Can I have my money back, please, Sir?

Posted On: Thursday - October 13th 2022 8:01PM MST
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Look, I don't even try to keep up anymore. I do know who Ozzie Osborne is and we need to feature my favorite song of his, Crazy Train, in these pages soon. (Haha, that sounds hifalutin - we're talking Ozzie Osborne here). That was long ago, when I did keep up. I knew the dude had a "reality" TV show and may have seen 2 short clips of it.

Well, Ozzie's wife is woman named Sharon, who apparently also appeared on that show, I guess obviously. Since then she's been on other TV shows. She's outspoken like a lot of entertainers. I'm not sure how she has accumulated that much, but Mrs. Osborne is said to have assets of $220 million. Therefore, she can put her money where her mouth is. Sometime since the worthless black reprobate George Floyd ODed on Fentanyl, Mrs. Osborne donated $900,000 to BLM.

That's her business - none of it's my money, at least. However, that amount was not enough to give Sharon Osborne unqualified immunity to charge of racism. She just got fired from her co-hosting position on a TV show called The Talk for racism. She said something defending someone who had commented on Meghan Markle, another famous person whom I couldn't give rat's ass about.

The VDare website - consisting of THE experts on the immigration invasion - is so many levels above the stupidity of the entertainment world that they normally wouldn't write about Ozzie Osborne and his rich wife. However, because of the racial angle, a recent VDare post by James Fulford related this story.

After getting fired from The Talk for WrongGossip, Sharon Osborne tried to make it clear to everybody that, no, she's not a racist! What's she gotta go and do only weeks later? She agreed with Kayne West, yet one more famous person that I make any effort to know the point of, as much as he sounds OK, that White lives matter. That is apparently a big no-no.

The funny part here is that, after getting in even more trouble for being that dreaded R-word, Mrs. Osborne has decided she wants her money back from the BLM movement. Yeah, hahahaa, the check's in the mail. She really can't be a racist if she doesn't understand that black people are terrible with money. That's just people - an organization run by black people for the purpose of grifting off of White fear of getting called that horrible word, well, those billions of dollars have been handled far worse than the average black family's budget. They probably don't have those 900 big ones to give back, even if they wanted to... which they surely don't.

James Fulford ended his post with:
There’s a limit to how much CBS executives can cancel Sharon Osbourne, net worth estimated at $220 million, and if she wants her money back, it’s not because she needs it, but because she’s started to Notice that Black Lives Matter is in fact a scam. Let’s hope a few more people Notice this.
We've all noticed that. You just don't say it out loud though.

Good luck with all that, Sharon Osborne. Peak Stupidity could feature her husband's Crazy Train here, but we'll go with something very far apart from that one in sound, but it's another nice one from half-century ago Gerry Rafferty. This is the title song of an album with 12 other great songs on it.

Gerry Rafferty made this album between the time he left The Humblebums and then became a part of the duet Stealers Wheel with a guy named Joe Egan.

The Alarmist
Saturday - October 15th 2022 5:03AM MST

My bad,folks. I thought Sinatra did the theme for The Osbornes, but it was someone else who sounded like him.

That Pat Boone version is a hoot! Thanks Mr Smith.
Friday - October 14th 2022 5:08PM MST
PS: Sorry for the late replies, folks. I had a very busy day.

Alarmist, that's it! Write it off. I wonder if it had been something Mrs. Osborne's tax accountant had advised her to do anyway, whatever give the most VSFTB. Oh, that's Virtual Signaling For The Buc.

I'm listening to Pat Boone's Crazy Train as I write, Mr. Smith. I really wish youtube allowed comments on this one. They'd be a hoot! I liked Mike Dawes, but even more the 2 girls on the harp. Thanks.

I did read about Kanye West's cancellation. They are so very blatant nowadays - "You WILL NOT say that!"

WCG, thanks for the info. I did read a background on Sharon Osborne on Wiki. It's pretty interesting:

"Osbourne's father managed Black Sabbath and fired Ozzy Osbourne from the group. Levy subsequently began dating Ozzy, in 1979, and took over his management from the Arden organisation.[3] Levy coordinated the recruitment of a backing band (Randy Rhoads, Bob Daisley, and Lee Kerslake) for the recording of the Blizzard of Ozz album and helped Ozzy launch what became a successful solo career.[3] Arden resented his daughter for dating Ozzy and managing his career.[13] In her memoir, Osbourne relates that he had robbed her, once tried to kill her, and once told Ozzy that she had tried to seduce him, to turn Ozzy against her.[9] She soon lost contact with her father and did not speak to him for 20 years.[14]"
White Charvel Guitar
Friday - October 14th 2022 2:10PM MST
PS Ozzy/Metallica was my first show and still the best.
Ozzster did the frog hop handclapping c'mon everybody and the City X I love you that we all enjoy.
Sharon convinced Jake E. Lee to give up songwriting credits on Bark At the Moon.
Refund? There is no service desk at any of the BLM mansions and somewhere Jake smiles.
Fun Trivia-Randy Rhoads came from Quiet Riot and bassist Rudy Sarzo as well.
Adam Smith
Friday - October 14th 2022 12:44PM MST
PS: Greetings, Mr. Alarmist, Mr. Moderator, and Friends...

Sharon Osborne is an obnoxious jewess...

Didn't know she lost $900k to the BLM grifters.
I wonder if she'd ever donate to a White charity?

"How about digging up the version of Crazy Train by Old Blue Eyes?"

I can't find Old Blue Eyes singing Crazy Train. Perhaps this?

In other, similar news...

"Jews believe that questioning them at all is on par with gassing them all to death in a fake shower room using insect repellent and then turning their bodies into furniture and cleaning products."

Off topic, but as long as we are doing a little music...

Cheers! ☮
The Alarmist
Friday - October 14th 2022 4:51AM MST

No, but she can perhaps write it off as a theft-loss if BLM loses (or didn’t have) 501(c)(3) status.

How about digging up the version of Crazy Train by Old Blue Eyes?
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