Harvesting the fruits of a half-century of Affirmative Action - Part 2

Posted On: Tuesday - October 25th 2022 7:11PM MST
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Continued from Part 1.

Part 1 described how the good intentions from lots of people without a real understanding of the differences between the races got this Affirmative Action process going over a half century ago. I'd say most of the American population not living in the deep South had to be pretty naive during that era. Others knew what was what but were outvoted and disparaged with nasty names.

At the end of that post, Peak Stupidity asked "Who knew that Affirmative Action would metastasize to peoples who weren't even IN America in 1967?" During this same time period - the mid 1960s - the same bastards behind AA and other Civil Rites implemented a program to encourage the massive immigration invasion we started feeling a couple of, arguably three, decades later . Back in 1965, not too many Americans of any ideology could have foreseen how this would change the country.

For some reason, which we will mention later in the post, many groups of these newcomers became beneficiaries of Affirmative Action along with the black Americans who did have ancestors subject to slavery. Again, though it's not the subject of this post, Peak Stupidity doesn't fall one bit for these sob stories and for the punishment of the innocent great-great-great-grandsons for the sins (of a very few of) the great-great-great-grandfathers. You want to talk reparations? Fine, that's another story - you may want to pore over the Peak Stupidity Reparations Plan at your leisure.

To digress slightly here, let me mention two otherwise very good pundits who are for AA, but only for these DOAS - Descendants Of American Slaves. Both Ann Coulter and Steve Sailer think this way. I understand that their point is about the numbers. When you add in all the new groups, even without including half the population, the women, more than half the population nowadays would be on the receiving end of the AA racial spoils system. These two pundits figure that's too many, and everyone but American legacy blacks has no claim ... you know ... against the pay and careers of the average White guy who never did them any harm. These two pundits are suckers for holding this opinion - perhaps "surrender monkeys" would be a better term. It's nothing but appeasement. Wrong is wrong, period.

Oh, but it's just the disadvantaged groups that are allowed to screw us out of pay and jobs, they tell us. Hey, not my problem, but I do note that it's almost every group that gets to claim being "under-represented". Chinese people may not get an advantage in hiring where they already predominate. However, if it's a career in which a the Chinese are not good at or even into, say, sports announcing, they can go bitch to the Feds and, "Holy Cow! He's outta there!" In the meantime, as a White guy, good luck getting the Feds to help you avoid job discrimination a the Chinese buffet restaurant.

One gets the feeling after a while that this Affirmative Action for (almost) everyone is not an effort to remedy the harm done to people in the past - as stupid as that idea is anyway. No, I've been getting the feeling that it's simply about screwing over the White man and nothing more.

My point with that digression, though, is to note that the sheer numbers of AA beneficiaries is much higher than it would have been with just the black population subject to it. By its definition, mandating the use of race or ethnicity as a factor in hiring, means AA has been increasing the employment of the unqualified. That's what this post is really about. Finally, we're getting to the point of this series.

The numbers still allowed AA to be tolerable for society as a whole in the 1970s and '80s. The White male population in the critical parts of the workforce was still a big majority. Those in the less critical jobs would suffer in trying to keep the AA hires up to speed or at least keep them from doing too much damage to the product or service. Others at the high end could keep above the fray and get the hard work done, as the big shots in management could tell the world how this diversity was the strength of the company, and "see, Feral Gov't, we're playing ball. Now, quid pro quo, Clarice."

Though White men were being hurt continually at the lower levels, back in the '60s and '70s American engineers, computer types, technicians, mechanics, pilots, etc. were almost all White men*. It worked. Society worked.

The numbers of people hired based on skin color, face-dotage, lip size, what-have-you, and not based on merit, is huge now. There are no longer enough of the competent to cover for the incompetent. Peak Stupidity mentioned this factor in our observations of the service at hotels nowadays in the 2nd post of our series Hotel Haiti - - On Competence.

55 years, almost 3 generations, has America very far along on this Affirmative Action experiment. At this point, it's not just the getting screwed over and having to live as 2nd-class employees for White men that is a result. The numbers of the incompetent for the job are big now. The incompetent have been mandated to be employed in all industries and in all jobs within them.

The picture at the top is of a collapsed pedestrian bridge on the campus of Florida International University in Miami. The bridge, touted to be a great example of female and minority engineering, collapsed due to a mistake in the design as it was erected in '18. Six people were killed.

OK, is that cherry picking of one incident? We read of occasional structural failures here and there every few years. However, if this society is not to see increasing numbers of failures of engineering like this, an overwhelming number of competent people must remain employed in the technical fields. Yet, they are being kept out or driven out by the wokeness, part of which is basically AA on steroids.

Will there be more of this sort of thing? Did the well-intentioned supporters of AA in the 1960s ever foresee it would go this far? Being scared to ride on a n airliner or cross a bridge is one thing, but there is a more general bad result that we have harvested from the half-century of Affirmative Action. It's all types of jobs being done by a big contingent of the incompetent. Getting things done is more difficult, and things are just getting shoddier.

It's harder to get worthwhile help at Lowes or Auto Zone. It's harder to get a plumber or carpenter who knows what he's doing. It's hard to get a vehicle fixed right, hell, fixed period. Don't even worry about your order being right at the fast-food joint. Just be glad if the cashier remembers you're there. (Better off not going in, of course.) Bank tellers are slow as molasses. Roads are torn up. Signs on the road are ass-backwards**

I'd thought recently that the shoddiness I see was solely due to the long-lasting effects of the Kung Flu PanicFest on small business. I'm not sure though. We seem to be going more and more toward the 3rd-World in ways I can see almost weekly. It's some bitter fruit off some trees that I sure as hell did not plant.

* By the 1980s, there were already quite a few foreigners, especially Orientals, who got into the technical fields. They were still hired based on merit though, from my recollection, as America was getting the smartest of the bunch. That's not the case anymore.

** Before the bend it said "right lane closed", but it was the left lane that was closed. That's what I saw just today.

The Alarmist
Wednesday - October 26th 2022 1:29PM MST

Worse than Idiocracy ... it has become a cross between Kakistocracy and Karentocracy.
Wednesday - October 26th 2022 12:09PM MST

At this point, I am waiting for the inevitable Cholera outbreak in a major metropolitan area. That, or more frequent Salmonella cases. Everything we rely on to be a functional civilization is turning into Idiocracy.
The Alarmist
Wednesday - October 26th 2022 10:50AM MST

@Dieter, I spend enough time in London to tell you it does not work just fine, and the main reason it works anywhere near ok are the minority heritage Brits and some of the South Asians who did a reasonable job of assimilating. Nevertheless, the problem with empire is that you ultimately become the colonised.

Our high-tech work still depends heavily upon low-tech infrastructure that is handily maintained. by middle- and lower-IQ types. The only reason it seems to have a glut of them in the West is that we import way to many lower-IQ third worlders who won’t make as much noise (at least for now) about pay, benefits, and hours. The West should have long ago stopped telling all of its youth they could all go on to University and a secure sinecure in the middle classes, and just educate them and let them figure out who they sort out in the social spectrum. I interview way too many people who think they can run the show, when they can’t even figure out how to ethically separate a client from some of his money in a free and fair exchange. If anything, we have a glut of middle- and somewhat higher-IQ. Somebody’s got to clean the bathrooms and do the plumbing, but why do those jobs, which in nearly all cases add far more value than the next cool app, go to low-IQ third worlders who do those jobs with the least quality?

Dieter Kief
Wednesday - October 26th 2022 1:42AM MST
Clearly Mod., the Miami bridge collapse is not just another example of a construction gone wrong.Btw.: What was the nature and the reason for the design collapse - did somebody try to find out why this design mistake happened - and how much of a failed construction it was - and whether - during construction, somebody looked into it - or did it go completely unnoticed - and who was responsible?Was the bridge collapse taken to court? - If so, what was discussed there? Was somebody held accountable?If not - why?Great subject for a decent article of - say: 9000 words, this bridge collapse. - Or a book, of course. - sigh: A novel even...

That said: affirmative action is the Bermuda triangle at the intersection of 1) religion (guilt and mercy) 2) history (how to make sense of the past) 3) the social sciences (why people fail), 4) human genetics (sigh) - 5) philosophy (Rousseau & Marx vs. Kant & Mill) and 6) social psychology (JB Peterson's Dilemma = the objective limits of the task to make low IQ people - useful in the context of high IQ / technical skill societies like ours).

Finally - A solution: The New Grat Abolitionism!

At the above mentioned crossroads lies also the tension between high incarceration numbers as a consequence of holding up classical standards of self restraint like responsibility vs. the experiment of the New Great Abolitionism, as we might call that: Try to replace the repressive approach to reason and responsibility with a new one: Lowering the standards, lowering the degrees of repression as an offer for the needy and the somehow less capable of all natures (and mostly one race, though, as every statistical survey cries from the rooftops - to not much affect - as Steve Sailer never tires to point out).

So: Let's go the love and sharing way instead of the incarceration way. Let's do away with guilt, because that too does make the dysfunctional even more dysfunctional... - let's all go on the love boat trip in the Yellow Submarine and see what then happens. Maybe a miracle -even? - There were lots of miracles in our past! - Why not get a little bit of that recyled? (cf. Our Lady of the Forest / Great novel about this deeply rooted string of our culture by the great (and underappreciated) writer David Guterson).


London is highly multicultural, and does work just fine. So: Why not have London everywhere? - And a nice Indian rooted PM replacing the nightmarishly incompetent blonde clumsy oaf Liz Truss? - - As the perfect icing on the globalist cake?!

This in No. III is the by your's truly a bit polished bottom line of one of the debaters in this very interesting conversation down below between (literally: blue eyed!) Freddy Sayers - and the very much old Norman red haired warrior type - very well articulated Swedish right wing blogger and podcaster Ivar Arpi


The bass line going through this conversation is: Can the social state moderate away each and any kind of biological and cultural difference that there is between people - worldwide? I. o. w.: Is the social state a social machine that can be as perfect and as impressive & poweful as the best technical machines that there are? -
In slightly clearer and simpler words: Will we see the rise of the New Great Abolitionism (NGA)? - Will the NGA-Einstein of the social state suddenly appear on the scene, able to free us of the DMS (= Dire Multicultural Straits) we're in? - A new social-engeneering miracle! - - - That would be nice, wouldn't it?! - Imagine!, - no possession, - an no religion too - nothing to live and die for - a brotherhood of men... - All We Are Sayin' - is Give Peace a Chance...
That'd be all so nice & easy - wouldn't it?!
The Alarmist
Tuesday - October 25th 2022 7:35PM MST

This is what Mission Control looked like when the USA put men on the moon...


Funny that they can’t even get the next lunar mission off the pad.

BTW, NASA is trying to stick it to our most successful African American, Elon Musk, by awarding the primary lunar mission to Boeing rather than Spacex. I guess Spacex tried to make a more efficient and less lucrative revolving door for NASA bureaucrats.
Tuesday - October 25th 2022 7:28PM MST
PS: I meant that, yes. However, I didn't come up with that, Alarmist. It was from either Paul Kersey or a commenter on his blog.
The Alarmist
Tuesday - October 25th 2022 7:22PM MST

“Civil rites” ... lulz ... did you mean that? Because it fits perfectly with what civil rights have become, to wit a religion.
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