Fun with Jordan Peterson...

Posted On: Thursday - November 3rd 2022 5:36PM MST
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... but first, you ought to think a boot cleaning your room.

These videos are making fun of the pundit/psychologist/philosopher Jordan Peterson. I like the guy, and I assume the 2 guys who made the videos don't dislike him either. That's one thing about Conservatives - we don't get bent of shape over some humorous ribbing of our own - see this one with Donald Trump's analysis of Scooby Doo for a hilarious example.

Peak Stupidity has displayed a video of Jordan Peterson before only a couple of times. The first was an hour, 43 min. video of an interview with Camile Paglia. (I don't really know who was interviewing whom.) The 2nd was a video of him being surrounded and harassed by ctrl-left when he was trying to give a lecture. He took it outside and gave us a pretty good example of how to remain calm amongst the nutbags, but I don't think I've taken that lesson to heart.

Well, anyway, it's his Canadian accent and mannerism that make Jordan Peterson fun to imitate. He's close to the mark on that "cleaning your room" mantra too. Even cleaning about 1/3 of my desk off recently eased my mind. A cluttered space makes for a cluttered mind, at least for me. Enjoy the short videos!

Thursday - November 3rd 2022 8:23PM MST
PS: Alarmist, he's no Jared Taylor or Steve Sailer as far as his Conservatism goes, but I think that video maker has something of a personal beef. I didn't see too much that made him "controlled opposition" or whatever it was the guy says Peterson is.

Thanks for the video.
The Alarmist
Thursday - November 3rd 2022 7:04PM MST

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