriot, Mizz Le Pen. What a coward you are for not standing up for the French people. This would have been a much better scene had Mr. de Fournas stood up and yelled (in French) "Hell yeah I said it! I am the French patriot! Who else here is not a coward? Stand with me!", and the rest of the MPs stood up one at a time stating "No, I am the French Patriot!" Then, the lady in green should have been plugged in front of the Parliament, with that 5-minute recess taken to throw her body in the Seine.

All I saw, though, were a few dozen actual cheese-eating surrender monkeys, a black traitor to France, and one or two Totalitarian Commies.

What's just so sad is how many White people are completely down with the Hate Fest on Mr. de Fournas for defending his people. From another video, which was a disgusting Commie defense of the outrage against this truthspeaking, here's a comment:
4 days ago
We all need a friend like this lady behind him in green t-shirt 😀
27 [Thumbs up]
Yes, there are REAL people like this.

PS: I've read that "he" and "they" sound the same in French (give me a break - it's been many years!), so that there was confusion as to whether Mr. de Fournas was referring to those illegal alien Camp of the Saints people or that black minister. He'd be right either way, though. What Mr. Bilongo was doing there that day was aiding and abetting an invasion of France. He shouldn't be sent RIGHT back though ...

* The commenter, with the handle fnn, doesn't comment all that much*, but I am in agreement with about all I've read from him. Also, he puts links in Ron Unz's Aggregated Newslinks section, something I should frequent more often.

** Thank you, Congressman Joe Wilson, who just got re-elected, for what that's worth. Thank you, South Carolinians.

Adam Smith
Thursday - November 17th 2022 12:00AM MST
PS: Orcas...

I agree with Mr. Alarmist. Stay off their turf.

Wednesday - November 16th 2022 5:20PM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, I have read all about Mr. Bankman-Fraud and Miss Ellison on Steve Sailer's site. I gotta say, these are not your Great GrandDaddy's Robber Barons. Besides that it's so much easier now, with the whole Government Establishment corrupt as all hell, these people don't dress as well as your Great GrandDaddy's Robber Barons, and they are just so much stupider.

I linked to your long biography of Ron DeSantis (missed one letter in the link title, but the link works) in the open Trump thread on iSteve today. Could you tell us if you get just a small bump in visits to that page?
Wednesday - November 16th 2022 5:16PM MST
PS: Sam, I forgot to add that I agree on the refugee business. An older lady named Ann Corcoran has blogged at the Refuge Resettlement Watch* site for years - she really knows all aspects of this scam. It is a scam - it's the churches who scam the most money - privatize the virtue-signaling, and socialize the bodily harm, death, and just destruction of society.

* She hasn't been doing much lately. Hopefully Ann is doing OK.
Wednesday - November 16th 2022 5:11PM MST
PS: Sam J., here's one comment under your Orca video:

r. Sleep
7 days ago
the night before the attack, the Orcas had movie night and watched Orca the Killer Whale, the rest is History. 😲

Haha. I do remember the era of Jaws. Since it was so successful, everyone in the movie business had to pile on, the Orcas next, maybe some Octopi, and next they'd be featuring killer dolphins "Flipper breaking bad."

Anyway, how smart are these creatures? Should we bring back whaling, off Portugal at least? I really do appreciate the sea mammals (much more so than the fish), but I gotta say, going at these guys equipped with a semi-auto 50 caliber, all expenses paid, would be something I'd sure sign up for!
The Alarmist
Tuesday - November 15th 2022 9:43AM MST

You see a pod of evil orcas: I see the circle of life. If you don’t want to be food for the orcas, stay off their turf.

Tuesday - November 15th 2022 9:32AM MST

The original here:



It looks like the FTX cryptocurrency ‘exchange’ was set up intentionally as a money laundering vehicle for the globalist Democrats.

The main player chosen to represent the fraud is a young man named Sam Bankman-Fried. The 30 year-old entrepreneur and MIT grad is apparently a nerd, a vegan, and social misfit who’d rather deal with people over ‘Zoom’ than in person.
Tuesday - November 15th 2022 9:30AM MST

"Sam Bankman-Fraud" cartoon by Ben Garrison:
Sam J.
Tuesday - November 15th 2022 9:17AM MST

Look at these evil killer whales. I typed in "orcas sink boat" and got a ton of videos of these beast attacking boats. They need to get a mass of people in sailboats with 12 foot long electric cattle prods and .50 cal. rifles. Hit them with the cattle prods one time and if they don't get the message, the .50 cal.

Sam J
Tuesday - November 15th 2022 8:59AM MST

We need to end the refugee business. If these people want changes, they need to do it their selves and not move to our country and start telling us what to do. M
Sam J.
Tuesday - November 15th 2022 8:56AM MST

Yeah the
was me. You know you're getting old when you can't operate a a "Your Name" box. :)

Colonialism is some cases uplifted people, by quite a lot, and in some cases it exploited people, by a lot. A lot of shady characters were involved in the Colonialism business. Like smuggling opium into China then declaring war on them when they wanted it stopped.
Tuesday - November 15th 2022 6:03AM MST
PS: SafeNow, there probably are a handful that drown, though much of it is wadeable, I guess depending on recent rainfall. Many more die due to their human trafficking "coyotes". VDare writers have noted the stories of people dying in the back of hot semi-trucks, etc.

Those compassionate ones will tell us that we need to make it all easier (with an analogy to the boating across the Mediterranean) so not so there won't be so many mishaps. Sure, or we could still have our own countries, and stop the boats, climbers, pedestrians, driver, COLD, so that soon after they will give up trying. That will save many more "migrants", and has the side benefit of saving White nations. "You gotta be cruel to be kind, in the right measure..."

- Nick Lowe (going from memory)
Tuesday - November 15th 2022 5:57AM MST
PS: "That face that could launch a thousand ships (in the opposite direction)..." Haha, good one. "The face that scuttled a thousand ships"??

I did read of this story, at least just the snippets that Steve Sailer commented on. If it were just people's get-rich-quick investments that went down, I would not have a problem with guys like Mr. Banker-Fraud. It's not my money.

However, the tie-ins with Bai Dien, the Ukraine, and whatever other shenanigans show us some of the evil and corruption of these people. The only answer I see is to take down the entire Potomac Regime. It's making all Americans look evil to the world. As an empire, the Regime is so far away from the ideas of the Founders, in ways they probably couldn't imagine. Anyway, I guess I don't have the time or energy to look into these things closely, though I should perhaps start perusing ZH again.
The Alarmist
Tuesday - November 15th 2022 1:52AM MST

“Rescue ships” would return the invaders to their embarkation points. NGOs are running an invasion fleet. This is nothing short of treason.
Tuesday - November 15th 2022 12:16AM MST

A commenter referred to rescue ships. Meloni said she would make the border “safe.” Why the heck “safe”? Why not “impenetrable” or at least “secure”? Obviously her sympathies lie with the sea-invading ships. This reminded me of how U.S. Republicans lament that the US border fiasco is a “humanitarian crisis.” I feel sorry for invaders who drown in The Rio Grande, but this is .ooooo1 percent of the border problem. Expressing sympathy for the drownees is a distraction, and, makes the US seem like the bad guy.
Monday - November 14th 2022 2:42PM MST

Caroline Ellison

What was the scale of money-laundering involving Ukraine she was involved in?
Monday - November 14th 2022 12:12PM MST

on FTX

Behold the visage of one the masterminds behind the multi-billion-dollar money-laundering op and pyramid-scheme known as "FTX":

That face that could launch a thousand ships (in the opposite direction) is the polyamorous (?) girlfriend (proper title unclear) of the kingpin-in-chief of the money-laundering op FTX, Samuel Shalom Bankman-Fried, a frizzy-haired overweight bozo with so much street-cred he has a hyphenated 'double'-Jewish name. He and his inner circle of money-launderers are said to have fled the USA like Afghanistan's ex-President Ghani (with helicopters and armored cars stuffed with cash). Will they end up in Israel, or Ukraine?

Larry David was paid a huge sum to produce and star in a long Superbowl commercial for "FTX" which aired just eight months ago.
Adam Smith
Monday - November 14th 2022 11:21AM MST
PS: Good afternoon, everyone,

"I was assuming Adam Smith, but who knows..."

It wasn't me. Must have been one of the other thousands and thousands of commenters. ;-}

The Alarmist
Monday - November 14th 2022 11:01AM MST

BTW, new thread idea ...

FTX accounts used as a giant money laundering scheme via Ukraine to fund Demonrats in 2020 and 2022 elections, and FTX was a big time WEF sponsor.

I didn’t realize Ukraine was as much an owner of the USA as Israel, KSA, and China, but the last few years suggest the Kiev Mafia has significant sway in DC.
The Alarmist
Monday - November 14th 2022 10:57AM MST

So what I’m hearing is that Orcas are tiring of seafood, are moving on to meat, and seem to prefer dark meat.
Monday - November 14th 2022 4:39AM MST

"PS PS", do you want me to insert your handle? I was assuming Adam Smith, but who knows, among our thousands and thousands of commenters. ;-} The story of the Robertsons and 40 days stranded in the Pacific, was something else. I'd never heard of it before.

The thing is, that any tragedy, whether involving Orcas or not, that would befall these human trafficking boats would only be used by those compassionate politicians like Herr Merckel to push for MORE and safer human trafficking.

Sam J, I beg to differ. Isn't Colonialism a deal in which you work to uplift the local population to your own society's standards? I guess when you use the term "exploit", yeah, your point works. Thanks.

Safenow, thanks for La Marseillaise. Believe it or not, I know the tune only from movies, in which, whenever the scene switches to (movie-wise) being in France, about the first 3 seconds of that National Anthem plays. Haha. I like this version. She's got an amazing voice.
Monday - November 14th 2022 12:46AM MST
Sam J.
Sunday - November 13th 2022 10:04PM MST

They should confiscate these "rescue ships" for smuggling people and hang the ships captains and crew. It's got to be illegal to smuggle people. That they are not enforcing the law doesn't change that it's illegal.
Sam J.
Sunday - November 13th 2022 5:52PM MST

“Sink the damned boats. They’ll eventually get the message they aren’t welcome.”

For some reason, Orcas, I prefer their real name killer whales, have taken to ramming small sail boats and sinking them off the coast of Portugal. Some have speculated that they have been ramming these refuge boats and finding them to disgorge a tasty meal and have got in the habit of it. Even if it's not true, we shouldn't dampen the idea that it is.

I read a review of a book where killer whales sunk this guys and his families boat way out in the pacific. The boat went down in like 45 seconds. They barely had time to get in a life boat. I think his daughter and his wife died as they tried to get land. It took them a while.

I found a review.
Sam J.
Sunday - November 13th 2022 5:36PM MST

If it's colonialism for Europeans to go to Africa and exploit Africa, isn't it colonialism for Africans to go to Europe and exploit Europe? Two wrongs don't make a right.
Sunday - November 13th 2022 3:26AM MST
PS: Thanks for the links, Mr. Smith. That's the boat that that African "French" gentleman was talking about. It's more MHP - Migrant Hot Potato. (I shouldn't use their euphemism "migrant" though. Invaders are what they are.)

Yes, Eva is quite "fetching". Thanks for the pic.
Adam Smith
Saturday - November 12th 2022 12:19PM MST
PS: Good afternoon, gentlemen,

A weeks-long ordeal for asylum seekers who had been stranded at sea concluded on Friday, as the French government granted safe harbor for the Ocean Viking rescue ship in the southern city of Toulon...

And from Dieter's link...
"Another demographic that leans strongly left is dead people..." Lol! Thanks, Dieter! (Also, for the Eva Vlaar link)

Happy Saturday! ☮
Saturday - November 12th 2022 11:42AM MST
PS: Should have been "*the* lyrics ...", as I mean that for any rock music.
Saturday - November 12th 2022 11:41AM MST
PS: Dieter, first of all, I thought the whole time, Mic was singing "politics", though I know that makes not much sense. As I always write, they lyrics are nothing compared to the sound. (What great bass guitar there by Bill Wyman!)

Yeah, it may have been rude there, the guy shouting out what everyone SHOULD have been thinking. I too would have gotten sick of having to put up with a Minister of Parliament - even with no real power - working right in front of my face to get the French to let more African illegal aliens enter the country. A couple of hundred here, a couple of hundred there, week-in, week-out, pretty soon they don't speak and act French in central Pareee.

What sickens me about this was the reaction. If you didn't go yelling out at him as if this were really a sick thing to say, then you stood up and acted indignant, like the one guy with the sweater. I imagine many of those very PMs even agreed with him, but they felt they had to be part of the 1 minute hate. They could talk about sending Africans home only when they themselves are at home with their families, and very, very quietly. That's what losers do.
Dieter Kief
Saturday - November 12th 2022 10:08AM MST
Mod. - I see your point, but this scene above might be more about the proper behavior in a parliament than about free speech, if seen from this more principled perspective. - If you meet me/ Have some courtesy/ Have some sympathy and have some taste/ And Bring all your well learned Politesse (Jaguar pronounces this word in an idiosyncratic way, I must admit) - or I'll lay your soul to waste...

That said - look here, please - - a text! - - : - - Matt M Briggs dug this up in Steve Stewart-Williams' Twitter-thread - it is a tweet from another timezone and another galaxy, kinda (January 2022!), but Matt M. Briggs somehow managed to find it nonetheless - bravo! - Because this study brings something up, that does make a difference in our "times of the miracles & wonders":

Female Students Prefer Inclusivity & Diversity - Male Students Prefer Free Speech. - I now also think of the last US elections - especially college educated unmarried women voted with 60+%*** - - Democrat.
(over 60, under 70% can't remember the exact number)
Saturday - November 12th 2022 4:51AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, my point here is to point out the pure hate and animosity for free speech of the ctrl-left and those who go along or acquiesce. That this gentleman could not make a simple statement in parliament is sick. (It'd have been one thing if the broad with the gavel simply told him to wait his turn.) It's not like he said "sink the boats", something that could be taken to be "incitement" or something, even though we'd know it's just rhetoric.

No, I didn't assume that this gathering was going to decide immigration policy for France going forward. It was the one guy pleading for money or other resources to go help his (actual) countrymen break into France in weather that was not cooperating. The sheer gall of that is what led Mr. de Fournas to speak out loud on this. Likely, he didn't plan on speaking out, knowing how his countrymen were too cowardly to support him. Sometimes, somewhere else in the brain has just had enough.

As per Mr. Kief's comment, I did follow Mr. Zemmour up through the last election, along with at least the middle Le Pen. (There's a daughter in politics too, is there not?) I wish the luck, but Le Pen's talk about "not being toxic" is not helpful in my opinion. Will they get anywhere against the Globohomo, as Mr. Hail brought up?

Yes, at this point France and Italy seem to have bigger anti-invasion voices than America does, with Trump being more about Trump than the fate of the country at this point. However, can you not say "send the boats back" in the public sphere? How about even in public on the street? I have read that (worst for England) that one can get arrested for saying things like "sink the boats" though. Hate speech is in the eye of the receiver.

It DOES matter what you are allowed to say. Without that, serious discussion of policy will be stifled, and there will be no action against the program of the Deep State/Globohomo.
Dieter Kief
Saturday - November 12th 2022 1:26AM MST
Such discourses are like tankers - they react slowly. But if you loook close, you find lots of differences to - five years agao in France. Immigration criticism is now current not only in parliament, but amongst popular intellectuals, even popular leftists, but also in the media - at prime time.
Eric Zemmour is a furious immigration critic, and like the Le Pens, he has become a household name in France.
Italian MP Giorgia Meloni nevertheless said, that the French are not yet up to the task of immigration restriction and thus they'd - : - "have no right to lecture us" - and should stop doing that. Macron got that. The EU too. Giorgia Meloni sided with Victor Orban early on. The EU understood - and gave in. Orban plus Italy (plus Poland and Denmark! - and Sweden...) - this front is simply too big now to be excluded.
Friday - November 11th 2022 10:03PM MST

That scene in the French assembly chamber is an example of parliamentary democracy at its weakest and, really, most ridiculous. There have been thoughtful critics of parliamentarianism and "liberal democracy" (whatever it is taken exactly to mean) through the years, and this is the kind of argument where they will tend to win the debate.

On the matter of European survival or invasion, what is this with a bunch of men and women in a big, echoey room shaped like a semi-circle, with a few hundred seats with extra room for spectators. No, the fate of the nation does not depend on parliamentary debates. History is never made by parliamentary debates (say the critics). Who is in power, who uses their power, who sets the agenda and enforces a policy-line and an ideological-regime. The NATO-aligned multiculturalist regime of France carries on with the Migrant pipeline, and not because some dark-skinned gentleman asks nicely in that big echoey room aforementioned.

The image of a a 'national' parliamentary debate about whether said nation should abolish itself through islamo-africanization, to even paint the picture is to lay the backdrop for a farce.
Friday - November 11th 2022 7:19PM MST
PS: Yep, that should have been done years ago. Once, with no apologies afterwards, would probably have done the trick.
The Alarmist
Friday - November 11th 2022 5:18PM MST

I had a conversation on this subject yesterday, and my interlocutor said, “What can we do?”

I simply replied, “Sink the damned boats. They’ll eventually get the message they aren’t welcome.”

This turns out to be a great way to end an annoying conversation with a midwit.
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