Well, it beats Sportsball.

Posted On: Tuesday - November 8th 2022 8:04PM MST
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  Elections '16 - '24

I mean, in particular, election coverage beats the VIEWING of Sportsball, on TV. As I mentioned in this post regarding the young people who had the flyers and doughnuts on Saturday and our little campaign trail excursion - livin' that American dream - a beacon of democracy we are, yeah, yeah - most people don't realize that this stuff won't continue as it's been. Even the illusion of Norman Rockwellesque democracy of the people on these Tuesday every couple of years won't go on.

No matter about all that, I am still a sucker for election night coverage, as if it's my favorite Sportsball Superbowl. I believe the last time I watched election coverage on TV was in 2000 at a friend's place in Chicago, Ill, with a weird wake-up call in the morning. There's the internet, and I guess I'll be checking a few sites now and then. If nothing else, it'll be nice to see lefty tears, as they say*, in the morning.

We took a nice walk to the voting place and back in the nicest Fall weather one could imagine. On the way out, I saw a neighbor couple walking in. I know from signs I've seen on their lawn in the past that these 2 just negated our 2 votes about 5 minutes later. What's the point? When has anyone won by only those 2 votes anyway? Usually, the cheating blue-squad gives itself a bigger margin than that - even with the inflation and all, toner is not too dear.

Speaking of the cheating, though I liked the process in our State, I do think we need a 1st World country, were there one that gave a damn around, to send people to monitor American elections. It's only fair, after all we've done for them ...

I really got a kick out of this one of Steve Sailer's posts today which took aim at the extreme stupidity inherent in elections in many of the States. He mentioned the voting in different languages. If you have to do that, you aren't really a nation, are you? I'll paste in the whole funny part (there's some more to the post itself):
Of course, countries like Paraguay don’t have mail ballots coming in by slow boat and migrant caravan from Honduras, Guatelombia, the Galapagos Islands, the Kerguelen Islands, Transnistria, Abbottabad, Abkhazia, Azkaban, Raqqa, Narnia, and The Republic of Pirates.

Nor do these Third World countries have to provide, by legislation or court order, ballots in English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Armenian, Navajo, Persian, Arabic, Syriac, Panjabi, Punjabi, Hmong, Mixtec, Esperanto, Hittite, Proto-Indo-European, Klingon, Linear B, Linear A, !San Clickspeak, Shavian Alphabet, Incan Knot Lingo, Runic, Voynich Manuscript, Semaphore, Canary Islands Whistle Speech, The Analytical Language of John Wilkins, American Sign Language, Thieves’ Argot, Pig Latin, Smoke Signals, Ouija Board, Enigma Encryption, Turing Machine, General Semantics, System Basic, Cityspeak, Telepathy, Dolphin, Assembler, COBOL, Coco Sign Language, HTML, PDF, Graffiti, Gang Signs, Tattoos, SMS, Bitcoin, and Emoji, plus certain languages spoken only by individual pairs of identical twins.
Haha, great stuff, iSteve!

Well, anyway, we did something constructive today. No, not voting... I mean planting trees. That felt a lot better.

How about 12 of them?

* No they use the term "liberal tears", but I still have a thing about not using "liberal" to mean ctrl-left, in respect to those old Classical Liberals (Libertarians, basically).

Dieter Kief
Saturday - November 12th 2022 11:39PM MST

Its always a thing that borders on the unpleasant to state decent things that are pretty obvious. So: Hail to the brave men who do it nevertheless - like Jimmy Carter and his team did when looking at election fraud - thanks for bringing this up, Mr.Hail:

"Apparently after the Florida-2000 fiasco, a commission headed by such panjandrums as Jimmy Carter and a number of others led a two-year study of elections.
Among their final recommendations: ban any attempt to move towards "mail-in voting," due to high risk of fraud and other complications."

The world loves to be distracted (that's Neil Postman here, sayin' that we'd be amusin' us to death...), to be cheated on (mundus vult decipi - ancient Rome), to be entertained - (Mod.'s headline above: "sure beats sportsball") - 
- and therefore the election-theatre-metaphor is - all too true - as are the others, Mr. Hail brought up, which also hint in this direction: Election puppy show, silly civic ritual (remember, that theater sprang (is an offspring of...)  from ritualistic practices).Here is Mr. Hails last take on this aspect of this story:

"But even theater has to be produced somewhat smoothly, and elections that take days to count with mystery-ballots popping up and found in closets by stunned election experts, it's a bad "look."

The Alarmist is also in this track, looking at just another metaphor: Thelma & Louise, the two raging/because aging (hehe) - beauties, as placeholders for the Democrats - being on the verge of running the US over a steep cliff, pedal to the vote-rigging' metal - - -
(The Thelma & Louise metaphor hinting at the women's part in this frenzy - not least the white unmarried liberal women, being very much like the black women in this regard: Full throttle in their feels-driven support for the herd (the greater indeed, hehe) good - for the EMOTIONAL US mainstream. // US mainstream media being just this: Heading in the Feels-over- principles direction - pedal to the metal... - with noticeable exceptions (Bill Maher being one of those).

If there is hope - I find it in the somehow sympathetically confused blonde (!) Democrats-supporter, standing by the roadside during the campaign, to honor Joe Biden - with his name written on her (white... - sigh) bra - - - and she said, when asked, why she does that: That she does not do it because she would like Joe Biden that much - - - .

( - As far as I'm willing to risk to look into the soul of this protagonist of the by far strongest group of white supporters of the Democrats (unmarried well educated women), I have to say that seen from the inside of the female logic, this was as close as she can get to openly saying (admitting, even) : that yes, something 's just wrong with all that - voting-theater, while she too is playing an active role in it - on center stage for her own fifteen seconds of - - - fame (Andy Warhol was a genius, if a severely restricted one).

I have not seen any data, but my assumption would be, that Ron DeSantis has taken advantage from this weak spot in those young white well educated (= WEIRD...) democratic women's minds.

(Scott Adams has also a deep look at John Fetterman's attractiveness for women - with Adam's analysis in mind, I see that: John Fetterman is the big teddy bear they so dearly loved as young girls (remember: Thelma & Louise is the story of women breaking free of the male suppression system... - this stuff all hangs together (is interwoven inside). 
Saturday - November 12th 2022 7:44AM MST
PS: "America worked better in many ways one century ago and earlier. Of course one doesn't need to go back that far to find things working better. But the much lower level of technology and all in the 19th century and their efficiency at counting votes and getting the info out, it's remarkable." Yep, I was thinking just this before I got to this paragraph of yours, Mr. Hail.

This goes along with the "fruits of a half-century of AA" posts I've been writing - final wrap up coming sometime (thought it'd be today, but I don't know if I'll have the period of time).

No doubt the cheating by the ctrl-left is done partly by taking advantage of all the confusion and shoddy methods of the voting systems today. However, part is just pure incompetence. You go in there and see a dozen black ladies running things - even if they mean well - not always the case - they don't care about doing the job right, quickly, and efficiently.

It's not all AA's fault. However, the shoddiness has rubbed off on everybody. It seems to me that the 2 years of PanicFest have gotten people unfamiliar with their jobs. That has accelerated the stupidity, IMO.

Yes, the way things were done 100 years ago WITHOUT all the time-saving digital electronics is amazing. It was a White country then, and things ran accordingly.
Friday - November 11th 2022 9:33PM MST

Apparently after the Florida-2000 fiasco, a commission headed by such panjandrums as Jimmy Carter and a number of others led a two-year study of elections.

Among their final recommendations: ban any attempt to move towards "mail-in voting," due to high risk of fraud and other complications.
Friday - November 11th 2022 9:32PM MST

RE: Al Corrupt

In 19th-century elections in the USA, despite the age of horse-and-buggy, people even in far-flung places would usually know the near-final results as early as the Wednesday morning after election day (Tuesday), printed in the morning papers. Considering the hard-realities of timing-deadlines related to printing and the newspaper business (they had to go out or delivery and sale by x o'clock pre-dawn AM), that means the newspapermen had essentially complete results in hand -- not just from their own town or county or state, but almost everywhere -- within about eight to ten hours after polls closed (they often closed at 4pm in those days). People in smaller towns would have to wait for the Thursday editions for latest info, copied from the bigger papers' Wednesday editions and whatever 'wire' reports came out that they got.

As I write this Friday late evening, it's now +72 hours since polls closed, and neither House nor Senate have been determined (or "called"; a term that mildly disturbs me, remembering the softening-up campaign the Media did in 2020, "Only we have the right to call elections").

I wrote of how these elections are Regime puppet-shows, all so much theater. But even theater has to be produced somewhat smoothly, and elections that take days to counts with mystery-ballots popping up and found in closets by stunned election experts, it's a bad "look."

America worked better in many ways one century ago and earlier. Of course one doesn't need to go back that far to find things working better. But the much lower level of technology and all in the 19th century and their efficiency at counting votes and getting the info out, it's remarkable.
Al Corrupt
Thursday - November 10th 2022 6:56PM MST

I don’t understand why we’ve regressed. We used to be able to get election results in a day. What happened?
Thursday - November 10th 2022 8:53AM MST

I appreciate your defense of voting, Alarmist, but my thinking has taken me elsewhere.

Even as pure civic ritual it could be defensible, in a healthier system.
Thursday - November 10th 2022 8:49AM MST

Election froth:


The Alarmist
Wednesday - November 9th 2022 10:52PM MST

My home in Florida is my lifeboat in the event that Europe were to go batshit crazy, in which I’d lose my homes there. I never counted on European leasers being so insane as to allow the US to (literally) torpedo them into poverty, starvation, and freezing, but there you go. Meanwhile, the party of chaos has rigged another election and have now poised the USA on the edge of a cliff, à la Thelma & Louise, and are about to put the pedal to the metal. Siberia is starting to look good, though I intend to hang on to my place in Florida in the hopes that it remains a free state after the breakup of the US by 2032.

In the meantime, if you don’t vote, then you are a part of the problem, because you make it that much easier for the bastards to cheat you and your posterity out of the country your forefathers built. Riddle me this: If you aren’t even willing to drop a ballot in a box in the hope that it makes a difference, then what exactly are you willing to do?

At some point people are going to be force-marched into the fields to work the fields to earn their daily bread, and many are going to die along the way. Do you want to be the peasant whose head is skewered on a stake as a warning to the others? That’s the only way a Free-Shit future can pan out.
Wednesday - November 9th 2022 4:27PM MST
PS Looks as if the tears are mostly going to be Righty tears this time round.
Wednesday - November 9th 2022 4:12PM MST

As Barry the O would say, to be clear I voted to prevent illegals from getting licenses.

And should the phrase “angry lesbian” be forwarded to the Department of Redundancy Department?
Wednesday - November 9th 2022 4:08PM MST

Although I live in a one party state I did vote- I guess grilling dies in darkness. I wrote in my favorite local bum for state senate, as my senator ran unopposed.

There were some referenda on the ballot- one to tax millionaires (I voted no, it passed); one to allow big box stores to sell more liquor (I voted no, it failed) and one to get rid of the law to give illegals driver’s licenses (I voted yes, it failed)
Look for ever more stories about car accidents involving “Holyoke man”, Milford man” etc.

And we now have an angry lesbian governor. As the great college hockey play by play guy John Buccigrass would say, “WATCH OUT! WATCH OUT!!”
Adam Smith
Wednesday - November 9th 2022 12:19PM MST
PS: weather ≠ whether, lol. ☮
Wednesday - November 9th 2022 11:51AM MST

- Florida attorney general -

If anyone remembers the Corona-Panicker named Daniel Uhlfelder, who tried to become Florida attorney general after two years of being a star figure within the Panic and one of its chief demagogues:

In August he lost to a well-financed Soros--BLM candidate, Aramis Ayala. Ayala has now been totally crushed by the pro-DeSantis Ashley Moody, the incumbent attorney general and strident opponent of the Corona-Panic alongside the governor.

It appears Ashley Moody's margin of victory is as high as 61-39, which exceeds DeSantis' own own which now looks to either be 59-41 or 60-40.

These numbers are just astonishing for Florida, given its longtime 50-50 status and its basically unfavorable demographics.
Wednesday - November 9th 2022 11:34AM MST

Adam Smith wrote:

"Principled non-voting might help if a majority of us stopped participating in the silly civic rituals. How can they pretend to rule if only a tiny handful participate?"

It's funny, but when we analyze foreign elections this very thing often comes up, but I very seldom hear it from any of the political propagandists doing domestic narrative-policing in the USA (n.b., this includes Tucker Carlson).

In the 2010s, there was attention paid in some quarters to Russia's elections. The question was never about whether Putin would win, or even the margin by which Putin would win. The question these Russia-watchers were asking was: "percent-of-vote x participation rate." Specifically, people were wondering if it would fall below 50%, or even below 40% of the total voting population.

The official results in the March 2018 election, according to Dr Wiki, were:

Putin: 77.5%
Voting rate: 67.5%
Total-population active-support rate: 52%

So the old KGB'er beat those anti-Putinistas' predictions, as many had bet he'd fall below the 50% mark, the hawks even saying he could fall below 40%...
Adam Smith
Wednesday - November 9th 2022 11:20AM MST
PS: Good afternoon, gentlemen,

I'm an election denier who doesn't believe in Our Democracy™, so I don't vote. (Wouldn't want to be a hypocrite.)(Wouldn't want to encourage 'em.)&(Lost all faith in "election integrity" after tinkering with a couple copies of GEMS about 20 years back.)

But I heard that this is the most important election this year... So I hope the good guys win!

"This long card gets scanned and the dropped into a big in that scanner machine. Are there ways to beat this? Sure. Hacking the chip that reads the cards and saves them to memory is one. The hard copies are saved in the bin, unless, as you wonder, they end up in the bin as shreds."

The real hacking takes place in the database, weather at the precinct level or higher up the chain. It's not hard to manipulate numbers in a database. It's a little harder to manipulate the paper ballots, but there are printers and suitcases. Boxes of ballots dropped off in the middle of the night are especially helpful if you want to manipulate the stacks of paper ballots. Mail-in ballots seem especially useful when stealing an election.

Without truly disinterested incorruptible people running the election and counting the ballots (lol) or everyone getting in a room and counting non-secret votes with our own eyes (practical in only the smallest of elections) I see no solution that will restore my faith in the election process. Even if these conditions could somehow be met democracy is still one retard one vote. Absent a process to ensure that only intelligent, informed people can vote I will never have faith in what amounts to mob rule.

Lots of reasons not to vote. Mr. Hail, I like your metaphor about the chocolate froth. Principled non-voting might help if a majority of us stopped participating in the silly civic rituals. How can they pretend to rule if only a tiny handful participate?

Good to hear Achmed had a good time planting trees.


I hope you all have a great day!

Wednesday - November 9th 2022 11:09AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, I did notice the very good comment by Prime Noticer too, earlier today. I should have "agreed" with it before. I like your frapachino analogy, or whatever those concoctions are called.

All other policy aside, I became a supporter of Ron DeSantis due to his stance on the PanicFest. Some more cynical than me (yes, I suppose that's possible) would say that Gov. DeSantis took that stand in order to GET noticed. I don't believe that, at this point at least. As I've written before, it would be the best use of the 2 men's talents or abilities if DeSantis were President and Trump the leader of a new MAGA (or whatever) party.
Wednesday - November 9th 2022 10:53AM MST

- On Florida -

The Alarmist, I believe you have said you are now located in Florida. The results in Florida are the only big-story encouraging feature of the 2022 elections, I think, which prove what many of have said for a while, that in DeSantis we have something special. He won the once-famously-50-50 state easily, by 60-40, despite running an active and bold state government and the Regime successfully rallying its loyalists in most places and having particular animus against this man since about mid-2020.

The Hero of the Corona-Panic may have just secured the Republican-2024 nomination.


My essay on Ron DeSantis' ancestry has gotten a surge in views the past 24 hours. This post began to be abruptly suppressed by Big Tech's machinations in August 2022 (I wrote about this in about September 2022), but with the big DeSantis win there is suddenly a surge in viewers, breaking through the firewall to an extent. Page-views up more than 20x, yesterday and today, over the abruptly suppressed average that held from August 2022 to early November 2022.


Wednesday - November 9th 2022 10:39AM MST

I read through some of the Sailer commenters' responses to the election. I notice the longtime excellent commenter "prime noticer" said that he had also refused to vote out of principle, as I've written above.



Here is what prime noticer said:


"for the first time in 25 years, i decided to not vote. looks like i made the correct choice. Pennsylvania is lost. if Fetterman can be a Senator, almost anything is possible for leftists. Dr Oz was the worst candidate in state history. Donald Trump remains by far the worst ever at choosing who to hire and promote, and a second Trump term would have no effect on the direction of things. he’s learned nothing. what is moron Scott Greer going to say this time?

the country is over. voting has been a total waste of my time, and actually comes with downsides. jury duty, and endless fund raising spams via email, text, mail, and phone call.

i will never vote again for anything in my life, unless DeSantis runs for President. we aren’t voting our way out of this, and there’s no point to voting for generic Republicans just so they can waste our time and money. they could have full control of Washington DC and they would do nothing about FBI or IRS or State Department or DOJ. even NASA is barely functional. they literally couldn’t even secure the border when they DID control everything.

i pretty much got nothing i ever voted for, while Democrats eventually get everything they want – then sometimes decide they don’t like it, and move to another state. but that’s a different topic for another thread."

Wednesday - November 9th 2022 10:38AM MST

"We took a nice walk to the voting place and back in the nicest Fall weather one could imagine."

I was doing some of my own walking yesterday, after a day of active non-voting and a colorful metaphor on what Voting is came to me. It was a walk of sufficient length and in conditions favorably enough to get good 'thinking' in. Let me try to explain in words what the image I got of 'voting' is under this Regime is:

Imagine the Regime -- all its variegated power(s), institutions, influence mechanisms, whatever, the whole thing -- as a drink, a mug full of liquid which the Regime subjects are to drink from. Imagine it something like one of those elaborately made coffee-shop concoctions which require multiple ingredients and moving parts, turning out a hot and steamy drink well decorated to impress the impressable.

If you have that image in your head, now those: 'Voting,' under this Regime, is like the froth on this top of this drink.

The civic-ritual participators ('voters') can choose whether the froth on top of the drink, which everyone has to imbibe later, comes with a flavoring of white-chocolate or dark-chocolate (but NOT strawberry, NOT vanilla, not any other flavor; those are not available options and you can "throw your vote away" asking in vain for such things, while the Good People determined the slight flavor variation of the froth).

The froth might change slightly in appearance or slght variation in taste, but the actual size of the mug and the contents thereof, what the liquid(s) were to create the drink and where they came from, and all the characteristics of the drink, from taste to nutritional value to how sick to the stomach consumption may make you, it is all predetermined and the slight flavor variation of the froth changes none of the rest.

A lot of people get excited about the froth, as an excited child might get excited of which color of sprinkles go on his birthday cake. And huge numbers of flavoring-propagandists blare things at you, for a while, about how bad the white-chocolate-leaning froth will be for your enjoyment and well being when you are forced to imbibe for the next designated period of mandatory drinking from the mug that is the Regime. But what's the difference about a potential slight difference in color or taste the froth on top?
Wednesday - November 9th 2022 10:25AM MST

I've become undecided on the value of participating in the civic ritual called voting under this Regime.

I did not vote in 2022.

For the first time in my life I became an active non-voter, actively deciding to not participate, to NOT vote, out of moral principle or protest. Not wanting to participate in this Regime's semi-sham elections and the silly civic ritual, rather than any non-interest in politics as such. I think I came to this conclusion sometime in 2021. Principled non-voting felt good and satisfying, representing a real break with the Regime's puppet-show.

My current district is non-competitive anyway, with no major state races; voting would be a pure act of civic-ritual participation. But the real and stronger reasons against voting are many enough that I could write a thousand words on the subject easily.
Wednesday - November 9th 2022 4:51AM MST
PS: These ones get printed on by the first (actual, voting) machine, which is basically a way to turn touch screen pushes - with plenty of chances for correction - into hard copy. Said hard copy has bar coding of the choices in addition to readable printouts in, yeah, English!

This long card gets scanned and the dropped into a big in that scanner machine. Are there ways to beat this? Sure. Hacking the chip that reads the cards and saves them to memory is one. The hard copies are saved in the bin, unless, as you wonder, they end up in the bin as shreds.

Going backwards here, I was UNSCANNABLE as far as my D.L, as the 2-D bar code on the back is beyond worn out. However, they can do a look up and see anyone in the voting precinct. I saw this, and we picked out my name, which the guy then compared to the picture on my license.

It's the damn mail-in stuff that is made for cheating.

Alarmist, I took a look at the NOAA National Hurricane Center maps. (I've always liked there many different maps on there.) I wish you good luck and hope the winds are nothing but T.S. level by landfall. You don't normally get these that late in the year. It is only 3 weeks before the end of official hurricane season, but tell that to Nicole.

Have a good morning, Alarmist.
The Alarmist
Tuesday - November 8th 2022 9:40PM MST

I know what I marked on my ballot, but as I watched it being eaten and digested by the machine, I could not help but wonder who it said I voted for.

It was a lovely walk to my polling station, temps somewhere around 80° and a brisk wind announcing the approach of Nicole. No lines, no waiting, but at least they asked for my ID, so there was at least some effort to prove I was legit. I wish that was the case in roughly 3,000 other counties in the US.
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