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Posted On: Friday - October 14th 2022 5:52PM MST
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Unconfirmed recent photo of yard sign seen on the lawn of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's house:

This is the 2nd of 2 slightly amusing posts taken from VDare, obviously one of my go-to sites. The very prolific A. W. Morgan, who usually writes more serious and detailed post on the immigration invasion topic, tells us AOC Joins Martha’s Vineyard Migrants-Get-Out Movement To Keep Them Off Her Beach, But More Cagily. Yes, when you're a CongressBroad, you have to be diplomatic about it:

Some of the "migrants" - just migrants, you know, like migratory birds, but that never seem to return from Capistrano - have been placed by the Governor of Texas, I presume in NY City. Some of them ended up by some sort of mishap in AOC's congressional district. (No, that'd never happen to regular fly-over country Americans. They have to deal with these people in much greater numbers, and it's not out of mishap.) Not only are they in her district, but these people have migrated to the one public beach there in the Bronx called Orchard Beach*, called “The Riviera of New York” 80 years ago. (It was a different time, you understand... with different people, damn right you understand...)

First thing, you stop digging, as in you fix your sign with spray paint and stencils. Next, you be careful about it, but let them know in a friendly manner:
What a lot of Republican politicians fail to understand is that not everyone shares their zero-sum, scarcity mindset.

Many of us understand that immigrants and refugees are a blessing. They have so much to offer our country, & much of our growth as a nation is because of them.
Ocasio-Cortez said she also “very much” sides with “the sentiment” of Bronx Borough President Vanessa Gibson, who raised a number of concerns about the Orchard Beach site earlier this week, including poor transit access and susceptibility to flooding.
Yes, flooding. Women and migrants soaked hardest. Nah, instead, per A.W. Morgan, AOC recommends the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood in Manhattan as a better spot for these perfectly legal humans. It's higher ground.

Miss Occasional Cortex appreciates the blessings of "[illegal] immigrants and refugees". There's nothing illegal about them, and they don't have to stay home... but they can't stay here.

Here's music to go with the post again:

I was about to write that I didn't know anything else by the band that played this. However, once I saw that this was the 1990s band Semisonic, I had to link the reader to another song of theirs I like even better, All about Chemistry. The latter has got a more clever video, IMO.

* I really don't see how a beach there on the western corner of the Long Island Sound can be that nice. It sure ain't St. Pete Beach.

Monday - October 17th 2022 8:09PM MST
PS: I appreciate your takes on the accents, Alarmist, and Al.
Al Corrupt
Monday - October 17th 2022 3:48PM MST


As a mid Islander who later had occasion to pass through the east end of the island (north shore) on a frequent basis, there was a substantial difference between the city, mid island and east end. There were still potato and duck farms back then, and it was definitely rural.
The Alarmist
Sunday - October 16th 2022 12:25PM MST

I don’t know where one might draw the dividing line ... probably around Patchogue... where you start to run into more of the original Anglo descent farmers whose accents weren’t colored by those of the new arrivals from southern and eastern Europe who first infested the City and then, as they started to differentiate by income, spread out to colonize Long Island. The Hamptons are their own little bubble, with a lot of townies being pressed out by new money, while the North Fork is still somewhat rural. I had a place in Connecticut from where I could see the North Fork, and, more interestingly, Plum Island. Google it.
Saturday - October 15th 2022 7:51PM MST
PS: Thanks for the online book link, as usual, Adam! It's great to see the Big Apple get a bite of that illegal alien action they think is great for the rest of us. How many yard signs will come down where they have yards?

FF, the National Security Strategy, huh? I bet it doesn't say much about the Rio Grande.
Fweedom Fwies
Saturday - October 15th 2022 5:07PM MST
PS The USPF will be made up of the replacements and the merry Marxist handlers of Brandon/Kneepads just released the national security strategy 2022 featuring ol' whitey as the domestic extremist.
Potemkin Kabuki central casting AOC?
Only in terminal Peak Stupidity Clown World.
WWIII will also be purging the deplorables time so be ready.
Adam Smith
Saturday - October 15th 2022 12:45PM MST
PS: Good afternoon, everyone,

We Have Been Harmonized

Orchard Beach - The Crown Jewel of the Bronx

'appy weekend! ☮
Saturday - October 15th 2022 7:44AM MST
PS: Yeah, I saw your comment under the "All about Chemistry" post too. I thought it was a youtube glitch, but probably it was to get clicks. If pretty girls are explicit, whaddya, whaddya?

Before I check out your link, I"ll mention that in the book "We Have Been Harmonized" (got a 4 part review here - look under "Books"), written in the early part of the Kung Flu PanicFest, the author said that the Chinese AI/camera set-ups could recognize people even with face masks on. I wonder about that.

How does Long Island happen to have that very distinct accent that is different from the NYC accents, I wonder, Alarmist? Is it different way out in the Hamptons? That's probably a bad comparison, because those are either the rich elite grifters or Brazilians or hopefully Venezuelan criminals next!
The Alarmist
Saturday - October 15th 2022 5:09AM MST

If you believe in everything, you'll fall for anything, and you stand for nothing.

LI was boring when it was just wops and jews ;) ... a little more vibrance can't hurt ... or can it?

I used to tease my colleagues from the Island by reminding them that geographically speaking, Brooklyn and Queens are part of Long Island,
Dieter Kief
Saturday - October 15th 2022 12:40AM MST

Here is soemthing about a US / China cooperation in order to use face masks as a detector of deviant behavior - isn't that quite soemthing about the Chemistry between these two nations?
Dieter Kief
Saturday - October 15th 2022 12:20AM MST


Mod., you wrote: "Ignore "Explicit Version" - maybe that was to get clicks, but there's nothing explicit to it."

So - thx. - I this explicit too: Two nice wake up songs by Semisonic! - And two interesting videos too.
I wonder what happened to the white mouse in the second one. Great actor! Maybe she made it to Hollywood - As Time Went By!?

'appy weekend everybody!
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