Is it time for more Armageddon movies?

Posted On: Saturday - October 15th 2022 8:44PM MST
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(The image used of Bill Murray as the groundskeeper in Caddyshack is from back when the Cold War WAS still going on, 1980.)

You'd have to be over 40 to remember much at all about life in America during the Cold War era. One could put the official end of it at the year 1989, though the downfall of the Soviet regime happened slowly from the mid-1980's then quickly by the end of that decade. The selection of Mikhail Gorbachev* as General Secretary by the Politburo on 11 March 1985, followed by his Perestroika movement for more freedom, started the ball rolling, but I don't think anyone who mattered could see the end within 4 to 6 years, depending on what you go by as the end. (The American "intelligence" agencies were, of course, the last to have a clue.)

Before the end there, for 40 years running, the threat of nuclear war was serious, with some lulls and some crests. One can watch lots of the old movies from the 50's and early '60s, such as Strategic Air Command, Doctor Strangelove, Fail Safe, and probably a dozen others to see what the worries were about (or read some books, of course.) There were the nuclear strike drills for school kids through the '60s at least. Then at the end of the '70s and into the '80s, there was a rash of more movies that were at the other end of the anti-Communist agenda**, tilted more left during the period during which they advocated for the stupidity of unilateral disarmament and musician Sting's "I hope the Russians love their children too".

I can remember a few of these movies, such as The Late Great Planet Earth and The Day After. I thought I remembered an Armageddon from that era, but I only only found a '98 Bruce Willis movie by that name on IMDB*** (For a nice list of "" see this IMDB page.)

During the end of that era, '79/80, the Georgia Guidestones**** were manufactured and erected in Elberton, Georgia. One can tell from the inscriptions, with English and Russian on the front 2 stones, that nuclear war between the superpowers was still foremost on many people's list of worries.

Then, by 1991 at the latest, it was all over. Say what you want about President Reagan, but he, Maggie Thatcher, Germany's Kohl/Adenauer, Polish union leader (later President) Lech Walesa, Pope John Paul II, and millions of American and Western European soldiers, sailors, airmen, and engineers and technicians won the Cold War. It was not just A big deal, it was THE big deal of the era.

For anyone younger than Generation X (the "13th Generation", born 1961-1981 per Strauss & Howe's classification scheme) this is history, not memory. The worries about Armageddon that the previous 2 generations lived with were no longer. That's been one good thing for them. We've all had to put up with the Kung Flu Stupidity starting in early '20, but, perhaps too conveniently, there's been the Ukraine/Russia war going on.

Peak Stupidity has not discussed the Ukraine/Russia war much, with our (partial) apology here explaining why not. I still think the news barrage has been done as a distraction to Americans. However, the constant encouragement and support of the Ukraine to continue this war has a risk of turning into a very important thing. Why continue this goading of the nuclear armed Russian Bear? With that big risk, what is the big benefit to Americans? There is NO benefit to Americans, in fact, but maybe to the Neocons and the Potomac Regime. Ron Paul's most recent column says It’s Time to Tell Biden We Say ‘NO!’ to Nuclear War!. What, again?!

By a decade after the end of the Cold War, it was already enough that the Neocons and the Deep State had blown what could have been two major benefits from the downfall of the USSR. The "peace dividend" money that the Feral Gov't could have saved by pulling troops and bases all over the world back home was one. That never happened. The benefit was the goodwill that America had built up all over the world, with its defense against that major Communist empire and the American culture that the world looked up to then. That goodwill was all blown due to warmongering by the 30-year duration, now fading, sole superpower hegemonic US and the forcing of its now demonic culture onto the world.

With all that, could we at least still live without that subconscious worry about nuclear Armageddon that the aforementioned good Americans freed us from over 3 decades ago? No, it looks like they are blowing this one too, if the American involvement in the Ukraine/Russia war keeps going like this.

Speaking of blowing it, the 1968 movie Planet of the Apes only brought up the nuclear war worries in the ending, but it was a doozy. We thought we got past all this, but maybe not.

* He died very recently. Is that why the flags are still at half-mast, last time I looked a couple of days ago? I have no idea.

** No doubt some of the older movies were lefty in agenda too, and a few were just anti-MADness.

*** The Internet Movie Data Base has been around on the net for a long time - I heard about it in '97. It's woke now on the front page and slower, but it's still a good site for reference.

**** That's just the first of a number of posts on the Guidestones, which were blown up and then destroyed by the county just this early July. You may find these posts with the Peak Stupidity Roadshow and Globalists topic keys, for lack of better ones, and there was a road trip. I'm not sure when I'll be back there to find out more about what happened.

Tuesday - October 18th 2022 10:50PM MST

Mr. Ganderson wrote: "Sadly, Mr. Hail, I only have (or more properly had) two Swedish grandparents"

That beats me by a long mile. I have about one-eighth Swedish ancestry which I don't feel particularly close to. The Swedes in my family tree arrived in the USA in the 1870s! That's only a short 145 year ago. (My overall ancestral situation, heavily Scandinavian and entirely NW-European, would not put me far off from the Swedish mean.)

Meanwhile, this founder of the anti-Swedish immigrant-supremacist and semi-Islamicist political party "Nyans" arrived in Sweden in 2001 at age nineteen, claimed to be a refugee, and got permanent residency when they believed his story. Since then he has filled up his passport with trips back and forth to Turkey! I've never been to Sweden except passing through the airport, once, at which time the passport-control guy looked at me, spoke in Swedish, and then followed up asking what's the meaning of my not understanding Swedish when I failed to respond adequately.

Although I've never been, I am going to assert here and now that I am more rightfully a "Swede" than Mikeil Yueksel, the founder of the Islamic-and-migrant political party. For more on that political luminary of postmodern Sweden, see:
Tuesday - October 18th 2022 4:21PM MST
PS: Al Corrupt, even though he had been the bass player in the Police, Sting's solo music is more mellow, and I miss the pounding bass guitar from his Police days. Of his solo songs, I do like "Love is the 7th Wave", but "Fields of Gold" is by far my favorite. It's a beautiful song.
Dieter Kief
Tuesday - October 18th 2022 1:21PM MST
Inner monologue of a true corona warrior - penned down for Mr. Hail:

We should have incarcerated the Corona deniers in 2021. All of them without exceptions. It would have been just right. - killers of societal solidarity with the weak and struggeling! Right wing fascist science deniers and - sinners too!

But now, that we - with the help of science & the heavens above - have managed to get through this virus-nightmare so far, lets be generous and - forgive them - with our masks always firmly attached, waiting in line for our third booster. And again: Thanks to science and - to the heavens above that all went by so smoothly - and we are almost all - - alive 'n' kickin'!
Tuesday - October 18th 2022 1:12PM MST

Sadly, Mr. Hail, I only have (or more properly had) two Swedish grandparents; my dads folks: my mormor was 100% ethnically Swedish, but she was born in Todd County, MN. So I can’t vote for the SD nor the AfS. Tyvärr!
Tuesday - October 18th 2022 11:42AM MST

A question.

Recall if you will the people who, less than one year ago today, wanted to imprison Covid-deniers and vaxx-refusers in containment camps, to protect the pure against the evil rays emanated by the deniers and the anti-vaxx dirty people.

Where have these people gone? What happened to them? Don't they know there are still flu viruses out there and even (gasp in advance before reading the next word, please----) VARIANTS of the Wuhan Apocalypse Terror-Virus out there?

What kinds of moral-political signaling are these same people up to in the 2022-23 season?

Don't answer "Ukraine" (too easy an answer and we already know of that one).
Tuesday - October 18th 2022 11:39AM MST

The little surveys they take asking people "what issue is most important to you in '22," nobody's saying the Wuhan Apocalypse Virus is their number-one issue.

Other surveys, and observed reality, though, suggest the Corona-Cult burrowed deep and profoundly affected some people's behaviors and attitudes, even if no longer at the fore and even if not picked up in such clumsy questioning as "what issue is most important to you."

On the other side, the side of truth beauty and light (the Anti-Panic side), there were/are plenty of us but there doesn't seem much of a political voting constituency of angry opponents of the Panic who want to punish the Panic-enforcers and Panic-chieftains and high-priestesses. Maybe partly because almost no one is running on such a platform. I hear almost nothing about the Panic in this election season. Remember that the Panic in its full force lasted about two years (ca. Feb./March 2020 to ca. Feb./March 2022), which is mostly after voting day Nov 2020 than before it.

The whole nightmare of 2020 and 2021, seeping into 2022, seems sometimes more like the memory of a dream (or nightmare) than something real. People have forgotten about it and can't quite remember the full vigor of the hysteria, but they no longer inhabit it. This WITHOUT the Panic ever having been decisively defeated. So the whole Corona "op" was more a success than a failure, even if its boot is not on our necks at the moment.
Tuesday - October 18th 2022 11:28AM MST

Tim Walz, if he wins in '22, will win based on voting strength of the Ilhan Omar demographic in Minnesota.

The election in Sweden this year was very close. But if only persons with 4 Swedish grandparents voted (or 3 Swedish grandparents and 1 other European grandparent to be generous), the Sweden Democrats and their partners would have won easily.

See later today (probably) for some late-coming thoughts on the Sweden election.
The Alarmist
Tuesday - October 18th 2022 8:08AM MST

Mr. Ganderson, I’ve never met a gay person who was actually happy, nor have I met a lesbian who wasn’t angry. On the latter, in NYC I lived next door to one who took particular delight in telling me about her experiences castrating animals on a farm in South Dakota.
Tuesday - October 18th 2022 6:07AM MST

Update: Did not make 10:30 Mass- better avoid being run over by a bus before I can go to Confession…

And to kind of repeat what’s been pointed out here already; one of the signs of impending doom is that Gretchen Whitmer (too lazy to look up whether there’s an ‘h’ in there: but pronounce it like Stewie Griffin would) and Tim Walz will both likely be re-elected; and we in Massachusetts, owing to the complete stupidity and incompetence of the state Republican Party, will get an angry lesbian for our next governor. Can’t wait.
Al Corrupt
Monday - October 17th 2022 4:18PM MST

While Sting hopes the Russians love their children too, I prefer Love is the seventh wave.
Al Corrupt
Monday - October 17th 2022 4:16PM MST

I’m not sure if this is just our government getting worse, or me getting older and wiser, but I have to admit that as a former cold warrior, I have no love for the Russians. Their behavior since the fall of the USSR hasn’t been great (or any better than it was) and does nothing to make me think any better of them. I have friends from Baltic countries who know the bear even better, and THEY hate the Russians… BUT, I have come to the conclusion that our own government isn’t any better, and I am unwilling to support a conflict between two totally worthless governments, especially one that could end human life on this planet
Albino King Cobra
Monday - October 17th 2022 1:18PM MST
PS The teevee says Russia is getting spanked in the Kraine so will the muh democracy defending Azov of the 51st state Ukraine reach Moscow before winter?
They better get on the Volokolamsk highway quick for the glorious brilliant victory under Son von Rommel Zelensky.
The I want to take selfies here map is in red and celebrities will be flying in and out of a hot war zone for virtue signal superiority.
Adam Smith
Monday - October 17th 2022 12:44PM MST
PS: Good afternoon, Mr. Alarmist,

Welcome back to this side of the pond. The beach is pretty nice (and good for the soul). Easier to keep warm in the Florida sun.

Yeah, the grocery inflation is pretty intense. Prices are rising across the board. (It's almost like all that helicopter money devalued the currency or something.) But the shortages are weird. Sometimes it's milk, bone broth or cat food other times it's pasta, flour or bleach.

Well, actually, the pasta shelves are usually pretty empty at our local walmart. If you're looking for a specific type of pasta they likely won't have it.

It's like that with cat food too. My cat is pretty picky about which flavors she likes. Often they'll have just one or two flavors of canned food for her. It's difficult to find chicken flavors and forget about the fancy feast with the milk gravy. (I might have to order some from chewy...)

About the only thing I can count on them having is toilet paper. For other products it's best to stock up when things are available.

I guess time will tell if all the jabbing will result in antibody dependent enhancement for a large percentage of vaxxers. Seems most people are as divided on this as ever, still on the same team they were in 2020. (Except for the vaxxers who got injured or lost a loved one. I do feel bad for some of those people, especially the ones pressured into it.) I do know one hard core pro-vaxxer who is absolutely done with the covid vax. So some people are waking up. (She still got a flu shot though.)

Ye might be crazy, but he's right. I guess that's why he's catching so much flak.

Cheers, Mr. Alarmist. Enjoy the beach! (and maybe some fresh seafood!)

The Alarmist
Monday - October 17th 2022 11:22AM MST

Good afternoon, Mr. Smith.

I was shocked, in addition to the 33% increase in prices, to see that the egg display cases at my local Publix had been reduced to less than a half if their volume since July.

TPTB will starve us and freeze us, and if those don’t work, jab us to death.

This new hyper-Omicron variant literally targets the vaxxed most severely and may very well be CASE NIGHTMARE KITTY.

Ye might be cray-cray, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t right and talking sense.

Adam Smith
Monday - October 17th 2022 10:35AM MST
PS: Good afternoon, everyone. Happy Monday!

Thanks, Mr. Hail. Blogworks messed up the bunny's ears. Like the less than & greater than symbols, the back slash is non grata.

This is what a Bunny Playing a Guitar should look like...

Hey Dieter, what's a half lesbian? lol...

More seriously though, many thanks to you all for the interesting anecdotes, links and commentary.

"Adam Smith has said that he almost did not notice the effects of "lockdown" in part because of where he is located."

This is true, Mr. Hail. I think rural communities fared better than urban areas. (The country mouse really is different than the city mouse.) Also, Georgia remained fairly sane compared to most states.

In the beginning of the panic there was a bit of disruption. Caution tape in front of the walmart, directional stickers on the floor, wear a mask signs, plexiglass to save us from our invisible enemy, etc. But there were no "lockdowns" or other mandates. Merely suggestions. Things stayed relatively normal here in Dahlonega.

The only real problem was empty shelves at the store. Some of this phenomena lingers to this day, not just in town but in nearby communities too. For example, I can't buy a whole chicken that's worth buying and I can not count on the store having the products that I want. It's still hit or miss. I think this has more to do with the overlords restructuring the economy (engineering artificial scarcity) than anything to do with the CoronaPanic. (I still think they launched the whole CoronaMoloch as a cover for the regularly scheduled implosion of the ponzi scheme economy.)

Though I don't see it often, I do occasionally see someone at the store wearing a face diaper. Usually they're older (Dahlonega is a retirement community) but we also have a college here, so the maskers can also be students.

"Beating the drums to keep the Covid madness going..." Have you guys heard of the Nightmare Variant?

Meanwhile, in other news...

Thanks again guys. I hope you all have a great day!

The Alarmist
Monday - October 17th 2022 10:18AM MST

So much to say, so little desire to type ... sigh 😔

I’m in largely mask-free Florida now. So nice to see what passes for normal life nowadays, though it is a bit annoying to pay $7.99 for the 18 eggs that cost me $5.98 just five months ago. Food inflation in the USA has been quite noticeable for the last twenty years when compared to Europe, but the last several months in Europe have demonstrated that they will not fail to fall in line with the USA in far too many ways, except, perhaps when it comes to masking. BTW, this is the only mask that gives one a serious chance to avoid the coof:

I was in Deutschland (ich bitte dich um Entschuldigung, Dieter) last week, and the masking seems to have taken on a fevered pitch, with too many Seniors and far too many younger folks walking around outdoors with masks and panicked looks on their faces. That lout Prof. Dr. Lauterbach has earned his place in Hell for the massive psyop he has played on the German people, those his crimes against humanity pale in comparison to those of Frau Baerbock, Herr Scholz, Herr Habeck, and Frau Dr. Bin Leyen.

I get why the Germans are so intent to support Ukranians to the bitter end. The Ukies, at least the Banderaistas of Galicia, were steadfast allies of the Nazis during the Krieg, and to this day have a strong element of folks who identify as Nazis active in their government. Some of the more gruesome culls of Jewish, Poles, and Russians occurred in 404. The Russians were allies who helped to defeat the Nazis, so you’d think the US and UK might be a bit more sympathetic, but then again, hatred of Russia has been and continues to be good for MICIMATT business.

Disclosure: I had a Russian GF in the ‘00s, and she and pretty much all of her family and friends were more than decent and welcoming of me. The only reason we parted ways is that she grew increasingly frustrated with life in Western Europe and decided life back in Siberia was preferable. You know things in Western Europe are shitty when a Russian decides to voluntarily exile herself to Siberia. OTOH, I’ve known a few good Ukies and more than a few not so good. So I luvved me some Russians, and I still like and respect them.

One of my Euro colleagues commented that we had to support the Ukies: that they gave up their nukes, after all, as a sign of their goodness. I had to disabuse him of that notion, as I had a front-row seat to the end of the Cold War 1.0 and the disintegration of the USSR. One of the things both the USA and Russia agreed upon wholeheartedly is that the Ukies and a couple other Republics were nutcases who could not be trusted with Nukes and must be disarmed. In any case, Ukraine was too poor to maintain a strategic nuke capability, and it would inevitably be used to shake down the West and Russia for money. Plus ça change....

I keep hearing about a red wave in the USA. Perhaps in the House, which is difficult to steal since its vote counts are locally bound, but the Senate seats in play this go-around are statewide races where large conurbations where the electoral apparatuses are dominated by minorities, so expect more of what you saw in Atlanta in 2020. If you ever saw the movie “A,erican Gangter,” you’ll know what I mean; suffice it to say, votes for national offices are far more valuable than heroin these days. Oz is a charlatan, but he’s our charlatan, damn it! Given how little progress has been made to clean up the US electoral process, I’d be surprised if even the House is recaptured by the Repubes.

Then again, I’m back in the US for an extended period because I don’t put it past our Creepy Grandad and the MICIMATT to set off WW3, not that I’d be much safer here, but at least I’m getting nice beach time leading up to it. A bad day at the beach is infinitely better than a good day in the EU, and the UK for that matter. ‘Tis a shame that half of my life and wealth are tied to the Titanic as it deliberately rams itself into that big ole iceberg known as Russia, but I’ll be OK.
Monday - October 17th 2022 9:29AM MST
PS: From Mr. Ganderson: "Indoor sports and arts venues at Amherst College still require masks, and they have a goofy rule that, in class, if one student, or presumably professor, wishes to mask up ALL must. "

I think it's time to bring back bullying. "Bully Back Better."
Monday - October 17th 2022 9:26AM MST
PS: Next, about the tailing off of the masking - just my input here. We're in the middle but closer to the non-panic end of the spectrum here. I still see various people, not just Oriental people, with masks on. I'd put it at well under 5% in most locales or "venues".

In airport terminals, the masking is at a higher level - maybe as much as 10 - 15%. Then, most of them take 'em off during the flight - yeah, right, now you're at a 6 INCH social distance, idiots - because they are worried about airflow. People are wrong about that anyway, as lots of outside air gets heated via heat exchangers in the "packs" and sent into the cabin, and air is let out through outflow valves in the back of the pressure vessel that control the cabin altitude.

As for Orientals, there's a bit more to it. In some cities in China, the medical style (light blue, green, or yellow) are worn (last I was there) in place that have a lot of smog - that's REAL pollution, the particulates in particular (alliteration intended). Back in '09, some Swine Flu dealie was going on. It wasn't quite as much a feeling of bizarreness as Dieter's in the Black Forest that time, but seeing about 1/2 a 747-load of Japanese visitors wearing these things in the Detroit McNamara terminal then was pretty weird! I remember distinctly thinking "what a bunch of pussies!" (Well, it was mostly the women wearing them.) I also thought "American would never be that ridiculous about a bad flu season." Little did I know about 11 years later ...

So, over in the Orient, at least Japan and China, this face masking in public places is not something new. Still, the mentality, especially now in Fall of '22 is ridicerous.

I was using nearly the same word, Mr. Hail, for the people still doing this, but "dork" instead of "doofus". I told my son, "hey, as long as it's not made mandatory again it's fine. You have every right to look like a dork." That said, when someone with one on tries to converse with me, I'm done doing that shit. I tell them politely that there's no way I can understand them with those on.
Monday - October 17th 2022 9:12AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, this is a correction, as I HAVE heard about this "Fetterman or Oz?" story, just a bit.. I think we are in agreement on what the Lyin' Press (if they weren't lying to keep with the Establishment narrative) should be focusing on as the important story of the Uk/Russia war, that is, the American involvement. That was the big story during Vietnam, wasn't it? Conservative wanted the Communists defeated no matter who did it, but the most focus was on getting American out of it. What's changed?
Monday - October 17th 2022 6:36AM MST

Entschuldigen Dieter, I should have looked up the proper spelling of “eugyppius”. I should probably apologize to him!

Mr. Hail, your observations are spot on- I recall being in Buffalo in April, 2003 for the Frozen Four, and being amazed at all the Asians walking around Niagara Falls with masks on.

That said, though, here in the university town where I live; while it’s not like it was two years ago, one still sees a lot of masking and general Corona panicking. Indoor sports and arts venues at Amherst College still require masks, and they have a goofy rule that, in class, if one student, or presumably professor, wishes to mask up ALL must. * The other three small colleges have some degree of mask requirement; UMASS, the BSU, does not require them anywhere but in health facilities. I would say about 10% of the crowds at the 2 UMASS- Denver hockey games this past weekend wore the face diaper of obedience.

* One could probably write a book about Amherst’s overreaction to the Corona-Chan suffice to say that the policies were developed by famous alumni doctors David Kessler and Ezekiel Emmanuel (sp? Dieter, you can check it for me 😀) and carried out by the angry lesbian president of the college, who in addition to closing down the campus for the year (as a non Amherst College person I was not able to walk my dog through the campus for nearly two years) she tried to kill the perennially top ten men’s lax team on trumped up charges of racism.

One further thought, and perhaps this is related to what I see where I live: We in our little internet bubble, mostly thought the Corona Panic was nonsense. In my own case, I thought initially that “two weeks to flatten the curve” made some sense, not realizing that it was actually “”18 months to flatten the curve”, and further not initially getting that the reports of hospital overcrowding, etc were just BS .

BUT, many, many people believed, and still do, that all the idiocies foisted on us were completely justified. My wife’s dog walking partner, just as one example, still will not ride in a car with anyone outside her household- they take two cars every morning to the hiking trails. People (including Mrs. Ganderson) are happily lining up to get their boosters. A sixteen year old girl here in town, in great shape, an athlete, dropped dead a couple weeks ago. Drugs not suspected, and well, y’all can guess what I’m thinking, but nobody’s going to investigate, as if this is a normal occurrence. Now I don’t know what happened, either, but I’m guessing her professor parents aren’t even considering that her death could be vaccine related.

I was in Minnesota a couple weeks ago, where Tiny Tim Walz is running for re-election- his opponent’s ads barely mention Walz’ disgraceful policies re Corona; I think it’s because the lockdowns and general panic were way more popular than we’d like to believe.

It leads me to believe this could easily happen again.
Monday - October 17th 2022 5:30AM MST
PS: Meant to add, no, my competitive story would not be about this Fetterman (as I've not heard about it). The real competitive stories would involve the actual state of this failing economy and the ever-encroaching Police/Orwellian state - the increasing program to get rid of cash, the reason for those 87,000 new IRS hires, the fate of the J-6 Political Prisoners, etc.

Yeah, I see you added the same thing, near the end of that comment, that the real story regarding the Ukraine and Russia is why the US is involved.

Yeah, Adam Smith is pretty creative with that. I will enjoy the other comments too now, especially about the continued masking up and Germany's new Covid Panic resurgence per Mr. Kief.
Monday - October 17th 2022 5:21AM MST
PS: Hey, it's great to see a 8-comment conversation go on literally (haha) overnight. I will read it shortly, but since I read this from Mr. Hail first:

"Unless my memory deceives me, you had one of the few "mea's culpa" in Peak Stupidity history about two weeks ago about how the Ukraine war is a bigger deal than you had previously argued."

Yes, that's why I wrote here (partial) apology. I think the media attention that get's the attention of armchair generals back in front of the TV on "the Russian offensive here", "the great Ukraine campaign here", etc. is a distraction from other serious happenings here. The real story is that the US, starting in '14, has been interfering in two foreign country's dispute (or even CREATING this dispute), and that that our Deep State/Neocons are pouring in money and won't stay out of it, with one of the countries having lots of nuclear weapons.

That latter part is not a big distraction, but does the Lyin' Press make this into the story? I don't know. I'm asking sincerely, as I don't pay attention still.

I don't know if that's very clear. Perhaps people are watching the battles, strategies, and tactics wondering if and when the nukes will fly. I'm with Ron Paul in that it'd be best if Americans made it known, we want OUT.
Dieter Kief
Monday - October 17th 2022 1:17AM MST
Mr. Hail wrote:
"The most common type of person seen to have a mask is and remains the East Asian."

A few years back I was at the utterly charming lake Titisee in the Black Forest with a group of german regulars at a beautiful bright day in late October - and - Mr. Hail, we ran into a group of masked Japanese travellers (most of them women) at the lakeshore. We thought then that this was bizarre!

About the women/men difference I talked about in my post below, Twitterer & blogger eugyppius (not Eugyptus) is relfecting on that today in an intersting chain of tweets - for example, he retweets the word-count somebody did of POTUS justices. - This speaks volumes. But he also just talks about his everyday experiences with womenfolk in the lead of the university department he works in:

"My academic career basically spanned the transition from departments dominated by elena kagan types, to departments dominated by ketanji brown jackson types. worse than even the ethnonarcissism and the insipidity is just the constant, constant talking ...
Monday - October 17th 2022 1:14AM MST

Dieter Kief wrote: "I understand Faeser's behavior as an example for Petrson's thesis, that (for good evolutionary reasons) women are not as principled as men..."

Principled. What might it mean here. Maybe it can mean "consistent."

One of the worst of the Corona-villains in the USA, the (female) Michigan governor, Whitmer. I don't know if should be called principled or unprincipled. She was principled if the principle is loyalty to the Corona-Moloch religion.


The Michigan governor, Whitmer, has been featured many times at Peak Stupidity, so a few words on her latest activities:

Governor Whitmer was still loyal to the Panic early this year. at about the time the Anti-Panic forces were finally taking the offensive across North America. The same week that the Washington "Defeat the Mandates" rally spooked the political-talkers and agenda-setters, and the same week as the Canadian truckers began to gather crowds on their way to Ottawa to cripple the city, Whitmer announced she was sending millions of "KN95 masks" to Panic-loyal residents, paid for by tax dollars.

Whitmer joined the retreat by the Panic side that followed between February and March or April 2022. By March 2022 was no longer demanding obedience-masks and no longer mentioned lockdowns or "social distancing." Her corona-dictatorship of 2020 remains among the very worst in the USA. That someone could get away with that, it still morally offends me and disturbs me.

Apparently my anti-Whitmer feeling is not widespread, though, as all indications are that this Corona-dictatoress of Michigan wins her reelection in three weeks. Polls suggest she will win in 2022 by about the same margin as she won four years ago (in 2018, she won 53% to 44%). This despite her awful behavior in 2020 and the political-climate being much worse for any Democrat in 2022 than 2018.

(The media says the real reason Whitmer will win is that her challenger, a white-female in her forties named Dixon, is a so-called "election denier." Dixon has said many times there was something suspicious about the 4am 100%-Biden "ballot dumps" in Michigan in the days after the Trump-Biden election. She questioned Biden's miracle victory after all those mystery-votes were counted.)
Monday - October 17th 2022 12:56AM MST

RE: Ganderson, and continuing on a similar theme from a previous comment:

"Eugyptus is reporting that the various German state governments as well as the Federal health bureaucracy (oh, and let’s not forget the press) are beating the drums to keep the Covid madness going, in all its lockdowning, and masking glory."

I spend most of my time in mask-enthusiastic areas of one part of the USA. Adam Smith has said that he almost did not notice the effects of "lockdown" in part because of where he is located. That is not the case for me.

As of mid-2022, very few anymore tried to use guilt as a mask-enforcement weapon or method of social control or virtue-signal or whatever motivation they had. I still saw some mask-people, but not many.

Another important point is that it varies more by social milieu than by geography as such.

The hardcore mask- and Panic-loyalists are still among us but they no longer have the social initiative, especially after that judge ruled the Biden mandates illegal in about April 2022. (Btw, the Biden people are still dragging this through the courts, and they could yet win, allowing them to bring back mask mandates if they win.)

The most common type of person seen to have a mask is and remains the East Asian. Virtually the only type of core-working-age person you will see outdoors with a mask, looking very much like the "doofus" (or as a member of a strange religion demanding this item), is the East Asian. More often of the female type than male but not a large difference.

Yes, the Western vs Eastern (East-Asia, Orient) psychological gap is considerably wider than I think many like to think. The attitudes towards masks during this long period of the Corona-Panic and its dreary shadow cast over three years is a great example. The intricacies of the West vs East culture/psychology gap are, I notice, flatly not believed by those with only trivial experiences with such people and their cultures and ways of doing things. We always misinterpret what's going on in one way or another. And so it is that, like the guy stuck in a reincarnation-cycle or in the Groundhog Day movie, these are lessons we have keep learning and re-learning. When I have read the critiques of the Chinese in California written circa 150 years ago, often very similar criticisms come up.

The non-mask majority has learned to put up with the eccentrics or holdout covid-religionists, and it "helps" that the most common types to go for ostentatious displays of masking are already obvious foreigners (foreign East Asians being the most common, as just mentioned).

In any case, not since about March 2022 (maybe April among the bitterest of them) can I imagine anything like what Dieter Kief describes in another comment here as the Nancy Faeser controversy (declining to wear a mask on a foreign train).
Monday - October 17th 2022 12:40AM MST

RE: Bunny Playing A Guitar (possibly a creation of the Adam Smith, a man of many talents):

Good work.
Dieter Kief
Monday - October 17th 2022 12:18AM MST
Mr. Hail, you've got this right - Nancy Faeser was even further east on her train ride when that maskless episode happened than I thought.

I understand Faeser's behavior as an example for Petrson's thesis, that (for good evolutionary reasons) women are not as principled as men...

The reasons for the Covid mask-frenzy building partially up once again in Germany are manifold. I too think of - Paul Gottfried here. But also of Jordan B. Peterson. (Btw. - according to Junge Freiheit, he did touch on the Holcaust Memorial subject in his Berlin talk; but even they did not say much about this part of his reflections (it could have been close to Paul Gottfied's analysis too (he might well know Gottfried's wokism-critique) - it might also have something to do with Peterson's lobster-reflections as well).
Achgut writer Ulrike Stockmann met with Peterson over dinner while he was in Berlin - but she did not even mention in her article, that he spoke about the Holocaust Memorial... - which is strange, not least because Achgut has strong ties to Israel and quite some of it's authors are Jewish. - Most prominent among those is Achgut co-owner Henryk M. Border - who once made a satirical TV-feature in which - the Berlin Holocaust Memorial was featured too...Broder's satirical slur: The Germans will never forgive the Jews that they suffered form the Holocaust...(Which is interesting, because Broder touches here on a subject, that was ONCE (by chancellor Konrad Adenauer) treated right in a Christian, I want to say, spirit - on his visits to Israel not least. Konrad Adenauer handled that subject just right. But since then, these matters got confused/muddled up again and entered the realm of - Jewish satire, at best, and unclear Christian thinking on the rather confused side - for example by our (outspokenly Christian) actual president Walter Steinmeier, who is very much Peterson's defeated-Lobster-man, as soon as he has to reflect on the Holocaust andgets caught up in rather uninspired and self-denigrating thought- spirals. (This reminds me of the reflexive style of the single most influential German Covid-voice, soft-spoken and good-looking Berlin virologist and inventor of the covid PCR test Professor Christian Drosten when he spoke publicly about Covid (he did this biweekly in an hourlong NDR-podacst). The same indirect and overly cautious prose style as Steinmeier - - - up to the point where it became openly self-contradictive / nonsensical in Drostens case. And, interesting: Christian Drosten was very sucessful with his (at least half feminine/ postmodern (=not principled)) way of reflecting on things publicly.

Btw. - Achgut does usually not censor my comments. - The exceptions are Covid - and the Israel/Ukraine complex. In both cases I got censored here and there on Achgut (not by the NZZ - and not by Don Alphonso (= Rainer Mayer) on his private rebell markt page - even though Rainer Mayer was an outspoken first rate Covid-panicker well into 2021. But: Mayer is a - principled - old style leftist/conservative...).

Private Joker
Sunday - October 16th 2022 10:05PM MST
PS I made a joker meme about nuclear Armageddon and now I feel bad.
The world won't let Brandon/Kneepads burn it all down and it's a good thing that they can't see all the war mongering.
Oh wait.
General Armageddon is in charge now so look for some leveling and scorched earth.
Thank Nuland for this cluster mess for she and other neocon artists own it.
Shelling civilians in Donbas at the café or out on the sidewalk for 8 years is nothing to these freaks.
Sunday - October 16th 2022 8:52PM MST

"Peak Stupidity has not discussed the Ukraine/Russia war much...I still think the news barrage has been done as a distraction to Americans."

Unless my memory deceives me, you had one of the few "mea's culpa" in Peak Stupidity history about two weeks ago about how the Ukraine war is a bigger deal than you had previously argued.

I try to stay abreast of what the agenda-setters, narrative-police, and gatekeepers are up to, and the much bigger distractions are most of what is passed off as US domestic politics:

Fetterman or Oz? Is Fetterman mentally broken? Is Oz a sleazy opportunist?

The two affirmative-action Senate candidates in Georgia, both Subsaharan; how many abortions for how many girlfriends between them?

The latest Biden or Harris gaffes, which one is stupider or more embarrassing?

And, in a close analysis of Tucker Carlson's tightly scripted performances, I have to say that even most of Tucker may qualify as distraction. At least as gatekeeping. Among the reasons I say this is Tucker always misdirects the blame at the Democrats and never advocates for White-Christians directly by name (always retreating to universalism) and basically does not question things like Black Moral Superiority Doctrine (he has a disproportionate number of questionable Black talking-head guests such as the fast-talking con-artist known as "Candace Owens"), among other reasons.

The US fighting a major proxy war against one of the traditional leading world-powers qualifies to me as a legitimate story of interest -- to the extent we have any interest in foreign affairs at all and to the extent that the competition are stories about someone named Fetterman and his health condition.

The "distraction" part of the Ukraine War topic may be more that so few are asking the questions like "Why are we fighting a proxy war against Russia over Ukraine?" Ukraine is being treated as a treaty-ally and this is being ignored. As has been said, Ukraine IS a defacto NATO member now, a condition which if it remains (defacto) means Russia cannot make peace with honor, because neutralizing the hostile Kyiv regime was its entire war-aim. Ukraine is in NATO defacto but not officially or legally. Our treating them like a treaty-ally constitutes secret diplomacy of the kind previous generations scoffed at as un-American, immoral, maybe decadent, and often dangerous.
A Bunny Playing A Guitar
Sunday - October 16th 2022 8:42PM MST
PS: ☮

/ >🎸

Sunday - October 16th 2022 8:17PM MST

Dieter Kief wrote: "The German minister of the interior, Nancy Faeser, was caught on a train in Tschechoslovakia without a mask"

I tried to look this up. The best I come up with is some people criticizing this woman for meetings on a train with Ukrainian counterparts in late July 2022, in which she wore no mask and was dismissed critics because she said they met off German soil so it's fine, stop your complaining.

I find another case this week with this character Steinemeier, former foreign minister and now elder-statesman. If it was so easy to find a story like that from this very week, I assume these low-level Corona-Panic stories are still much more a feature of things in parts of Europe than in the USA, which makes my shake my head in (vicarious) shame.

As Paul Gottfried has said, Europe since at least 1945 has found itself embracing the bad ideas of the USA and implementing them, or morally embracing them more fully. Europe as a moral superpower because of support for refugees, climate change, and hysterias over flu viruses.

I still am attracted to the idea that the Corona-Panic can be understood as a USA-->Europe import, which Europe perfected more fully (with some exceptions). The Panic was a collective action all along. But I make my argument this way: if the USA had been a continental Sweden all along, and an evangelistic one at that, I don't think Europe would have embraced the Panic, or if it did that it wouldn't have lasted long. Certainly there would have been few or no social symptoms of the Panic in 2021 and definitely not in 2022. But here we are looking at end-of-year 2022 and Germany still has these strong Panic-echoes still tormenting the people and distorting things.

As for the USA, I haven't seen any such stories involving a mask controversy since last winter. All of spring, summer, and now a portion of autumn of 2022 have passed with a total absence of these stories in the USA.
Dieter Kief
Sunday - October 16th 2022 8:16AM MST
Mr. Ganderson - at a business-lunch with a group of - mostly women - colleagues in springtime, I said that if the mask-mandates would return in autumn, I'd arm mysself and go underground. - A little bit of silence there then. The one colleague who was there - he is the proud owner and rider of a Hearley Davidson - looked at me in awe. He repeatedley came back to this moment in the last months. I impressed a bearded Harley-man and chain-smoker of hand-rolled cigarettes...
Well - twitterer and blogger eugyppius is somewhat right. The madness is about to return - in parts. I'm still not sure how that will all play out. For the moment, our unsurpassably disoriented minister of health, Prof. - and medical Dr. - Karl Lauterbach rings the alarm day in day out, with at times utterly creepy methods.
1 example: To the last national press conference, he brought along the completely derange radiacl feminist-leftist writer and journalist Margarete Stokowski. A - somehow half lesbian, who proudly owns and operates a chainsaw (a tough(and fairly good looking) women in her thrities - immigrant from Poland. All fine. And she says she has been vaccinated four times and that she'd suffer very much from - - - long covid... Thing is: You get 80% of you regular wage, if you suffer from long Covid... so: No bad deal for madame Stokowski this nice long Covid arrangement, sinc eshe does not work since quite some time now.
The other problem with Mr. Lauterbachs permanent alarm is: The hospitals are empty! - No severe Covid-cases any more, now that Omicron has been around for almost a year. I think, that that will - over time - do the trick to somehow calm Mr. Lauterbach down.
The other thing is: The SPD, Dr. Lauterbachs party, gets more and more of their always declining votes from the elderly. And the elderly are indeed firm believers in the Covid saga. So - - -it is quite hard for the SPD, to give that huge - and almost: last - advantage up.
But people travel all the time. Europe is not big, really... - and everywhere are neighbors without masks 'n' stuff, so - this business model of the SPD is not too strong, I'd say.

The German minister of the interior, Nancy Faeser, was caught on a train in Tschechoslovakia without a mask and answered when asked about that: The Tschechs don't wear them. - She did not want to look unsopporttive of the Tschech customs, so to speak; she said that in all her naivité, I have to say, even if it sounds a bit unbelieveable...
Sunday - October 16th 2022 7:13AM MST
PS: Thanks for the great anecdote from your time in the end of old Soviet Russia, Mr. Ganderson! I wish I'd had at least gone to Berlin and the wall and a bit of the other side when I was traveling around in Europe just before that all went down. By 2000, Checkpoint Charlie was a museum, and I really didn't see much of how it was.

During that latter trip, I walked about 20 miles around Berlin in the one day, on the way to find Templehof airport. It was still there then, but I know it's gone now. I had a thing about seeing it due to my interest and knowledge of the Berlin Airlift.

I hope you will let us know a little bit about your trip to the Middle Kingdom. Right now, I don't know if the quarantining business is still going on (I think so), which completely ruins a trip shorter than months-long.

Yeah, the ctrl-left that loved them some Russians in the day became the Neocons who HATE them with a passion. One thing I compare to the past is that even Conservatives - most of them - understood that it wasn't the poor Russian bastards that had to live as you guy described (haha, "you'd drink too much too!") that were evil, just their government and the people in it. I hope they understand he same about Americans under the Potomac Regime.

OTOH, we still have much more ability to resist the Potomac Regime than the Russians did their regime in the time of the Solzhenitsyn books. (Almost spelled it right in one shot!)
Sunday - October 16th 2022 6:59AM MST
I’m certainly not the first to observe this, but why is it that so many people, especially here in Moonbatville, who loved them some Russians during the Cold War now think they are the embodiment of evil?
Sunday - October 16th 2022 6:52AM MST
I’m sitting euphorically and guiltily in my kitchen this Sunday am- the euphoria from UMASS hockey’s 2-game weekend sweep of the #1 Denver University Pioneers, in a matchup of the last two National Champs; the guilt from sleeping late and missing eight o’clock Mass. Will Ganderson make it to the 10:30 service? Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, on topic- I think Mr. Blanc and I are the old farts on this forum- he even more so than me. I remember the Cold War days well- although I’m a bit too young for the “duck and cover” drills, I remember the rest, although to be fair anyone fixated on nuclear war was probably mental- one saw the occasional Twilight Zone, or, later, movies like The Day After, but otherwise people went about their business. I do recall that during October of 1962, even though I was only eight years old, that our church was open (actually most churches were open all the time in those days) and manned for confessions 24/7. And I remember that my mom and dad were frightened.

I have actually been to the old Soviet Union- we took a group of NYC prep school kids to Moscow between Christmas and New Years, 1989-1990. It was after the fall of the Berlin Wall, but before the end of the USSR.

NOT A “fun” trip, but really interesting. We were among the first westerners to be allowed to stay in peoples’ homes- I stayed with a guy out in the Warshawska district- * if y’all remember that old commie Malvina Reynolds’ song “Little Boxes”; well, these were giant boxes- crumbling Stalin era apartment blocks, mile after mile after mile. ** Ugly in a way that an American post-WW II suburb can’t even begin to approach. And Orwell was right- the buildings really did smell like boiled cabbage.

One thing that was clear to me was that everyone was pissed, having recently realized that they’d been lied to about the nature of life in the west- they’d assumed that everyone except the capitalists lived in the equivalent of the South Bronx. When we in turn hosted the Russkies the following spring, they were amazed that an ordinary school teacher lived in a house!

Having said all that, the Russians we met were very patriotic- way more so than the New York liberals I knew. As an aside, one of the things that the western press is suppressing, or just flatly lying about, is the fact that Putin is popular. My understanding is that things are WAY better there now. I probably won’t get the chance to find out. If I visit a commie or ex-commie country it’ll be China, to visit the son and daughter-in-law.

Finally, Eugyptus is reporting that the various German state governments as well as the Federal health bureaucracy (oh, and let’s not forget the press) are beating the drums to keep the Covid madness going, in all its lockdowning, and masking glory. Are you seeing that, too, Dieter?

* Ilya, the guy I stayed with said to me “You Americans think we Russians drink and smoke too much. If you lived here, you’d drink and smoke too much too.”

** As PJ O’Rourke put it, “Commies love concrete; they just can’t figure out how to make it…” His other quote that I like is, and quoting from memory, “ The Soviet Empire fell because no one wanted to wear Bulgarian shoes”

I wonder if our globohomo regime will fall because people will no longer wish to pretend that trannies are normal.
Sunday - October 16th 2022 5:45AM MST
PS: Good afternoon (over there), Dieter! I can't say I agree with all the tweet-talk I read from Kim DotCom, but that seems to be part of the business model, the huge amount of profiting on arms. I think there are those who simply HATE HATE HATE "the Russians", some seriously out-of-date Conservatives who think this is still 1982 and then the Neocons (not Conservatives at all) who see the White Russians of a century ago as the bad guys.

Yeah, but there's money to be made, till this house of cards falls...
Dieter Kief
Sunday - October 16th 2022 1:01AM MST
Sow fear (wordlwide) and cash in for protection.
The basic business model. In the case of Covid, and in
the case of Urkaine too.

It works, undoubtedly.
(Hollywood goes - by and large - along with this model.)

Dave Pinsen retweeted this one a few days ago:

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