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Posted On: Thursday - October 6th 2022 6:18AM MST
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From earlier, see Part 1 - Personalities - - Part 2 - Immunity to Kung Flu Panic - - Immigration Invasion - - and Part 4 - Tag Team?.

I'd meant to include something about a pretty good TakiMag David Cole* article in one of those previous posts, as it also has a comparison between Trump and DeSantis.

The first half of ¡MAGArriba Arriba! is on almost completely different subject, I'll warn you. It's about Hispanics v black people, and it has a big criticism of Tucker Carlson on statements about Hispanics. I should go watch the video, but the direct statements Mr. Cole pointed out make me agree with Mr. Cole on this.

This all involves the immigration invasion problem, so I suppose that's the reason for the not-too-related portion of the article. When he gets to the point about Trump v DeSantis, we can see readily whose side Mr. Cole is on. I'll paste in pretty much the whole point:
Trump and his diehards are preparing for their most important fight, and it isn’t with Biden or Harris or Newsom or any Democrat. They don’t see a threat there. The threat on their radar is DeSantis. Remember, as I’ve pointed out in column after column, MAGAs like Bannon have redefined the fight; it’s no longer “for America” but “for Trump.” And they see DeSantis and his growing popularity as the biggest threat to Trump. From their perspective, DeSantis is the only threat to Trump nabbing a “third” win in November 2024. And unlike Trump, as DeSantis is an actual officeholder, he can actively accomplish things politically to boost his popularity between now and then. All the Trumpists can do is brood.

And scheme.

To them, when the clash comes, it’s going to be vital to hit DeSantis among Hispanics. As the popular governor of the state with the nation’s third-largest Hispanic population, the Trumpists need to not only steal Hispanics from DeSantis but attract (or claim to have attracted) non-Floridian Hispanics like Mexicans, so that when the battle comes, they can assert that Trump is the only GOP candidate who can win the brown.

“Poor dull DeSantis, poor little Ron. He thinks America’s great, great Hispanics are in his corner. But they’re not. Nobody has Hispanic support like I do. Hispanics back me in numbers like you’ve never seen. Amazing numbers, incredible numbers. Boring little Ronny can’t even come close. The Hispanics love me.”

Forget the wall, forget deportations; do what you need to do to “earn Hispanic votes by your actions.” The new agenda isn’t America First but Trump First. As Bannon said at CPAC, the goal is “the return of Donald J. Trump to the White House,” not the defeat of the Democrats or the defeat of the antiwhite pro-tranny pro-crime plague that has blue-collar whites literally begging for someone to vote for who can end the madness.

And day after day, DeSantis shows those voters that he’s the guy.
Along with a good handle on Trump's style in his imaginary quote, this guy sounds like he's got a lot of insider information about these people. Peak Stupidity doesn't. I think David Cole's take on Trump v DeSantis is pretty accurate, unfortunately.

* I haven't followed this pundit's writing too closely, but what I've read has been mostly good (as in, I've fully agreed).

Thursday - October 13th 2022 4:21AM MST
PS: Thanks for the comment, Malaise Index. I don't want my State to join Russia or China or anyone but hopefully some other States that have detached themselves from the Potomac Regime.. somehow. It won't be easy to break up along county lines this time, much less States, though.
Malaise Index
Tuesday - October 11th 2022 4:07PM MST
PS Just saw a clowny headline of a Russian official saying that US states who wish to join with them are welcome?
All sides will be co-opted and there is no opposition party or candidate in the auction and divvying up of the corpse of America.
The DS apparatchik quislings will make sure there is no America ever again.
Thursday - October 6th 2022 6:33PM MST
PS: Thanks for the great treatise on machine politics, Anonymous. I had never thought of the mass immigration/ethnic angle before. I'll see if I can't find time to read that short book.

I really like your parody saying too.
Thursday - October 6th 2022 6:31PM MST
PS: Biden is a great example, Alarmist, reminding me of one of those old Soviets, Andropov, etc, but those guys had better handlers. I'm sure the current administration wishes they could have the kind of control to scare the bejesus out of anyone making Dementia Joe remarks and "Flatten the Perv" signs. That's kinda what they're shooting for I guess ..

OTOH, there's Donald Trump. No matter what else I think of him, he's got way more energy than people 25 years younger. It's too bad he dissipates it all via tweets and bullshitting.

I knew David Cole had changed his name once, Mr. Hail, for reasons to do with his Hollywood detractors or something, but I didn't know all that. He is a bit strange. That doesn't give me any reason to disbelieve the article in question, but maybe he doesn't know those insiders as well as he implies.

I'd hate to see that Nimrod as a candidate, Mr. Blanc. I'd had enough of her hearing about her traitorous behavior about the Rebel Flag in S. Carolina - why on earth did Trump appoint her for ANYTHING? I hate to bring up Human Resources, but did Trump need an HR Dept? (Maybe run by Steven Miller - that'd have worked!) I would hope DeSantis would beat her hands-down, though. Who knows? New Jersey would get the Hindu vote? Was there even a Hindu vote at all in 1992? Maybe just that one guy, Apu, and his pot-bellied wife...
Thursday - October 6th 2022 5:39PM MST

"Why does the USA cling to a gerontocracy that is full a decade older than the one that destroyed the USSR? Seriously, what is wrong with Americans?"

Serious answer: To understand what has gone wrong in the US, you have to read one very short and entertaining book:

The US is run by professional politicians who regard their job as a source of income, no more. The professional politicians depend on a political organization, Tammany Hall in Plunkitt's case. The organization also considers itself as a source of income for its members, no more than that, and has as is purpose assembling a minimum cost coalition of paid or rewarded in kind voters that constitute perhaps 40% of the electorate. This coalition can be assembled by any means from offering vengeance to offering moral superiority to simply offering cash as welfare, civil rights jobs, or straightforward patronage jobs.
The professionals can win against any non-professional politicians. See chapter "Reformers is Mayflies".
The political organizations, ordinarily called "machines", were an epiphenomenon of Gilded Age immigration and factory based mass production. Plunkitt points out, and I agree, that Gilded Age immigrants ordinarily had no experience in self government, and would have been a threat to US stability had the urban political machines (and the mass labor unions) not integrated them into the American government.

However, the New Deal displaced previous philosophies of government, and WW II gave the New Deal's descendants control of the industrialized world. To rephrase, by 1946 the Free World was run by US professional politicians who did not believe in "the popular will" or "the Voice of the People" or much of anything except money.

To quote one parody:
"You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the pople some of the time, and that's enough for a permanent working majority."

The professional politicians believe in money, but were composed of ethnic ethnic groups. While the original New Deal was prejudiced only against Anglo-Saxons, the various ethnic groups (and the Solid South) fought for dominance within the New Deal (now the "Democratic Party) after WW II. By 1970, the Jewish ethnicity had become dominant, hence the "Jewish triumphalist" one often encounters in comment sections. I'm fairly sure that the Jewish coalition lost its dominance during Obama's second term, as Jews ave since been de-facto classified as "White" under the 1964 Civil Rights Act ( , ).

And that's what we have today: a government democratic in form, but not spirit, one considered as a con by its professional members. What we thought government was, it isn't. It's disillusioning, I know, but it fits the observable facts.

And it is a gerontocracy because it is the structure of the organization that has power, not the people in it. That includes the public "leaders", who could be animatronics if the public would accept animatronics. The organization is distributed, and works to maintain a working majority in ny way it can. If a single ethnic group dominates, there can be pronounced ethnic tinges (e.g. JFK's prosecution of Italian and Jewish organized criminals right before his mysterious death), but even today power can transfer from one ethnic group to another (as above's transfer from Jewish to Black dominant ethnicity) if that is needed to maintain a working majority.

Or, to put it into another medium, that of popular song:
"Everything we had is gone, as you can see.
That's what you get for loving me. "
Popularized by Peter, Paul, and Mary, 1960s.

And please read Plunkett. It's short, entertaining, and is still used as a college text for those majoring in US politics.

Thursday - October 6th 2022 1:36PM MST
PS I wouldn’t count out the donor class and their flunkies in the Repub establishment. I don’t imagine they’re happy about having their toy taken away from them. I don’t think they’re so clueless that they’d try Jeb! again, but I think there’s a good chance that they’ll push Nimrata Randhawa hard. She could give Trump and DeSantis a real run, and if Trump is in jail or in court in late 2023 and early 2024, DeSantis could gave a very hard time with her.
Thursday - October 6th 2022 10:33AM MST

addendum: not just new "personas," but the man now known as David Cole has used at least three different aliases since the 1990s.
Thursday - October 6th 2022 10:33AM MST

I am suspicious of David Cole for his several periods of doing something big, claiming to be a victim of a targeted conspiracy, disappearing, and then reinventing himself with a new persona.

He always ends up influential and well-connected in each stage of the political persona he creates, always telling one group of promising outsiders exactly what it wants to hear. "Not to worry! the current one is his real persona," the current group that likes what they hear say. Right.

He's "older than his age" by now, if we take his descriptions of his hard-partying and alcoholism at face value, but he could still do the same persona-switch a time or two again.

On the other hand, someone I respect, Robert Stark, has in recent years worked with him on a documentary and wouldn't agree that Cole is as chameleon-like as the record suggests.
Dieter Kief
Thursday - October 6th 2022 9:40AM MST
I have the impression Alarmist, that whatever works in the focus groups they present their slogans to, is set to go.
(The gap between the TV set and the reality is something that does not matter much).
The Alarmist
Thursday - October 6th 2022 7:49AM MST

“The Hispanics love me ... they’re BEAUTIFUL people.”

Why does the USA cling to a gerontocracy that is full a decade older than the one that destroyed the USSR? Seriously, what is wrong with Americans?
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