Pittsburgh focus group REFUSES TO FOCUS on the narrative!

Posted On: Wednesday - October 26th 2022 6:50PM MST
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I got to this video via VDare initially in today's post Normal Trump Voters (A) Know More Than MSM Reports And (B) Don't Care What MSM Thinks by long-term writer James Fulford. (VDare had it on a tweet, so I'm glad I could find it more easily than is often the case.)

This is a great video. I don't know how much more politically aware these 10 "focus group" members from Pittsburgh, Penn. are than the average Conservative or Libertarian. If this is average, I am really encouraged from having seen this.

It's not like these ten decent folks have any great insight that goes above and beyond. What they say is common knowledge and common sense. It's just that, well, the Lyin' Press (arm of the Feral Gov't) is not at all down with the use of common knowledge and common sense. The look on the face of this young Elise Jordan character* says it all. Note that this is the video's official MSNBC caption under "see more":
In a focus group led by Elise Jordan, Pittsburgh-area Trump voters weigh in on the events of January 6, why they say Trump could not have stopped the violence on January 6 and House Speaker Pelosi on January 6.

[My bolding]
"Led by" is right. I'd thought that focus groups were about asking questions and noting the general gist of the answers, such as "OK, so the general consensus is that it tastes great and is less filling?" that you'd get from an old Miller Swill Lite** marketing focus group. This cute but clueless-looking and retarded-sounding reporter spent the time trying to lead the group toward the Police State narrative on these 1/6 Political Prisoners.

I really have a hard time determining this from that clueless Snowflake attitude, from the very beginning with "... and he was photographed breaching one of the restricted areas. Is that OK?" like she's about to cry. Check out the look on her face. Is she just plain stupid or a lying sack of shit?

This is stuff we've all known and wanted to say to these Lyin' Press people. This nice Pittsburgh crowd did this for us. From a focus group being led to explain that President Trump should have somehow stopped the protests and rioting that day, we see the focus shift to "Free the Jan 6th Political Prisoners!" Enjoy!:

I liked how the group brought up the murder of Ashli Babbitt (more here) by Capitol cop Michael Leroy Byrd. This was in response to the reporter's 2 1/2 year-old lie about another Capitol cop Brian Sicknick who died due to a pre-existing*** health problem and not a thrown fire extinguisher.

* I'd never seen or heard of her before in my life, honestly, which is obviously a good thing.

** I'm sorry. If you're gonna drink Miller at all, just drink the old Miller High Life, not that genuine draft crap or Lite. It's just more genuine, and, come on, it all looks the same swirling around and down the porcelain goddess 4 hours later.

*** Not to make light of the guy, a Trump supporter and all around nice guy per one of the Capitol cops I talked to about this (see 4th paragraph of the post linked-to above about Ashli Babbitt's murderer), but his was pre-riot condition and nothing about his health insurance. No, I don't mind calling it a bit of a riot, but compared to what the ctrl-left gets away with, this was a peaceful protest.

Saturday - October 29th 2022 10:30AM MST
PS: Sam, I have seen videos of some of the questionable stuff going on, that made it seem like more than just a random "fun will be had by all.". As I wrote on my blog that very evening, I regretted not going there, as my logistics weren't so good. I should be glad I didn't.

Now that there is video of about everything, the media must be more and more blatant with their lies. That shows up when they run into deals like the focus group who knew from video, likely some reading, and their common sense what went on, as the silly broad still tried to lead them in another direction.
Sam J.
Saturday - October 29th 2022 9:04AM MST

I believe that one side of the capital, they stopped everyone from entering. It appears that there were false agitators in that crowd. The other side, they let people walk in. Seems to me they were trying to fake people out that the people let in had forced their way in, and they were going to use that as a narrative. Unfortunately for them, video makes it plain that didn't happen.
The Alarmist
Thursday - October 27th 2022 2:40PM MST

Yeah, I love that “Our Democracy™️“ schtick, as if it really is their democracy that they deign to walk through life as the slaves they believe the vast majority of us are.

“Yesssss Massa ... I’sa gots my travel pass right here.”
Adam Smith
Thursday - October 27th 2022 8:53AM MST
PS: Good morning,

I wish they'd stop it with the "four cops died that day" and the "Attack on Our Democracy™" and the "Muh Insurrection!" nonsense. It's all so silly.

Joe Scarborough is such a stupid faggot. How did his friends and family come to believe their own lyin' eyes over the narrative peddled by the lyin' press? I guess some of his friends and family aren't stupid. They can tell he's lying whenever his lips are flapping. It's what liars like Joe Scarborough do. They lie. All the time.

Thanks for the video, Mr. Moderator. The answers from the people in Pittsburgh are encouraging. I too hope this is an average sample.

Wednesday - October 26th 2022 7:41PM MST
PS: I haven't kept up with that one, Alarmist. Sounds like it'll be a hoot. I did learn a little more about Doctor Hu. Most of the Chinese people IN China are being told nada though. John Derbyshire had a segment in his latest "Radio Derb" - I just wait for the transcripts - on the 20th and a couple of previous CCP big meetings every 5 years., such as the one during which Hu got sick.

"No, Hu's on first!"
The Alarmist
Wednesday - October 26th 2022 7:29PM MST

Can’t wait to see the focus group on the Fetterman-Oz debate.
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