Happy Indigenous People's Day!

Posted On: Wednesday - October 12th 2022 1:14PM MST
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Peak Stupidity noted the date each year. Here are posts from '17, '18, '19, '20,and '21. ('18 and '21 were belated, and it's a shame there's not much to remind me - that'd never happen for Rev MLK, Jr,, MD-PhD, DDS, if I cared...)

530 years ago, in 1492, Columbus and crew sailed the ocean blue .. in 3 small boats, the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria... to a new world. I could tell you a little more I remember from quite a long time ago too, when they taught me all this, but now we've got the internet. What are they teaching the kids now?

The President-pre-select has proclaimed this Indigenous People's Day, and I, for one, am thankful for the shout-out. He is talking about White Europeans, isn't he? I mean, White American have just gotta be indigenous by now. How long did each Indian tribe that captured some land have to be there? As Peak Stupidity asked in a post on the subject - The Four Corners - Utah - "What does a people have to do to be indigenous around here anyway?"

I think a lot of us are covered by this newly proclaimed holiday. Wait... what? You mean it's about the Indians? Yeah, but most of them aren't living in the lands they used to, but on small casino-operating reservations (occasionally on big pieces of land in the desert or plains). They're no longer indigenous, but the basic definition. Yeah, it IS a sad story,, and yeah, they got screwed by a conquering tribe. Whaddya gonna do?

The Indians were outgunned almost from the get-go by the White man. Many of them fought, dirty and hard, but in the long run to no avail. In the meantime, the White man is now giving it all away. Part of it is the cultural heritage, Christopher Columbus' statues and celebration being part of what's being given away ... first. They won't stop there in taking it.

Well, just to make sure the reader doesn't think Peak Stupidity is really on the same page as Zhou Bai Dien and the Establishment,


There's been a 3 day lull here in posting, something that commenter E.H. Hail noticed is not normal. I'll get to some serious posts, but I'll probably limit it to 1 per day. I enjoy commenting on The Unz Review, as one may notice, but that doesn't take sitting down for a while and getting to a post. More importantly, the keeping up with the political stupidity has been stressing me out to some degree.

Peak Stupidity Book Club
Monday - October 17th 2022 11:36PM MST
PS: Thanks, Sam!

Scalp Dance: Indian Warfare on the High Plains, 1865-1879...

Empire of the Summer Moon...

Sam J.
Saturday - October 15th 2022 4:50PM MST

I read all your Empire of the Summer Moon - Book Reviews which were good.

I read a book about much the same stuff called "Scalp Dance: Indian Warfare on the High Plains, 1865-1879" which was an ok book. It’s based on real events so it has a lot of horrible unfiltered events in it.

A blurb which I found amusing,

"...Readers who don't mind graphic accounts of mutilation, rape, torture and pillage will relish Goodrich's you-are-there approach to a bloody period in American history."

Thursday - October 13th 2022 5:18AM MST

When the Italians first began proposing a Columbus Day holiday in the 1880s or 1890s, Northern-European-descended Americans responded that Columbus is fine and good but he'd never displace Leif Erickson in the annals of America Discovery.

A few other scientific-minded persons of the time began looking into evidence that groups of voyagers from points far east of North America, with various possible motivations, had also discovered America in the pre-Columbus period.

In this spirit came Leif Erickson descendant Thor Heyerdahl in the 1940s, who proved that South Seas Islanders could have made cross-Pacific voyages safely. Even those islanders of average skill could have done it, equivalent to his own self-taught skill with their vessels and the boldness of setting out to sea without GPS or rescue-helicopters a-waiting.

Then there is the alleged Michigan evidence of the Phoenician copper miners and traders many thousands of years ago.
Thursday - October 13th 2022 3:39AM MST
PS: It's a clown clown clown clown world, Mr. Honkler.

Mr. Smith, I remembered that conversation once I clicked back to 2 years ago. That made a tidy profit on that painting is something I remember too. Yep, time does fly!

Sam, agreed about the diseases, and I don't know how anyone could think it was purposeful (as they somehow imply), as the germ theory of disease was not around yet. It also went both ways, as I recall.

The savageness of many of the Indian tribes is something you don't read or hear much about - the book "Empire of the Summer Moon" describes it. I reviewed this book in 3 parts - see the Books topic key if you're interested.

I also know about the Indian massacre of a village of 400 White people near Mankato, Minnesota around the time of the War Between the States.

What I mean about their getting screwed is that the US Gov't was not to be trusted, even for the peaceful (relatively, as much as could be I guess) Indians who were told they could keep this or that big piece of land. OTOH, most did not understand, or at least not live under, the concept of property rights.
Sam J.
Thursday - October 13th 2022 12:56AM MST

The Indians were wiped out by disease. If they had not been killed off by 90% or higher in some cases they would have thrown us back in the ocean.

The attacks on Indians a lot of times came from their genocidal attacks on Whites. They would kill all the babies and Men and enslave the Women. Very brutal stuff which was paid back in the same manner. Indians attacked in roving bands in the west until the government got sick of it, shot all the Buffalo, chased them around with masses of pack mules and wagons of supplies and constantly attacked them until they had nothing left.

Europeans were not nice people by todays standards but the Indians were some Savage murderous people who got great joy out of torture. It was entertainment for them.

The Spanish explorer, Francisco de Orellana, was the first European to navigate the whole of the Amazon river. He saw many villages with hundreds of thousands of people. No one went back for hundreds of years and when they did, there was no one but a few wandering slash and burn Stone Age people. They thought Francisco de Orellana lied about the villages but now with laser measuring of the tree tops in the Amazon basin we find that he was right and there were huge numbers of people. All those people died from disease.
Adam Smith
Wednesday - October 12th 2022 7:47PM MST
PS: Good evening, everyone,

Happy Columbus Day!

I found a photo of that Columbus painting that I mentioned in a comment under PeakStupidity's 2020 Columbus day post...


March 28, 2009? Damn how time flies...

Alfred E. Honkler
Wednesday - October 12th 2022 4:56PM MST
PS No Ivan ever called me a toothless hill scoggin Joe Neckbone creepy ass cracka.
The Biblical judgment in disguise that is Uncle Jo Jo will leave an Ozymandias wasteland crater for all races of the glorious people's unity collective.
The North American landmass was a rainbow fountains chocolate morsel falls utopia until the Europeans came along. (Honk, Honk!)
The New England Puritans are back to usher in the New Man utopia that will bring hell on earth.
Honk it proud and loud!
Wednesday - October 12th 2022 4:09PM MST
PS: I could claim that was exquisite, timing, Dieter, but it wasn't. I didn't know the album that "Dixie Chicken" was on until Mr. Ganderson commented on it. || action, 4-D chess,.. .ahhh, I can barely beat a (my) 11 y/o at regular chess!

Alarmist, the Indians did very well with the naming all around this country, but especially in the east. The Indians named themselves and the rivers that they hung on together, then thousands of cities and States were named after said rivers, so, presto, Indian names everywhere. It's kind of cool to notice the different language sounds in different regions.

S. Alabama, Florida, Georgia ... something something something hatchie, cola, or oosa. Tallapoosa, Tuscaloosa, Steinhatchie, Pensacola, Apalachacola... etc. In S. Carolina, Wateree, Elloree, Congaree, Santee, Cooper (oops), western Washington St., Snoqualmie, Snohomish, Skycomish, Stillaquamish, Duckabush (wait, what??) etc.
The Alarmist
Wednesday - October 12th 2022 2:19PM MST

Any plans to rename the capital of Ohio to Shawneetown or Kickapoo City or something more reflective of the indigines who got the bums’ rush to America’s Siberia?
Dieter Kief
Wednesday - October 12th 2022 1:57PM MST

Mod. that's quite something here - a perfect - watch out,this is an important distinction that will be following now: A perfect PARAllEL ACTION.
Eminent Austrian novelist Robert Musil (who could help out starving nations like the US with - - - - genuine modern root-finding assistance.... - but as I assume: Nobody in the US bothered much to make his (as I said: eminent !!!) work known - - - so - - - it all depends on me here, heheh.....
What I wanted to talk about: Robert Musil debated in breadth and deapth the concept that I see at work here: That of the Parallel Action, Mod.!!!!

(You just gave a perfect example for that with your Little Feat post about the Waiting For Columbus LP - followed by your post about the man himself - - - - THis Is Significantly Neat, Mod. - isn't it? - - - - A true Parallel Action in the spirit of Austian Giant - - - - tatatataaaa!!! - - Robert Musil!

Habe die Ehre, Mod.!
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