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Posted On: Monday - November 7th 2022 5:26PM MST
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Gu is who.

Lately, Peak Stupidity has gotten dragged back, kicking and screaming, like a Chinaman with an orange Health Score, into the discussion of the Kung Flu PanicFest. Much of what needs to be discussed is residual vaccine coercion stupidity and the hopefully-coming recriminations as Americans finally realize how stupid and destructive this has all been. We'll have more on that latter - continued from last weeks's China Covid~Zero policy additional info. - tomorrow or so, but I want to continue a little bit today on our discussion of the worst ever of the PanicFests. That would be the latest Chinese re-start of it, known as Covid~Zero, which, amazingly, was implemented this very year, 2022!

We want to start with an apology. It wasn't that the story was wrong in general. It's that the guy with the explanation of China's reason for running this ridiculous Covid~Zero campaign is not a government official but a Chinese banker type, some sort of Chinese VP of Singaporean investment firm Temasek and bank StanChart. My Chinese source let me down on the info. on the position of this guy. At the end of that post, we asked Hu this could be. It is not Hu but Gu, one Gu Junhui (顾均辉). I guess he doesn't represent the government. However, this is what this big businessman thinks. What does Mr. Xi think? What kind of madness is he up to?

As I wrote in the discussion I had with commenter Sam J., this campaign is against the current strains of Covid-19, which are no deadlier than a Chinese Big Mac at this point. Mr. J's speculation is that the Chinese are not stupid and are doing this in preparation for a possibly coming seriously deadly virus, i.e. a biowarfare attack. Is this all just practice? Are the Chinese officials wise along with being Totalitarian?

Well, the thing is, if it were the case that this was a wise policy, saving China from future bio-destruction, the Covid~Zero policy over there could be more like a bunch of drills, in which you gather in one spot, get your health score verified regularly by officials, and test yourself every day. Oh, they do that stuff, but these are NOT drills.

This is NOT a drill!

This particular line of quarantine buses was in Henan province. This business is going on all over though.

This is NOT a drill!

A quarantine camp in Heiliongjiang, up in the cold-assed northern part of Manchuria. Granted, it's no pig farm, but is this really where these people want to be?

The Chinese economy, not to mention the minds of the people, is/are getting racked up with this uncertainty. One's business, large factory, apartment complex, neighborhood, and even whole city can be LOCKDOWNed at any time. All it takes is a positive Covid test result for any one person, or a bad health score due to the "smart" iEspionage determining that another person hung out for longer than some epsilon (approaching Covid~Zero) with someone else who had tested positive or had that bad health score. Once a location, that apartment complex or neighborhood, has been determined to be unwell, those uwell people, however it's determined get taken away to quarantine camps. Those can be far off, if there's not room in the unwell location. (See our recent post Thrown under the bus on the road to Covid~Zero for one bad ending to this story.)

For Mr. Xi and the Chinese Communist Party, the Covid~Zero program is about total control. Here's what it's about for the Chinese people:

I hate to link to twitter, as I just plain hate twitter. However, commenter Dieter Kief left me this thread that has info about this madness including pictures, two of them being the ones used herein.

We've had our own madness here. It's been nothing like what Peak Stupidity has been learning about the Far East as of late, but then we are an American site, and we care about America. We will discuss a Naomi Wolf article that Mr. Kief pointed out in another thread, and what exactly bugs me about that one in the next Kung Flu Stupidity post.

Sam J.
Thursday - November 10th 2022 6:46PM MST

"The Forgotten Man" I’ve maybe read that. Can't remember. Certainly heard about it and read a lot about it. If I’m not mistaken, I may be, Hoovers response to the depression was to start building to create jobs. Hoover dam, etc. etc. Roosevelt's response was far different. He wanted to take control of everything. Massive regulations, controls on production, controls on everything, a far different thing. Typical commie socialist mucking about in the economy.

I was not ever a socialist but have become one. That some forms of government control have been shown to work is manifest in the Nazi economy, the Japanese economy, the Korean economy, the Chinese and other economies structured such that the banks are forced to invest in productive assets instead of giving the already rich and the bankers massive train loads of cash which they take over companies and ruin them while enriching themselves. They don't allow this as a general rule in Japan and China. Our economist and most Americans don't believe this is possible, even when they see that these other economies are kicking our asses. This is fairly well covered in this short paper by a writer who lived in Japan and covered economics.

Japan, Refutation of Neoliberalism

I’ve read of bunch books by him and a bunch of old Japan hands that explain this stuff. A good one, "In Praise of Hard Industries" by Eamonn Fingleton

There's some Chinese authors that talk a lot about this and who are influencing the Chinese government. (Zaiwu Gong (auth.) - Currency Wars_ Offense and Defense through Systemic Thinking (2018))It would be instructive to read the short link above, Japan, Refutation of Neoliberalism, about it because it covers in a short concise way exactly what all the Asian economies are doing.

It's a fusion of the old "American System" that made us a great power, yes we had a system, the Nazi economics, which brought Germany out of the depression and brought general wealth to a people who a few years before were carrying wheelbarrows of cash to the grocery store and starving in the streets. The Japanese refined these systems and the Chinese are copying the Japanese, though not quite as successfully. The point I have, a major point, is that the bankers and the wealthy are strip mining the American economy with financialization and calling it free enterprise. They got over $40 trillion dollars in zero interest loans and I want to know where my zero interest loans are. It's nothing but socialism for the bankers. I'm not a bureaucratic Socialist but if they get socialist cash, I want mine too. It’s as simple as that.

I’m not reading that R.C. Christian's book. Think of what you are asking, I should read a book by an anonymous person that explains a monument made by an anonymous person was put up because of nuclear weapons but the monument says nothing about nuclear weapons. I'm not buying that. I'm also not buying that the 500 million figure has anything to do with nuclear weapons because the monument says they WANT only 500 million people. Logically, they should be calling for more nukes with displays of them over major cities to get this sort of population decrease.

"...the FED creates money when the US Gov't wants to spend it...."

That's right but they control the interest rates. WHich was the point I was making. The FED is a huge Jew rip off designed to route all the cash of society into the Jews hands. They’ve been doing a bang up job of it. Do we need the FED? Hell no. Notice the Japanese and the Chinese don't let the Jews run their banks. When the Japanese, who have the one of the largest deficits in the world, need to reduce their debt... they just zero it out. That’s right the debt does not exist. They delete it. The Chinese, the same. The resent Chinese banking loan problems, they will just fire the people who made the bad decisions, then write it off. Zero it out. The FED doesn't do that because it's a bunch of Jews and other people ripping us off. The government ask the FED to create money, ok. The government gives the FED a bond, promise to pay plus interest, and the FED gives us...nothing, Not a damn thing. They just print up a piece of paper saying they created this money in exchange for the bond and interest we pay them. They give us nothing. It’s a huge scam and every single penny they have gotten from us should be taxed away from them and all the central banks who own...everything. Everything. We should take it all back.

mod,"...What I do know is that in Winter in China, they burn lots of coal. That might be worse with everyone being locked in their apartments. It would explain the haze..."

Not logical. Why would being in house but all industry and all traffic shut down create more smog??? The heating rates are not going up, people are eating the same or less, the energy usage should be less not more.

And I still stand by the idea the Chinese believe they were attacked by a viral biological attack. You even admit this is so, somewhat, by saying it was man made but for some reason you can't bring yourself to believe that people died in large numbers. Even though we know 100% that early infections in Italy and Iran killed large numbers of people. Even though I know someone who almost died in an earlier infection in the US. This does not compute with the idea that all covid is harmless and benign. That the virus was less severe in countries where it spread later is perfectly rational as engineered viruses break up fast and it being a corona virus, like the common cold, it changes all the time. Frankly I do not see why people can not see this. It seems obvious to me what is going on if you just add up the facts we know about instead of speculating some strange Chinese control plot which makes no sense to me. You say the Chinese are irrational.

mod,"...I don't see that what the Chinese government is doing to the population there is rational. There is NOT some big epidemic going on there now. There is no talk about massive deaths, just cases..."

And I emphasize...YET, once again YET. If they did have lots of casualties in the first COVID attack, and we see signs of this, then why wouldn't they assume that any small case could immediately run away with them and kill off huge proportions of their population? Why wouldn’t they? I can not see why people can not see that these lock downs are the LAST thing the Chinese leadership want but they feel they have no choice. All I’m going on is the facts that have been reported and what I see, and that is what makes logical sense. Nothing else does to me.

We've seen in China videos from various people videoing people falling out and surprise, surprise, don't they look just like the people falling out that were vaxed? Think about it, some of the weird tremors and behaviors are exactly the same as people given vaxes which uses the spike protein to immunize but if the vax overproduces the SAME spike then it’s not hard to look at the Chinese people dying in the videos and surmise they are being killed by the same souped up spike but from the virus itself. They look the same when they are dying. And why would the Chinese government fake people falling out and dying??? You must admit that’s a bizarre thing to do. No, the simplest answer is. The Jews got research on the virus done in the US and China. They released it into China and maybe the US. Then they could blame the US in China and blame China in the US but they were the ones that released the virus. The guy who set up the Chinese lab, and I bet their research line, was a Jew from Harvard who was arrested. But I haven't heard a word about him since.

We will just have to agree to disagree. Your not the only one that thinks I'm foolish. A lot of things I say come from just looking at the past actions of the Jews, other rulers, what they are doing right now to the country and using basic logic while refusing to believe that they are like regular normal people who would not do really heinous awful things. They have done horrible things to others for thousands of years and I don't expect they have changed. As soon as you realize that psychopaths are about and that they run a lot of the world and start thinking like them, then things become much clearer. Psychopaths like to control, screw with people and kill them off in large numbers. They have a very low fear response, so they do really risky things to get to whatever whacked goal they have, and some of these are just silly. Once you think this way then the idea that a Spath could make a virus to kill billions, well they would. It wouldn't bother them a bit. So taking that into account THEN you see what’s going on, and only that which fits the facts, it makes things clearer.
Adam Smith
Thursday - November 10th 2022 9:31AM MST
PS: 🙂

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Thanks, Dieter! ☮
Dieter Kief
Wednesday - November 9th 2022 1:22PM MST

Adam, you might want to

Go Ask Heather Whether
The Weather
Pleases the Wether

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did indeed notice that somebody had made the very mistake you refer to - btw. - - - unbeatably correct Super-Trooper, this Caear-man. His wife likes to piant owls. I wonder hwo this came about... (I would have thought she's rather shoot them - but who am I - just poor me, who doesn't see / That far... (har-har!)

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Dieter Kief
Wednesday - November 9th 2022 8:49AM MST
Mod. - China is a totalitarian state. So I compare it to other totalitarian practises and what they do looks - advanced; = being not as horrible as what happened in other cases.
I've been to Romania - lemme see- November 2004: 15 years after 1989. And there were still lamentable conditions in a psychiatric hospital (300 patients) we tried to support a bit: Medicine shortage. No doctors, just nurses. Food- and clothes scarce...Dirty, dark, cold rooms.
Meanwhile the wild garbage bears, that were roaming the streets of Brashov at night in considerable numbers, were taken care of quite nicley by the Pince Charles Trust. - Much like the pandas in China, I assume.

Wednesday - November 9th 2022 6:53AM MST
PS: Sam, to the gist of your comment (and my posts):

Wuhan in '19: You can't get good information out of China very easily these days. People keeling over in the streets? Burning bodies? I don't know. What I do know is that in Winter in China, they burn lots of coal. That might be worse with everyone being locked in their apartments. It would explain the haze, which I've seen personally. BTW, the first massive use of face masks outside a hospital I'd ever seen was in a big city in south-central China. People on bikes and scooters in the hot sun were masked up for the smog, the particulate matter in particular - no pun intended.

I don't believe Ron Unz's theory. I do figure the virus was man-made, as he does. It's just that the story of the Gain-of-Function labs in both the US (Chapel Hill, NC, for one) and China (Wuhan) has been out in the open. They were in cooperation on the Coronavirus project, in fact. I don't know about Iran, but near the beginning of the PanicFest, when Steve Sailer was getting worried shitless, he wrote about Italy a lot In the parts of Italy where the virus was bad, there are lots of Chinese people making "Italian-made" goods. People were traveling back-and-forth (China to US too) until they couldn't.

One thing I agree with Ron Unz on is that there was plenty of panic theater going on in Wuhan early on. They wanted to scare the population just as the elites wanted to in this country.

I don't see that what the Chinese government is doing to the population there is rational. There is NOT some big epidemic going on there now. There is no talk about massive deaths, just cases. Are they worried about the current strains or not, because they are not doing drills? They are actually screwing up people's lives randomly and the economy with it. I know people second-hand in both Canton (Guangzhou) and deep in the interior. None of them are worried about getting the Covid-19 or any strain. Are they all stupid? I imagine they are like me and haven't ever known anyone personally that died from it. (I don't even know anyone who got hospitalization-level sick.) I can see that one's "milage may vary" on this.

You say that the Chinese government has always had control. It's the using of it that demonstrates it, not the laws on the books. It's not my thing, believe me, but there were sodomy laws in various States in America until not that long ago. Were some State to have started jailing people, that would have been a much bigger story than the rescinding, or even enacting, of these laws.

The CCP is using the excuse of the Kung Flu, but nobody really buys that anymore. They now realize that they can be locked inside for weeks or months, or sent off to another city to a camp (as pleasant as it may be, per Mr. Kief's link) when the government, through some damn phone app, says that's gonna happen. To me, that's quite different from the (supposed, mind you) emergencies in Wuhan, other parts of China, and other parts of the world in early '20.
Wednesday - November 9th 2022 6:13AM MST
PS: In reply to Sam J again:

The Georgia Guidestones were designed and built in 1979-80. You have to understand American's mentality during the Cold War era to see what this was about. Until 2 years or less before the end of it, it seemed as though these 2 superpowers would have ballistic missiles aimed at each other for the rest of time.

Please take 3 or 4 hours (I'm guessing) to read R.C. Christian's book about the Guidestones - he represented the designers of it, who commissioned the monument to be carved out and set up in Elberton, Georgia, it being the "Granite Capital of the World". Here is Peak Stupidity's review, and if you have any problem downloading the book from the link therein, our always helpful Adam Smith could probably fix that for you:

The guy is all over the place in the book, sounding like a John Bircher at one point, Lew Rockwell at another, Bernie Sanders another time ... it sounds like there were some people with some extra money that wanted to do good, and like lots of people, hadn't really thought out their "solutions".

To answer your point about the 500 million people though:

Population control was also one of the biggest worries in the 1970s. The GG designers (dba R.C. Christian) didn't write the line to inform nefarious Globalists to kill the rest of the people - there were already 4.4 billion in the world. That's why people figure this was a guide to evil men. Nah, those 10 piece of advice were warnings to society based on the ills or perceived ills of the the World from a late 1970s mindset.

R.C. Christian, et al, figured there would be major turmoil in the world. Until some asshole blew half of it up (and the county knocked the rest down - there's a Georgia political aspect I have not followed up on), they figured that these stones would stand for a long time. They'd be there to explain to the population after the SHTF what the problems were and what to do to prevent them next time. Nuclear war was the biggest worry. The few survivors, if they could still read one of those 8 languages, could get guidance for starting over.

It was pie in the sky stuff, Sam. I really wish I could take another trip soon and talk to some people from the city and county to see what really went on last summer. I was going to write a small post on each of the 10 items. The very night after I wrote the 2nd one, the stones were blown up, as commenter PeterIke informed me in the morning. Coincidentally, I had been planning another trip with some other people who may have been interested.
Wednesday - November 9th 2022 5:49AM MST
PS: Dieter, thanks. I read what I could among the ads. It all seems very decent, especially as compared to the way the nearly 900 Jan 6th protestors are being treated:

However, the Chinese people in your article are already used to the fact that they can be sent away from home at any time. I would not be used to that, ever.
Wednesday - November 9th 2022 5:45AM MST
PS: Sam, I'll take this one part at a time. I'm sorry the commenting system is not as usable as the Unz Review one. Actually, you're one of the commenters here that I'm not sure came from that site. Did you?) I've got your comments in another tab. I will apologize for going by my memory on much of what I write here, as I just don't spend the time to look up everything on line.

First, about the 3 leaders, Herbert, Jimmy, and JinPing:

I have to go back in my memory to about 20 years ago when I read a book called "The Forgotten Man" by Amity Shlaes about the Great Depression (1.0, that is!). My impression was the Herbert Hoover started the policies of using the Feral Gov't to "fix" the economic problems of the nation. Sure, the FED had been a decade and a half already, but the US Gov't before this time was led by guys like Silent Cal, Warren Harding, etc. There was still this idea floating around a century ago that running the economy was not the US Gov't business. Did Hoover attribute the depression of 1929 as being due to the FED? No. This was early in the game - could he have turned it around, or was he afraid of the big bankers? Anyway, it would have been a short sharp downturn had it not been for everything he and Roosevelt (most Roosevelt, as he had much more time) did with their Big Gov programs.

Now, I think Hoover was a hell of a guy otherwise. As a private citizen - big businessman, as I recall - he arranged for many tons of food to be sent to starving people in the USSR. This may have been in the Ukraine, but this was in the early 1920s a decade before the Holodomor starvation 10 years later. This was not something that had anything to do with ideology - I'm not saying HH was a Commie, that is.

Jimmy was a good guy too. He sucked as a President, though. I was around then. He had that Big-Government mentality, as Hoover did. I would say you are partially right about what worked against Carter's re-election. I remember polls from then, and I remember the high inflation. Inflation would have been 1st in the polls on "what's America's biggest problem" if not 2nd to "Communism and the USSR." (I'll get back to the Guidestones thing, I promise.)

It was President Carter who appointed Paul Volcker, the FED Chairman who did what was necessary and raised interest rates to the sky. Now, Jimmy could have done that 2 or 3 years prior. That's not on the Republicans for trying to "get" Carter, but then again, they sure took the credit for the drop in inflation, I have to admit.

Were both these men simply unlucky, being in office when the FED was up to no good? Nah, the FED creates money when the US Gov't wants to spend it. (I don't let Reagan off the hook here, as he made a deal with the Congress on more defense spending, less domestic spending. Congress reneged, as I'd have expected, they both went up, and the Reagan was convinced by others that "deficits don't matter". Well, the didn't ... yet... in the long run, Reagan and Tip O'Neil were all dead ...)

What the big bankers have been doing for a century or more is not Socialism. Call it Crony Capitalism, but if that's too cumbersome, grift or just pure robbery with the collusion of the US Congress works too. I don't see that as an either/or thing, Sam - I don't want either!

Finally, I read about Mr. Xi before. That Cultural Revolution time was bad for a LOT of people, the common people of course, but then high officials too, depending on what the last thing you said was, and which higher official (Mao being the top) you agreed with last. When the Chinese do stupid, they do it in a BIG WAY. Mr. Xi's dad was some big shot, JingPing, the son, was known to go to some remote province for a while and act like he was a man of the people. He's a long-time politician in the same vein as Joe Biden, except without the senility and hatred of the common people. (I'll get to that latter part.)

More to come...
Dieter Kief
Wednesday - November 9th 2022 5:02AM MST

Here is a quite good piece of journalism about Chinese quarantine from inside:

The experience seemes to have been not nice, but far from horrible either.
Sam J.
Wednesday - November 9th 2022 1:36AM MST

MBlanc46,"...I find it difficult to believe that it’s about the Covid epidemic."

I want to make sure people understand my position. The Chinese I believe were hit with a much stronger virulent strain and so it’s not about the "present" covid but about them being hit with a strain that they KNOW was engineered and killed lots of people. If you had that knowledge, would you not see their lock downs as rational?

The Chinese are going to watch the west melt down and survive. We will likely not. Me included.
Sam J.
Wednesday - November 9th 2022 1:30AM MST

The Alarmist,"When Xi is not showing the Chinese people who’s the boss, he’s making Herr Scholz and Germany his bitch, but only as sloppy seconds to the USA"

I see it differently. The Chinese are not making Europe do anything. We are driving them to it. The jews are destroying the US. All our relations with Europe are in complete tatters. We had a good thing going and it’s in process of being totally destroyed. Once it is severed, it will be decades to make it right, if ever.

It’s so depressing to watch this unfold. It's all happened before and we are just repeating the same mistakes.
Sam J.
Wednesday - November 9th 2022 1:11AM MST

My apologies for my wordiness, but it can't be helped.

I stand by my original assertions that the Chinese believe they are under biological attack and that it’s likely that they have figured out it’s the Jews that are doing it. They have not counterattacked, yet, because the whole of the US and Europe is mostly run by blackmailed officials and a direct war would not be in their interest and in fact would be in the Jews interest. They know this and are fully aware of the Jews attempt to start a US/West vs. China/Russia WWIII. I can answer all the things you brought up.

Sam J: "You say this is stupid but what evidence do you have that this is so?"

Moderator,"The evidence is in the total benignness (not a word, I know) of the current strains of the Kung Flu, while the CCP is telling the people to be worried sick about this current strain. What is the point in that, Sam? Now, if they said "we expect more biological attacks", well, at least that would be consistent and possible true (that they EXPECT that)..."

Current strains in the west or China have nothing to do with a biological attack. The Chinese are not going to tell their attackers anything. Announcing they know directly would mean the Chinese people would clamor for immediate nuclear attack. Not a good thing. I assume they are taking their time and undermining the Jews little by little. I bet you will see this if you pay attenton and watch for it. It will not happen all at once. The Jews took a hundred years or so to get the west in this pitiful shape.

Georgia Guidestones

Moderator,"That monument, which the man and his friends paid for at non-'22 building costs, was about Cold War worries of nuclear annihilation of much of the planet. This stuff was not part of the WEF plan..."

That makes no sense at all. The monument says not one thing about nuclear war. If it was about nuclear war, wouldn't he at the very least mention nuclear war? Why would he call for a population of under 500 million? He calls for that and it sounds more like a case FOR nuclear war than against. The book is a total nonstarter and disinformation.

Sam J: "They already control the population."

Moderator,"...Not like they are now, they didn't..."

This is one of these extremely simple logical thought puzzles.

If they did not control the population "before" the lockdowns, then how did they preform lockdowns at all? They either had control or not. We see they did. Wuhan has a population of "11,212,000 (2019)" how did they pull that off if they did not have control, and how exactly is it that they have better control now? I say they had control then and now and that the primary function, in the Chinese people's eyes, is to bring them prosperity and any deviation from this causes the Chinese leadership trouble. Therefore, they would only have lock downs under the most dire of circumstances. Such as a biological attack as we see.

Moderator,"...Man-made or not, viruses attack the unlucky people who get it first, and/or the weakest, immune systems respond, and the virus tails off..."

This is not true, and we have direct evidence this is so. This guy,

was the first explorer of the Amazon River. He said that there were villages with hundreds of thousands of people all up and down the banks of the river. No one went back for, if I remember correctly, something like 200 years. When they did no one was there. All was gone. All these people died from disease. They thought he lied but now laser mapping of the Amazon basin and archeological evidence shows he did not lie. The whole area was wiped out leaving only a few, very few, survivors living as stone age level subsistence tribes.

The evidence for the lethality of the virus is EXACTLY as one would expect for an engineered virus. I wish had saved the page but didn't, and I can't find it anymore, but I read a viral weapons researcher's interview where he said that engineered viruses are very virulent at first but that since they are artificial they break up very fast into less lethal forms. Faster than normal viruses. This is exactly what we saw. I believe the Chinese had major deaths in Wuhan. I don't base this just on what was said. One thing that really struck me was soon AFER they locked Wuhan down, a massive haze covered the whole city. There was no explanation that I could think of for this until I heard the Chinese were burning bodies in open pits because so many died they could not take care of the bodies. I believe this is correct because there was no traffic, no industry, I say they were right, and the haze was from burning bodies. The Chinese don't want people to know about this. We know the amount of deaths in Iran and Italy were very high in the same time frame. Engineered virus.

So if the Chinese had a large amount of deaths and if what we read was true about the varied sequences in the virus, then they KNOW it was engineered. Apparently there are, cleavages,(not sure if that’s correct), that show where various viral strains are stitched together. I've read and seen videos where the say this data is readily apparent. Then what the Chinese are doing seems perfectly rational.

As for the virus being and all or nothing shot. It kills you or it doesn't. We don't know yet. I read various things that hint that the virus has long term effects. According to some Chinese it does and they are debilitating or they cause death over time. We certainly know other viruses have long term effects and flare back up, causing serious grief to the humans they infect. Whose to say this is different?

The Alarmist wrote: "I think the strain of COVID loosed upon the Chinese and Iranians was not the same as that loosed upon the West ... it was deadlier"

I agree. I think it was the same but by the time it got here it was less deadly due to break up. It's also possible different strains were released here in the US. I know personally someone who got covid early, and he almost died, so I never, ever, believed any of this stuff that it was "only a bad flu" I know better personally. It’s a total lie that all covid was only a bad flu.

"...Herbert Hoover, engineer, who started on the Socialist path that Roosevelt continued..."

Hoover was put in a situation just exactly like we have today where the FED threw money around like drunks to the bankers then they raised interest rates until the whole economy collapsed. Hoover did the best he could with the cards they dealt him. The FED was responsible for the depression, just like they are responsible for the one that’s coming. They are repeating it, exactly the same. They own everything. Now maybe socialism is not so good but I’ll take socialism for the people over socialism for bankers any day. Looking at government accounting, the FED has given somewhere around $40 trillion to the banks in close to zero interest loans. If you gave that to the people, then it would equal somewhere around $533,333 for every family of four. So don't tell me about the perils of socialism if we are going to give bankers this sort of socialism, I want the same.

"Jimmy Carter"
They raised interest rates to 17% on him while he was in office. No one could make anything work at 17% interest rates. They did this on purpose to get him out of office because he was too honest and would have upset their plans.

Sam J,"Even though we have direct evidence from the greatest, largest drug test ever on planet earth from India where Ivermectin killed off the covid pandemic and our leaders are taking away doctors licenses for prescribing Ivermectin, lying to us and censoring this information."

Moderator,"...OK, Ivermectin wasn't all that killed it..."

Says who??? Did you look at the graphs? They had thousands dying every day and as soon as they started using Ivermectin the infection rates dropped to nothing. You would have a hard time seeing that sort of mass, incredible drop directly coordinated with the taking of this drug without at least thinking it was a major impediment to the spread. After all it worked and most importantly we never heard a damn word about it on the news. In fact, they hid it and used force to stop us from taking it.

Moderator,"...For most people (that's me too, and I'm no spring chicken) was a nothingburger..."

I know a guy that almost died. This is a coronavirus like the cold and it mutates constantly. I got sick and was sicker than I had ever been in my life. Who knows if I didn't have Ivermectin, lyposomal vitamin c, vit D. and quercetin I may have died. I coughed so much my lungs and chest hurt, bad. I finally took all of those listed and chugged NyQuil by the bottle, slept almost the whole time, and it still took me 7 days before I could get up and around. I've never been so sick, and never for so long. And no I refuse the vax. I quit taking any vaxes when I found they contaminated the swine flu vax with bird flu that kills people off.

Moderator,"...President-for-Life Xi was the son of big shots..."

"...In May 1966, the Cultural Revolution cut short Xi's secondary education when all secondary classes were halted for students to criticise and fight their teachers. Student militants ransacked the Xi family home and one of Xi's sisters, Xi Heping, committed suicide from the pressure.[13]

Later, his mother was forced to publicly denounce his father, as he was paraded before a crowd as an enemy of the revolution. His father was later imprisoned in 1968 when Xi was aged 15. Without the protection of his father, Xi was sent to work in Liangjiahe Village, Wen'anyi, Yanchuan County, Yan'an, Shaanxi, in 1969 in Mao Zedong's Down to the Countryside Movement.[14] He worked as the party secretary of Liangjiahe, where he lived in a cave house..."

Moderator,"...Sinophobe or what-have-you. Actually, I like the Chinese people..."

Wel I don't like them, but I admire them and at least their leadership is not trying to murder them all.

I may be wrong but I don't make this stuff up. All of what I wrote follows from logically stitiching together the information I could find and weighing it.
Tuesday - November 8th 2022 7:07PM MST
PS: Mr. Blanc, I think it's evil from just the latest in a long line of Chinese control freaks. However, stupidity can play a major part in it too. It IS hard to believe anyone there is really afraid of that original petered-out Covid-19.

Alarmist, we had a nice walk to the voting location. I agree about Rubio, and I'm too optimistic about DeSantis to be cautious. I will try not to come across like Ann Coulter in '16-17 on Donald Trump ... they've had a falling out since then, in which Miss Coulter does act like a woman scorned. We all were kind of scorned though...
The Alarmist
Tuesday - November 8th 2022 6:44PM MST

It was nice to fill in the ovals for Mssrs. DeSantis and Rubio today, even if I have no real respect for the latter and am only catiously optimistic for the former.

Now it’s hurricane time.

Interesting times indeed.
Tuesday - November 8th 2022 12:59PM MST
PS A bioweapons attack, or perhaps something else? Getting ready to go on a war footing? Perhaps preparing for serious unrest following economic crisis due to cutting off exports to the former USA? None of those seem to explain the data, but I find it difficult to believe that it’s about the Covid epidemic.
Tuesday - November 8th 2022 6:30AM MST
PS: That wasn't "The Saker" himself, as you probably noticed, but "By Thorsten J. Pattberg for the Saker blog."

I don't know what to say about that one, Alarmist, besides it's some truth and some big lies mixed together. I can tell right away when I am reading from a writer who hates all things Western (kind of like Ron Unz, but he's not terrible about it, and he's smarter and fairer). This Pattberg guy is right about the state of modern Germany in some respects. He blames the US for everything - BS.

In writing about the trip by Mr. Sholtz and friends, he's right that the Germans, Americans, or anyone have no business worrying about the Chinese treatment (a soft sort of genocide, is the away I'd put it) of the Uighurs. It's just not our business. We are no beacon of freedom at this point.

"Unlike defeated Germany, China has principles. Peaceful coexistence, national sovereignty, harmonious society, and the Chinese Dream, to name a few." Haha, I don't know about that. Well, he's right about the sovereignty, something we should learn from, but not their supposed principles. That harmonious society will exist as in a dystopian sci-fi novel. That's the Chinese Dream at this point.

"When Yours-truly was a Peking University official, I got 347 invitations for banquets, think tanks, meetings–in a day. On average, 128 Western professors or companies emailed me, in a day, all begging me to work for us for free or pay for licensing or work. My director, the true leader, had 26,450 potential sources of income, at which stage money and material become meaningless. 2,000,000 China experts would give their limps to work for him. He gets 200 media requests on a good Saturday. Tens of thousands continue to work for him for free."

I.e. Mr. Pattberg had lots of bribery offers in China. He's so proud of that. All those people working for free, who would give their "limps"? Well, free is not actually free.

What I get from that article is that people like Thorsten Pattberg spend a lot of time reading about global politics on the internet but have never worked a day in their lives outside a university. The actual Germans that are left in Germany could do great things. The first great thing would be to fix it so that Germany is for Germans again. (The writer did mention that, so I give him credit there.)

I looked up this guy. He's a linguist who I assume is fluent in Chinese. That does impress me. He was a visiting professor in Japan. He has written a few post for American Renaissance. I guess his big love of China is due to their not having the degeneracy and wokeness that is pervasive in the West. Honestly, all that can be fixed here. The immigration invasions are our existential problems. China has neither of these. That's why 10-15 years ago I also thought of it as the cat's Mao, but no longer. This guy has obviously not been there lately. I'm curious if he has read fellow German Kai Strittmatter's book "We Have Been Harmonized" (4-part review here on PS). Harmonized, indeed!

The Alarmist
Monday - November 7th 2022 10:12PM MST

When Xi is not showing the Chinese people who’s the boss, he’s making Herr Scholz and Germany his bitch, but only as sloppy seconds to the USA:

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