Harvesting the fruits of a half-century of Affirmative Action - Part 1

Posted On: Saturday - October 22nd 2022 10:25AM MST
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(Really, it's been over 55 years, going on 6 decades.)

The image above, of the recently collapsed walkway/bridge designed by AA engineers in south Florida, is a better fit for Part 2 of this series. I figured out early on that one post on this will be too long, just as a title with a description of this part will end up too long also.

So, this post is a background of how we all got into this Affirmative Action quagmire. The 2nd post will be the real point, with a discussion of one of the increasingly visible and widespread results of this policy, that is, other than it being mandated screwing over of White men for the last 55 years. The 3rd post will be an interlude, with an example of AA from pretty dang long ago that's humorous for all but the couple of people on the bad end of it. Finally, Part 4 will ask what, if anything, we can do to avoid these results. (What are these other "results" that I mentioned? Look at the bridge, for one thing. However, there's more to it.)

I will not cite legal precedents and stats from Wikipedia here. For one thing, that impedes my writing, and this is polemic writing, not some Idiot's Guide to the History of AA. IOW, I don't need an Art Deco-style commenter (from Unz Review, whom I like OK otherwise) giving me stats that have no background and mean nothing without a real understanding of the long-term big picture. This has been going on in America, in clear view, since the mid-1960s, and I was HERE for most of it.

I don't see it as one specific piece of Affirmative Action legislation, decreeing that "White Men are hereby going to get screwed to help promote black people and women in the American Institutions." Government bureaucrats, at the Federal level - at first - but then at other levels when they followed suit, or just complied "how high, Sir?!" had plenty of discretion in their "rule-making". (Those are laws that DON'T get voted on by elected individuals). Starting from the purposeful increase in hiring of blacks and women in government, it increasingly became a widespread policy of forcing business* to do the same thing.

All the time, people were being told there would "be no quotas", which is a complete lie by definition. If you force hiring based on anything but employer's wishes - merit being obviously the main thing - then, there must be quotas.

Now, this is speculation, as I don't know the thoughts of the American population of the time AA was started. However, there are plenty of well-intentioned people I have dealt with who have had the same attitude... probably till fairly recently. That would be mostly Americans living far away from the Deep South, along with some do-gooders even there. I can understand the attitude, that Jim Crow policy was evil, the black people have been held down, and it's the least we could all do to pay it back with a little help from our government.**

You'd have to have had a real understanding of race differences to not get suckered in by this, something probably only prevalent in The South at that time. As for women, big beneficiaries of AA, men surrendered yet again to the Feminists, and figured a little of this may shut them up, at least. Big Biz wanted the cheap labor, and this was part of the destruction of the nuclear family - so 2 birds ...) Also, for all of this policy, of course, one would have to have an attitude of "screw the Constitution, screw fairness, and screw a few (not me) White men, full speed ahead."

There was a lot more damage being done by the Feral Gov't in the middle/late 1960's in addition to AA . Worse than AA was the Welfare State and the dysgenics of demography that it produced. A half century ago, though, that was not foreseen by most people. White people still made up 85-90% of American's population back then. Making this sacrifice of, hopefully other, White Men's livelihoods may have reasonably seemed like a small price to pay for the long-term benefits of black society being lifted up to White society levels.

So, almost all traditional American working people have not ever been in an environment in which the White Man ISN'T being continuously screwed out of school admissions***, pay, jobs, and whole careers. That people are used to it doesn't mean that it's not flat-out wrong. Additionally all those do-gooders have got to know, a half-century later, that AA has been a complete failure in bringing up black society.

Since then, Affirmative Action has become worse for another reason. Who knew that Affirmative Action would metastasize to peoples who weren't even IN America in 1967? I'll get into this in the next part.

* That's not just Big Biz either, as my example in Part 3 will attest to.

** This reminds me of President Reagan's mindset during the 1986 illegal alien amnesty, as this was to be the last of it, and the basic problem - border control - would be taken care of. Ronald Reagan later regretted the deal he made, and what he'd signed, very much.

*** I can hear ahead some reader's possible objections that "some of these places are private. They don't have to ..." Yeah, they do. Government pressure is often encoded in law, and if not, these admissions people know what's good for them.

Tuesday - October 25th 2022 6:07AM MST
PS: That's right, Al. It's not all overt, just as censorship isn't.

Mr. Smith, that wasn't the image I'd expected, haha!
Al Corrupt
Monday - October 24th 2022 7:34PM MST

“ I can hear ahead some reader's possible objections that "some of these places are private. They don't have to ..." Yeah, they do”

If you have any contracts with the government, yes… if you don’t want baseless lawsuits, yes.
Adam Smith
Sunday - October 23rd 2022 5:28PM MST
PS: Good evening, Mr. Moderator,

"What were their menfolk doing..."

Sunday - October 23rd 2022 10:08AM MST
PS: Adam, that sounds almost as ambitious as the Indians out in the western US, though they built into the wall of cliffs. Without intelligent and hardworking men around to invent more than that dirt and straw, I guess these women in Benin did the best they could. What were their menfolk doing at the time, sitting around chewing weed and talking shit? Haha, sounds all too familiar ...
Adam Smith
Saturday - October 22nd 2022 7:58PM MST
PS: Good evening, Mr. Alarmist,

The Somba people of northwest Benin are known for being skilled builders. Traditional Somba dwellings are mighty earthen fortresses called tata-somba houses. They’re typically two stories tall and have mud walls, straw roofs, and turrets like you might see on a castle. Though similar to the tekyete structures found in neighboring Togo, tata-somba houses uniquely have designs engraved on both inner and outer walls. These abstract, geometric patterns are hand-drawn by Somba women and viewed as symbols of fertility and prosperity.


The Alarmist
Saturday - October 22nd 2022 7:43PM MST

How many multi-story buildings were in sub-Saharan Africa before the arrival of Europeans?

Yeah, they try to tell us they all disappeared into the jungle after European illnesses killed off the indigenous peoples of the great African cultures. Yes, Wakanda forever.
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