Trump v DeSantis: Round 4 - Tag Team?

Posted On: Wednesday - October 5th 2022 6:54PM MST
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From earlier, see Round 1 - Personalities - - Round 2 - Immunity to Kung Flu Panic, - - and Round 3 - Immigration Invasion.)

As the one announcer used to say after the 2 WFW (World Fake Wrastling) guys would taunt each other before the match, "the outcome remains to be seen". This has been too big a subject, comparing these two Republican leaders, and I don't even know if they'll face each other in any election.

I'd first heard that DeSantis was going to defer running for President if Trump was running, but he sure looks and sounds like he is. I think it'd be a good thing to hear the immigration invasion issue brought out, as the Lyin' Press would have a hard time smothering, in a Primary election with these 2 in it.

What I'd REALLY like to see is each of these men doing what he should be doing for this country, as in, something he's best at.

Trump could yet do a better job in helping Americans as President. He probably has learned a lot. However, his big ego still has him putting Trump matters above what matters to Americans. What he's really good at is making long-winded roundabout speeches that do put we listeners in a good mood and ready to get out there and help. Yet, when President for 4 years, he never made use of these dozens of millions of Americans to help. He can't do it by himself, yet he makes it all personal.

DeSantis has a good record as Governor of Florida of resisting the Totalitarianism and, lately, fighting back on the immigration invasion, even if his last move was just a stunt. That one sure got a lot of publicity though, cluing in ever more patriotic Americans on how much they much disdain the elites have for us. That could be his way, spoofing and trolling, when he can't do more. It's better than just tweeting out a shitstorm. Additionally, DeSantis' understanding of Federalism, an idea that Trump not only doesn't care about, but likely can't really fathom, shows that he might keep that idea in mind as the President also. That'd be a good thing.

I'm sure a President Trump/DeSantis ticket would win over anyone the modern ctrl-left, which is pretty much what the Blue-squad is now, could come up with. That is, only if the massive cheating can be prevented this time. They will be very motivated to go full-out with it, as that ticket would allow for a good guy to remain in office - "whaddya gonna do, impeach Trump again and convict him? Then you'll really see some opposition with DeSantis!" (They'd have to pull an Agnew first, Nixon next thing, half a century later.)

A DeSantis/Trump ticket couldn't be set up, as Trump's ego would never let him play second fiddle (pretty understandable to me on this one). The best scenario, though, is this: DeSantis for President, and Trump as the leader of a new party that is in actual opposition to both squads of the UniParty. I'm sure we could come up with better names, but "MAGA" is already on millions of red hats, so Trump can go with own trademarked phrase. DeSantis can govern, and Trump can rally the people to get the party going for all levels of elections. Now that'd be a real tag team.

PS: I noticed only now that commenter Sam J. had some good stuff under Part 3 of this series. His 2nd one (on the top as of just now), on Trump's personal reason for running for President, is something that ought to be a post here (with Sam's comment, of course). Sam's earlier comment under that post was a nice discussion of the Constitutional aspects of voting rules. Thanks, Sam, and sorry for the lack of a reply.

Thursday - October 6th 2022 6:19PM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, no way would Trump's ego let him do that either, running for a Senate seat. He can't be 1 out of 100. He doesn't have what it takes to hunker down and have some strategy that would let him wield power, even as head of important committees. He doesn't have the attention span, for one thing. He wants to be visible and have a platform to continuously be visible to all the public.

It sounds like you know Florida pretty well. Here's another thing that multiplies the raw numbers of Jewish voters there. Most of them are old. Old people vote... like crazy! First you go to the doctor, then it's off to the Early Bird Special, and, if Matlock isn't on, what else is there to do but vote.

I jest, but it's true that this demographic comes out. They have time to follow it all too.

That's what I'm talking about, Adam. Hey, if he does (already did, right?) the visit to that wall, and all that, could that be the end of it? Could he bring back the military from the Middle East, or is he too beholden? (As, I guess Trump was, from his record.)
Thursday - October 6th 2022 12:57PM MST

It's true that there's been a surge of Jews to Florida in recent years. And, unlike the former well-known movement of retirement-age Jews, these new Jews are often prime-age. Any political figure knows well he can't upset these people.

Old-data suggests a late-2010s Jewish population down as low as 0.7 million. A 2020 study commissioned by Jews claimed they was at the cusp of 1 million in the state. It is plausible today, in fall 2022, that they're at 1.1m, 1.2m, or even higher than that.

(And that 1.2m is still the relatively narrow definition of a Jew. If we count people like Ivanka Trump, her children, and all those born-Christian children of Sleepy Joe Biden who married Jews, and other such cases as with spouses, partial-Jews who identify as Jewish (are Tiger Mom Amy Chua's children Jewish? the father being that Jewish Harvard professor; one daughter was for years a fanatic IDF supporter). Then you have cases like that one fanatical neocon who converted rom Christianity to Judaism a few years ago, saying it felt like he was finally 'home,' despite no Jewish ancestry. I believe the best wide-estimate for "ethnopolitical" Jews in the USA is 10 million, casting a wide net.)

The Florida population today, counting only White-European-Christians + White-Hispanics + Jews, is as high as 8% or 9% Jewish. That is huge huge number, considering what our Hebrew friends are able to do with one-fifth and even one-tenth that in other circumstances.

It also means that since they don't want to hang around bleu-collar smaller cities or loserville metro areas, in the major metro areas like Miami or whatever they'll double or triple their relative number.


---Florida ethnopolitical population situation---

- 11m White-European-Christians (non-Hispanic)

- 2m White-Hispanics

- 1m? to 1.2m+?? Jews, after recent-years of surging Jewish arrivals

- 8.7m All other sorts of people in the state
Adam Smith
Thursday - October 6th 2022 11:47AM MST
PS: Greetings, everyone,

Thursday - October 6th 2022 11:05AM MST

"The best scenario, though, is this: DeSantis for President, and Trump as the leader of a new party that is in actual opposition to both squads of the UniParty."

For some reason this reminds me of a thought I've had a lot in past 18 months:

I am surprised Trump didn't run for Congress from some safe seat in 2022, if not a special election in 2021 already, easily arranged somewhere, with decent forethought like arranging residency requirements. He could so easily get in (in the right place), press on that way, and wage a more-effective battle than whatever he's doing now, a watered-down version of his same-old self.
Thursday - October 6th 2022 2:56AM MST
PS: Agreed, Alarmist. The kowtowing to Israel is probably a mandatory thing to get so far, not to mention the demographics of southeast Florida. The Ukraine flag pin would not be the same thing - it's ain't like there is a big contingent of Ukrainian voters.

I'd have loved it if Trump had told the 1/6ers to come armed, "Just for your own protection, of course." No, the higher politics are not being conducted at the same level of intelligence as the Romans in a Shakespeare play (or real life, I assume).
The Alarmist
Thursday - October 6th 2022 2:37AM MST

I’d fear for the fate of Florida if DeSantis was to leave to governorship, but he’d probably be a more effective President than Trump. Having said that, I’ve seen him surrounded by Israeli flags proclaiming his support for that state, and that always raises questions of where politicians’ loyalties lie. If you ever see him sport a Ukie flag pin, then you can know he is a fraud, albeit an effective one for the people of Florida, though not necessarily a good pick at the national level where those questionable loyalties actually matter.

Trump was unfortunately so ineffective that I’d prefer he not run again, but, paradoxically, he was as close to an “outsider” as the US will ever get as long as “election” are being used to decide the matter. Hell, he couldn’t even do a simple insurrection right ... if he had told his MAGA army to come to DC armed, it would have been a done deal ;) Trump is no Caesar ... the again, there are no Brtuses or Antonys among his opposition.

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