You go, Grrrrrandma!

Posted On: Thursday - November 10th 2022 5:02PM MST
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  Kung Flu Stupidity

I had some serious immigration stupidity with some video out of Europe to write about, but today will continue being busy. Instead, here's this quick Kung Flu Stupidity anecdote from an airport terminal not long ago. (Yep, it has never completely ended!)

There was a really big lady with who I think was her mother or even her grandmother. It was hard to tell because the younger lady was young-middle-age, and the older woman was 85 at least. I'll just assume grandma here.

I was sitting nearby (probably writing unz comments) as they were a few minutes from boarding their flight out. The granddaughter was helping her grandma get her stuff together. Part of that was telling the old lady "you need to put this mask on." Grandma wanted nothing to do with it. "It's OK here [in the terminal], but we're gonna be in close to all these people, and the air flow is not good ..." Granddaughter was mask-free, herself.

Now, I suppose if this were in the middle of the PanicFest and the peak of the virus, one could make a case for both of the two women being vulnerable and wanting to wear these masks - one was very old, and one was very fat. (So long as they didn't force it on me, fine.)

Those things are uncomfortable and impede breathing, though. Today I (would) say to the pushy granddaughter, "put your mouth where your mouth is." Grandma was having none of this Kung Flu panic business and was last seen sticking that face mask she was given into her purse. Grandma power!

The Alarmist
Saturday - November 12th 2022 8:23AM MST

I’m waiting for the actual reprise of the Storming of the Bastille and the heads of the guilty falling into baskets.

Popcorn popped? Check.
Spatter shield ready? Check.
Saturday - November 12th 2022 7:31AM MST
PS: Dieter, I took the 5 minutes. Eva V. is very easy on the eyes for one thing. I didn't watch the videos yet, but I read the tweets and memes. Yeah, people have a right to be pissed, but I think most are missing the main point - I will write a post on this (referring to another "recriminations" article - I really like articles better than tweet threads, I gotta say - that Instapundit Glenn Reynolds pointed to yesterday).

Here's one of the tweeters from that thread:

Nov 10
Replying to
100%Eva they all need holding accountable for the damage they and are still doing. That includes the bought out MSM, Corrupt UN, Social media censors, SAGE politicians, Doctors, medical boards, Celebrity influencers, WEF all of them, until this happens there will be no Amnesty "

I don't agree on: MSM, doctors, medical boards, celebrity influencers. and I don't know what "SAGE" politicians are. Why? Because we could have taken or left their advice, as stupid and wrong as most of it was. For example, MSM? Turn it off!

Believe me, I hate most of those people involved in stirring up the PanicFest as much as anyone. I won't forgive them, as I never cared about them to begin with. Trials for the MSM and medical boards? Nah - best just to learn the lesson that these people, even those with the best of intentions, which is only a few, are not trustworthy. One must find information where he has trust in the sources, and one must find his own way through the next "health crisis" or whatever they'll call it.

It's the people who had power to coerce businesses to close, people to wear masks (or business to make people wear masks), people to stay indoors or not be able to drive after 11P (That was a rule in my area for some months, but nobody seemed to care, when it came down to it - cops too scared of the COVID? Likely.) It's the Governors - two of the WORST just having been elected (re- and 1st time) for 4 more years by the idiots of New York State and Michigan, along with those pieces of paper that showed up in droves.) - that should be prosecuted. They did not abide by their State Constitutional emergency powers - usually they are maxed at 1 month) The made their own rules - unpassed by legislators - of all sorts.

It's the officials of the Feral Gov't, and that includes both Presidents Biden and Trump, who made their own rules as enforced by the bureaucracy or E.O.'s, who should be prosecuted.

Piers Morgan? I never liked him after his anti-2nd Amendment rants of back in the day. What to do about him? Make fun of his stupidity. Quit tuning in his show or youtube channel.
Dieter Kief
Saturday - November 12th 2022 4:17AM MST
Gentlemen - may I ask for five minutes of your time please:

This is razor sharp Dutch Law-philosopher Eva Vladingerbroeck about Covid Forgiveness - goes full frontal against Piece Morgan and other forgiveness-apostels in Mark Steyns News-TV program (seems to have been on Tucker Carlson too!)
Friday - November 11th 2022 7:17PM MST
PS: The masked-up travelers do lean Oriental too, from my observations, Alarmist.
The Alarmist
Friday - November 11th 2022 5:24PM MST

Simply elder abuse. Granny should have told her where to stick the mask.

I did a US business trip today via the airlines, and it was interesting to see the demographics of mask wearers ... mostly young folks with piercings, tattoos, and bad hair coloring.

As The Donald might tweet, “Sad.”
Thursday - November 10th 2022 9:35PM MST
PS: Hah, I haven't heard that one in many years, Al. It had to have been before I thought much of this issue, nearly 20 years ago. I never knew that was Graham Nash either. I should have recognized the guitar sound.

SafeNow, I agree. Besides losing patience, being retired, you don't have worries about getting in trouble career-wise, and maybe any friends you've still got by then will agree and put up with this.
Thursday - November 10th 2022 8:33PM MST

That anecdote perfectly captures one of the main aspects of getting old - - losing patience for indulging, accommodating, politely excusing, meeting halfway. Grandma, in this situation, was certainly capable of doing one or more of such things, but instead - - the heck with all that - - just stuffed the mask into her purse. I am old enough now to know the feeling.
Al Corrupt
Thursday - November 10th 2022 7:12PM MST

Since you didn’t do it, I will
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